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Desplegar Todo Contraer Todo. 7º Mar. Ayudas. 7º Mar - Generador de MB; 7º Mar - Nuevas escuelas de KB; 7º Mar. Items 1 - 29 of 29 Cthulhu GM Screen PDF provides both front facing artwork and GM facing . La pantalla de Cultos Innombrables es una ayuda indispensable. PDF Remove Search Term. Nosolorol Ediciones Remove Search Term Search . Hottest Horror, PDF from Nosolorol Ediciones Cultos Innombrables. $

Universal Focus Su : An elemental avatar treats air, earth, fire, and water as their primary element, selecting a simple blast from each one as well as gain- ing their basis manipulation. An elemental Red and Pleasant Land by Zak Smith. The pathfinder is designed for students in grades K or teachers and parents that want to learn more or teach about the subject. This pathfinder includes: keywords, print material, multimedia items, websites and activities. Electronic materials are great The chapter than delves into beholder magic, including a new true beholder-only prestige class, the Beholder Mage. There are also a few beholder feats, most of which are good for flavor, but a bit lacking in power. The chapter also describes what magic items a beholder can wear, and magic items designed for beholders, such as mouthpick weapons. Changing Alignments. Alignment is a tool, a convenient shorthand you can use to summarize the general attitude of an NPC, region, religion, organization, monster, or even magic item.

Cthulhu : Modiphius This was a huge year for Achtung! Released the previous year Modiphius followed up with strong support and new adaptations.

Sectarios: Foro de la Llamada de Cthulhu

Each hefty sourcebook pages offers new character options, details on military operations in the area, deeper monster info, and an exploration of the role of the Mythos in the region. Similarly Terrors of the Secret War offers a bestiary. It includes horrors both cosmic and human. Ryan Macklin handled the conversion to Fate Core. He always has striking ideas for the system, so Fate players may want to look at these.

Smaller products included several adventures. Kontamination is a stand-alone module set in late Lastly Plotting Cthulhu and Secret War Documents are pdf-only releases designed for generic use as well. The first features plot generators and the second form-fillable documents from the period. Designer Jonathan Rowe has a lengthy post on his site about what made him skip existing systems in favor of new mechanics.

It focuses on Edwardian England, placing it in that strange post-Victorian era of industrialization which culminates with World War I. Abide: accept or act in accordance with; be unable to tolerate; to have one's abode; to continue in a particular condition; to wait for, await. Cultos Innombrables A new Spanish rpg offering a new take on Cthulhu. The pitch line talks about reinvention and bringing the Mythos into the modern era. The game seems to focus on secret societies and groups. The art's striking and I like the simplicity of the character sheets.

Cultos Innombrables has gotten decent reviews. I haven't been able to find much follow up on this line, but I may be missing it in my hunt. That's a smart and relatively under-exploited section of Cthulhuiana.

But the idea of authors bringing their local history knowledge to bear for interesting self-publishing. The Guide has seven chapters plus an introduction.

These cover geography, inter-war society, prehistory, Native Americans, monsters, witchcraft, and a catch-all list of weirdness. It comes in at pages, slightly smaller than typical digest format.

The layout's simple and efficient. Recommended for GMs running in this locale and era. Could be a good model for others wanting to combine local history knowledge with Cthulhuiana. Perhaps an examination of the strange planned city of Gary, Indiana and its connection to occult designs? Starbright Illustrations I've mentioned this company on a few other lists.

They seem to focus on quickly turning around projects to match new systems and churning out products to catch hype. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I've seen interesting stuff come out of excitable publishers. But the few reliable reviews I've seen make me leery. They released four Cthulhu-esque products this year. Present Day Cthulhu offers a take on modern Lovecraftian Adventures. They released this in two flavors, one for Fate Core and the other for Multiverse Adventures.

Both contain the full system rules as well as "Mythos locations, Monsters, NPCs, the Dreamlands, an example scenario, several cults, a secret history of the Earth, and uncanny Mythos tomes, with the spells and powers they contain. These again seem to follow a similar pattern: reprinting the whole of the CC rules and adding some fluff to it. Caveat Emptor. Svenska Kulter - Rollspelet A Swedish rpg, based on a fiction series.

Co Original Movie Poster Gone With The Wind 1100 Piece Puzzle 1939 Turner onovxu7468-Jigsaws

Short version: a linked set of stories about the Mythos tied to Sweden and Swedish history. The Indiegogo campaign for the core book offers this pitch "The real universe is cold, evil and beyond human understanding The truth, however, has revealed to the few.

Most of them have been crushed by this knowledge. But not all. Instead, they have embraced it, sought to take advantage of it. Become the old gods' servants here on earth. These people are called cultists You are one of them Or maybe even worse, you're a monster, a hybrid that is struggling to survive in a hostile world. A world that the other call Sweden. Not dislike them, but rather I have a hard time noodling out how arrived here.

Now I love cats. They're my pet of choice despite allergies. But once again I have to express my astonishment that there are two competing feline adaptations of the Cthulhu Mythos. Outside of furred circles, another revised edition came from Stardust publications for Dark Aeons, The Book of Shadows.

That presents updated magic for the modern, loosely Lovecraftian, card-driven rpg. Finally Eldritch Skies received a Savage Worlds version after some turmoil with their Unisystem version. The latter's a small expansion with new rules and options.

Sourcebooks The Void offers a mix of relatively hard sci-fi and Lovecraftian elements.

Wildfire followed up their initial release with several smaller but substantive supplements. Secrets of the Void focuses on the backstory of the setting.

It delves into the history of the Old Ones, new aliens, cults, and other secrets. Characters Unbound I: Player's Guide adds a lifepath system, new talents, and a host of optional character play rules. Products found in this section Sort by: They promised you a place at their side, and meaning in your life, and they surrounded you with beautiful things.

But the beautiful things were oh so sharp, and they laughed when you bled. Day by day, they changed you. But day by day, your will grew stronger. On the last day, you smashed your We are Divinity. Reality is ours to bend. To subvert. To command. We have that power — all of us. Not everyone knows what to do with it, or uses it well. Most of us never realize just what it is we are or how much we can do.

El Dado Inquieto: October news (Second part)

Those of us who do … well, some of us are monsters. Three 8. The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Three 8. Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages Storyteller's Screen includes: A full-color collage of selected beautiful clan art from Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages A seperate download containing three 8.

A full color collage of selected beautiful clan art from Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition A seperate download document containing three 8. This PDF is great Full color, 11" x Angels are everywhere.

Demon Storytellers Companion Awake, Arise The seals of Armageddon are sundered, and the damned have shaken off their chains. While the lords of the Abyss marshal their forces and rekindle ancient ambitions, they are unaware that darker forces wait in remote parts of the world. The Earthbound have slumbered for centuries, waiting for their opportunity to enslave mankind, and the demons are the key.

Caught up With this beautiful slice of the Hedge between Storyteller and players, the game table will have that extra touch of dangerous fae beauty Dark Ages: Not all vampires hail from the 13 clans and not all follow the five great roads. Vampire Storytellers Companion gives you access to secrets and advice to enrich stories and make them easier The Curse Storyteller's Screen includes: The Curse Three 8. The Forsaken Storyteller than searching for that one rule during a game. Well, that and needing to use a Gift and not having enough Essence.

At least we can solve the first one. Here's everything you need in one place. Aberrant Storytellers Screen World of Dream Eerily like our own world, the Aberrant universe of has been irrevocably changed by the presence of the godlike novas. All aspects of human societyhave felt — or suffered — the presence of these capricious, quantum-powered deities.

Nightmare Future! The Aberrant Storytellers Screen That works well for players, but can be a disaster for the Storyteller! This Storyteller Screen lays out vital rules for the Storyteller to reference at a glance. Play Aid for Promethean: The Created.


This screen includes all the necessary charts and reference tables from the Promethean

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