DNA # Welcome to the Swimwear issue of DNA Magazine for the Summer of / We've called it Freedom – because that's what. Who's that guy? We welcome hot new find, Mario Rossi, shot by Antony Kozz, to the cover of DNA Magazine # The year-old Californian. Connecting People through News. All-you-can-read digital newsstand with thousands of the world's most popular newspapers and magazines.

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ruthenpress.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. GYM. dna magazine australia ruthenpress.info Magazine杂志第15期PDF下载Beautiful Othersnow杂志第30期. OUT杂志20 年12月18日- DNA Magazine Issue. download Digital and Print Copies of DNA Magazine - DNA # - Underwear. Available on Desktop PC or Mac and iOS or Android mobile devices.

If you want to keep on top of all the latest hot topics and news from the gay scene, DNA is the magazine for you. With tons to read inside each issue, this is the perfect antidote to unwind with after a long week. Enjoy pages and pages of photographs of the sexiest male celebrities and models. Expect high-quality images of the most beautiful males around - delivered to your device every month; familiar movie stars, athletes, models and even pornstars. A true feast for your eyes! Plus, insightful features on your favourite gay celebrities so you can get to know them better and understand their varied stories and where they came from. Plus, get every issue delivered directly to your device before it hits the shops! Launched in Australia in , DNA magazine is your one-stop shop for the hottest news from the gay scene. Kick back, relax and unwind after a long week with interesting, topical and often controversial features to stick your teeth into each month. Each issue brings you coverage of the hottest and most loved gay stars of the moment, such as Troye Sivan, Ricky Martin, Sam Smith, Matt Bomer and many more. Now available worldwide in bookstores throughout Canada, US, UK and Europe, why not join the thousands of global readers with a monthly subscription to DNA magazine - the ultimate magazine for gay men. Subscribe today! To continue, please confirm that you have read and accept these: You have to agree to pocketmags. Shopping Cart - 0 items Your cart is currently empty.

Its a sexed-up street party from Flash Africa Avenue Studios. Gay activist Dr Paul Semugoma on the perils of gay invisibility in Africa.

The extraordinary and the profane. Why we love the visions of Erwin Olaf. Ryan Craven thats who! That, of course, was the last thing pool party, page Nevertheless, Franks Western guilt.

But our parades and parties NEWS features reflect a balance of stories that serve a purpose beyond our own enjoyment. His four stories to be invisible.

They send a message of hope with the bleak stories of gay and lesbian begin on page In principle, it is challenging to experimentally study electrostatics of heterogeneously charged molecules and determine local electrostatic fields, which play an important energetic role in processes that are dominated by short-range interactions like molecular recognition, folding or catalysis Honig and Nicholls, ; Davis and McCammon, For the nucleosome, we measured a similar degree of cation association as we measured for the dsDNA that generates one of the strongest electrostatic field among biological molecules.

Therefore, we concluded that nucleosomes also generate a strong net electrostatic field. Further, we hypothesized that local fields e. Hence, energetical difference between these processes is used to determine the dsDNA electrostatic field. How does the high overall negative electrostatic field of nucleosomes affect DNA compaction and chromatin function? It is frequently assumed that, because the positively charged histone octamer neutralizes some of the negative charge of DNA, histones must ameliorate repulsive interactions referred here as Model I , thereby facilitating compaction into higher-order nucleosomal structures.

However, when bringing charged macromolecules together, the repulsive interaction is not directly dependent on the net charge of the molecules but rather the strength of the electrostatic field at their surface.

Our studies reveal that nucleosomes generate a net strong electrostatic field that may affect the interactions that are important for global and local organization of chromatin in the nucleus.

Intriguingly, recent cryo-electron micrographs revealed preferential nucleosome association consistent with these electrostatic precepts Bilokapic et al. Discussions about the impact of nucleosome formation on DNA tend to focus on reduced DNA accessibility due to steric occlusion by the histone octamer Luger et al.

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However, the electrostatic properties of the nucleosome will also strongly influence how DNA interacts with proteins and small molecules and thus how chromatin compacts and functions.

Importantly, our ion counting studies offer insights into the underlying mechanisms. These interactions in turn could promote bridging interactions between nucleosomes Figure 4C that lead to chromatin compaction. Our studies suggest that such histone tail-mediated interactions also exploit the higher electrostatic field of a nucleosome. Apart from such ordered interactions between nucleosomes, dynamic multivalent interactions have recently been implicated in heterochromatin formation by compacting nucleosome arrays into phase-separated, higher-order condensates Larson and Narlikar, ; Larson et al.

Given the ability of nucleosomes to make strong electrostatic interactions with multivalent counterions demonstrated by our experiments and the long-range nature of these interactions, we hypothesize that nucleosome electrostatics also play a fundamental role in chromatin phase separation. The non-uniform and concentrated electrostatic potential around the nucleosomal DNA likely not only plays an important role in organizing chromatin, but also in coordinating nucleosome-protein interactions that are at the heart of biological processes like gene transcription or DNA repair.

They can learn more on our website hoping for a few friends so show up at a local Mostfabulousstantaspeedorun. We ended for your consideration. We wish December 6th at Sidetrack. New York even in winter! We have been and gets ready to face the cold — it was just subscribing for over five years now. Everyone in the neighborhood stops to We wanted to find a fun way to give back to cheer on the Santas and honk their horns.

So three years ago in The afternoon continues with door prizes Chicago. Karl and I have been together for 14 years. On the first Saturday in December we booth for a small donation. We start Hello DNA! Every issue 17 degrees Fahrenheit last year — to run one continues to get better and better. For non-USA readers.

It started life as a student play. Boys On Poles In this case Totem poles. Boho creative duo Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are at the helm. Totem arrives in Australia in October. Transfers from Sydney to Melbourne this month. You'll see more of him at Pablounwrapped. Run these up your flagpole and see who sails in! Translation for non-Australian readers: Darren and taken his pants off and. Go to beefcakes. Archie Andrews. Kevin Keller. DNA Brazil and the USA are featured above but go to cariocawear.

Beefcakes is a gay-run. Reggie Love. Glatze became passing. This means the law could played gay in The Birdcage and in the yet. Ellen will play lovers in the new film.

His recommends that all sexually active gay coach Todd Graham adds. John Barrowman Torchwood. Manning believes Obama leads a secret gay life and is in a relationship with basketball player. DeGeneres tweets: The Williams. Williams ethical reasons. The minister distances ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in himself from World Congress claims that Glasgow. Dr Who abortion causes breast cancer.

US Secretary Of State. Private employers are still homosexuality law. Crown Casino in Melbourne with a nine-piece band. It seemed to work! He tells Andrew Creagh about the show. Tim Campbell. I love that he together for 10 years. And she said.

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Ricki-Lee and place to go out in this city? My mum said she almost Who you have also met! No way! I might Tweet and some mineral water. Her voice these days and I was so nervous. I never took the approach of show ends. One More Try. I never intended recording these songs others. Will Tim be joining you on the tour? The Songs Of your tennis shorts? She was so cool. Idol was raw and real. I was introduced to toilet sex by an undercover LA cop]. We all have a vice. I kept saying. But she made the MORE: Ladies And Gentlemen.

Marc one drunk night we will! Speaking of royalty. I introduce herself. We're looking for an emulating his style. Were any of the divas less friendly? And I did put allowed to have an instrument on stage.

For us. Diana Ross stocking! Michael songbook? We were thrown together along behind as part of the detail.

Don’t Listen to the Buzz: Lobsters Aren’t Actually Immortal

You end the show with a Wham! I only accept a protocol sheet ballad to a cheeky song like Outside. She was performing in Sydney and realise until we started working on this was how Idol finals]. I love and respect her. At the end of the tour she Facebook and Instagram. Massive hits! I saw her perform at a little club in stuff it up. I love her to death. Do you like performing live? You know. I was thinking of calling expectations. I nailed You were born in I work better under pressure.

Guy Sebastian. I was thinking. Do you think reality talent shows well. Look for Anthony on Twitter. Michael part of the soundtrack of your Have you met any alterna-divas? Kathy life from early on? It was very. And when the out to some of my favourite singers in each city. I was so nervous walking into that Besides. Go to anthonycallea. I just got my band together today seem more about making TV than Sydney.

The shows are amazing said. Mariah wins. It could be just Kirstie Maldonado. Kevin Olusola. Avi Kaplan. Scott and my vlog channel. The band has a very distinctive look. Hopefully we will be playing some gay events soon.

One of the Who are your musical inspirations? We make a small little cameo and I technically that is what we are. Visit www. Give us a quick history of Pentatonix. Do you see yourself as reinventing a cappella music for a new generation? I would like to have a few hit songs under performing around campus. Have you given up your day jobs? When is too much eyeliner too much?

She on Facebook. We love to listeners. He recommended we add a particular song. But please. How do you decide on your covers? The show was an important also incredibly intelligent and inventive. Some of our viewers thought it was too outlandish. We each have technically that is what we are. Mitch Grassi. We love playing with our looks in videos. VI Scott Hoying. The most important thing for us is that we stay true to ourselves.

We film] Pitch Perfect 2? Not only does out to Los Angeles to get started on our career she have a stunningly beautiful voice. I think pursuing producers. Your thoughts? I love that. Her work ethic is unbelievable.

I will simply say I am pro-gay marriage. When Scott went We try to stay away from trudging through our belt. Mitch Grassi: We started out as a nameless Usually we like to pick songs that are getting Where would you like to be in five years?

YouTube because of a viral video of his. We can be easily mislabeled as your lives? In so many ways. Where do you stand on the issue of gay marriage? Without getting too preachy or political.

Have you noticed much of a gay following yet? Not yet [laughs]. That Imagine Murder. Things get electricity! The mystery-solving sleuths. Where The Bears Are has also taken More: In the newly released pitch paid off and they exceeded their goal in season three.

I call Lake and climaxing on a jumbo jet. Joe Dietl and Ben Zook. Wood and roles. Drew Droege and Sam Pancake. TV 26 DNA. After paying for the first season out of pocket and the second from DVD Welcome to the third and merchandise sales.

Drinking responsibly is too. Belvedere is a quality choice. My Buddy: World War 2 Laid Bare. Brothers In Arms To alleviate the horrors of war.

That said. Elsewhere she croons like a swaggering sexuality. VID an iconic artist with a distinctive style. This might just be the best album Anthony has ever made. Along with her partner none of his caustic humour. Cleverly designated as the meeting place between post-punk rock and boy band pop. Ant knows that when mix of Christina Aguilera and Madonna. Jones as on the ebullient Uptight Downtown. A most welcome return. Not afraid to genre-hop. On the title track of or Iggy Azalea tackling Kate Bush.


Rio de Janeiro. Other interesting topics examined include the marketing of male sex work. Various chapters by regional experts are devoted to male sex work in Africa.

Castro has the potential for a string of books — photographing the men of Brazil as Australian More: The Bookshop specialises in gay and lesbian books. The book is extremely comprehensive and although it is an academic title. He faces are almost overshadowed by some of left the ashram to take up work in television production.

Twelve years in the writing. Latin America. Germany and Ireland. Mack Friedman who some readers will remember from his book Strapped For Cash: A History of American Hustler Culture contributes a chapter on the history of male sex work from ancient times to the near present. If this impressive compelling memoir is vividly written.

Leo Castro says he shows such as Young Talent Time. Only a and at the original Nimrod Street Theatre. This new book has an international focus. He book from Bruno Gmunder is a also endured. Although the distinctive As a theatre critic he agitated for the cause of Australian landscape of Rio provides a magnificent writers and. Yet these as a monk. An few of the featured models are well-known — encounter with a young guru enabled him to overcome his ex-porn star Harry Louis.

It takes porn to a new production company bucking that trend is New gay porn.

Is it beautiful? The films even have coherent plots — level of creative and technical sophistication. They say things like.

They kiss with A Thing Of Beauty is a hardback of stills by argued. We hear the square toe is definitely out. Suede simply requires a or David Beckham. Should a man match his belt to his shoe? Not necessarily. Black may seem safer but it can be sartorial flair.

You or brown? The shoe completes the right shoe with the right look. Over time. There is no such thing as a shoe for are on-trend. Visit croftshoes. CODE style. Go to town! How much attention should we pay to the soles of the shoe before downloading? Just weeks. Paul LaRosa: Dressy and pair of lace-up dress shoes for weddings. Just remember to wear it with confidence. Paul LaRosa. Avoid them at all costs! Stick to classic almond- toe shapes or tapered points.

Call these "DNA" below. Is it physical contact? Where do we draw the line on what makes someone gay and what constitutes one partner is straight? They snuggled. A Damn? This beautiful to think we are entering an age seemed like the gay fairytale fans of the reality where we can ask for whatever we need from 38 DNA. They shared the same bed. Join the conversation: The pair were had changed and that sexual identity is now that straight guys want to cuddle and hug us?

Was Zach Hollywood leading man James Franco is hiding his true sexuality? Was their relationship possibly the gayest straight guy around. Frankie Grande the older been part of like this usually require blowjobs. Is it strange the American Big Brother house. Many believed hottie Josh Hutcherson. I have is so genuine and sincere that I truly feel like he is my boyfriend. Zach Rance left. Do the same it [execute homosexuals]. You go to pedophilia. And when that all-important relationship ends.

A rational culture your leg were turned this that cares about its people will in way [deformed] — what fact discriminate against adultery. If I great way of appealing to both sexes. What comes into play when making your final decision? In terms of women. People are like. The amount more than happy to put the voice to good use. We can go through the phase It is! You have to take it with a grain of salt.

I believe in Bachelor would go? It would be funny if they love at first hindsight! I mean you have this did it with a twist and had a bisexual guy as the connection and chemistry with a spark of love.

Do you have gay mates? Keep it going all year round. He really takes care partner. I at times. My sex marriage? Mary J Blige. Wentworth Miller and Ricky Martin. Boxer briefs. You have a voice uncannily like Barry Who do you think should be number White!

Do you believe in love at first sight? She What does The Bachelor think of same- not a two-minute dating show. I love his Stoner! I have sung it! I lived on Stoner Blake Garvey: Ooooh [a la Barry Place and my first dog was Tuffy. Definitely Ricky at number one! Above women vying for your affection? Matt Myers Do you sing? I get that from time to time. But yes. The Bachelor Australia screens 7: Beautiful like.

Apart from finding a romantic always comes up every time I go to a karaoke of Matthew McConaughey. How do you two get you host it? That sounds all right to me. Nothing should restrict that! This is coming together now. Shemar Moore. The twist would be having ten girls but it would be absurd to say it is love straight come out — followed by ten guys!

I believe in away. In fact. Big City Would you let this sleazy perve take your photo? Our Christopher as Terry Richardson for his first Halloween. We stamped our wrists and just right! Once kitten-Joey finished his set.

So as October where I was to meet Joey and his friends at camera needed to see. Everything had to go at midnight. Everything had to be perfect. I rushed to the denim rack and picked up where Elvis asked me for a light. Wonder Woman stamped the back I bid the party farewell and sat on the J train together an odd fitting outfit and come up of our wrists and we walked up to the DJ booth back home. Everything had to flow. This would forever be my to dress up but after some pressure he agreed first Halloween costume.

The autumn chill was strong but luckily I had drunk myself to the point of acquiring my trusted booze blanket. Removing the Polaroids. I my facial hair into mutton chops and a this is where the true light of Halloween shines have been dreaming of my first American handle-bar moustache. I Under the sheer weight of this anticipation. When costumes became too raided a costume shop and nobody except elaborate.

Intoxication certainly made the camera and like a bolt of lightning it hit me. I ducked outside for a cigarette experience far more vivid. Nik and stopped noticing their picture produced no to a boardroom at Apple as they invent a Joey were dressed as kittens.

We rode I grounded myself because who the fuck was the train to Union Square where we changed A drunken vampire actually stood there I kidding.

Behind me. When they did so without More: Find the author on Twitter KhrisWarhol. I began with an elaborate backstory for myself. On Halloween day. Borat vomiting. Clinton were working the as this year? She made a comment about how I journey to nowhere. It was as though the entire city had up his DJ set. Nik opened the door and I knew my making out while slurping Jell-O shots. I thought to myself that this a red plaid shirt.

This would be Luigi was on break and looked out onto the sea at. Joey and Matt were inebriation reached a point where people and there. I showered.

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I decided to former president Bill Clinton were working the decided to catch a cab back to her coffin. A clown giving an angel simulated oral another year without a costume and mediocre of costumed New Yorkers.

I smoked As I stumbled home. But a "wrong" outfit worked fine! The badass. I looking through them. I saw a Polaroid or her picture taken by the notorious Terry experience. Matt was exempt from dressing up. I threw on the clothes because. In the months way!

Terry Richardson! Lukewarm responses would immediately throw the costume idea into the slutty nuns and Barbie and Kens littering the platform. I picked up A drink blended into drink s and everyone apple cider. More nipples. When you see a zombie a single dollar on me that I could find. I began to I was thrilled it had come together so continuing to take photos as the level of brainstorm.

Wonder Woman months away man. I also engaged anyone who would listen. Willy Wonka was finishing gage the reactions. Adam and Eve drinking Halloween plans. I feel Train To Georgia. He always comes home to you.

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