We know not every team has someone in-house who can (or has time to) whip up a slick, highly shareable ebook design. But we have good. Explore Jewels Branch's board "Awesome Ebook Inspiration", followed by Spirited eBook Design Blog Design, Layout Design, Business Branding, Text. ebook interior design free ebook interior design interior design interior design sketchup architecture furniture minimalis interior carpenter civil Modern interior.

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An updated list of beautiful yet advanced Blogger (Blogspot) templates free to Claire-Clean-Personal-Responsive-Blogger-Template. 9. To stand out in a crowded field, an e-book needs a professional look and feel that provides the best possible reading experience. These. Download Your Ebook Template Bundle (Word + PowerPoint) . Because these books are a bit lengthier than your average blog post, it can be.

The eBook is one of the most popular ways to get information and, for content marketers, one of the best ways to connect with an audience. But what is an eBook, exactly? And how do you create one? Get answers to these questions and a step-by-step guide with the following eBook template. Remember when we used to download tickets at a box office?

You can select any icon from icon gallery that fits your design.

Create Instant Ebook Covers with this 3D Book Cover Maker!

Now, double-click the copyright text to customize it. It will open a Format tab. From here, you can set alignment, angle or typography of text. Export the Template Once you are ready with your template, export it. For that, select export option from Quick Toolbar.

It is the last option in the rightmost place. You can also select Export option from File menu. Once you click export, you will see an Export Blogger Theme dialog box. Write the folder name and path. Click Export button. Now, a Google accounts dialog will open.

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Here, choose an existing account from the drop-down menu or add a new account name and click Save. Now, it will redirect you to Google sign-in page. Here, give your email and click Next. Enter the password and click Next. You will be redirected to Blogger dashboard. Upload your exported template file here by browsing. Select the template file by clicking Open.

Upload the template file. Now in the Theme section, you can see your own theme. Go to Posts from the left pane of the screen as shown above.

[eBook Templates] How to Create a Fantastic eBook in 48 hours | Issue 04 | Email Marketing Basics

Navigate to New Post option to publish a new post. Once you draft your post in the blogger post editor, you can Publish it. Hilary [ Download ]. Kylie Jo [ Download ]. Legenda Personal [ Download ]. Life-Fashion [ Download ]. Melissa [ Download ]. MiniMag [ Download ]. Minimal Blog Theme [ Download ]. Minimalia [ Download ]. Newcon [ Download ]. Ore no Imouto [ Download ]. Perfection [ Download ]. PetsWp [ Download ]. Pink Touch 2 [ Download ].

Pixel [ Download ].

Plasma [ Download ]. Revo [ Download ]. Rosemary [ Download ]. Saara Fashion Blog [ Download ]. SEO Sports [ Download ]. Give a brief description of each chapter in this section. Try to display what is the content of our ebook. If you want to sell other products, you can make use of pricing tables to throw the deals. Use this section to maintain the trust of potential users.

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You will also include the companies logo you have worked with. It is a must-have for a good ebook landing page. You will use a call to action element at the bottom of the page. Although you can get a number of ebook landing page templates, those involve a steep learning curve. To get a quick ebook landing page design, you can rely on TemplateToaster website builder.

The first screen you will get after successfully installing the TemplateToaster is shown below. From here, you will make a CMS selection.

You can start designing with WordPress.

Then, it will ask you to select a sample page template or choose to design from scratch. Next screen is the main interface of software where you will get a hundred of design options. These are well-organized under various tabs on top. Next, go to Container tab and select a layout for the content part of your page. Here, it is Fluid.

Also set its width, margin, padding, texture etc.

How to Create a Fantastic eBook in 48 hours (with Templates)

From Header tab, go to Header Position option and select no header. Next, move to Menu tab. Now, set the Height. You can also specify a custom height by selecting More option.

You can customize your menu according to your taste by using available options. For example, use Background to set a menu background color. Set a padding, border, margin etc. You can also set the typography i. Then comes setting a Logo. For the logo, you can select an image from sample image gallery or browse your own custom logo image by Browse option. Now start designing the Content part by moving to Content tab. First of all, disable the Page Title by unchecking its box.

From Columns , select a single-column layout for the first row as shown below. Write a suitable Headline and just double click on the headline. It will open an Editor tab. From here, place the text in the center of the screen as shown below. Now, set the padding, margin, border etc. It will complete your introduction section of Ebook landing page. Select a 2-column layout from Columns option for the second row of the content.

Double click on the text section of content to open the Editor tab. Design the second column of content. Write the text and style it in your own way. To place a Button , move to Elements tab as shown above.

You can also select any other element from the available options on Elements tab. For example, label, input, breadcrumb, link etc. It will give shape to your Feature section. Similarly, you will add more text to the content area as shown below. Add the relevant content by following the same procedure of adding columns in the content area. Use the Editor tab for styling the text and adding links. People are used to judging the book by its cover.

The same way an ebook landing page is the face of your ebook. Through this, you will convince the visitors to download the book in exchange for sharing some information. This information will generate leads for your business. Even, a valuable ebook is a total waste without a beautifully designed ebook landing page. When you have all the required stuff — tips, design, procedure etc. Offer your business prospects effectively on it and become an established industry authority.

TemplateToaster Website Builder. How to Create an Ebook Landing Page: Tutorial for Beginners. Purpose of Landing Page A landing page not only generates leads but helps you in many ways.

Some of the best web design practices are as follows Right headline A headline is crucial to your ebook landing page. Subheading Break the information into some small, digestible segments with one consistent topic discussed in each.

Ebook Description After creating a right headline and suitable subheadings, you will do the groundwork with ebook description. List of Benefits A benefit list is used to break down the information into easy to scan points.

Lead Capture Form The lead-capture form is a key element to create an ebook landing page. Adding Social Proof Social proof assures a visitor that the ebook is worthy to read. Additional Tips to Create an Ebook landing page Now, you are well-aware of the best practices to optimize your ebook landing page.

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