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June | Dragon 1. TM & © .. and several articles for Dragon® magazine. .. Happy th, Dragon—may your pages always be. ments to DRAGON Magazine, P.O. Box , Escondido. CA , USA; email war dragged on for the next years, with ever-increasing stakes. The Magazine of Fantasy, Swords & Sorcery, and Science Fiction Game Playing — . THE DRAGON is published monthly by TSR Periodicals, a division of TSR Hobbies, Inc., P.O. Box , Lake Geneva, .. Plan on, oh, about people!”.

Dragonchess By Gary Gygax Artwork by Dennis Kauth Illustration by Russel Roehling The Dragonchess game is a fantasy-based variation of chess, in which the object of the game as in standard chess is to checkmate the opposing King. An understanding of the rules of chess is helpful in order to understand how Dragonchess is played. The playing surface for Dragonchess is a three-tiered structure of rectangular boards, with each board composed of a grid 12 squares wide and 8 squares deep. The squares are alternately colored light and dark or other color tones that contrast with each other , configured so that a light-colored square is in the near right-hand corner when the board is viewed from the longer side. The upper board represents the air, the middle board the land, and the lower board the subterranean world. To simulate the various environments, it is suggested that the squares on the upper board be colored light blue and white; on the middle board, light green and amber; and on the lower board, red and brown. Each board is the starting place for pieces particular to its environment; some pieces cannot move up or down off the board they begin on, but other pieces can travel between two or even all three boards. The opposing forces are designated as Gold and Scarlet, with Gold always moving first. Each force on the upper board consists of six Sylphs, two Griffons, and one Dragon. In all, there are 42 pieces per side, or a total of 84 pieces in the game. Dragon Anniversary: A numerical prefix of 1 upper board , 2 middle board , or 3 lower board designates the board on which a certain square is located. In all other respects, movement and capture notation is essentially the same as for standard chess. A full description of this notation is given near the end of this text. Standard chess pieces are referred to frequently in the descriptions of how Dragonchess pieces move and capture; in such cases, their names king, rook, etc.

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My Library. Affiliate System. Create Content for your Favorite Games. Privacy Policy. Our Latest Newsletter. Product Reviews. Newsletter RSS Feed. Can we respond to you about this? Recent History Dragon 4e. When on the upper board, a Griffon moves along a path that runs one square horizontally or vertically and two squares diagonally in the same direction. Like the knight, it vaults over intervening squares even if they are occupied and only exerts control over the destination square, not the intervening ones.

This is identical to the move of the elephant in Korean chess. A Griffon at 3d4 can move to or capture a piece at 3a2, 3b1, 3f1, 3g2, 3g6, 3f7, 3b7, or 3a6. In addition, a Griffon may occupy the middle board by a move down to one of the four squares on the diagonal from the upper-board square it started from.

Note that a Griffon located on the edge of the upper board only commands two squares on the middle board instead of four. A Griffon returns to the upper board by a move to any of the four or two squares diagonally above the Griffon. It can move between the upper and middle boards whether or not a capture is involved.

A Griffon at 3d4 can move to or capture at 2c5, 2c3, 2e3, or 2e5. While a Griffon is on the middle board, it forfeits the power of f light, and as such it can only move and capture in the squares diagonally adjacent to it. A Griffon located at 2e5 commands all of the following squares: While the Dragon cannot move downward, it does have the unique ability to capture an opposing piece on the middle board that lies in the square directly beneath it or on any of the squares horizontally or vertically adjacent to that square.

The captured piece is removed from the middle board, but the Dragon remains on the upper board. Dragon Upper Board. The move of the Warrior is identical to that of a pawn, except that a Warrior cannot advance two squares on its first move. The Warrior can move into an unoccupied square vertically ahead of its location, and it can capture an opposing piece located on either adjacent diagonal square ahead of it.

The Gold Warrior that starts the game at 2c2 can move to 2c3, or it can occupy either 2b3 or 2d3 by capturing an opposing piece located on one of those squares. However, unlike standard chess, the owning player does not have a choice; a pawn can be promoted to a queen, bishop, knight, or rook, but a Warrior can only become a Hero.

A Warrior cannot move to or capture pieces located on the upper or lower boards. Warrior Middle Board. Oliphant The Oliphants for each side start on the corner squares of the middle board—2a1 and 2l1 for Gold, 2a8 and 2l8 for Scarlet. The move of an Oliphant is identical to that of a rook—that is, as many squares horizontally or vertically as desired, as long as no piece interferes with its path of movement.

An Oliphant cannot move to or capture pieces located on the upper or lower boards. Oliphant Middle Board. A move back to the middle board is accomplished the same way.

On the middle board. Capture is accomplished in the same manner. When located on the upper or lower board. In addition. A Unicorn moves and captures in the same way as a knight. If the Mage then remained on the lower board. It cannot move to or capture pieces located on the upper and lower boards.

Dragonchess Unicorn The Unicorns for each side start on the squares horizontally adjacent to the Oliphants—2b1 and 2k1 for Gold. A Thief moves and captures exactly as a bishop.

A Mage located at 2c4 move up to 3c4. The basic. Unicorn Middle Board from one board to another can involve a capture if so desired.

It cannot move to or capture pieces located on the upper or lower boards. A Hero can also move up or down one board at a time. A King that has moved to the upper or lower board cannot move upon those boards. The King moves and captures similarly to a king in standard chess.

Dragon Magazine | Chess | Board Games

A Paladin located at 3c4 can move between boards to any of the following squares: It can also move upward or downward with a knight-like move. Upon the upper or lower board. An Elemental on 2d4 can move or capture downward into 1d5. Dragonchess t he l ower B oard Dwarf The six Gold Dwarves start on the dark-colored squares of the second rank on the lower board..

It can capture upward into 2d5. It captures only on horizontal or vertical moves. A Basilisk moves one square at a time. A Dwarf on 2d4 could return to the lower board by moving to Dwarf Lower Board 1d4.

A Dwarf on 1d4 could move without capturing into 1d5. The upward move can only be made if a capture is involved. It may return to the lower board by a move directly down to an unoccupied square.

It may move up to the middle board to make a capture by moving one square horizontally or vertically and then directly upward. If a Dwarf moves to the middle board by means of a capture. A Basilisk located on 1d4 can make a move or a capture into 1c5. Similar to a Warrior. An Elemental can move one square diagonally or one or two squares horizontally or vertically. It may remain unmoving on the middle board if so desired.

It can move or capture into 1d5. It captures by forward movement only. Basilisk The two Gold Basilisks start on 1c1 and 1k1. An Elemental on 1d4 can move but not capture into 1c5. Its upward move begins with a shift of one square horizontally or vertically on the lower board. Its move between boards is a two-step process. Notation 4 is more specific.

The Elemental is even more restricted when moving down from the middle board. The general rule is this: If a piece is unable to vault over intervening squares in its basic two-dimensional move. The Warrior is unable to move two squares ahead on its first move. The square directly above or below the piece in question need not be vacant. Perhaps the hardest single concept to grasp is the idea of intervening squares on moves from one board to another.

Dragonchess movement Bet ween B oardS At first. Notation 7. Specific applications for particular pieces are as follows: The Griffon. The Elemental is something of a special case. The Mage can move from the lower board to the upper board or vice versa in a single move. When more than one piece of the same type is capable of making the same move.

Notation 3 can be used if only one Warrior is capable of moving to 2e3. The important thing is to describe each move in such a way that the notation could only refer to one specific move by one specific piece. In most cases. This will avoid possible confusion if the moves of a game are to be studied or replayed. The following examples cover all the situations that could occur in a game: Making a lot of moves with the Mage for instance early in the game is usually a bad idea.

While the Dragons are obviously powerful offensive pieces. Discovered check dis ch occurs when the move of one piece opens a path that enables a different piece to give check. In any event. The approximate relative values of the pieces in Dragonchess is detailed below.

Players should be mindful of moving their pieces into positions where they command a large number of squares. In general. If the king were not of infinite value.

In chess. In many instances. It could be described as a 2-by-6 rectangle with 2d4. StrategiC and taCtiCal t ipS No single piece of text—even one many times longer than this—could fully describe and analyze the myriad positions and situations that can occur in Dragonchess.

Double check dbl ch occurs whenever a move enables one or more pieces to give check at the same time. Mobility is all-important. For instance.

To help protect one of your own pieces. Any sort of pieces will do. Except for the fact that it occupies a square on the board. The Paladin and Mage are limited in their mobility when not on the middle board. Dragonchess The power of the Basilisk to immobilize an opposing piece has a lot of potential for use in offensive and defensive strategy. For our playtesting and development purposes.

The boards were spaced approximately six inches apart. An immobilized Mage may be better than no Mage at all—but not by much. Of the five types of pieces that can move up or down to any of the three boards.

Dragon Magazine 400

The pieces came from our collection of metal miniatures. A well-timed Basilisk move can lead to an abrupt checkmate even if the opposing King is not the piece that is frozen. Through these holes we inserted threaded metal rods. Do not underestimate the power of the Cleric. Nice and big. I got to thinking. When I glanced back over the article.

Roger and I assembled a collection of pieces in advance of when we would actually need them. Like the article says. Roger looked at me like he was expecting a better compliment. I remember it like it was. With plexiglass and threaded rods and plastic knobs and all. Now here they all were. He swears that everything in this article is more or less true.

Eighty-four hunks of metal with eighty-four hunks of metal attached to them. It did move a few millimeters. Should have used extra-thick plexiglass. My little Warrior. Throw in a couple of Griffons visiting from the upper board.

I then made the same move on my side.

By the time we were in what passed for the middle game. For an editor. I guess we could use plastic figures instead of metal ones. We never did lift them all up at one time.

Thing is. As you might also imagine. Even back then. I think if we ever lifted them all up at one time. We set up the middle board next. It should have been a clue that when we put our 4-inch-tall dragons down on the upper board. That would cut down on the weight. It took me like a week to drill each of the holes for the rods. The Setup As you might imagine. To give the components as we playtesters call them some uniformity and stability.

We held our breath. Dragonchess The ultimate goal was to paint the figures up real nice. Dragon—may your pages always be plagued by kobolds! About the Author Bart Carroll is neither the result of genetic experimentation by some insane wizard. That was the first issue I ever bought. My favorite Dragon article also came from this era: Every player likes not so much to succeed as to overcome.

For those of you who have. All rights reserved. I thought the converse also held true. Deviation from that progression. I was now well entrenched in the hobby. Fast-forward a few years. Until I read this editorial. I still remember the cover illustration. At the time and I know this mentality still exists. When I was finished. Originally producing their licensed property websites including Star Wars and G. In this role. You met kobolds at level 1. Once you graduated past kobolds.

It illustrated the flexibility of the game. These kobolds were bad. They graduated magna cum laude from the Sauron Institute for the Criminally Vicious. The group resigned itself to making a run for it through Level One to get to the elevators. Designing monsters more powerful than a tarrasque is self-defeating. I mean they were bad. The party leader went over the penciled map of the dungeon and tried to find ways to avoid the little critters.

Worse yet. This dungeon had corridors that changed all of your donkeys into huge flaming demons or dropped the whole party into acid baths.

Then they set the corridor on fire. There was no mistake about it. The kobolds caught us about 60 feet into the dungeon and locked the door behind us and barred it. One of the key problems in adventure design lies in creating opponents who can challenge powerful characters. They yawn at tarrasques and must be forcibly kept awake when a lich appears. When I joined the gaming group. Singular monsters like tarrasques and liches are easy to gang up on.

They were simply well-armed and intelligent beings who were played by the DM to be utterly ruthless and clever. We turned to our group leader for advice.

These kobolds were just regular kobolds. Kobolds with metal armor and shields flung Molotov cocktails at us from the other sides of huge piles of flaming debris. When I say they were mean. Tucker ran an incredibly dangerous dungeon in the days I was stationed at Ft. They just use their trusty. Getting to high level is hard. We abandoned most of our carried items and donkeys to speed our f light toward the elevators.

I recall we had a 12th-level magic-user with us. It was then we discovered that these kobolds had honeycombed the first level with small tunnels to speed their movements. We respected them and loved them. All of our hirelings died.

Most of our henchmen followed. We felt pretty good—but the group leader could not be cheered up. We were next. Kobold commandos were everywhere. They ate all our donkeys and took our treasure and did everything they could to make us miserable. If kobolds could do this to a group of PCs from 6th to 12th level. We ran into an unexplored section of Level One.

We escaped. Here we hastily pounded spikes into the floors and walls. Then give it a try. You likely have an idea of what race and what class you want to play.

A theme can help you flesh out your character and provide some interesting options for developing his or her background. For example. Character Themes: Just as race and class create basic definitions about who your character is.

You cannot perform this ritual on a headless corpse. Divination Market Price: Arcana or Duration: Level You take 2d6 necrotic damage. Students of Evard are inclined toward the scholarly classes.

Those who learn of Evard and begin to study his work could become enthralled by all things related to the Shadowfell. Essence of Death Student of Evard Attack You call upon your inborn talent to drain the life from a foe.

Legendry of Phantoms and Ghosts. Once you have performed this ritual for a particular corpse or skull. Perhaps you lived among nobles and spent your time studying lore.

Many temples and libraries include tomes on the subject of death. You have proven that you are more than a mere dabbler in your chosen arts. You take 3d6 necrotic damage. As Evard noted. Almost without knowing how you do it. Shadow No Action Melee 1 Trigger: You hit a creature adjacent to you with an attack.

From whom the whispers originate. It covers everything from the creation of apparitions to details on their metaphysical construction and anatomy. For information on using themes as part of character creation and rules for how to gain and use theme powers and features. Check Result 19 or lower 20—29 30—39 40 or higher Time Period 2 rounds 4 rounds 6 rounds 10 rounds Starting Feature Your instinctive affinity for the essence of darkness and death is what drew you to become a student of Evard.

Most mortals fear what they cannot explain. On a research level. Each theme can encompass several unique stories within the same concept. If someone had enough motivation and spent plenty of time researching. This page omnibus is one of the finest pieces of writing on the subjects of shadow magic.

The triggering creature Effect: You take 1d6 necrotic damage. You gain the essence of death power. Creating a Student of Evard Students of Evard are introverted. His legacy is such that anyone who has spent time researching the Shadowfell has undoubtedly come across his most famous work.

Encounter F Arcane. You bring suffering on yourself at the same time. If someone were to see how these pathways are connected. Optional Powers The secrets associated with shadow magic are guarded closely. Daily F Arcane. In addition to firmly cementing your influence as a scholar of the dead. As a student of shadow. The whispers you hear have grown more and more frequent.

Level 10 Utility Power You have learned how to bleed your essence into the plane of shadow. Evard has imparted valuable knowledge that can unlock special powers and abilities for those who study it. In all but the most rare of cases. Shadow Immediate Interrupt Close burst 5 Trigger: One ally within 5 squares of you misses with an attack roll or fails a saving throw. Evard is a powerful sage. Shadow Free Action Personal Trigger: You make a d20 roll and dislike the result. You lose a healing surge.

Scholars and knowledge-seekers alike flock to you for your expertise. Though your profession and choice of study is taboo in many societies.

Shadow Minor Action Personal Effect: You gain darkvision until the end of your next turn. Whether their apprehension of you is justified or not. All throughout his writings. Within the Legendry of Phantoms and Ghosts.

If the new result is a miss or a failed saving throw. These notations draw conclusions between the Plane of Shadow and its connection to each realm and elemental plane. Level 6 Utility Power You have studied both darkness and light. For your own edification. Having become distant to family members and friends.

You lose a healing surge and reroll the triggering roll. You must use the second result. This cost is attributed to the raw power of shadow magic and the forbidden lore surrounding its creation. Your power bonus to skill checks involving necromancy. Your comprehension and understanding of the Shadowfell have afforded you certain advantages.

As quickly as the shadows ushered you in for the strike. Your life as a Gloomwrought emissary depends largely on the master you represent.

You might serve as a crafty spy. You know that every advantage has to be seized in order to ensure your survival. They can use their contacts to gain intelligence from others and pressure them into giving up information.

Born from Shadow GloomwrouGht emissary Gloomwrought. You have learned to use the shadows to deliver a debilitating blow to an unwitting opponent. Rangers are employed for their ability to traverse the dangerous landscape of the Shadowfell.

These classes have the requisite skill and proficiency to engage opponents in close combat effectively. With all the political intrigue surrounding daily life within the city. In some cases. You gain the strike from the shadows power. Starting Feature Gloomwrought is a dangerous city where one misstep can spell your demise. Joining this elite corps of specialists can be difficult. This gives the recruiter time to evaluate and pass judgment before contacting the potential emissary and bringing him or her on board.

Creating a Gloomwrought Emissary Most Gloomwrought emissaries are martial combatants: In other cases. Unscrupulous political houses. It is a place of treachery and subterfuge. No matter how you choose to serve. You could serve Gloomwrought as a diplomat by using your silver tongue to help spur. Despite what is said otherwise. Because of their cunning and grit. They are also adept at tracking those who might have fled the city.

For those characters who accept life as a Gloomwrought emissary. One way in which they accomplish this is by sending out special envoys that work to further their interests and the interests of Gloomwrought.

The creature is weakened until the end of your next turn. Level 10 Feature You have become one of the premier emissaries of Gloomwrought. You might have been mentored by another emissary in a similar position or could have learned a trick or two by studying those around you. You make a Diplomacy check or an Intimidate check. Once per day.

Dragon (magazine)

You quickly dart from a hidden position and deal a debilitatiny blow. In honor of your service. When using a melee or ranged weapon attack power. Matt is a disabled veteran.

One enemy in the burst Effect: The next creature to attack the target before the end of your next turn gains combat advantage for that attack. Your master would have honed your skills and provided you with the necessary training that would assist you in a life as challenging as yours is. Additional Features Level 5 Feature You are a worthy agent of Gloomwrought and have established many connections that might help you along the way. Matt James is a freelance game designer from the Washington.

You are insubstantial until the start of your next turn. You gain a power bonus to this skill check equal to your Charisma modifier. Though you scoff at any mention of your exploits. Perhaps a house hired you because of your previous exploits and reputation.

Showing this clasp can aid you when you call upon else for a favor. Ghostwalker Gloomwrought Emissary Utility 6 You leave the temporal for but a moment. Level 6 Utility Power With a whispered word and a single graceful leap.

Level 2 Utility Power You distract an enemy just long enough for a friend to steal up on it and catch it off guard. Your words carry the weight of an entire city. The doom of the Iron Wolf barbarians was at hand. Together the Nerathi soldiers and the Iron Wolf warriors smashed the orc incursion. The union allowed the Iron Wolf people and other tribes of western Selduria to remain free of Nerathi rule.

Nerathi Legends: Selfreya and Tarmagel fell in love. For a thousand years or more the Iron Wolf people have thrown back hordes of orcs. Do you think dwarves are stubborn? But the chief of the Cloven Skull orcs saw an opportunity too great to pass up and decided to strike a blow against his Iron Wolf enemies while they were sorely pressed by Tarmagel and his soldiers.

And as honored allies. Given their warlike nature and their hostility to outsiders. The story of this old alliance goes back over three hundred years. The legions of Nerath fought several bloody battles against the gathering horde of Iron Wolf warriors. Iron Wolf: Scores of Iron Wolf holds and settlements dot the western margins of the great forest. The Ghostdrakes roam the rainy mountains looming above the Forbidding Shore. They hold more reverence for the forest and its spirits than the other tribes.

Most holds and settlements are given simple place-names such as Two Lakes or Split Tree. They have intermingled with the Seldurian humans who settled in Skalgard and have adopted many of their customs. By tradition. That group is composed of five large tribes. The Iron Wolf barbarians take their name from the iron wolves of western Selduria. All are fierce warriors. Highly traditional and suspicious of outsiders. They have a long tradition of seafaring and are widely traveled compared to the other tribes.

Of the Five Tribes. White Raven: Like the Ghostdrakes. The Iron Wolf people are the strongest and most numerous of the Harthyar tribes. The Iron Wolf people still regard themselves as hardier. Chieftain Woldred. Karkothi ambassadors keep Olmurg. Woldred is much cleverer than he lets on.

When a new chieftain takes power. Virtually all are humans of Harthyar descent. The Iron Wolf lands remain temperate throughout the year.

A hale. Newer palisades of wood encircle the settlement. Given the year-round rains and the steep terrain. Population Mix: About 3. Woldred keeps a guard of more than a hundred fierce Iron Wolf warriors in his hall.

The Iron Wolf people are the most mercantile of the Five Tribes. In return. Wildlife is abundant. The Winterskulls are the black sheep of the Harthyar tribes. They trade furs. Inns and Taverns: With ocean surrounding the great peninsula of western Selduria on three sides.

Most of the Iron Wolf settlements are located in the vale of the Griffon River or scattered along the Midnight Sea coast. Forest of Harthia The homeland of the Seldur tribes is one of the great forests of the world: The forest consists of gigantic evergreens such as spruce.

The chieftain who rules this large settlement is traditionally given the title of the Iron Wolf and considered king of the Iron Wolf people. Because Woldred is a war leader more than an administrator. They are greedy. Dangerous monsters are commonplace in the wilder stretches of the forest. The Iron Wolf people have cleared and settled only small areas of the land. These warriors value their given word highly. The keep is an old Turathi fortress destroyed by the dragonborn long ago.

New CharaCter t heme If you are playing in a campaign using character themes. The last sound heard by many orcs. Proving Grounds: The heroes discover that an artifact they need is a sacred treasure held by the chief of the Ghostdrake tribe.

In unusual circumstances. A brawl in the road or. Perhaps you are a hunter or forester. Barbarians are. As outsiders to the ways of civilization. Druids and shamans are also found among the Iron Wolf people. The fleet moves fast and hits hard. Or perhaps you talk to the spirits. The Merrow King: A powerful sea ogre has forged the merrows living along the coast into a strong and warlike tribe. When one warrior has a quarrel with one another. You might be a mighty warrior.

Iron Wolf warriors are sometimes frustrated and confused by rules of behavior that make no sense to them. The heroes have to figure out a way to stand up to hundreds of fierce marauders. Winterskull Raid: Jarl Olmurg sends a raiding fleet against the coasts of the Iron Wolf Hold. The Accursed Keep: The heroes hear rumors of an ancient.

You gain the Iron Wolf charge power. An Iron Wolf warrior learns the ways of the forest as a child. Each soon-to-be Iron Wolf warrior trains alongside his or her tribal brothers and sisters. To win the item. That enemy takes 1d6 extra damage from the triggering attack.

Reflex Hit: The target takes damage equal to your highest ability modifier and falls prone. Your ability to sense danger and trust your instincts has saved you more than once. If you hit with both the primary and the secondary attack. The target takes a —2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn. AC Hit: Weapon Standard Action Melee weapon Target: One creature Primary Attack: Highest ability modifier vs. Primal Minor Action Personal Effect: Until the end of the encounter.

Will Hit: You push the target up to 2 squares. You trip your foe. Encounter F Martial. Others might come to rely extensively on their native talents. Encounter F Fear. Secondary Attack Attack: Make the secondary attack against the target.

Daily F Martial. With one swift motion. Each enemy in the burst Attack: Whatever the challenge. Refusing to be defeated. When an enemy drops you below 1 hit point. Primal No Action Close burst 2 Trigger: You hit an enemy with a charge attack. Faint-hearted foes shrink from your savage wrath. With one final effort of will. You push the secondary target up to 4 squares. Primal Immediate Reaction Personal Trigger: An enemy bloodies you or scores a critical hit against you. Secondary Attack Secondary Target: One creature other than the primary target Attack: The Iron Wolf Barbarians level 6 utility Power Enemies find that getting into a fight with you is much easier than getting out of a fight with you.

Richard Baker is an award-winning game designer who has written numerous adventures and sourcebooks. Weapon No Action Melee weapon Trigger: You hit an enemy with a melee attack. Primary Target: The enemy you hit Effect: You knock the primary target prone and shift up to 5 squares. You knock the primary target prone and shift up to 4 squares. Then make the secondary attack. Even the stoutest enemy quails at the blood lust in your eyes. Until you have no temporary hit points left.

You strike a foe and pull it to the ground. You knock the primary target prone and shift up to 3 squares. When an enemy seeks to retreat. An enemy adjacent to you shifts 1 square.

When your foe scores a telling blow against you. You push the secondary target up to 2 squares. You push the secondary target up to 3 squares. You shift 1 square to a square adjacent to that enemy. All things being equal. Climbing walls and picking pockets are the starting points for sending an adventure in a completely weird. The one warlord I played had the tactical sense of a banana and the insight and perception of Mr.

Roger Moore. Once 3rd Edition rolled around. For the Loonies and Crackpots Back in the day. Best of all. The spell list is exactly the sort of stuff a troublemaking player wants to use. With that out of the way. Anyone who has played in a long-term campaign with me knows that I love playing colorful characters.

I like laughing at the table. My character in a modern-day action game was a research scientist who bred epic-level bad luck in everyone around him. I like playing oddballs. The class spoke for itself. With the release of the original Dragonlance trilogy. After coming up with justifications for a goofy fighter or an absent-minded wizard.

What can I say. Of course. They roam from place to place. Any human or demi-human race may have jesters. Beyond 10th level.

The jester class cannot be combined with any other class at any time by the same character. By Roger Moore Jesters are adventurous non-player characters with an overwhelming sense of the absurd. One new language. Gnomes are more adventurous on the whole than half lings are. The intelligence and wisdom scores of a jester must each be at least Because of their outlook on the world and their special powers. Jesters tend to be smaller than the average height of their race.

Half-elves can advance without limit because they are able to draw from human and elven comedy and thus have a richer sense of humor. Half lings may go to 12th level before their jokes get boring. A jester must be either neutral good. Since half-orcs and their kin all think things like thumbscrews and iron maidens are marvelously comic feelings not shared by many other people.

If he or she changes or is changed back to the former alignment or another acceptable one. Dwarves are not very humorously inclined and may only reach the 6th level. Jesters with intelligence. A jester who is engaged in altering the local morale conditions can perform other actions at the same time. If the hill giant fails a morale check. He or she then gains the power to read and utilize scrolls of a magic-user or illusionist nature. Jesters are so skilled at casting their voices most commonly when using mannequins that they function as if they had a permanent ventriloquism spell.

Only those creatures able to understand what the jester is saying will be affected.

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