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Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf. pdf Compiled dragon magazine - dragon magazine pdf. I did the hard reset thing too. Compiled dragon magazine pdf Download Compiled. Dragon Magazine was the house organ for TSR and later Wizards of the Coast It was replaced with HTML articles starting with #, a full PDF magazine.

Introduction This Geeklist is intended to be a reasonably comprehensive guide to products released for the Planescape setting. As well as a line of thirty Planescape-branded RPG products, TSR released five novels, an extensive line of miniatures, a collectable card game and the Torment computer game. There were Planescape articles in Dragon , Dungeon and Polyhedron magazines and Planescape products were translated into at least three other languages. In , when TSR was looking for a new setting to replace the winding down Spelljammer line, Henson's proposal morphed into the Planescape setting. It had never really been considered as setting up to that point. This cast it in a whole new light, and we all took a serious look at it. By the time the project got the final go-ahead to be placed on the schedule, almost everything about it was changed except for its name. That shouldn't be considered an indictment of the original proposal because it wasn't at all uncommon in a process like this. The name, though, which originated with Slade, was inspired.

The second is ".. Truenames are Powerful: The Demonomicon is fully detailed in the second booklet of the adventure. We are told that it is a "treatise on the powerful evil creatures of the lower planes. Many demons have secret truenames. Those who know them can gain control over those demons. If this is true, then she is more powerful than any demon lord out there. Each of the six copies of the Demonomicon have different information in them. Most of them contain a lot of information on the biology and psychology of demons.

It is said that Iggwilv knows more about The Abyss and demons than any creature in existence including demon lords. Most of the volumes of the Demonomicon have these spells that relate to the summoning and binding of demons: Cleric Spells Lvl 4 Abjure: This is an exorcism, basically.

It allows you to expel a possessing creature from a mortal body. Lvl 7 Exaction: You can summon a planar creature of a similar alignment and force it to complete a task for you Lvl 7 Henley's Digit of Disruption: Shoot a bolt of positive energy that can disrupt undead. I have no idea who Henley is. No saving throw!

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Magic Resistance doesn't stop it! It only lasts two rounds. Lvl 6 Ensnarement: Lure a planar creature to a previously-prepared location. Lvl 7 Banishment: Forces a creature to return to its home plane. It can't come back to this plane ever. Lvl 7 Torment: Force submission and obedience from a captive outer-planar creature.

There's a whole pile of options on how the creature is restrained, including being chained, put into a slumber, or even becoming non-corporeal. There's pentacles, circles, thaumaturgic circles, etc. Each is used for something different, like sealing a magic container an efreeti bottle, for example or protecting against creatures from the elemental or astral plane. It's a lot of fun stuff that could help you flesh out the demon summoning process if you decide to use it in your game.

Dragon Magazine 82 - Spells Between the Covers This article gives guidelines for spellcasters who want to research spells. There's a great section on creating a library. It costs 2, gp to stock it with materials that let you research 1st level spells. It would cost 74, go to stock a library with books to research 9th level spells. We get a massive list of books. Each book has some spells in it.

The spells in this book: Ventriloquism, message, comprehend languages, legend lore, Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter. This article is utterly fantastic.

The cover is a perfect square is made of obsidian with a piece of black-scaled demon hide over it. The paper is delicate and nearly transparent.

The Nethertome was stolen from her when her servants fled the Lost Caverns. We get a long recap of Iggwilv's history. Then we learn that she tried to summon Graz'zt again, but this time Graz'zt used a magic device to repel her binding magic. He captured and imprisoned her in the Abyss " We are told what is in the Nethertome: There's a long treatise on the Blood War. There are chapters about the chaotic nature of the Abyss, methods of safe travel there and places that should be avoided.

A few chapters detailing demons and their psychology. Here are the spells in the Nethertome: Protection from evil, conjure elemental, contact other plane, domination, anti-magic shell, ensnarement, invisible stalker, forcecage, sequester, binding, maze, trap the soul, gate, imprisonment, temporal stasis.

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Then there's a few new spells: Lvl 9 Iggwilv's Lightning Cage: It creates a forcecage with bars of lightning. Lvl 9 Iggiwilv's Timeless Sleep: It permanently puts the victim into temporal stasis. This is actually similar to the 5th edition spell Sequester PH page Dragon - Demonomicon of Iggwilv This is an article that updates the spells from the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth to 3rd edition rules.

It also adds some new details. It says that each of the six tomes are a lesser artifact, and that their contents differ. Evil Spellcasters: When holding the Demonomicon, the wielder casts "evil" spells is if they were 5 levels higher. It also gives pluses to certain skill checks in conjunction with the spells inside. Trapped Pages: The first five pages of the Demonomicon are blank. You can use them for magic jar, trap the soul, etc.

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Basically you can trap souls on the pages. Demonomicon of Iggwilv was a column that would examine various Demon princes , along with their associated cults. A regular feature of Dragon for many years was its "Ecology of Under Paizo's tenure such ecology articles became heavier in "crunch" game mechanics as opposed to "fluff" narrative and description than previously. Elminster's Guide to the Realms was a column by Ed Greenwood. Elminster's Notebook was a column by Ed Greenwood.

The column was written from the perspective of Elminster Aumar , exploring personalities and oddities of the Realms. This 4th edition series would focus on individuals and locations in the Realms.

The articles had a focus "crunch", the game mechanics in Dungeons and Dragons , as well as exploring the backgrounds of artifacts, creatures, classes and spells. Rogues Gallery was a column by various authors. It was published from January Dragon to August Dragon This series explored the characters of Dungeons and Dragons.

It had entries on heros, villains and NPC's from various novels, comics, computer games and adventure modules. Spellcraft was a column by various authors. The series debuted in September Dragon and ended in December Dragon The column was the successor of Arcane Lore , continuing to explore spells and their lore.

The series debuted in January Dragon and ended in April Dragon It was written from the perspective of Volothamp Geddarm as part of his guide book series. It went on hiatus from Issue to Issue It was titled ProFiles after Issue The column was a series of interviews with various authors, designers, artists, editor and key members of TSR, Inc.

The Wizards Three was a column by Ed Greenwood. The series ended in September Dragon Volo's Guide was a column of nine articles by various authors.

The series debuted in January Dragon and ended in September Dragon The series debuted in September Dragon and ended in August Dragon The column explained combat tactics and skills of various races and classes, and the best way to fight them.

They were published in issues to Ed Greenwood had his first published article in issue It and all other Greenwood articles published in Dragon are by the original Realms download agreement which applied retroactively to all material published before the summer of considered canonical.

In the magazine's early years, Dragon published five "Best of" issues, reprinting highly regarded articles from The Strategic Review and The Dragon. From to , Dragon Magazine published the Dragon Annual , a thirteenth issue of all new content. Miranda Horner. Dragon Annual 1. Dragon Annual 2.

Dragon Annual 3. Dragon Annual 4. Dragon Annual 5. Dragon Annual 6. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the magazine. For other uses, see Dragon disambiguation. Contents [ show ]. In Timothy J. Dragon 22 TSR, Inc. Retrieved on Dragon Wizards of the Coast , p. Letter From The Editor Web. Wizards of the Coast. Finally Whew!