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Pre-teachor Unit 4 H The metaphor of 'open[ing] a door in yourbrain Unit 6 let 7 've never liked 8 'm thinking 9 'm Revised FCE Result. FCE Results teacher´s book. 1. 4 Teacher's Pack DAVID BAKER 1 R E V I S E D ruthenpress.info 1 21/01/ ; 2. 1 Great Clarendon Street. FCE-Result-teacher'ruthenpress.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for Cambridge English First Result Teacher's Pack FCE Result Revised Sb.

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Fce Result Revised Teachers Book

Description. FCE Result develops the skills your students need to get the right result in the Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam. The lively content and vibrant . Revised FCE Result: Teacher's Pack by Paul A. Davies, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Revised FCE Result: Teacher's Pack A Teacher's Book with notes, answer keys, tapescripts, tests and optional Davies Paul A. FCE Result Student Book. pdf.

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The lively content and vibrant design keep your students motivated. The new Online Skills Practice reinforces the work you do in class. This can be managed by you, or students can do it as self-study. Added to basket. CPE Practice Tests: FCE Practice Tests: Exam Essentials: Eunice Yeates. Cambridge ESOL.

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Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? Forgotten password? Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password. New details will be emailed to you. And secondly, they say that people who want to live for ever will have to agree to only have one or two children. P Are there any other disadvantages to the idea of being able to live for ever?

There might be a problem with motivation. Why get up in the morning, if we know that there will be thousands of other mornings just the same? P Interesting. P Your past would be like another life. And there are other possible disadvantages. Some people believe that living for ever would completely change what it means to be human. So if we knew we were going to live forever, we might never be able to experience the most powerful human emotions, like falling in love.

You could argue that the longer somebody lives, the less interesting life becomes for that person. P Adam, thank you. For example, extra words for 1 could include: We stayed at a resort called Cortina. The scenery was amazing. There were snow-capped mountains, pine forests, rivers and streams. I love the Alps. They're as spectacular as any mountain range in the world — in my view, anyway. But on the other hand, I think I need some time for solitary activities — reading or listening to music, for example.

It helps me to relax. So in short, yes, I enjoy being alone, but not all the time! It's probably a series called Lost. I like it because the plot is really exciting and the special effects are great. In general, I like dramas more than any other kind of programme. But at the same time, I enjoy watching comedies like The Simpsons occasionally. I find it much quicker and easier than using reference books. Although I must admit, information on the Internet is not always reliable!

I also use the Internet for downloading music. I find it satisfying when I do well in an exam, for example. Having said that, I also really like the feeling of achievement you get from doing something like climbing a steep hill. Key a in end of answer b opinion end of answer c the other contrast d in end of answer e same contrast f admit contrast g it end of answer h that contrast i in end of answer 4 Ask individual students to volunteer examples of questions they have written, and review them with the whole class.

You may need to do some extra work on question forms, as well as on the specific vocabulary needed for each topic. They will do the reverse in exercise 3.

Other answers may be possible here, but students only need to find a single answer for each item. Suggested answers 1 help out 2 forgets 3 told her 4 contacted 5 apologise 6 promised 3 All the vocabulary practised here has already been covered in exercises 1 and 2. To make this activity more challenging for stronger students, ask them to cover up the left-hand column and then uncover it to check their answers.

A week doing nothing. House has swimming pool! She looks like Penelope Cruz. There is an assessed authentic answer to this task on page 6 of the Writing and Speaking Assessment Booklet. In Tapescript 4 below, type 1 key expressions are in bold, and type 2 are underlined.

Key Speaker 1 lives is in a city and is happy with it. Speaker 2 lives in the countryside and is happy with it. Speaker 3 lives in the countryside and is not happy with it.

Speaker 4 lives in the city and is not happy with it. Speaker 5 lives in the countryside and is happy with it. Tapescript 4 1 I just love the feeling of space. The view from my bedroom window is fantastic — I can see for miles over the rooftops, all the way to the river in the distance. The scenery around here is amazing. I feel so isolated here! I mean, my next-door neighbour is five kilometres away. There are no facilities nearby — you have to get in the car and drive somewhere else even if you just want a loaf of bread.

Before I moved here, I was so stressed the whole time — I never stopped to listen to the birds, or look at the horizon. But now I do. The air is cleaner, too — fewer busy roads means less pollution.

Key a view e facilities b right f community c scenery g quiet d isolated 3 Encourage students to compare the photos as in Paper 5 Part 2. The first two points in the how to do it box on page may be useful.

Check that they understand all the adjectives provided, and which are normally used for the city and which for the countryside, and get them to add others of their own.

Key a all of them d antelope and possibly b antelope monkey, though some c monkey may eat meat e monkey f dog TB. This highlights the importance of reading each question carefully in the exam. A monkey boy B gazelle boy C leopard boy D dog boy Adding headings may help students to remember which paragraph they have read key information in. Refer students back to exercise 1 d, explaining that herbivorous is the adjective and herbivore is the noun. They can then use the context provided in the text to confirm their answers.

Then have a whole- class discussion. Encourage students to use appropriate verb structures as part of the discussion, e. They will have missed a lot of education. If they do this in pairs, get them to make a note of any vocabulary they have problems with, and review it with the rest of the class. If you have a monolingual class, you could allow them to try to explain the difference in their own language before they refer to their dictionary.

Key a valley the only one which is a lower area of ground, not a raised area A mountain is taller and often rockier than a hill. A dune is a hill of sand. Ponds are often man-made and found in gardens and parks, whereas lakes are usually natural. A lagoon is an area of the sea which is separated by a long, thin piece of land or a coral reef, forming a kind of lake. A jungle contains very dense vegetation and is usually found near the equator in regions with a very wet climate.

Shore is another word for beach, but can also refer to the land around the edge of a lake or other large body of water. Coast is a more general term for the area of land near the sea. A hedge is a border or fence created by planting bushes close together in a line.

Try to walk would mean that the writer thought that walking would be difficult for some reason. He tried to open the window. But it was completely stuck. Suggested answer Wilderness therapy is a way of helping young people who have problems, by sending them on a survival course in a remote area. Many of the teenagers who attend the programmes at RedCliff are almost impossible to control — and their parents are out of ideas.

One teenage boy who recently completed the programme was described as 'abusive, arrogant, foul-mouthed and ill-disciplined' — and that was by his mother. In this programme we meet two of these teenagers, and find out how successful the camp has been for them. Rachael was happy at school with lots of friends and was very good at long-distance running. She was even enjoying being in the police cadets. But everything seemed to change when she became a Goth. She was told to leave the cadets for failing to remove the 18 earrings, nose rings and other piercings she wore, and she began staying out all night, never letting her mum know where she was.

Immediately after her time at RedCliff Ascent, Rachael returned to England and decided she wanted to plan a career working with animals. One year after the camp, Rachael is studying for a course in animal management in a top North London college. As part of her studies she is planning a study trip working with animals abroad this year.

Things are still good between Rachael and her mum. This is how Rachael describes the change. I think Utah and RedCliff have worked magic. The situation for Ed and his family was terrible. Ed has an older brother and sister. He has always argued with them and has stolen from them both, as well as stealing a laptop computer from his mother, Jane.

On two occasions he had to be found and brought home by the police. To stop his family falling apart he had to move out and find a new home. The fact that I am doing this shows you how desperate I am.

Fce Result Teacher's Pack

To admit all that is pretty horrible. He attended the programme there, but its benefits were short-lived. He went back to his old ways more or less as soon as he got back to England. He has low self-esteem and he has made a poor choice of friends. Recently, Ed went back to the camp in Utah for a further course of therapy.

His mother hopes that this time it will prove more successful. Key 1 law 6 beautiful 2 control 7 home 3 running 8 money 4 animals 9 stealing 5 mother 10 successful 4 Encourage students to use vocabulary and structures from this section in their discussion.

Focus on key expressions such as it helps them to… ; they learn how to … ; it stops them from … -ing, which you can also use to revise the topic of infinitive and -ing structures after verbs that is covered in the Grammar section of this unit.

Check that they understand the more difficult expressions used in the sentences, e. Suggested answers a The people in photo 1 are walking through the jungle. Key words could include: Speaker 2 is talking about photo 2.


Speaker 3 is talking about photo 1. Speaker 4 is talking about photo 2. Speaker 5 is talking about photo 1. Speaker 2 I imagine that they might be feeling quite tired. At the same time, they must be feeling really pleased with themselves for having reached the top. I love that sense of achievement you get from climbing up really high. I hate the idea of not being able to see very far ahead!

Speaker 4 They must be feeling excited. I would hate being in that kind of climate. This is something students need to be able to do in Paper 5 Part 2, where they will get credit for speculating about the photos. Also, point out the use of would by the speaker: They must be feeling exhilarated. Key a nervous e if b terrified f idea c imagine g must d sense h probably 5 Students can discuss these points in pairs or small groups.

Ask them to take turns in asking and answering the questions. Encourage them to try to answer all the questions before they look at their dictionaries. Suggested answer Some people think Cute Knut should have been allowed to die because raising him by hand is so unnatural. In the wild, he would have died.

Also remind them that not all the missing words will be prepositions. Key 1 all 7 of 2 with 8 too 3 in 9 have 4 would 10 he 5 by 11 as 6 with or among 12 with or in 5 The discussion can be done either in pairs or as a class, depending on how much time is available.

Key a birds, sheep b cows, elephants c cards, dogs d bananas, flowers Optional activity Tell students to add one or two other nouns to each list, e. Elicit other collective nouns.

You could also tell them to use a set of for groups of items that need a fixed number to be complete, e. Key a 4 b 1 c 7 A film crew or TV crew are the people working on the productions who are not actors, e.

Suggested answer How long are volunteers expected to stay in Peru? How physically challenging is the expedition? Elicit that the style of the email is fairly formal point to the use of formal words in the text such as: There is an assessed authentic answer to this task on page 7 of the Writing and Speaking Assessment Booklet.

Compare answers as a class before students check their ideas in 2. Monsieur Mangetout Michel Lotito , shown on page 35, can eat objects made from metal, glass, rubber, and plastic. Ben Underwood was blind but could find his way around using a form of sonar. The words now and recently also show a connection. The sentence after the gap gives more information about what he did.

This also contrasts with however after the gap. The sentence after the gap explains how Ben used sound to navigate. Water and oil contrast with surprisingly, bananas and eggs. Key a gorgeous g astounded b hideous h hilarious c filthy i furious d spotless j exhausted e boiling k ancient f freezing l starving 2 You could show students how to use a thesaurus. Explain that some of these synonyms are less commonly used than others and that they should try to learn them in context. Suggested answers a huge, enormous, massive, giant, vast, gigantic, mammoth b tiny, minute, miniature, microscopic c great, fantastic, fabulous, amazing, excellent, incredible, wonderful, superb, super, brilliant d awful, terrible, dreadful, appalling TB.

When you have marked the stories, go through some of them in class as a way of revising this topic. Trying to predict the type of vocabulary they might hear for each one is good preparation for the task, especially as the situations are unconnected.

The symptom spread to other students, although apparently the teachers were not affected. Eventually, the school had to close and the students went home. The epidemic spread to one of the villages that the girls went home to — and from there, to other schools and villages in the region.

People affected by the epidemic suffered from frequent attacks of laughter which made them unable to work or study.

This one overlooks the street. The alarm clock is broken too. Not that I could sleep, of course — not in that hard, lumpy old bed. I even tried the armchair instead, but that was no better. Spending hours in such a small space can do strange things to your mind!

Can you make it? I was sorry to hear that. Really sorry. What, thirty-one? Hang on — look, sorry, Martin. Can I call you back later? OK — must go. Best holiday ever. We travelled most of the way by coach — it took us over 24 hours. Then it was an exhausting three-day walk through the heat of the jungle. We all had backpacks with tents in them — spent two nights sleeping in the jungle! It was terrifying — all those weird noises at night.

But fascinating too. They think they know. For example, one couple asked me to come up with a new house for them in the country. We talked about what kind of property they wanted and I suggested a few ideas for what it could look like. But as we talked about it, it became clear that they hated the countryside! What they should have done is just download an apartment in central London, not build a house in the middle of nowhere!

This left the researchers with more than a thousand bursts of laughter to analyse. Most of the subjects produced a wide range of laughter types. But women produce voiced, song-like bursts of laughter more often than men, Bachorowski found, while men are more likely to grunt and snort.

Photo 3 is a fashion show. Photo 4 is a photography exhibition. You could ask students what kind of show is men- tioned in the tapescript but is not shown in the photos — modern sculpture made out of rubbish. Great idea! Especially modern dance. I never have. I know. I read a review of it in a magazine. Shall we go and see that? Is there anything else on? There are lots of other things on. For example, there are a few tickets available for the final day of fashion week.

Do you like fashion shows? How about a talent show? There are comedians, dancers — and novelty acts. Like this guy in the photo who eats light bulbs and keys and things like that. Allow about five minutes. The answer to the question can be found in the first sentence of the report, but students should read the whole text to check their answer. Key c 3 Remind students that clues to the answers might be before or after the gap.

Key 1 B 2 A 3 A only children have no brothers or sisters. Key a up with b down c up d down to e down f up g up h up to 2 Explain that the alternative words are correct, but normally sound more formal than the phrasal verbs.

An exception is c, where accommodate sounds unnaturally formal in this context and the normal choice would be put me up as here or give me a room, let me stay, etc. Key a I must find a new apartment. Her older siblings are always humiliating her.

At first, he explained this as being the result of stress. Fortunately, my parents have agree to provide half the amount. Refer them to the Grammar Reference p.

He asked us if we were going to download his house. If you have a monolingual class, you could let them explain the difference in their own language before they refer to their dictionary. Suggested answers a When you explain something, you make it clear. When you admit something, you agree that it is true, but unwillingly.

When you state something, you say it clearly and carefully. When you advise somebody, you say what you think they should do.

Revised FCE Result Teacher's Pack

To add means to say something extra. To claim means to say that something is true, even if other people do not believe it. The story contains replied, promised and explained. Key a The last sentence could be changed to: See Vocabulary 2c.

See Vocabulary 2a. Remind them that the second tip, about using appropriate reporting verbs and not just said, was covered in exercise 3. There is an assessed authentic answer to this task on page 8 of the Writing and Speaking Assessment Booklet. Pre-teach or elicit some relevant adjectives, e. Elicit or explain the difference between talent which you are born with and skill which you can learn and develop. Suggested answers Singer-songwriter: See which are the most popular choices for each category.

Suggested answers: Franz Ferdinand, You could have it so much better; Songs: David Gray: Encourage them to follow the stages when approaching this task. They should specifically be looking out for conjunctions that either follow on from e. Taken together, the sentences mean: She tore the letter up OR She tore up the letter.

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