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I just dont give a fuck about shit anymore. Shes been alive for years. So no matter what goes on in her hotel, if she loses her cool, she cant handle her shit. Im a really kind and compassionate person, naturally, but when I leave the set and I go home and someone goes, Can you help me with this?

And I just You know? Im just still there. I quite like playing a killer.

I dont know why I thought that was funny, but its funny. I threw up in the Ziploc bag and I saved it and brought to [the shows cocreator] Ryan Murphy.

Ask him. And what did he say? He was like, You think you can disgust me?

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You cant! Was there ever a fear moving from music to acting? Its always been so important to me that if I ever were to make a move into television or as an actress, that it would never feel like a move, and that nobody would ever go, Oh, here she is, trying to become an actress and put out a clothing line and a record label.

It has been the public thats told me, Youre a pop star.

Thats what you do. But Ive always been a performance artist. Its just about what rises to the top and what the press chooses to highlight and say about artists. Its hard to imagine any other show correlating so well with your aesthetic. Is that what made you excited to be involved? And I loved watching the show. This evidence not differ in levels of muscularity.

Given body fat and muscularity suggests that gay men may experience body dissatisfaction and are both important components of the cultural male appearance related consequences at least partially due to a self-objectifying ideal Tiggemann et al. The assessment of appearance potency in the Lanzieri and Cook More general support for the above sociocultural theories and study was limited to the body fat and muscularity of the the appearance potency of this media content comes from the images of men in these magazines.

In addition, several meta-analyses of experi- tle body-hair. Accordingly, a fuller lems Hausenblas et al, for some men. This evidence and and more detailed appraisal of the appearance potency of gay and research highlights the appearance potency e.

To assess the relative appearance potency of gay and straight Finally, media content other than images of people men or male media in any detail, it is necessary to understand which ele- women can be judged as appearance potent. With regards to mag- ments can be deemed appearance potent. So although the effects of this content have 1 not been explored in experimental or quantitative studies this UK company Skalp highlights how a full head of hair — even if shaved — is con- sidered more culturally appearance ideal than a balding head.

Var- ethnicity codes from Saucier and Caron , and the dismember- ious media elements, including appearance ideal and sexualized ment and sexualization codes from Rohlinger Additionally, images of men and women, as well as appearance-focused adverts codes for the type of articles and adverts featured were adapted and articles, may be considered appearance potent elements of gay from Saucier and Caron , Taylor and Labre The present study then aimed to Finally, as amount of head hair has not been assessed before, a assess whether UK media targeted at gay men differs in appear- code was created for purpose.

Coding took part in four consecutive stages: 1 Images featuring men, 2 1. More images of men who are appearance ideal, are nude and are Images featuring women, 3 Appearance advertisements and 4 sexualized. Appearance articles. Fewer images of women who are appearance ideal, are nude and Coding scheme.

Images featuring men. More appearance advertisements. Children were not coded and women 4. More appearance-focused articles. Most of the readers of these maga- the outline of his muscles are visible e. The spe- were obtained for coding. In total, 32 magazine undressed, two models in suggestive pose and 8c Explicit — model issues were analyzed. Images featuring women. Any adult woman in an image over As recommended by Bauer and Luyt , coding cat- 4.

These included above and 1g Unable to tell.

The following codes used for images of men were also used to code images of women: 2 Nudity, 3 Sexualization and 4 Dismemberment. Appearance adverts. Eight issues per magazine type gay and straight whether or not they contained images of men or women. Those is, however, comparable to Lanzieri and Cook who analyzed, on average, 3. Those that encouraged tabulation statistics are presented in Table 1. Across the magazines three quarters of the images of women were appearance ideal Few were dismembered 3.

For the six codes e.

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These results support the second hypothesis. A series of chi-square analyses were conducted to compare the Percentages and cross tabulation statistics are presented in Table 2. The chi-square analysis showed a sig- indicating large, is also presented. Many of the images had physical characteristics on appearance. Few were non-appearance ideal: i. Percentages and cross 4. Finally, many of the images were fully clothed Discussion As the images of men were less likely to be nude, magazines coded as very young, as having symmetrical and they were also more likely to have their chest hair covered and less unblemished faces, as being mesomorphic, as having full heads of likely to be sexualized.

Images of men who were in later life, were hair, as having none or some chest hair visible, as being shirtless, in Asian or had a lot of chest hair and images of men that were dis- underwear only and naked, and as subtly- or explicitly sexualized membered where the body but not face of the model is visible compared to the images of men in the straight genre magazines. This is perhaps G. Therefore straight men are less of women, appearance adverts and articles.

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As media are such a pervasive pared to gay men as studies consistently show Morrison et al. Researchers were not necessarily homogeneous within type. The images of have been asked to base assertions regarding gay men on evidence men and women featured, as well as the number of appearance Kane, Nonetheless, the results suggest these magazines are appearance In addition, not all magazine content within a single maga- potent for both gay and straight men, based on our current under- zine issue is uniformly appearance potent.

In innovative research standing of what media content plausibly has detrimental effect on by Buote et al. Like other experimen- Implications tal exposure studies Barlett et al.

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We work on modesty covers on a case by case basis with magazine publishers. Once a cover goes on, it applies to every new edition of the magazine. The decisions are regularly reviewed so that we are making sensible and appropriate decisions. It is a discussion. In some cases, publications ask to remain covered. Stores are simply provided with a list.

I set out to Folkestone, a seaside resort in Kent in search of a sea breeze and some information. LGBT magazines are kept on the top shelf.

However, as the photos also show, FHM and Esquire were uncovered and at toddler height.

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