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Deluxe Revised RECON® RPG - RECON is set in a fictional world that parallels that of 20th Century Earth and focuses on Watermarked PDF. Deluxe Revised Recon RPG - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Rules for the Deluxe Revised Recon RPG by Palladium. Recon - Advanced - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Recon. Uploaded by. weedrows2 · Deluxe Revised Recon RPG. Uploaded by.

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Deluxe Revised Recon Rpg Pdf

DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Descripción: Rules for the Deluxe Revised Recon RPG by Palladium. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. So, what systems would be good for an RPG set during the Vietnam War? I know about Deluxe Revised Recon can be found on DtRPG. In Palladium provided a free PDF for download from their site. It remained available for several years.

RECON is set in a fictional world that parallels that of 20th Century Earth and focuses on the realistic military combat of the Vietnam era. Hard hitting military action, guerilla warfare and treachery. Gritty and realistic. These eBooks are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the document containing your name and the order number of your eBook download. If any books bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you. Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here.

However, in the revised edition, a low roll could be "bumped" up to whatever the minimum skill level was for that particular weapon usually 20— Also notable in the revised edition was the substantial amount of information it provided about equipment and vehicles. Whereas RPG Inc. It allowed the creation of Special Operations characters, set the game world in the historical Southeast Asia theater, and detailed a four-mission campaign set in Laos.

There were also sections on American and North Vietnamese tactics and strategy, a section on period electronic equipment, a primer on the game world in , a briefing on the Kingdom of Laos, and a briefing on military and government agencies.

Palladium published a "deluxe" revised edition on April It also introduced new rules, focusing more on the characters' lives after the wars. RECON bears the distinction of being the only active game series published by Palladium Books that is not compatible with any of the other games in their Megaversal system.

However, Palladium provides conversion rules in order to bring things in line with the rest of their role-playing game series. Brian R. Train reviewed Recon in Space Gamer No. It is a pleasure to play and a fine addition to the large inventory of roleplaying games. Supplements have already appeared: If you are all interested in this historical period, Recon is well worth the money. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Recon - Advanced Recon.pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Deluxe Revised PAL ". Heroic Worlds: Prometheus Books. Mongoose Publishing. July—August Space Gamer. Steve Jackson Games Palladium Books. Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Heroes Unlimited Skraypers. The Shadow Chronicles — Valley of the Pharaohs — The Mechanoid Invasion — Systems Failure — Megaversal system The Rifter List of role-playing games by genre.

Recon (role-playing game)

Retrieved from " https: Historical role-playing games Megaverse Palladium Books Military role-playing games Vietnam War games Role-playing games introduced in Luck might keep someone alive for a little while. Hand to Hand and Non-Weapon skills. Skills selected should reflect the character's Primary MOS. I'd rather be in the middle of the action. Without me there's no slick for dust-off or extraction.

Each combat round of a climb the character must roll against his Alertness AL. Using telescopic or starlight sighting devices lets you take out the enemy at a safe distance.

This is essential for contact with Headquarters for helicopter extraction. Use either one method or the other not both. The "Why I Love Being. Anyone walking straight out of civilian life into a fire fight is very likely to die. Small Arms. The main danger in climbing is. The smart way to kill the enemy is to shoot him when he can't even see you.

That's where soldiers learn Climbing. RECON characters are heavily trained by their military unit. That way you don't take any chances on getting yourself hurt.

Even though I may be considered the wimp of the group. Except for certain Mercenary MOSs aircraft and naval pilots. IN addition. Assault Rifle M Just roB I Dl 0 to determine how many skills are available. Climbing All soldiers are taught to climb up walls. Why I Love Being Pigman: I can do a thousand times more damage with a well-called strike than the entire group can do in a year of fighting. Assault Rifle M Note that many skills are available only for those with a particular MOS. It also helps that I'm just about the strongest guy in the group.

If If you roll less than that. Assault rifles fire a maximum of 5 shots per combat round on full automatic. If you decide to pick up a different kind of Assault Rifle. With an Assault Rifle. If the Base Effectiveness roll is below the listed minimum the player automatically raises it to that minimum.

For example: If the character is faIling from a long way it took him more than one combat round CR to get up that high. Formally learning the weapon also means you know how it works inside and out. Case in point.

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With only basic training in Grenade Throwing. Each additional grade of expertise increases this ability by 5. Characters gain skill expertise through experience points. Weapons Skills. Grenade Throwing In training for Grenade Throwing.

The faIl can be prevented by grabbing onto something. He can use a walkie-talkie or a radio. Rudimentary combat training allows the character to use bayonet.

This is called "grade. Assault Rifle This is a general understanding. One last note: Using an enemy assault rifle. Roll percentile dice to determine the Base Effectiveness with that weapon type. After he loses his grip. Available to any MOS The following is applied to all weapon skills: Whenever an Assault type rifle is used. Basic Infantry Training This includes a variety of basic infantry skiIls. A successful throw. You' 11 have to spend experience points if you want to start getting bonuses on the M The minimum base effectiveness is Flamethrower Minimum base effectiveness is Semi-Automatic Rifle These rifles were usually replaced by assault rifles except for use by snipers.

The initial score in this skill is equal to the character's AG plus five. Anti-Tank Weapon Minimum base effectiveness is Spears and polearm-type weapons are additional skills available under this category. Only the Pigman MOS can fire 10 shots. Weapons of this skill fire at high rates but use standard pistol ammunition. While in combat the. A clear line of sight to the target is required to use this skill.

Fires a maximum of I shot per CR. Roll percentile for base effectiveness. Grenade Launcher Unarmed Combat This skill also covers automatic grenade launchers. Sammy also has a. The minimum base effectiveness for bolt-action rifle is Light Machinegun Minimum base effectiveness is They fire a maximum of 2 shots per CR.

This is essentially a strangling cord of wire used for quick. Fires a maximum of 7 shots per CR.

They fire a maximum of 3 shots per CR. You don't have to be familiar with the particular weapon. Pistols fire a maximum of 3 shots per CR. The initial score in this skill is equal to the character's AG plus 5. They fire a maximum of2 shots per CR. LAWs are single shot weapons that require a full CR for preparation before firing. Banned by the Geneva Convention. Bolt-Action Rifle Garrote These older weapons were relatively rare.

The maximum distance in feet a character can throw is equal to his current ST. Characters can select a specific weapon within the general category to be his or her special or regular weapon. Knife Throwing This includes the hurling of knives.

Fires a maximum of 2 bursts per CR. Heavy Machinegun These are usually either vehicle mounted or used on a tripod. For each grade or level of skill expertise with a. Pistol This covers the complete range of one-hand. Minimum base effectiveness is Additional grade levels increase the base by five. Knife Fighting Shotgun The use of knives. He can then increase the Base Effectiveness with that particular weapon by downloading skill "grades" with experience points.

Basic Airborne Pathfinder H. Underwater Skills. Many units will never have Airborne drops. Medical Skills. Detect Enemy Night Fighting. One exception are SEALs. If you are set up as a navy team or if the MD announces that the group will have underwater missions then every character should have at least the Basic Scuba skill. Basic Airborne: Pathfinder Airborne: Basic Intelligence: Detect Guerrillas Intelligence: Basic is an automatic additional skill for the Intel MOS.

On the other hand. Basic Communications: Scramblers Communications: Zip-Squeal Communications: Basic Underwater Navigation Subs: Tow Subs: See Combat Section Demolitions Underwater: Tow Sub Submersible: Basic Language: Detect Enemy Night Fighting: Stands for High Altitude Low Opening.

Lucky Louey is having a bad day and he rolls a 21 which means he has landed 79 yards ft away from the target site. This means he has landed 30 yards 90ft away from the target site. Although most skills work this way. Basic Airborne This is the fundamentals of parachuting. As with ALL skills. Airborne skills do not have a base effectiveness at all. The success ratio in paracbuting is determined by rolling percentile dice each time a jump is made. Pathfinder This is an individual with extensive additional training.

Airborne The airborne skills involve training in the various forms and techniques of parachuting for military purposes. All skills are listed in a strict alphabetical order.

Skill Proficiency or Base Effectiveness is determined by rolling percentile dice just as one does for weapon skills. Basic Communications and Scrambling Skills are both required in order to take the zip-squeal skill. Communications All these skills enable the character to effectively use various communications equipment and techniques. The higher the roll the closer one lands to his intended target.

Basic Communications This is the knowledge in the operation and maintenance of field radios and walkie-talkies. Skill Descriptions The skills are listed in two categories: ONLY the pathfinder does not suffer this penalty.

Radar would simply indicate a high flying plane. The higher the number the more expert one is. In this way. Benny "the Bomb. Other conditions and Modifiers: This would include recognizing wild cats. This is a jungle skill which enables the individual to spot and recognize camouflage. Dry Sub Training in the operation of a dry sub. A failed roll means the artillery fire is misdirected and to yards l D I Ox off-target.

This includes the practical assessment of sights. It may also include a knowledge of common. This adds After about a minute to a minute and a half delay 15 combat rounds.

Detect Dangerous Animals This is a knowledge of the indigenous animal life and their relative danger to humans. Satellite Relay This is an understanding in the methods and operations of satellite transmissions.

Also see one and two man subs. DetectILocate Food This skill enables the character to recognize and locate edible vegetation. This includes all types of explosives such as mines. A failed roll means the item has exploded without warning. This includes a rudimentary knowledge of likely water locations underground. Demolitions Disposal or Explosive Ordnance Disposal This skill enables the character to safely defuse unexploded mines. A successful roll means the air strike is right on target.

A failed roll means a dud. Such mini subs usually hold six people and are limited to about ft depths underwater. Observation techniques are standard. Detect Ambushes exclusive to Point MOS Training which develops an eye for spotting locations and terrain suitable for ambushes and being ambushed.

Smoke grenades and natural landmarks may also be described to identify a target area. This means the character will be able to accurately estimate ranges. A failed roll means the coordinates or directions are inadequate and to yards to ft off-target. It is the RTO's job to radio in correct coordinates and corresponding changes in the enemy's movement. Demolitions Underwater exclusive to Demo MOS Essentially this skill is identical to the regular demolitions skill except that it involves an understanding knowledge and practice in setting explosives and explosive devices underwater.

Impersonation exclusive to Intel MOS This skill enables a person to impersonate another person or type of soldier in general. A failed roll involving individual clues may mean the Intel officer has dismissed it entirely as being meaningless. This means the person must have a rudimentary if not comprehensive knowledge of the person or general type of personnel that he is impersonating.

This means the person learns the many distinguishing ranks and marks that identify specific military units. This includes a working knowledge of guerilla warfare. This skill allows the person to stay on course while traveling over land by means of observation.

This is further intelligence training with an emphasis on guerrilla activity. This means the character can disguise himself as a VC guerrilla or foreign mercenary or Soviet aide and so on.

Failed rolls means the lock holds. A failed roll means blood loss is stopped. It takes one combat round to open a simple combination lock and five melees to attempt to open a safe or complicated tumbler type lock.

To open either the player must successfully roll under his skill two out of three times.. A character can swim a distance equal to one half his strength in yards per combat round. Generally it is the Point-Man's job to determine a path of travel. A second and third failed roll means the team continues to travel 2D lOx I 00 yards further off course. Flash and sound methods are used to estimate range and exact position.

Travel through dense forest or jungle at a cautious pace with eyes open for danger is about one mile per hour.

A group of average men can cover approximately 5 miles an hour at a brisk but relaxed pace through grassland. It takes I D6 combat rounds for each attempt to pick a lock. Rebreathers Training in the use of specialized air tanks and underwater equipment which do not release bubbles. If the person desires to speak an additional language he must spend another non-weapon skill choice or experience points to do so.

The medic can restore 5 strength ST points lost from damage per each "grade" of training. Medic The skill enables the character to stop bleeding. A successful roll at that time will allow the character to recognize his error and correct it. Ride Elephants This skill enables the character to care for. All failed rolls are cumulative unless corrected.

The character knows the methods. Each language is a separate skill. Night Fighting: Rapid Movement This skill is a practiced method of movement which enables the character to move quickly without tripping or revealing his position at night by carelessly exposing light.

A failed roll means the lock holds. At this rate. Reading the written language is very poor. Only at a faster pace will one begin to miss details and court death. Skill Lock Picking The character knows the methods. This means the person can only pick out the most basic and simple words if any. The character is now able to understand the spoken language as well as speak it well. Detect Enemy This is an understanding of observation techniques which will reveal or indicate an enemy's position.

A failed roll means a minor error or malfunction which releases tell-tale bubbles. Do not roll again until the next three miles. The player should roll once for approximately every three miles traveled.

A failed roll means the group is drifting off course by to yards roll 2DlOxl00 yards. Thus a medic 2nd grade restores a total of Advanced counts as two skills or can be added to the Language: The letters in S.

See the climbing skill for damage and regaining one's grasp. Techniques include night travel. Rappelling Learning to speak the indigenous language of a region can be an essential skill in many ways. This skill helps the character to move with stealth.

Starlight Scopes exclusive to Sniper MOS Another area of special sniper training involves the use of the starlight scope. Additional signs must be found to verifY or clarifY r01l again. Range is about meters ft. Silent Movement persons in the party and whether the person knows he's being followed. Counter-Tracking techniques are also known. Those with the skill suffer no such penalty. Sniping exclusive to Sniper MOS Tracking also includes the recognizing of dangerous animals by their tracks.

Techniques include balance and footing. Only characters with this MOS can take Flying a helicopter is incredibly difficult. Roll for every yards. Also See Dry Sub. The skill in using these weapon supplements means that the character is familiar with their maximum effectiveness. Tracking exclusive to Point MOS Visual tracking is the identification of tracks and following the path of men or animals by the signs they leave on the ground and vegetation.

This is a one time bonus. By this means the tracker can estimate the persons rate of movement. Although common in 'Nam. Desert training skills are available only to Desert Climate Specialists. Artillery Officer This is an officer trained in the effective use of artillery weapons such as mortars. The training to operate a tow sub. There is no base effectiveness but. There is no base effectiveness for this skill. A failed roll means a momentary loss of control. A failed roll means he's drifted off course by lD1Ox yards.

Three consecutive failed rolls mean the tracker has completely lost the trail. Maximum speed is about 4 miles per hour. Other methods of tracking require recognizing other tell-tale signs such as blood and other stains. Players without this skill CAN use flash suppressors and silencers. This is the kind of training useful in a variety of world hot spots.

Spear Gun This is simply training in the use of the single shot per CR underwater weapon. Learning to pilot any but the most simple single-engine airplane requires years of training.

Underwater Navigation Submersible: Tow Sub Like land navigation. Mercenaries Submersible: Two Man Sub These underwater craft are larger versions of the tow sub. A character must have the Airplane Pilot MOS to learn any of the airplane or fixed wing pilot skills.

A failed roll means that the signs are inconclusive. Each different helicopter requires an additional skiJl note that most of the UH Huey line were pretty much the same. Initially the gunship pilot is trained in one basic armament system which usuaJly includes Training includes takeoff. Each vehicle requires a separate skill. This skill must be taken before taking Multi-Engine.

Amphibious Airplane: Jets Airplane: Multi-Engine Airplane: A separate skill is needed for each kind of craft. This would include such choppers as the Huey Cobra and loaded "Hogs.

This includes the skills needed to pilot and control a variety of naval vessels. Amphibious Airplanes All training in takeoff. Arctic and sub-arctic skills are available only to characters with this MOS. Each new aircraft weapon system requires a separate additional skill. Gunship is a separate skill. A Slick pilot can fly a helicopter gunship. Even giant helicopters or small scouts can be mastered at a cost of experience points for each type. Skill Descriptions any helicopter pilot skiJls.

Multi-Engine All training in takeoff. Includes all training in takeoff. Quite a few potential world hot spots are in colder climates. Jets or Amphibious.

Gunship This is the specific training in piloting assault helicopters and the operation of their automated weapon systems. Every other weapon 90mm cannon. His helicopter systems are automated. Initially the PBR Captain should roll for a base efficiency with.

Also included in the skill are rubber rafts. Every Track Commander must start with the. Exotic vessels like Armored Troop Carners. Track Commanders can drive all U. All subsequent mortar types learned will have the same base efficiency. Cross-Country Skiing The practiced skill in the use of skis. Each additional weapon system. For every 35 points of grade. Air Boats and Hovercrafts each count as a separate skill 50 points each.

Brisk travel through woodland or broken terrain is reduced to about 3 miles per hour. Learning new types of Howitzer mm. M flamegun. Gunship pilots can pilot any gunship type helicopter. Torpedo costs 50 points.

Howitzers Very large vehicle-towed or mounted guns are covered under Howitzer skill.

Recon - Advanced

In game context. Cross-country skiing is not to be confused with alpine or downhill skiing. Cautious travel through woodland with eyes open for ambushes and traps is reasonable at one mile per hour. All additional weapons learned later will have the same base efficiency. Rate of travel at a brisk.

TIle first time an artillery officer selects a mortar weapon he should roll his base efficiency. As usual. Driving is not a problem. Ride Camel The ability to ride a camel. That way. Either system is acceptable. Snow tractors are large. Maximum speed is about 60mph.

Rate of speed varies depending on conditions but averages at about 6 miles per hour. Once awarded. More durable than horses for long treks. Can easily survive for over a month with little or no water. DetectILocate Food This skill enables the character to recognize and locate edible vegetation including roots and cactus.

Ride Donkey The ability to ride a donkey. It's up to your MD to decide how many points are awarded. Dog Sleds This is the ability to organize and ride a dog sled. It also includes a rudimentary knowledge of likely water sources.

The MD should keep a similar record. Detect Sandstorms The person is able to recognize the signs of an approaching sandstorm and how to protect himself from it.

Snowmobiles are small. Winter Survival Identify Mirages The ability to discern between reality and optical illusions created by reflection from sand and the sun.

Reduce speed by half. Ride Horse The knowledge of horsemanship. This is training in fundamental survival techniques including how to build a shelter. Nearly identical in function to cross-country skiing. See the mercenary sections for more details about their skill selections.

Maximum speed would be about 18 miles per hour for short periods of time one or two hours at a time with proper resting and pacing of the dogs. A failed roll indicates problems with equipment and travel. Horses are the most vulnerable to the heat. A failed roll means problems probably a horse suffering from heat prostration. In order to make it easy for the MD. Can last for weeks with adequate water and pacing. Rate of travel is about 8 miles per hour at a brisk reasonable pace through open land.

Most durable in the harsh desert environment. Working together. The only way to get new skills. Average rate of speed at a minimally taxing pace is 6 to 8 miles per hour. Short bursts of speed and limited desert travel can range up to 20mph. Snowmobiles and Snow Tractors The knowledge of driving and maintaining snowmobiles and snow tractors. Average rate of travel in desert conditions is about 6 to 10 miles per hour.

Snowshoes The use of snowshoes to travel across snow laden terrain. A failed roll means problems. Same conditions and penalties for failed rolls apply. Even if the VC guerrillas were of equal strength. I'd run this chicken outfit completely different. Players can spend experience points ONLY at the end or very beginning of each game. The determination of a critical plan or a minor. Eccentric characters help to liven up the game.

If your AG is 32 and you spend experience points. Getting a new weapon or ability within an existing skill category costs 50 points. AG or AL. Penalties Needless contact not avoided. So it's up to every player to develop an interesting personality into his character by the things his character says and does. Since you already have Assault Rifle with the M Let's say you wanted a skill with an AKA7.

Alignments What makes role-playing fun is interesting characters. If we attack that. Raising your character's attributes. Players should feel free to "ham it up.

A "wiseacre" is always making jokes. As the coordinator of the adventure. Getting an extra grade of proficiency in a skill will cost 35 points. Staying alive means being an effective soldier.

In all there are three major alignments and four minor ones.

Often a pacifist will only fire a round or two in an entire firefight. After all. The lives of his buddies are another problem. Even though guerrilla leaders and nationalist officers are natural enemies. Killing or torturing the enemy is alright if it advances the cause. That same character would NOT fit into some mercenary campaigns where the issues are not clear cut. This character will often be 'adopted' by certain NPC during any lengthy assignment.

Most moral. Innocents get killed. The pacifist 's relationship with civilians is the same as that of idealists. This is usually the alignment of ideologies on both the extreme left and the extreme right. In other parts of the world. This will cause great personal anguish. For Example. Alignments also affect the character's relationship with other people.

Idealist-Pacifist This is an extreme version of Idealistic. A character alignment gives you some idea about how your character will feel about different situations.

To an idealist. And it's fairly easy to avoid killing people. At the same time almost all soldiers except pacifists feel that killing enemy troops is right. And you know they'd do exactly the same for you! Getting you and your pals out of combat alive is your main objective. An idealist will try to hurt only the 'bad guys. Advancement of the cause is more important than anyone's life. Opportunist-Righteous In the name of the 'cause. The vast majority of soldiers are Opportunistic.

I'll defend this cave so you ' ll have a safe place to return to. Malignant characters are primarily concerned with staying alive. To do good. The Character Alignments: Righteous characters are willing to die at the drop of a hat. Just stick some extra grenades in the sling on my wounded arm. Basically they want to win the war but not by killing themselves. Opportunistic or Malignant. After that.

Officers and team leaders tend to dislike and distrust pacifists. To avoid killing or hurting anyone. A pacifist will not kill to preserve his own life. Accidents Oops. If you are good at your job you'll kill the enemy before he kills you. Your buddies are your absolute 1 priority. You aren ' t in this for your health. Opportunist Alignment Following orders is natural for opportunists. Maybe you enjoy the life of a soldier. When self-preservation becomes secondary to winning people become Righteous.

Most VC leaders and veterans are righteous followers of the communist-nationalist cause. Most combatants are either Idealistic. Making that omelet usually means breaking a few eggs. If they get scragged. Karmic characters are usually respected and feared by everyone. Even your fellow soldiers are not to be trusted. To succeed in any action requires a roll at or under AG plus skill bonuses for that kind of action. Speaking of buddies. Human lives count for absolutely nothing.

To fight in challenging battles. The battles that are important are the ones where one man tests his skill against another. In order to succeed with an Unarmed Combat action. Success requires that the attacker roll against his Alertness AL for silent movement. They either KNOW they are not going to die. In extreme cases.

This is the kind of character who will toss away a weapon to make the fight more even or who will let a particularly noble enemy escape. If you die. This is because you need them to keep you alive. Psychotics are instantly recognized and feared by everyone. Someone is surprised when they are attacked from behind. Generally that means they're only about four feet apart. Stay alive and stay ahead. The only change in the future will be a proton beam bayonet and a monomolecular fiber garrote.

To their way of thinking. In order to make a hand to hand ambush. Take advantage of any opportunity to get ahead. This is the kind of character most likely to have traps deliberately set against him. There is no profit in it at all. People seem to sense that they are no longer afraid of death and they will rarely be hassled by anyone.

Killing a farmer is easy and makes very convincing evidence. In this case the attacker does not roll. These characters generally have little or no regard for their own lives.

Helping other people is crazy. Always borrow as much money as possible. Rules of Hand-to-Hand Conlbat 1. Successful surprise attacks mean the defender does nothing to defend himself for the full Combat Round. Just new tools for an old job. Even his own death is irrelevant so long as it is at the hands of a worthy opponent. In a garrote attack. Since they are simply time bombs waiting to go off.

Each character's percentile roll Malignant-Psychotic In every war there are a certain number of people who are just plain nuts!

These are the maniacs who just go kill-crazy. All actions. The defender does not roll. People will just naturally dislike malignant characters. Kill as many 'enemies' as possible. When they become inconvenient. Close Combat: AIl subsequent coinbat is determined by both characters acting simultaneously. Getting paid and getting revenge are the only things that really matter.

Their fellow soldiers will think of them as scum and civilians will look forward to betraying or tricking them. This kind of character will reenlist or become a mercenary so that he can continue to find battles worthy of his talent. Humphrey must roll a 75 or less. Karmic characters think of themselves more as knights or samurai than as soldiers.

To engage in hand-to-hand combat. In their universe the concept of 'fair play ' has meaning. A good practical joke is removing the firing pin from a buddy's rifle right before a mission.

If you find an abandoned weapon then claim you killed a hostile to get it. Your buddies should be protected and shielded from their own weaknesses. The blood-and-guts of close hand-to-hand combat is unchanged from Roman times. Combat System Hand to Hand Combat No matter how much advanced technology is available to the modem soldier. Either way. If successful. The advantage is that the character can both defend himself and possibly damage the opponent.

Attempting to slice the enemy with the cutting edge of your blade. This is an attempt to break out of close combat. The disadvantage is that even a successful Evade will not prevent an opponent from doing damage. This is a defensive action.

This is a combination defense and attack. Damage is 2DIO. A character is allowed only one action per Combat Round. Run Away: After a successful Evade. Stabs are usually made with the point of a weapon. A Parry is used to prevent an opponent from doing damage. It's a skill that must always be perfonned two-handed.

Running after somebody means trying to match or beat their movement see the Movement Table in the character attribute section. The disadvantage is that a Riposte depends on the opponent's attack.

Damage is 3D Even if you manage to Evade. Stab or Riposte in the next Combat Round after a Stab. If an opponent tries Grappling then a bayonet fighter hits with an upward swing of the rifle butt.

With a knife. Attempting to fire a weapon or throw a knife during close combat means the character must first have Evaded his opponent in the previous Combat Round. Shooting can be done with the bayonet weapon the character is already holding or with another weapon.

When an action results in damage. If the opponent Parries. A grabbing attack. The advantage is that it inflicts maximum damage to the opponent. This is the use of a rifle with a bayonet attached. Opponents taking damage from bayonet attacks will always be unconscious when their ST reaches zero. Attempting to penetrate the enemy with the point of the bayonet.

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