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Dragon magazine Basic Information Publisher Wizards of the Coast Editor Steve Dragon issue was released in PDF format only in October of D&d 4th Dragon Magazine Uploaded by Dani Peralta. Download as PDF. DRAGON 1 seeing 4th Edition. File Size Modified. RPG Issue Rank: N/A Publication Date. Issue Index. Periodical. Dragon. Authors . Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.).

The extent to which we tie content to a given theme will vary month to month; sometimes it might be just three or four articles, and other times like this month the theme might carry the bulk of the content. The themes we choose are ultimately informed by what you send us. Which brings us to the topic at hand. The submission window is now open! Until the window closes on November 30, , we are accept- ing article proposals for Dragon and Dungeon. First, be sure to check out our submission guidelines. We promise to reply to your email proposal no later than 60 days after the window closes, although chances are good that youll hear back from us before then. We reply to email submissions in the order in which we receive them, and its okay to send mul- tiple proposals in a single email; in fact, we prefer to receive proposals in batches. However, we judge each pitch on its own merits, so volume is less important than quality. Greg Bilsland and I are the first line of defense when it comes to proposals. Its our job and plea- sure to sift through the submissions inbox in search of gems. We pull out the shiny ones and set up meetings with the staff to discuss them. After each of these meetings, Greg or I condense the groups feedback into rejection letters boo!

If you're technically inclined you can follow these instructions. I can personally vouch for their efficacy. It does them sequentially, whereas download helpers might asynchronously download several ones at once depending on your setting.

So this is slower but still faster than going through a browser download. I won't lie, I had completely forgotten about this. Christmas just came early!

Thanks, Internet Santa! Is there a good alternative to DownThemAll! Everyone downloads one and then uploads it to google or a drop box maybe? I dont know if thatd be illegal tho. Near every Dungeon magazine has one-shot adventures- the ones that contain pieces for continuous adventure paths are the exception, not the rule.

They have been on archive on and off for years. I guess either its back up and they don't realize it or don't care at this point. Not so much gray, as unenforced. I would wager that if this gets much more publicity it will gather another takedown request, so if you are so inclined get them while you can. Also, already have them, from the first round. I had a feeling they'd be zapped the first time so did a massive download and ran: And I have 0 doubt that WotC is aware this exists.

Legally, right now they have plausible deniability and can say that they didn't know it was there. If there's a bug ruckus with news about "You can download WotC old magazines! Oh, would you look at that. I didn't know they were on the DMs guild. Usually I don't give it the time of day since I find it a pain to use. Google lead me to archive, and I assumed it was unavailable. They used to have all the Dragon Magazine articles too, but they got taken down after they attracted too much traffic.

Stab in the dark but does anyone remember an edition about magical castles? Some time in the late 90s. The whole adventure paths come from that before they become a thing Pathfinder excelled at.

Drawing that from memory so I might have gotten some details wrong. But you do see the magazines mentioned in adventurelookup. It's not just modules though, there's some terrific lore stuff too. Dungeon had adventures to run.

Dragon had everything else, rules variants, new items, essays on various topics. You want an adventure about stopping a dragon from attacking a city, that's in Dungeon. You want an article describing how a fantasy medieval city might defend against a dragon attack, that's in Dragon.

I'm only getting back into dnd after a long time. I know that they have discontinued both physical magazines. Thanks for sharing. I remember how awesome it was to pick up a new issue back in the day and read it cover to cover. Awesomenesslisationerest to the maximum!!!

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Lojih te Chu. The final test for a student is to snatch an ancient blue stone from the hand of a master. Many of its students have traveled to the far west and seen things that few in Kara-Tur can imagine. The school frequently competes in tournaments against other schools.

The current dojo is in a restaurant. By mastering each mode. They seek to fight injustice and improve the lives of those around them. If your next melee attack this turn hits. Stories of advanced techniques often called the Seven Stars Path speak of two additional modes that masters of the style strive to perfect: Iron H and The body is weak. Five Stars Techniques Classes that emphasize multiple attacks and mobility work well with the Five Stars style. His hands are never still.

Do not be quick. The heavy timbers and iron fittings of the Iron Hand dojo make the school as sturdy as its students. The style utilizes a naginata. His daughter Shengyin in particular thinks that too many students have been let in. Ling Li Te Hsi plans for the dojo to close when he dies. Old Master Hu Sen must be more than human. You move up to half your speed. Hu Sen is wise and foolish. To the master. Ling Li desires to train as many students as he can before he dies. Only by withstanding the might of all three oni in a ceremonial combat can a student truly be called a master of the Iron Hand.

The quarters of the Ling Li family surround the dojo. M ad Monkey Only a few martial artists know the Mad Monkey style. Ling Li Te Hsi has no male heirs. Feats from the Enduring Stamina category provide benefits that suit Iron Hand students. Mad Monkey Island. Mad Monkey Island is less a dojo or a temple than it is a proving ground.

Iron statues line the halls. The polearm can also be used to lean on. But if the questioner asks for a blessing or help with a difficult task. Is he the mischievous demigod known as Monkey? When the question comes with the promise of free drink or praise. Attacks with the naginata swing wide. The three Iron Spirits have guarded the school since its creation. Find the weakness in your target that will cause it to crumble.

The erratic. Its fame far exceeds its size. Only three things about him are certain: He is old. If a Mad Monkey student is asked about old Hu Sen. The next time you make a melee attack this turn. The old master is its only resident. He wants to teach his style to worthy warriors.

Ling Li has no greater goal than to teach the Iron Hand style to any who are willing to learn. When they spar with each other and are knocked down. Those who seek to learn this style soon discover that its master is impossible to find. The next melee attack you make this turn deals 1d6 extra damage. These oni. An extinct volcano rises on the island. Every exercise serves to make students more resilient and fierce. A few small huts provide shelter for the students Hu Sen brings here to endure weeks of training.

Grandmaster training 1. Students appear intoxicated or incompetent when fighting. He fights for what he sees as good.

Stories abound of strange monks fighting off brigands while falling-down drunk. Instead of three to nine students. The family. You shift up to your speed and fall prone at the end of that movement. Feats from the vigilant ref lexes and quick reaction categories make you a tricky opponent to pin down. Every monk spars under the golden boughs of the halls. Stop getting hit! The elegant monks are well spoken. Choose a glaive or a longspear as a weapon.

Students of the style consider themselves monks first and martial artists second. Only those who can appreciate the beauty around them are allowed into the order. Students are constantly in motion in combat. So just fall down and skip being struck. His orders seem contradictory or nonsensical. The temple is renowned for its hospitality. The order has a large number of female monks. Hu Sen runs initiates through ten trials. Mad Monkey Techniques Strikers and controllers choose Mad Monkey to make up for their lower defenses.

The school emphasizes learning in literature and the arts as much as it does physical training. His exacting standards demand that all students embody the ideals of grace and elegance. No student who has undergone this test will reveal its nature.

The Order of the Nimble Hunter holds beauty to be divine. Goddess of Love and Marriage as its patron immortal.

The order expertly plays the games of politics. The old man likes to sleep late and get raucously drunk at night. Leaders who practice the style tend to be underestimated. Detractors accuse Nimble Hunter monks of fighting the way they talk.

If the next melee attack you make this turn hits. They are trained to move in. Nimble Hunter As much a religious order as a martial arts style. Its mastery of theological lore is second to none among the priesthoods. Students are skilled debaters. Life within the order is organized around its opulent Temple of Persistent Grace.

To learn Mad Monkey. Over the course of weeks. All masters must contribute to the lore of the order by presenting a dissertation while simultaneously sparring against three other masters. Students learn the pressure points of the body and can read the ki of their opponents. Consider social feats or Skill Focus. You jump a number of squares up to your speed. Until such a time—may it never come—they go where the law fails to reach. In the first of two tests. There is no one answer.

The Northern Fists prefer weapons that can be used to subdue. After the next melee attack you make this round. There is no defense against the beauty of logic. Her voice guides the school. A Northern Fist student should be willing to die protecting even the lowliest person.

Northern Fist Techniques Because they protect the people. Strikers work well. Dojos of the Northern Fist are scattered throughout Shou Lung. These small dojos rarely advertise their presence. Every student of the Northern Fist school swears to protect the common people. As such. Its philosophy exalts stewardship of the empire—or. The small dojos of the Northern Fist have no central great school to link them.

Leaders work very well also. Step in. It is rumored that one of the statues within then comes to life. If the master believes that this nature fits the way of the Northern Fist. Their abilities also work well for controllers who use primarily nonlethal attacks.

More so than other schools. Grace is simplicity and focus. Northern Fist Few in number but broad in scope. The Disciple of Justice feat. Two events bring disciples of the Northern Fist to the sacred hall: Each sensei operates independently and sends messages to the others only when there is news of victory or impending danger.

She faces little opposition. Northern Fist students prefer to capture their foes and turn them over to the authorities rather than kill them. Only one location unites the dojos of the Northern Fist: The Hall of the Great Masters belongs to no one master. Should the empire ever collapse. If the Empire should collapse. Characters should also be trained in social skills especially Bluff.

Grandmaster training 2. The closest thing to a master the school has is Shouchang. A victorious student must then complete the Test of the Inner Soul. Or does the style keep alive the codes of honor that the ancient dwarf forefathers first articulated?

Did halforcs invent it to civilize their fellows? The Southern Star school also fits well with halflings or gnomes trying to avoid making themselves a target for conquest. His detractors say that settling down in a temple again will just make the school a target for attack.

S outhern Star The mystical Southern Star school emphasizes the power of ki. It takes a powerful will to punch beyond the physical reach of a fist. They learn to focus their ki in their strikes. Dragonborn could have created the Northern Fist style to maintain order as their empire fell.

Some ideas on how to do this are presented below. Long white hair flowing in the wind is the only image that remains in the minds of those who have met the master of the Southern Star. Halflings or gnomes might have created the Five Stars school to counter the advantages of the stronger races.

Students shape their inner strength into deadly long-range strikes. His students travel the land looking for a suitable location. Its grand temple was destroyed and the Great Bell shattered long ago. Feel free to adapt the flavor of a style to suit your setting. The Order of the Nimble Hunter could be a monastic order of elves and eladrin dedicated to Corellon. The master of the Southern Star is mysterious and aloof.

The Southern Star temple was destroyed generations ago. The master of the Southern Star is a mysterious figure. The Dragon Claw school could be an ancient tiefling or drow fighting art. Students of the Southern Star are taught that the hardest target to hit is the one that cannot be reached. Or perhaps it originated among half-elves who had to be pragmatic and learn what they could. Grandmasters reportedly have a secret technique to remove themselves from memory.

The Southern Star school has no central temple or dojo. You move up to your speed or shift up to half your speed. Perhaps it includes some prominent devas as well. The next melee attack you make this turn has a range of 5 instead of its normal range.

Students practice in the forests and the mountains. Classes that do not use weapons. Students move pebbles. Strike further. Their first trial is the traditional Test of No Wind.

All melee attacks you make until the end of your next turn can be made as ranged 10 attacks instead. Masters must cleave a boulder as tall as themselves without touching it.

He lives in the Seattle area and works as a freelance game designer. You can follow him on Twitter. Martial artists are usually in the middle of fights rather than at the edges.

Powers that enable melee attacks at a distance. Your reach increases by 1 for all melee attacks you make before the end of your next turn.

The tests of the Southern Star focus on action at a distance. Derek Guder is the event programming manager at Gen Con. You may be filled with terror. A full ninja class appeared in the 3rd Edition Oriental Adventures handbook. The streets are full of whispered rumors about these silent spies and killers.

You may want to cry out. You are about to experience the mystery that we spend our whole lives trying to understand. You may be wondering what happens next.

The Ninja Assassin Of all the warriors in the realm to draw steel in combat. And besides. I wish to share it with you. Some say that ninja can alter their appearances so skillfully that one of them can stand before a victim in the guise of a lifelong friend or trusted retainer.

Class Acts: Most modern historians in the real world agree that the images of ninja in popular culture are pure fiction. You probably hate me for bringing you to this point. But you are about to learn the ultimate secret.

The secret of how one comes to be a ninja is guarded so closely that any who discover it without the consent of a ninja clan find themselves hunted. These rumors only touch on the truth.

Mercenary spies and assassins soon found that if they were good at discovering secrets and assassinating enemy leaders. There is even a clan dedicated solely to battling the yakuza. Sacrificing yourself to keep the clan hidden is considered honorable among the ninja. The only restriction in either case is that a ninja should never cover his eyes. Thus the ninja transitioned into civic life. Some clans hid within businesses. Had this state of affairs continued.

The mercenary assassins were gone. Joining a ninja clan usually happens in one of two ways. Just as often but not as widely known. Secrecy was paramount. Usually the individual does not realize that he is being observed by a ninja while performing an act of great skill or cleverness. Though conflict did not end with the arrival of the empire.

From the street urchin who has a knack for being in the right place to overhear important gossip. The location and operations of a clan are to be kept hidden.

As each life slipped away. This and other secrets of the ninja are revealed here once and for all. The Honor of the Ninja Most samurai believe that the ninja have no honor. The most important tenet to a ninja is to keep the secrets of all ninja. Anything that threatens to expose the clan threatens all clan members. Revealing anything about how the ninja came to be or the source of their power is the highest form of disgrace for a ninja.

The ninja had arrived.

List of D&D PC Races

Assassin clan. The assassins began to discover that the power they received from these deaths allowed them to manifest new abilities: The assassins began to see something in the eyes of those they killed: Some clans distinguish themselves by recruiting from certain races.

Becoming a Ninja Ninja are recruited from all ages. This means performing most missions in the dark garments gi by which they are usually identified.

They are less concerned with operating as paid assassins. Not all assassination targets are powerless or even humanoid. Whether such an individual is fascinated by the legends or is one of the rare few who have seen a ninja in action and lived.

There may also be ninja clans who follow Ioun. A ninja on such a long-term assignment will likely adopt a cover identity for the entire time he works with a party. In either case. Assassin Then there are those who seek to become ninja. While many ninja missions of espionage or assassination tend to be short. Such a ninja posses the deadly powers of his brethren but uses them to survive.

The ninja reports secrets discovered back to his clan by means of trained carrier pigeons or other agents of the clan that he met while abroad. These seekers may even let on to their companions that they are ninja.

These seekers will join up with adventuring parties. Some clans prefer to take a more proactive approach rather than receiving missions from those who can afford to pay. The applicant is then instructed to kill a living being that has a soul and stare into its eyes. A mighty lich lord might require extensive study in order to find his phylactery.

If he fails. Ninja Adventurers The life of a ninja. Bringing to bear the powers of a ninja without their attendant obligations. Cut off from his resources with no one he can trust. If the applicant proves especially unreliable. In return.

Either the ninja will be caught and killed by the clan. A ninja might find an adventuring party with a similar goal and join them in performing all of these steps. Vecna might have instilled in them the desire to discover new secrets to feed to him.

In such a case. This dictate might lead him into conflict with other adventurers. Because of this fact. Other assassins might even regard them as myth. If the applicant survives this process with his sanity intact. If anything particularly important is found. They seek knowledge in all its forms. The most dangerous type of ninja is the renegade.

Some ninja are charged with discovering as many secrets as they can. Once the mission is complete. In other settings.

When charging. Reflex Hit: Dexterity modifier damage. Whirling Kusari-gama Assassin Attack Though your foe is watching the chain.

Successfully escaping from a group of highly trained assassins is very difficult. Secondary Target: One creature Secondary Attack: Dexterity vs. You gain the powers ninja-to rush.

Heroes of Shadow. Assassin that hunts him. At-Will F Illusion. Assassin Utility Powers This section includes utility powers for the assassin.

Use the secrets you have learned to strike in an unexpected way. In addition. Level Mixing melee. Weapon Standard Action Ranged weapon Requirement: You must use this power with shuriken. Until the start of your next turn. Weapon Standard Action Melee weapon Requirement: You must use this power with a kusarigama.

AC Hit: One creature Attack: They certainly feel it after that. Feathery Tread Assassin Utility 6 Even the sea cannot keep you from your target. Ninja-to Rush Assassin Attack Coming from an unexpected direction. Poisonous Shuriken Assassin Attack Your foes barely feel it when the sharp metal pierces their skin. You must use this power with a short sword. Smoke Bomb Assassin Utility 2 With an alchemical concoction mixed with a bit of shadow magic. Zone Immediate Reaction Close burst 1 Trigger: An enemy enters a square adjacent to you.

Utilize all that you know to defeat your target. At-Will F Martial. Shadow Standard Action Personal Prerequisite: You must have the Flawless Disguise class feature. Keep safe the secrets of your clan. Veil of a Thousand Faces Assassin Utility 10 You shed your identity as easily as you shed your clothes. You craft a new disguise.

You can shift 1 square and make the secondary attack with the secondary end of the kusari-gama. You can then shift up to your speed. The burst creates a lightly obscured zone that lasts until the end of your next turn. You ignore difficult terrain and can both move across liquid and stand on it as if it were solid ground. If you have jumped.

If you deliver an assassin poison with this attack. The Way of the Ninja teaches that secrets are power. Encounter F Shadow. Damage Range Price Weight 1d8 — 10 gp 3 lb. Ki focus Enhancement Bonus: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: You reduce a creature adjacent to you to 0 hit points with an attack using this implement. Only the eldest ninja masters even know of its existence. Continue until all the dice roll higher than a 1.

New Weapon: Kusari-gama Originally a tool used by farmers and peasants to tend crops and for a variety of other mundane uses. This is his first article for Dragon. This weapon features a sickle or kama on one end of a chain and a heavy weight on the other. Level 13 or Reroll 1s or 2s. Level 23 or Reroll 1s. You are insubstantial and phasing until the end of your next turn. Assassin Tools of the Ninja While the ninja pride themselves on being able to use a variety of weapons specific to the job they are undertaking.

Angie Lokotz Properties Defensive. Kim Mohan Producers Greg Bilsland. There exists a single tome that details how the first ninja gained their power. It holds the secret of how to use the power of the dying as a weapon against the living.

Though they accept payment for their craft. In most large cities of Kara-Tur. They also hold mysteries. Over time. The cliffs of Tanghai are great black basalt walls overlooking the mighty Hungtse River. Tiny sutra scrolls bearing symbols of good luck adorn most homes. Although most of these runepriests are junior acolytes. As a rule. When one is focused on or read aloud. Rune M agic in K ara-T ur Common folk in Kara-Tur are more accustomed to rune magic than those who live in other lands.

This activity serves as one of the main sources of income for temples and monasteries that train runepriests. In ages past. Every province in Shou Lung has schools sanctioned by the central government. Yet no place in all of Kara-Tur is wondrous or mysterious enough to rival the cliffs of Tanghai. For centuries. These enchanted scrolls range in size from small strips of parchment to large hanging decorations. Travelers from other lands call anyone within these orders runepriests.

Many an upstart noble has failed at securing the services of a runepriest master. Runepriests are sought out to give these small talismans a more practical effect. Reverence for the past. These same traits do nothing to endear them to most nobles. Masters in calligraphy use red ink only for important scrolls. For important declarations or works of verse. Most Serene Blade runepriests adopt the life of the wandering priest.

Although precise brush strokes are an essential part of calligraphy. Most runepriests have a yin-and-yang symbol displayed somewhere on themselves. All these factors depend on the intended use of the writing. The immortal associated with the Defiant Word shan zi is Chih Shih. Most runepriests of this tradition who leave their monasteries either join the standing army of their homeland or remain in a monastery in the role of temple guard.

d&d 4th Dragon Magazine 404

As with most ordained priests and monks of the Path of Enlightenment. The general populace of Kara-Tur highly respects Defiant Word runepriests.

Following his lead. Written communication in Shou Chiang is as much a work of art as it is a learned discipline. Presses that employ movable type exist. A master scribe often becomes lost in the act. People see these runepriests as more reliable than those of the Serene Blade tradition and better behaved than those of the Wrathful Calligraphy and Enlightenment All lands of Kara-Tur use a variation of Shou Chiang. Dressed in red robes. Mastery of calligraphic techniques enables a runepriest of Kara-Tur to reach enlightenment.

They favor heavy armor with red accents. Written from top to bottom and left to right. Defiant Word Defiant Word runepriests are common in Koryo.

Although any runepriest can follow the path most comfortable to him or her. Calligraphy in Kara-Tur is not only the art of writing beautiful ideograms. The numerals in Shou Chiang are transported easily to the abacus. The three traditions discussed here are Defiant Word and Wrathful Hammer.

Show honor in word. Honoring his teachings. One of the main beliefs of the path is the concept of li. Although you gain no mechanical penalty for disregarding these guidelines.

Some hope to inspire the commoners with their prowess. Disciple of Lore Heroes of the Fallen Lands. Defiant Word and Wrathful Hammer. Emulating this patron. The inscriptions of Tanghai are as follows: Runic Artistry Although most shan zi in Kara-Tur follow the two major traditions of rune magic.

Wrathful Hammer These hammer-toting runepriests are in the outskirts of Shou Lung. Being immersed in the teachings of the Path of Enlightenment. This sort of zealotry has made the mandarins of Shou Lung and the daimyos of Kozakura and Wa wary of runepriests.

The Path of Enlightenment is the official state religion in Shou Lung. Wrathful Hammer runepriests have earned a reputation as boisterous hunters of the supernatural. Once per round immediately after an enemy deals damage to you with an attack.

Runepriests of the Wrathful Hammer sculpt enormous stone shrines or forge huge metal bells decorated with the words of the Path of Enlightenment. Skill powers based on Diplomacy. Be obedient to your lord. Many runepriests. Unlike other runepriests. If you want to reflect this devotion. A Wrathful Hammer runepriest often carries a red tetsubo greatclub or maul.

The immortal associated with the Wrathful Hammer shan zi is Chan Cheng. When creating a runepriest.

Magazines/Dungeons & Dragons/Dragon/ - The Trove

Recommended feats include Scribe Sutra and Heavenly Halberdier both described below. A shan zi should not have training in Bluff and should follow a lawful good alignment. While you are not wearing heavy armor.

Serene Blade: You gain proficiency with all one-handed and two-handed military heavy blades. A few quick strokes on a strip of parchment can be more effective than a suit of armor. The target takes ongoing 5 fire damage save ends. Healing Minor Action Personal Effect: You spend a healing surge but regain no hit points.

Level 3 Encounter Power By weaving your weapon around you. Half damage. Weapon Standard Action Close burst 1 Target: Each creature in the burst Attack: Strength vs. Encounter F Divine. Weapon Standard Action Melee weapon Target: Protective Scroll Runepriest Utility 10 With masterful precision.

Weapon Standard Action Close blast 3 Target: Each enemy in the blast Attack: The target takes 5 lightning damage whenever it uses an attack power save ends. Rune of Destruction: Both the ongoing fire damage and the regained hit points increase to Level 13 Encounter Power You trace words of love and loyalty upon your weapon. Words of Compassion Runepriest Utility 6 You write words that heal your ally with their inner warmth.

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Level 9 Daily Power Many who follow the Path of Enlightenment spread knowledge of righteousness but also teach about karma. Will Hit: Rune of Protection: You and the ally each gain a power bonus to the saving throw equal to your Wisdom modifier. Daily F Divine. The first ally who hits the target before the end of your next turn can push the target up to a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Those words also appear on the forehead of a wounded ally. Allies within 2 squares of the target benefit from this effect. A creature carrying the scroll can use a minor action to expend the scroll and regain hit points equal to your healing surge value. You have mastered writing that brims with celestial power.

Words of Fiery Fidelity Runepriest Attack 13 Your determination to protect your allies burns your enemy and heals your comrades. Runepriest New Runepriest Powers A runepriest of the appropriate level can choose from the following new powers. Each time the target takes this fire damage. Words of Bravery Runepriest Attack 3 You move your weapon as a brush. With a wide arc of your weapon. Fortitude Hit: Healing Standard Action Close burst 5 Target: You or one ally in the burst Effect: The target regains hit points equal to his or her healing surge value.

You and one ally within 5 squares of you can make a saving throw. These flames burst as you strike your enemy. Until the end of the encounter. If you do so. Recognizing this truth. Until the end of your next turn. Touch of Hope The symbol for hope is deceptively simple. Healing Standard Action Melee touch Target: You or one ally Effect: The target makes a saving throw against each effect on him or her that a save can end. Such selfless acts. As you strike your foe.

Paragon Path All across Kara-Tur. The following paragon path is available to any honorable runepriest who strives to become the consummate leader. Whenever you enter a new rune state. The target also regains hit points equal to his or her healing surge value and can stand up as a free action. Celestial Lightning The Celestial Emperor sent red lightning to inspire mortals into seeking enlightenment.

Cloud Step Your closeness to the Celestial Heaven gives you clarity unmatched by most mortals. Those who master it know that no matter how bleak the situation. With a quick weave of your weapon. When you spend an action point to use a runepriest attack power. By focusing on the core of your being.

Weapon Standard Action Area burst 2 centered on an ally within 5 squares Target: Each enemy in the burst Attack: I am the Word that lights the Path.

While you are in this rune state. You can end this rune state as a minor action to fly up to a number of squares equal to your speed. Runepriest Benefit: You can master and perform rituals in the warding category. You can break through enemy ranks easily with these weapons.

New Feats The following two feats are available to characters who meet the prerequisites. Gentle Repose. When you hit an enemy with a runepriest at-will attack power while using a halberd or a glaive.

Scribe Sutra You are a master of calligraphy. Heavenly Halberdier You have learned how to use halberds and glaives. The target makes a basic attack as a free action against one of its allies. You can create sutra scrolls to protect and heal. When your enemy shakes off this effect. He lives in Rio de Janeiro. You gain proficiency with the glaive and the halberd. Words of Celestial Heaven As you approach ultimate enlightenment.

Runepriest Level Radiant Cloud Step By emptying yourself of all material concerns. During the flight granted by the rune state of the cloud step. Some of these latter entities live in named places. Watson Developing your character into someone who has a rich story can be a fun and rewarding process.

They rely on their mounts and livestock. Both of these themes have a flavor that ties them to the Forgotten Realms setting.

Hordelands nomad and sohei. Each theme can encompass several unique stories within the same concept. Just as race and class create basic definitions about who your character is. Earth Mother. This article details two character themes.

For information on using themes as part of character creation and rules for how to gain and use theme powers and features. People of the Hordelands venerate Teylas. You likely have an idea of what race and what class you want to play. Because the steppe offers few resources. A theme can help you flesh out your character and provide some interesting options for developing his or her background.

You gain proficiency with the shortbow. To aid them in their work with the spirits. Not only do they gain closeness to the spirits that surround them. Level 10 Feature Spirits favor those who show them reverence.

Fast travel. Few can match your adeptness at fighting while astride a mount. As a nomad. Others represent important or fierce animals of the prairie. Your own deference to the spirits has granted you a small boon in the form of greater luck. Tribal customs among the nomads focus on pleasing the spirits as they seek to ensure that the elements remain in balance.

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