Daddy's Little Girl book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Being the teenage daughter of a serial killer is fun—except whe. Daddy's Little Girl book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Ellie Cavanaugh was only seven years old when her fifteen-year. Daddy's Little Girl by William Malmborg - book cover, description, publication history.

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Daddys Little Girl Book

Daddy's Little Girl [Mary Higgins Clark] on Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children's. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I love his easy flowing style of writing. I just get scared sometimes Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new books in more than a. Daddy's Little Girl [Julia Latchem-Smith] on *FREE* shipping on " This is a daring, delightful, and transformative book." ―Arianna Huffington.

Extremely fun, suspenseful and likeable right up until the climax which involves some unneeded rape. Besides the unfortunate and out of place rape scenes, this is a good read. Gorman aka Ransom's prose is yet again too good for the material. I'll definitely be reading more Ransom books. Apr 01, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was ok Not bad, but definitely not as good as I was expecting. It was fast-paced, superficial and unoriginal, not at all as good as Ransom's usual work. Mar 08, Amy Phelps rated it it was ok I expected more. The cover of this book is very misleading. May 21, Kylie rated it it was ok This book wasn't awful. Anyone who enjoys hack horror books like I do will probably find it entertaining, if not entirely satisfying. The story was quite predictable. The "nothing-bad-will-happen" vibe was quite strong too. One of the only really positive things I can say about the writing is that a few of the characters were well-done, though this book lapsed into unrealistic teenage-girl dialogue quite a few times. Basically, it wasn't particularly grueso This book wasn't awful. Basically, it wasn't particularly gruesome, twisted, or well-written.

I did not find anything so shocking here, meaning something that would preclude a love William Malmborg is a solid writer. I did not find anything so shocking here, meaning something that would preclude a lover of the genre to shy away, but there was enough violence and gore along with story to make the ride worth while. Apr 10, Jenelle rated it liked it Shelves: This was engaging and read really quickly.


I found the story interesting? The varying perspectives, the point of view of Misty and Bitsy I liked the storm chasers and their narrative helped the story not be completely confusing, I guess. But the lack of explanation bothered me. Why did the dad treat Misty so well, considering?

Why did Bitsy have to be a girl doll? I have lots more questions I kinda liked this, but meh. Jan 17, lola rated it really liked it. Not for me I generally like these style of books. This one wasn't for me, I gave it a four only because the writing was really good. Though not descriptive enough I don't think. I couldn't picture myself in the moment like I like to do. But, the story line is unique.

I was expecting a little dark humor in this book there isn't any. Would have been much better if there had been. I was expecting it. Worth a read but not something I would pay for or recomanded.

Daddy's Little Girl by by Mary Higgins Clark: Summary and reviews

Mar 01, Kerry Cahill rated it really liked it. Great read!! This was a page turner, right from the get go! Seeping suspense, horror and one heck of a twisted storyline! Misty is not your average teenager, and her dad The story flowed really well, the only problem I thought, was the ending; is it a cliff hanger??

Jan 01, Brittany Hively rated it liked it. This book instantly had my attention. I never lost interest from page one. It was written in multiple POVs. It bounced a little from scene to scene, but all connected in some way. It was an interesting read, butI feel like I'm missing something after the ending. But that could be the intention of the author. Interesting story though. Jan 30, Eli Dross rated it really liked it.

Very good book This book popped up on my Facebook and looked interesting so I clicked. I am glad I did, it pulled me in from the first paragraph. The subject is dark and disturbing but not detailed enough to make you sick. Very well written. I would have given it 5 stars download the ending seemed rushed and kind of lacking, wish for more of a "closing" for the characters. May 29, Catherine rated it did not like it. I read bits of this book until about three quarters of the way through then I couldn't wait to delete it from my kindle.

I got so far hoping it was going to improve; it only deteriorated.

I wondered if it was a young adult book but the content was way too unsuitable for that. It was like there was sadism, perverted sex and gore for the sake of it. In no way can I recommend this book. Aug 25, Bkwyrm rated it did not like it.

Sexual sadism in "mystery" form. I don't care how people get their rocks off, but the lovingly detailed scenes of torture and kidnapping and homicide and accidental death got less shocking and more tedious the longer the book went on. Plot - 0 Author's ability to pretend torture open is a plot -2 I need to go wash out my brain. Jun 19, lisa dentith rated it it was ok. Not great This book has all at was needed to make it a great book, but at best it was mediocre.

I kept waiting for it to get better, and i was left just waiting! I wouldn't recommend at all. Jan 29, Gloria Teague rated it really liked it. What a ride! Not for the squeamish or faint of heart.

Malmborg, as always, delivers a punch to the solar plexus with his words. Definitely a page turner. I didn't put it down until the last word. Jan 28, Julia rated it really liked it. I've been looking for a good thriller and this was great!

So many characters. But, not over done. Everyone played their part. The ending wasn't as satisfying. But, still good.

Apr 01, Miranda Kauffman rated it really liked it. I worry about the mental health of the author! I think I should have read it in English to like it better. It's a thin book, which is already great cause I can take it with me to work and school. It's a very easy read.

Daddy’s Little Girl

And I think everyone should read it. But I feel like it could have been written better. I don't know if it's the translated version I read or the original version To be honest with everyone, I read this book in the Dutch translation.

I don't know if it's the translated version I read or the original version as well But I thought some parts were a little boring. But then again maybe she couldn't because things like this really hurt. I can't judge on the story itself because it's a non-fictional story. Which i think is very shocking. And it could happen to anyone. She did get me to hate her father. But also feel the regret she kinda had towards him. And I think it's very important for a writer even if it's non-fictional to know how to get feelings like that towards their readers.

The ending even brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy for her that she kind of got her happy ending, like in he did get arrested etc. I did find his letter at the end very wierd. I hated him for not admitting everything.

Did he really love her if he keeps thinking about the consequences he will get for admitting something that is so true? For the shame he would have had to go through, but still has to go through at this moment. The book however didn't really grab my full attention. I expected so much of it. I normally read books like this in a week or maybe even less. But it took me a good 2 weeks to get through, because I didn't feel motivated to start reading.

And when I did read it made me tired and I quit reading it. I am glad that I read this book because it was so fascinating. It really shocked me that people can do stuff like this. I highly recommend this book to everyone, cause I feel that everyone has to know the story of someone who got sexually abused by her own father as a child.

They should know it, recognize it and help to prevent it. I felt like this book was worth 2. But since you can't give half stars, i'll give it 3.

Cause it's a fascinating and shocking story that I think everyone should read. And I feel like the English version would have been way better.

Ik lees altijd graag waargebeurde verhalen. Ik wil weten wat er in de wereld gebeurt en wat het met mensen doet. Het zijn boeken, die iets met mij doen. Vaak ben ik perplex na het lezen van zo'n boek. Zo ook dit boek Ik vind het echt zo onbegrijpelijk, dat een vader dit zijn bloedeigen kind aan kan doen. Ik werd er helemaal naar van en heb er een vieze nasmaak van Wel jammer vind ik, dat er op de flaptekst al onthuld word, dat de vader voor het gerecht verschijnd en hoeveel jaar hiervoor gekregen heeft.

Ik denk, dat als dit achterwege gelaten werd, dat het nog sneller leest. Een tipje dus om niet de flaptekst te lezen ; Oct 02, Sammeh rated it it was amazing. This is the first book I have read like this,and there is something quite chilling about reading about something that someone has actual had to go through.

It's another when you know it is just a story, but to know this was real was something else. Some parts I found extremely difficult to read, simply because of the nature and what this poor women went through as a child. So I did find myself simply skimming those parts, so I got the picture but didn't dwell on the actions for too long. It is a This is the first book I have read like this,and there is something quite chilling about reading about something that someone has actual had to go through.

It is an amazing book, and I think it very nicely tells the story. You get to hear all about Julia's feelings as a child and how growing up was, and how these actions impacted her adult life. It was simply heart breaking. Apr 29, Love rated it liked it. I was not overly impressed by her writing style.

I really got into the first half of the book, but just had a hard time getting through the second half. I feel so sorry for her to have to have been put through what her father had put her through.

I do think once she got out of the house she should not under any situation have gone back. Maybe she was confused but she was also old enough to know it was wrong at that point. This was not ages ago when everyone ignored thingss such as this. She did t I was not overly impressed by her writing style.

She did turn her life around which can be hard to do.. I think it was a great thing her meeting her husband to help her deal with this terrible injustice. View all 3 comments. Jan 11, Laura rated it it was amazing. It isn't your usual sad story of a novel, but it will bring a tear to your eye. Authour Julia Latchem, shares a sad but inspring biography of her life, Growing up with a rapist father and a strict mother who wouldn't listen to a word she says, this little girl feels alone.

Instead of ending it with the usual run away free ending, Julia takes it to the next level talking about growing up and taking back her dignity. Jan 14, Whatsername rated it really liked it. Ingrijpend om te lezen hoe de samenleving omgaat met kindermisbruik. Als een kind aangifte doet van misbruik en het dan "opeens"toch weer gaat intrekken dan moet er een belletje gaan rinkelen bij de politie, ze moeten dan verder onderzoek gaan doen.

Tegenwoordig is het steeds meer in de openbaarheid gekomen en er zijn diverse instanties die zich ermee bezig houden.

Shelves: my-reviews , This is the fourth book I've read by William Malmborg and although I'm not quite sure if I should admit out loud that I couldn't put it down I couldn't put it down.

I shouldn't have started reading it a few days ago knowing that I only had a few minutes. This afternoon, I started over and stayed up until I found out how it ended! Daddy's Little Girl is disturbing, to say the least, and that's a good thing for those of us who like to be disturbed! This story is dark, extremely descripti This is the fourth book I've read by William Malmborg and although I'm not quite sure if I should admit out loud that I couldn't put it down This story is dark, extremely descriptive and graphic, and has well developed characters.

I wasn't really sure who to root for because the two main characters are both screwed up in the head no spoilers , so I just sat back and enjoyed the horror unfold.

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