Online shopping for Hindi Poetry from a great selection at Books Store. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. रश्मिरथी (Rashmirathi) / रामधारी सिंह दिनकर - इसमें महाभारत के पात्र कर्ण की जीवन-गाथा को कविता के रूप में.

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Poem nari by rabindranath tagore While in the British Indian Army in that period of time Nasrul read extensively. Challenging the norms of the classroom as a young boy, taking to the pen as a protest against the dominance of the British rule, and most Rabindra Rachanabali Poem Vol- 3 New edition of Rabindranath Tagore. But in I appeared a statue of Woman. Storm poems about mother nature unleashing her fury. Nazrul also was shaken by the death of Rabindranath Tagore on August 8, Since there are fewer words people tend to spend more time on choosing a word that fits the subject to perfection. Travelling Story. Nari is a most popular novel book of Rabindranath Tagore.

Structural Components of a poem A poem consists of units. A long poem would consist of several such units but a short poem may have only one unit. I will give illustrative examples a little later. A poem starts with the Sthaayee that defines the mood and meter of the poem and is repeated after every unit. It is also possible to have a sahyogee of samaapti.

The rule is that sthaayee and sahyogee must rhyme with each other.

Antaraa, in general, does not rhyme with the sthaayee but samaapti must rhyme with the sthaayee. The laya or maatraa of all the parts of the unit - sthaayee, sahyogee, antaraa, and samaapti must be the same. It is OK to have a sthaayee which does not have the same number of maatraas as the poem but it should be, preferably, an even fraction of the main maatraa count.

The structure of a unit is quite flexible. It may or may not have a sthaayee, sahyogee, or samaapati. I will come to these exceptions later. In fact one major exception is Tulsidas' RamcharitMaanas. The units are units of repetition that set the overall rhythm of a poem.

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Repetition of a unit, as also in music, gives periodicity to a poem. Periodicity is a characteristic of music and makes the whole rendering of a poem effective and lyrically pleasing.

A unit can consist of just the antara or a set of antaraas without sthaayee. Chhands of seven or more than eight lines are also acceptable but do not seem to be very common. All the lines should rhyme with each other, or follow a periodic pattern of rhyming.

In fact periodicity is an essential element of rhyming.

In the adhunik-kaal modern era , it is also a practice that in chatushpadee, first, second, and fourth line will rhyme but the third line may not rhyme with the other three.

It seems to be an impact of Urdu poetry to which I will come back later. In spite of the rigorous rules, there is a considerable amount of flexibility in Hindi poetry. The structure of poetry as defined above is not really rigid.

Poem nari by rabindranath tagore

A unit can be without a sthaayee. They look like just religious expressions but if you note carefully, they are in the same rhythm and play the role of the sthaayee. A poem can be just a collection of dohas like those of Kabir, and many other poets of that time, but each doha follows the same laya or rhythm of maatraas. Even though the tuk of each doha may be different, they follow the same raag or dhun.

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A poem can be just one unit like written by Surdas, and Meeraa but they have a sthaayee. One characteristic of doha, that was imported into Urdu poetry is that each doha is a couplet that contains a complete statement and each doha can be independent.

You can see that in dohaas of Kabir and Rahim. Many other variations were introduced in the 20th century by top poets like Pant, Nirala, Mahadevi Varma.

Every variation brought its own charm.

The important thing is that the variations were in the structure of units. We suppose the flexibility is consistent with the tradition of intellectual freedom in the Hindu Indian culture that accepts and respects the creativity of intellectuals but that is another topic. Apparently the only unbreakable rule is the rule of maatraa and dhun. The rules of laya and gat dhun are always obeyed because they add the characteristic charm to poems.

Once again we wish to emphasize that the rules of laya and gat also apply to mukt-kavita. Examples I will give two examples to illustrate the structure of poetry. The structure follows the system perfectly. Here sahyogee precedes sthaayee which is allowed.

List of Hindi Poems

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