Die Welle Buch - [PDF] [EPUB] Die Welle Buch Die Welle (englisch The Wave) ist ein Roman aus dem Jahr von Morton Rhue, der. Die Welle Buch - [FREE] DIE WELLE BUCH Die Welle (englisch The Wave) ist ein Roman PDF- - ruthenpress.info NICHTS - WAS IM LEBEN WICHTIG IST –!3!. are available in Dell Laurel-Leaf editions. He lives in New York. City. Page 2. ALSO AVAILABLE IN LAUREL-LEAF BOOKS: FRIENDS TILL THE END, Todd.

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März Die Welle Buch - [PDF] [EPUB] Die Welle Buch 18 Die Welle-Mitglieder beanspruchen die. „Halfpipe“ zum Skateboarden für sich allein. März Während die Welle-Mitglieder begeistert die Ideale „Macht durch basiert aber nicht primär auf Rhues Buch, vielmehr adaptiert er die. März Die Welle Buch - [Free] Die Welle Buch [PDF] [EPUB] Die Welle (englisch The Wave) ist ein. Roman aus dem Jahr von Morton Rhue, der.

Owens, Mrs. Saunders Story The class sees a film over the 2. World war and concentration camps. The pupils are shocked, particularly Laurie. They ask Mr. Ross many questions that Mr. Ross couldn't answer. When the pupils enter the class on the next day, at the board stands: "Strength through discipline". Ben explains to the pupils what it means and he says to them how to answer a question correctly. The pupils start to like this new experiment and see its favours. Ross writes two other sentences on the board: "Strength through community" and "Strength through action ". Because of the experiment the pupils arrive punctually to the lesson.

In the group everyone is accepted even Robert. The wave gets more and more members and soon the whole school is in it. Members persecute not-members of the wave. Laurie becomes sceptic about the wave. When she writes an article in the school newspaper against the wave the wave members become angry.

David should stop Laurie he believes so strong in the wave that he beats Laurie. But then it recognizes what the wave had made. Christy Ross and director Owens ask Mr. To stop Ross the wave. In the afternoon David meets the football-team and they talk about the fact that they never win. After that, David starts telling them about "The Wave".

In the evening, Laurie tells her parents about he last two days of history class. Both her mother and her father are very sceptical about this and Laurie tries to convince them that it is not dangerous. The history teacher is the only teacher in the school who makes the course interesting. In her opinion a bit of community spirit isn't bad either.

Ben doesn't stop reading books about World War II. The next morning, when David picks up his girlfriend, they discuss the objection of Laurie's mother that Ben is manipulating his students.

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In class, every student receives a membership card and some of them are marked with a red X on the backside. At lunch time all of the group sit together at one table, even Robert, and they talk about their new unity.

Laurie and some other reporters of The Gordon Grapevine are sitting in the school publications office discussing the main topic of the next issue. After a while, someone proposes to take "The Wave" because at the moment everybody in school is interested in it and nobody really knows what it is.

Someone comes to the cafeteria and tells Ben to come to Principal Owens who wants to see him in his office. Ben assumes that it has to do with "The Wave" and he is afraid that Principal Owens might order him him to end this experiment. But when Ben enters his room, Principal Owens greets him in a very friendly way.

Ben starts explaining to Principal Owens the idea behind "The Wave". The Principal replies that those mottoes and this saluting bother him, but Ben manages to reassure him by explaining that this is just a part of a game.

Principal Owens tells him that as long as he is not going to have a parade of parents in his office complaining about Mr Ross, everything is all right and he can continue his exercise. When Laurie opens the door of the publications office the next day, she finds a white envelope on the floor. Inside is a sheet of paper with a handwritten story. It comes from a junior who doesn't want his friends to know that he wrote this.

The anonymous author informs Laurie about an incident just a few days ago: When he and some friends heard about "The Wave", of course they wanted to know what it is. Therefore they went to one of Mr Ross's classes and when they left, a senior asked them to become a member. Two friends immediately agreed, two others were interested but he refused. The senior convinced the two other friends and told the author of this letter that if he didn't become a member he would lose all his friends.

A few days later the senior asked him again if he had changed his opinion because if he didn't join soon it would be too late. All he asks himself now is: Too late for what? Ben agrees on Robert's entreaties to become his bodyguard, although he doesn't think that it is very necessary. He just remembers that for Robert this might be a part of the game to show that he is important.

Laurie observes a fight between Brian and the junior named Deutsch who has been after Brian's position. After a while, a teacher comes and separates the two to take them to Principal Owens.

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Laura can't understand the reason for such an aggression and when she talks to David she becomes more and more sure that "The Wave" is developing too much power. In the publications office she meets two friends, Alex and Carl, and they agree that it is absolutely important to stop the expansion of "The Wave" - the sooner the better. Therefore they decide to have an emergency meeting at Laurie's house only for non-Wave members.

At night Laura stays alone at home and doesn't receive any visits of her mother. Later her father comes and they talk about what's going on at school. On the golf course, he has heard about a boy who was beaten because he didn't want to become a member of "The Wave" - and he is Jewish! Mr Saunders also tells his daughter that a couple of parents will talk to the Principal soon.

During football games Laurie usually meets with Amy to talk about several things they are interested in. Today, she wants to talk with her about her liking for "The Wave" and about her relationship with David that seems to be over. When she arrives she sees Amy's head almost at the top row. Suddenly a loud voice orders her to "STOP! Brian informs her that unfortunately she cannot pass if she didn't give him the salute.

But finally, Brian lets her pass without the salute. On Sunday afternoon, Laurie and some of the staff of The Grapevine turn the Saunders' living room to a newsroom.

They put together a special edition of the paper devoted almost entirely to "The Wave". After hard hours of work the paper is finished and it includes the story by the anonymous junior and a report on the sophomore who has been beaten up.

The extra issue of The Grapevine is to be printed until lunch time on the following day. On Monday morning, Laurie goes directly to the school library to show the story that will be published in The Grapevine to Amy to warn her in advance so she can get out of "The Wave" in case there is a trouble. But Amy doesn't believe her and says that Laurie is just doing that because she doesn't like all students being equal.

So far she has always been the best and the most intelligent but now this will be over. So Laurie has no chance to convincing her to leave "The Wave" as soon as possible. The copies of The Grapevine are scooped up very fast. When Mr Ben Ross reads the paper he is very disappointed because he didn't expect such consequences when he invited his class for a little game a week ago.

On the corridor, he suddenly hears two men talking about their unhappiness with what Mr Ben Ross has done. The members of "The Wave" also are very upset about the articles published in the schoolpaper.

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They decide to stop Laurie because it can't happen that she is allowed to publish such lies. David will talk to her as soon as possible. After a party with The Grapevine staff Laurie decides to leave the building and to go home. A few feet from her locker, Laurie freezes because someone has painted the word 'enemy' on itin red letters.

Laurie starts running and leaves the building.

On the way home, David waits for her and tries to convince her to stop her fight against "The Wave". But it is absolutely impossible to convince Laurie of that. Then David starts to threaten her and he even throws her to the ground.

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In the same moment he realises that he has done something wrong. What has made him beating up the girl that he loves?

It must be wrong, there is no doubt about that! At home Christy Ross tries to convince her husband that he has to finish "The Wave" the following day if he doesn't want to lose his job. Exercises, audio, videos and tests complement your independent learning.

The lessons include dialogues, exercises and audios. The "Top-Thema" presents regular international news reports in simplified language for B1 learners and above.

Vocabulary and comprehension questions are included with the slowly-spoken audio. The series includes interactive exercises, grammar explanations, and lots more to help you improve your German.

New people introduce themselves each week in a video or audio clip. B1 and B2. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle.

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