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Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf. changes to DRAGON Magazine, P.O. Box , Escondido, preferred) to Writers' Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, at Contact: Scott Gettle, N. DRAGON® Magazine (ISSN ) is published monthly by TSR Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above address Box , Station H.

Wolves are now extinct in the United States, with the exception Impulsive and blood- thirsty XVI, No. Young Assistant editor Dale A. Donovan Art director Larry W. Winters U. Ward Editor Roger E. Stackpole Role-playing and reality: The dividing line is thicker than some people think. Hunting Tanks is Fun and Easy! Care For a Drink? Montgomery and Jim Milner It can break a siege, end a drought, slay your enemies, and water your garden.

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From The Dragon Tano Dragon. The Dragon Archive is a wiki that contains information about these Congrats on finding a set: I think that the Dragon Archive is probably the second-most important supplement Includes a handy character history generation system, like a compressed version of the Central Casting books. Full description. Unfortunately, the resulting quality of these books is not as high.

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Recent History Dragon 4e. From just what he can see on the surface, he is rich beyond his wildest dreams. You just heard the break-in. What do you do? Do you bare steel and attack the thief? Do you step into the hallway from a back room and cast a spell? Do you utter a quick and dark prayer to your patron deity to summon a lightning bolt to reduce this idiot to ashes?

Quick, what do you do? In a role-playing game, as we all know, there may well be one answer to that question for each player asked. Tactics and preferences differ within groups and between characters run by the same player.

Some characters would kill the thief, others would trap him, and yet others might offer to spare his life in return for information or even a possible split of the profits. Whichever answer seems to you and your group to be the most fun is most likely the one you will choose. But what would you do if this were real life?

You, the poor gamer, unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, snarl at the man, summoning different game creatures and gods to deal with him. You, the poor unsuspecting victim of institutionalized violence promoted by movies and TV, are incited to take justice into your own hands and violently deal with this threat. Games warp your mind so you can no longer tell the difference from real life and fantasy. In games, you become involved in a web of demonic evil that will never let you go.

Carl A.

The identity of the player and the character, even though they are formally separate, tend to merge. You are even more likely to bow down and prostrate yourself before the Power that reputedly rules over the maddening mesh of wickedness.

You are apt to identify with.

It is an increasingly desperate effort to achieve heightened fantasies of power. Complex fantasies of power by their own momentum give rise to paranoia.

The more treasure the player gains, the greater the peril. Because there is no exit to the dungeon fashioned brick by brick by the mind, the suicide solution frequently seems the only cogent alternative.

If the solution is not suicide, it is rage and aggression in a desperate gambit to bring about a triumph of the will. There is no board to limit his or [sic] sense of where the game can, or should, be played.

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Like a Lear or any other tragic hero, it is not inconceivable that the only conceivable outcome is madness, or death. Radecki and his organization regularly review and rate movies, TV shows, and books for their violent content. Radecki, in conjunction with Pat Pulling of BADD, has also issued numerous press releases purporting to detail cases of mayhem and suicide caused by games.

While Dr.

Raschke and Dr. Radecki operate under, I am a lost soul. I started playing fantasy role-playing games in and sold my first game design in My work has been translated into five different languages, including Japanese, and my first computer fantasy roleplaying game, Wasteland, has sold over , copies. It gets worse. My choice of fare at the movies is not wimpy RV films, but films that earn the XUnfit rating, like every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the s, except Twins and Red Heat.

In my house, I have a real Japanese samurai sword. And my father brought me a genuine shillelagh from Ireland. According to Dr. Why do I bring all this up?

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Last night, at approximately P. I heard the creaks as the thief pushed at the door. I went back into my bedroom and was going for the samurai sword when I heard the crack of the door jamb and the crash of the table near the door.

What did I do? I picked up the phone with my left hand and dialed I left it pulse-dialing on the bed as I stuck my head out to see if the thief was still in my apartment. When I caught sight of him, I was full in the hallway. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. It makes you immensely powerful, but it also makes you berserkly stupid.

Snarling a string of curses that would have put any sailor to shame, I ran at him. Roaring, shouting, letting every ounce of my fear and outrage and surprise ring through my voice, I bellowed at the man. He had figured he was alone and had it made when this shrieking, furry silhouette shot out of the back and went after him like a shark after a bleeding fish. Yeah, my apartment is messy, but not that messy.

Radecki would point out that my first instinct was to go for the sword. The sword is a rough equivalent of a security blanket. When thinking about what I might or might not do in an intruder situation, having a sword in hand is always something that makes me feel safer.

It means that, despite my small size, I can surprise an enemy. That speculation and planning clearly comes under the definition of fantasy. The reality was this: When the door crashed in, I dialed I suffered no problem differentiating between fantasy and reality. I called the cops. I am an aberration, apparently, because I have thus far avoided the diabolical and violent snares of my society. Raschke writes: According to psychologists Sheryl Wilson and Theodore Barber, approximately 4 percent of the population comports with a profile they term fantasy-prone personalities.

And they respond to their fantasies with emotions that in other people would be aroused by actual, sensory perceptions. So, somewhere out there, we have , magickers wandering in a daze, casting spells to take care of their daily chores. If they were correct in their thinking, the toll taken because of games should be staggering, not an amount about equal to the total number of Americans killed in action in Operation Desert Storm.

Robert D. Concerning tracts written to inform parents about what their teens are doing, Mr. Hicks writes: Such literature, written by adults for other hand-wringing adults, relies on supposition, guesses, and speculation, and reacts to music, games, fads, and fashions meant to intimidate adults. Much of what fuels the literature comes from what cult cops say on the lecture circuit to teachers, counselors and therapists, and parents.

But nothing was said about the major draconic personalities in the Known World. Unbeknownst to humankind, their home is the setting for a whole network of kingdoms and dominions ruled by dragons. The more important dragon kingdoms in the Known World are now revealed here, along with their rulers and their personality quirks.

These are by no means the only realms of this nature. The borders of these dragon kingdoms are accurate as of AC AY. Almaruddya: The ruler is Marudi, a HD blue dragon. His lair is located at the southernmost end of a rocky desert strip, near the center of the Emirates of Ylaruam.

Marudi is a mischievous creature who enjoys fooling others, especially his foes. He is a master at illusions. When he sees a worthy victim for his pranks, he may cause his palace to appear as a small oasis. Marudi is likely to assume the shape of a desert prince or a rich merchant. His pranks, as annoying as they may be, are most often inoffensive except to true enemies.

Marudi tends to underestimate his foes to the point of being outright cocky. Aside from his jovial habits, Marudi is a rather peaceful creature. Marudi is the impudent son of Khanistar, described later. Amanthyr: The ruler is Amanth, a HD red dragon. Amanthyr covers a great part of the Wendarian Reaches, a chain of mountains north of the Principalities of Glantri, separating the famous magocracy from the elven Kingdom of Wendar.

Amador, exactly miles north of Glantri City. It opens on a cliff inside a narrow, hidden gorge guarded by a small army of wyverns. Amanthyr openly supports Druuwor, essentially to harass Ambur both described later.