Gu Family Book: Episode by girlfriday. This hour is the bookend to Episodes 1 and 2, and even though it's been a while since Wol-ryung. It's finale time for Gu Family Book, and I'll tell you one thing: It ain't boring! 21 and i dont know if i wanna bother watching the remaining 3. June 25, at AM .. Hopefully by the ending of Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book that insanely good June 24, at PM.

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Gu Family Book Episode 21

GU FAMILY BOOK EPISODE Wol Ryeong is staring at Yoon Seo Hwa. He wonders who this woman is and why it hurts him just by looking. episode 21 from Gu family book:seo hwa finally breaks through to wol ryung- best scene ever!!!! what other scenes for wol ryung do you like the most?. Gu Family Book EP 21 Eng Sub - Kang Chi tells Wol Ryung that he will prevent him from killing people. Wol Ryung wants to strangle Kang Chi but is stopped by .

First, the hero annoys me with his noble idiocy. Then, the villains annoy me with the lack of diversity in their repertoire of villainy. And finally, the writer annoys me most of all, because all this is really her fault. You were the first person I wanted to make mine. Yeo-wool asks how he can decide something like that on his own, and he blurts out that she could lose her life.

Gon tells him that Wol Ryeong is killing people town after town and Yeo Wool informs him that the mythical creature will soon attack the Hundred Year Inn. Yeo Wool then asks Kang Chi to wait for him to get her sword.

Inside her room, Yeo Wool is explaining to her governess why she needs to bring her sword. But when she slides down the doo, Gon blocks her path. Kang Chi requested him to deliver a message — he will be back. Gon convinces Yeo Wool that Kang Chi always keeps his promise. Yeo Wool is worried that Kang Chi might get out of control when she is not with him.

But Gon explains that he Kang Chi knows his strength too well now that he can control his power on his own even without the bracelet or Yeo Wool. Kang Chi runs and jumps high to immediately reach the village when he meets the Admiral along the way. Including them is Jo Kwan Woong and his assistant plus the rifle gifted to them by the Japanese merchants. Then Wol Ryeong arrives and walks towards them.

He sees the rifle being prepared by Jo Kwan Woong. Wol Ryeong is just a few meters away from the barricade when Yoon Seo Hwa blocks him. Seo Hwa calls his name and begs him to stop.

With his memories gone, Wol Ryeong attacks and strangles Seo Hwa. But as he strangles her to death, Seo Hwa calls his name. Wol Ryeong was shot in the back. Seeing Wol Ryeong bleeding, Seo Hwa in between tears screams his name and tries to stop the bleeding using her hands. Then he calls her name! Seo Hwa asks her husband if he remembers now.

He nods. And the first phrase he uttered is that he misses her so much! Both in tears, the ill-fated lovers embrace each other. Then a heavy wind whirls around the area then the couple disappears. The admiral recalled how Seo Hwa begs on her knees. She wants him to give Kang Chi guidance and care and let him live the life he wants to. Kang Chi is in denial refusing to accept what he just heard because he just met her mother whom he can now finally call mother anytime and look at her face anytime.

Kang Chi pleads to the Admiral in tears to let him go because he cannot let go of his mother. He weeps. In the morning, a sad Jo Kwan Woong remembers the last day he had a talk with Seo Hwa where he gave her a chance to come back to him.

Gu Family Book

But Seo Hwa tells him that even after possessing everything, he will never be satisfied because he will never get what he really wanted to have. And that is his punishment. Obviously, what he really wants is Seo Hwa. Meanwhile, Seo Hwa wakes up at the Moonlight Garden. She remembers the first day she came in the secret mythical place. Then she heard the same question asked by the same man who saved her two decades ago - Wol Ryeong — her husband.

When she turned around, the man she sees is the man she first met, Wol Ryeong, the good looking mythical protector of the mountains. Then she realized she is just imagining because the one in front of him is Wol Ryeong, the hundred-year demon, whose memories about her just returned.

Then Seo Hwa remembers about his wound. Then he turns his back and walks away. Wol Ryeong stops when Seo Hwa apologizes. Seo Hwa confesses in tears that she was too young then and her heart was not big enough to bear his love.

For causing him pain, she is sorry. Shogun-shoulders orders the ninjas to stop pursuing them. I don't understand why he would do that. He tells her not to worry. Just pull the arrows out of him, woman. Yeo Wool, Tae Seo and Gon arrive and discover the arrows. Yeo Wool asks him how it happened. All he says is her name and she grabs him into a hug.

She yells at Gon to do something quickly. Gon surveys the damage and tells Kang Chi to endure the pain for now. Tae Seo is gripping Kang Chi as well. As they are pulled out, Kang Chi yells with pain, but Yeo Wool encourages him to stay strong. All the arrows are out and Kang Chi just clutches Yeo Wool. She hugs him back. As Kang Chi sags, the blue lights come and heal him. He keeps looking at Seo Hwa.

He grips the tree he is disguised behind and grimaces. Seo Hwa can suddenly feel him there and scans the trees for him. The group returns to the training camp, with Kang Chi tenderly walking his mother. Pyung Joon, Gong Dal and the other students are standing in formation to greet them. Bows are exchanged and Seo Hwa and Pyung Joon look at each other. He bows to her and she bows in return. She actually has a slight smile on her face. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool share a smile. Ninja Soh has found his dead men.

And they are definitely mummy dead. Arrows are going to kill it? Century House. Kwan Woong is angry. What is Ninja Soh saying? They lost Wol Ryung?

Not that he has gumiho powers like super-speed or anything. Ninja Soh says he left 6 men to look for any trace of him and they will report in the minute they find any. Like that really worked well last time. Kwan Woong slaps the table in frustration.

He reports that his men have lost the Head.

Kwan Woong yells at Pil Mok for not taking care of it. Pil Mok reports that Choi Kang Chi and his friends intercepted and took her. Does Ninja Soh still not understand what that means? Pil Mok sighs as Ninja Soh hangs his head.

the K universe: GU FAMILY BOOK EPISODE 21

Just what you came back for — to get belittled. Then Kwan Woong curses his frustration. I was surprised. Soon Shin and his lieutenant arrive at the training camp. Soon Shin enters to find Kang Chi with his mother. She actually looks happy, but a little nervous, to see Soon Shin. Kang Chi introduces her as his mother. She tells Kang Chi to step out for a bit. He looks at her with a puzzled face and she says please, so he looks to Soon Shin.

Soon Shin nods he should. Kang Chi leaves. Soon Shin asks Seo Hwa to sit. Yeo Wool asks where Seo Hwa is. Since she introduced herself that way, is she still plotting against her countrymen? Even though she was betrayed? Is she still loyal to them? Everyone looks at her surprised, especially Gon.

Gon looks horrified. I guess they thought she cut the cheese rather than it just be her stomach.

Gu Family Book

No wonder Gon was horrified. The three men start to stifled their laughter and Yeo Wool uneasily chuckles. Boiled chicken. Kang Chi pulls off a leg and gives it to the hungriest person in the group: Yeo Wool. She shoves it at him, saying he should take it because he bled a lot. And then she adds to the plate. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool start shoving the bowl back and forth, telling the other that they should eat it.

Kang Chi mutters about the chicken leg and Gon reaches in an takes the other one, just to stick it to him a little more. Gong Dal is in the background enjoying the show. He tells her to eat something else. They are oblivious, fighting over the chicken wing. Whoever that is. Seo Hwa says that for the last 20 years, Jo Kwan Woong has been funded by the Goongbon to expand his political influence.

How did she ever not have a problem with that? What he did to her family, he did to others? How did she not kill him off?

I will never understand that one. She does have a request, though. And her annoying diction is back. Tae Seo smiles at his brother. Kang Chi explains and asks Tae Seo if he has any ideas. Tae Seo surveys it for a second and then tells him that in order to turn the wood into a house, he has to start cutting from the bottom.

Kang Chi is still clueless — and so am I — so Tae Seo draws his sword and slices the paper. What does Kang Chi see? The character for root bon. He asks if this is another riddle about the essence again.

Tae Seo says that without knowing his true essence, a man cannot truly know himself. So true.

And yay, Tae Seo is not just skulking in the background today. Those pillars. Kang Chi has all four of them helping him. But why would Soo Ryun give him such a strange task? What motivated her to do it? He tells her to rest and not to sit but to lie down and sleep comfortably.

She smiles, feeling the love, and asks about his wounds. He tells her that thanks to being part gumiho, he heals rather quickly. She gently takes his hand again and caresses it and says that even though his so-called mother did not have a good life, he grew up well. And all three of us are blurry-eyed. She smiles. After a moment, Seo Hwa says that she went to find him. He calls her mother and caresses her hands and they stand and smile at each other, with tears in their eyes.

Yeo Wool has heard the entire conversation through the door and thinks to herself: so having a mother is a good thing. Yeo Wool sits up on the hill above the camp. Gon is next to her.

She muses that the relationship between parent and child is really strange. No one hurt the feelings of a parent more than a child and vice versa. Gon asks if Pyung Joon has ever hurt her feelings. He smiles at her. She stretches and asks him to spar with her. The lieutenant bursts in on Soon Shin at his desk. An urgent message has come: all the villagers of the town of Goonjung have been killed.

Another man enters and declares that all the people of Hakbongri and Youngdaeri have all been killed. All three will die unless Kang-chi kills Lee Soon-shin by tomorrow. Ohmygah, why do we keep letting this guy threaten loved ones to get people to do his bidding?

Can this pony learn one new trick, please? Dad tells him to just let them die, which I hope is not the plan. Meanwhile Yeo-wool is tied up in a box somewhere, with incense kept burning to keep Kang-chi from sniffing her out.

Everyone gathers at the martial arts school to decide their next move, and Kang-chi paces back and forth waiting for Master Dam to make up his mind. Master Dam finally reaches a verdict and calls everyone together. What, now? You have an army of trained fighters, and this is your decision? But… that makes even less sense. The boys ask for permission to go rescue Yeo-wool.

He looks around the room one by one, and lands on Kang-chi, still crying with pleading eyes. And outside, Chung-jo has been listening the whole time. He followed them, and saw them go towards the storage houses in the Hundred Year Inn. The boys split up and go digging through every single crate in the storage rooms, as Yeo-wool struggles against her ropes inside one of the boxes.

Jo Gwan-woong gets the report that Kang-chi did as expected and Yeo-wool has been moved. As my friend, how far do you trust me? He passes over the gun. Kang-chi says he came because he wants to protect those precious to him. How far do you trust me? She gets tied up in a different shed, with Servant Choi and Ok-man tied to a post nearby. Oh, ineffectual villains. Why kill her now when you can set up a Wile E.

Coyote contraption and walk away? They head back out, and Chung-jo tells him with tears brimming in her eyes to save Yeo-wool, and he nods that he will.

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