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The Hair Magazine online universe is an ambitious platform for hairdressers in the Nordic area. We run B2B websites in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and. April 2, The Lob: Hollywood's Hottest Haircut. By Stephanie Nolasco, April 02, What's the one look hair stylists insist works. How-to's for stunning hair styles, hair color formulas and new products for color- treated hair. SUBSCRIBE TO MAGAZINE SUBSCRIBE TO MAGAZINE.

Attitudes of Young Girls about Natural Hair Tia looked up at my massive Afro puff with the innocence that only a four-year-old could muster. While brushing the long straight hair of her Caucasian-like Barbie doll, she said to me, "Ima brush yo' hair. It needs to be like this. Although saddened by her comment, it's also understandable. Tia is four years old and has a relaxer in her hair. Natural Professionals and Entrepreneurs A photo series showing naturals in all walks of life. Quench the Thirst of Frizzy Hair Frizzy hair is often caused by dryness. Find out how to battle the frizzies. Lemon Rinse for Tightening Locs How to use lemon juice to help your locs tighten. Disproving the Comb Postulate Do we really need to "pull a comb through" our hair? Got Milk? Product Details Published: Digital PDF. Close search.

Again, we cringe. The line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation is not blurred -- it has been crossed. At the very least, the poor choice of wording and use of a white model is due to bad editing or a likely lack of diversity at the decision-making level.

Had Allure referenced its adoration for the Afro, perhaps this feature wouldn't be coming under quite as much fire.

We asked some top black hair bloggers, hairstylists and influencers in the black community for their reactions. Here's what they had to say:. What we've seen time and time again is that people love black culture and creativity, but not black people. These publications need to do more than just using black folks as style inspiration. This isn't an Afro.

This isn't the same as a black woman wearing a perm or a weave--do recall we were introduced to hair straightening at a time when we were made to feel that our hair was a problem to solve. This is just tone deaf appropriation and it's particularly irksome considering all the public conversation we have around these things. I'm flattered actually.

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Considering the fact that white women have been doing things to look like us for decades now i. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. To me, it's funny and not really cause for protest. Sometimes we take these beauty stories too seriously.

We've got way more disturbing headlines like Sandra Bland, for example to be upset about. News Politics Entertainment Communities.

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All rights reserved. Skip to Article. We offer a few practical ideas to get past the shock. Sisterlocks: My Story, by Toya Casper After endlessly searching for a style that suited me, a gentleman walked into my place of business for an interview sporting some of the most beautiful locs I had ever laid eyes on. The interview went well, but I had a difficult time concentrating - I was staring at his locs! We talked to Sister Alisha, the founder of MotownGirl.

Get Soft Sheen Most coily natural hair does not have a mirror-finish shine like straight hair sometimes does.

When properly cared for, natural hair has a healthy sheen. Follow these tips and recipes to get there! Wellness The Kitchen Chemist: Herbs for Healthy Hair, by Toya Casper In search of a more wholistic lifestyle, many women have decided to use their high school chemistry experience combined with their knowledge of healthy alternatives to create hair and skin products from natural goodies right in their own kitchens.

This Red Carpet Outfit Was Made from a Bedspread at Value Village

Learn how to use essential oils and herbs to create your own concoctions. Everyday Meditation, by Kaya Casper Meditation can bring you relaxation, stress reduction, calmness, emotional cleansing, and generally improve your quality of life.

Find out more about the types of meditation, and how it can work for you. Natural Family Planning, by Toya Casper Natural family planning NFP describes methods of family planning that do not involve sterilization, contraceptive devices, or drugs. By observing the body and charting changes, women can learn to anticipate when ovulation occurs, and use that information to help avoid or acheive pregnancy.