DEEPAK CHOPRA, M.D.. The. BOOK of. SECRETS. Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life. Harmony Books. NEW YORK. Inspirational Quotes by Deepak Chopra is a book you can keep on your coffee table, by your bedside, or on your office bookshelf for a boost of inspiration. The Path to Love. The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents. The Love Poems of Rumi. (edited by Deepak Chopra; translated by Deepak Chopra and Fereydoun Kia).

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I would like to express my love and gratitude to the following people: Janet Mills for lovingly nurturing this book from conception to completion. Rita Chopra. Published by Chopra Center Press, a division of Chopra Center Enterprises, LLC . Costa Day, from Deepak Chopra's book The Seven Spiritual Laws of. "I congratulate Dr. Deepak Chopra for this wonderful book, reaching out to " Deepak Chopra has introduced literally millions of people to the spiritual path, and.

Add to Cart About Metahuman Is it possible to venture beyond daily living and experience heightened states of awareness? How does one do this? By becoming metahuman. Humans do this naturally—to a point. For centuries the great artists, scientists, writers, and many so-called ordinary people have gone beyond the everyday physical world. But if we could channel these often bewildering experiences, what would happen? Chopra argues we would wake up to experiences that would blow open your body, mind, and soul. Waking up, to become metahuman, is to expand our consciousness in all that we think, say, and do. By going beyond, we liberate ourselves from old conditioning and all the mental constructs that underlie anxiety, tension, and ego-driven demands. Waking up allows life to make sense as never before. To make this as practical as possible, Chopra ends the book with a day guide to becoming metahuman. Once you wake up, he writes, life becomes transformed, because pure consciousness—which is the field of all possibilities—dawns in your life. Only then does your infinite potential become your personal reality. In this remarkable book, Deepak Chopra reminds us not to be distracted by the idols of our age but to marvel at the deep truths of being.

Ives, Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University "In this book a man shaped by the religions of the East introduces the West to a Jesus we have either lost or have never known. That is itself a stunning concept, but Deepak Chopra is a stunning man. With profound wisdom and clarity Deepak offers the amazing suggestion that the same God-consciousness embodied in the human Jesus is present in all of us individually and collectively.

Chopra rescues Jesus from the confusion of the ever multiplying schools of Biblical criticism. The book shows us how to investigate, in a new way, Jesus—the mysterious man with divine awareness. Jesus comes into focus. We gain new expectations of what the spiritual life looks like. The book calls even to those who have lost any sense of God. Deepak Chopra has returned the compliment. Chopra engagingly describes Jesus as looking much like Deepak. Yes, he is divine, for Chopra in the sense that he divines a way to Cosmic Consciousness.

Jack R. But within a generation of his passion it was compromised in order to accommodate the widely conflicting views among those who claimed to follow him. The terrible toll this emphasis has exacted on the message is sensitively treated in a most compelling way in this very valuable new work.

In this book, Deepak Chopra has given us the mystical Jesus, at one with our deepest consciousness. Stay in the present — accept it as it is. To express our unique talents 3.

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