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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is a young adult novel by Dyan Sheldon. Originally released in through Candlewick Press, it was later turned into a Disney motion picture of the same name in starring Lindsay Lohan and was made one of the ALA book picks for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The #1 New York Times bestseller--and basis. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, #1), My Perfect Life (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, #2), and.

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Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen Book

Book 1 of 3 in the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Series Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially. Editorial Reviews. Review. Mary Elizabeth, a.k.a. Lola, is accustomed to playing Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new books in more than a. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Book Series (3 Books). From Book 1. " High school has always been this stressful, but rarely this hilarious." --BOOKLIST .

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I honestly have no memories of enjoying reading this book. However, you don't necessarily have to listen to me. For me this book is a reminder that sometimes, as hard as one may try to be objective in formulating an opinion about a novel, sometimes a book and a reader just don't fit. See if this fits you better than it did me. Jun 08, Louise Moore rated it liked it Shelves: I must admit, this was a lovely quick read. A real pick me up too. I wanted to read this as an easy, light hearted read after I finished a serious book previously.

It did not disappoint. I finished this in 3 sittings. Outrageous and unbelievable, Lola keeps the humorous story line flowing with her tales of woe and triumph. I was also interested in how it differed from the film staring Lindsay Lohan I am a big fan of the film, a little bit of a guilty pleasure.

The film has kept very true to the I must admit, this was a lovely quick read. The film has kept very true to the book minus the ending. It has made me want to read the sequel one day when I need another quick and happy read. I am not going to say it is the best book I have every read, but it is well worth it if you want something fast paced and funny. Jun 12, Melissa rated it it was amazing. I love Lola's character and the way this book was narrated. I noticed there were some quotes that were word-word represented in the movie which made me so happy.

Feb 28, Ludovica rated it it was amazing Shelves: She is, as the title already alludes, a drama queen who loves theater and thinks she will be the next big star, she is pretentious and quite honestly a pathological liar, she believes she feels deeper than everybody else and that she has a soulmate-connection to the singer of her favorite band.

Normally, these kinds of characteristics would be pretty putting off in YA. How many heroines have we read who think that all other people around them, girls especially, are dull and interchangeable?

The thing is, Lola is so extra and so over-the-top that these characteristics never really seem to be taken seriously. Objectivity and rationality have no space in the frame of this flawed, lying teenager who neither realizes her own flaws nor really feels bad for lying only for getting caught.

Lola might think everybody else is shallow and unimaginative, but we as readers realize that when a person who honestly wears a cape to school says something like this, we might not have to take it quite so seriously. Lola might not be a character you like, but you definitely root for her. Even though she portrays her own wishes as life-or-death-issues, the passion with which she works on achieving her dreams is inspiring, and it does make you want her to succeed.

But even though Lola describes her as quite a pushover at the beginning, Ella might have the most character development of anybody in this book. Beneath the veneer of a mousy goody-two-shoes, a strong young woman emerges who stands up for her friends even in the most dire situations, who can handle crises so well that even Lola is impressed, and who, finally, forces Lola to see the errors of her lying ways by calling her out on her bullshit.

Or well, at least she forces her to admit that she was lying and to stop doing it.

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And Ella is really worth this love. And she lies. Because you see, Lola might lie about herself, and about her family, but while people might die in her lies, most of them lift the people she is lying about up. She lies to make herself look better. Carla lies to make other people look worse. All in all, Carla is the type of villain who you just hate.

You want her to have her comeuppance throughout the book, which is one reason why the ending of the book as opposed to the film version will leave any reader confused and frustrated, though not in a bad way. There is a sequel to the book, of course, but even without the sequel, this ending feels good in its complexity.

One message, for example, which is also a wisdom I live by, is: Lying makes everything more complicated. That was part of another message which I found very interesting, which was that if you want something badly, you can definitely try and get it, but it might not be as great as you thought it would be. This was an interesting twist on a genre that mostly deals in happy endings, and I did enjoy that very much.

Lola is definitely one of the most compelling protagonists in YA, and the writing style reflects her strangeness and drama so well that you will be laughing out loud more than once for sure. I really liked this book, and I once again have to say that my dear co-blogger Ella has really, really good taste in books. Want to read more of my reviews? Visit me on The Bookabelles Blog or follow me here on Goodreads: Nov 24, Carol Tran rated it it was ok Recommended to Carol by: However, when she and her family move to Dellwood, New Jersey, it's an entirely different story.

In New York, which is her hometown and where she belongs, Lola has had the spotlight nearly all her life. She longs to be a famous actress one day. Dellwood, or Deadwood, as Lola had dubbed it, is boring and not filled with excitement like Lola is used to. But soon, Lola befriends perfectionist Ella Gerard, and together, they take the world by storm. At Deadwood High, there's already a drama queen who rules the world. Born-to-win, born-to-do-everything Carla Santini. Carla and Lola become enemies nearly right away, and soon, it becomes a quest of who will come out on top at Deadwood High.

When Lola's and Ella's favorite band Sidhartha, breaks up, they are thrown into extreme depression. Suddenly, Carla announces that they are hodling a farewell concert and an after party, and that hse is invited because her dad is a lawyer to the band and has connections. Lola, interpreting this as revenge for snagging the lead role in the school's local play, hatches a plan to go to the concert and party as well. Lola works out all of the nitty gritty details and when the day of the farewell to Sidhartha coems, she's totally prepared.

She and Ella journey to Manhattan to download tickets to the show.

The problem? They left all of their money on the train on the way to Manhattan. Left with no choice but to crash the show, it's exactly what they try.

However, Lola and Ella get themselves dragged away. So Lola decides to head to the place where the after party is being held. When they try to crash the party with no invites, they see Stu Wolff, the band's lead singer, leaving the party completely wasted. So they both decide to follow him. After sobering Stu up with some coffee in a diner, Ella, Lola, and Stu himself get escorted by the police to the station. However, everything turns out jsut fine and they all end up having a good tiem att he party.

Carla Santini however, makes up a lie that she never saw Ella and Lola at the party, which makes them outcasts at the school, and nobody talks to them. Lola, fed up with Carla's attitude, decides to give up on their war. She pretends to be sick on the day before the play, but Ella brigns her back into the game. So lola goes to the play, acts her heart out, and everything ends well. Sort of. I don't really know. Maybe it's because I rush read-it, but I don't think so. Hopefulyl the next book that I pick will be more exciting.

Mar 15, Debbie Egran rated it it was amazing. A brilliant read. Sheldon is one of the great satirists of our time. Her characters are spot-on and her book fast-paced funny and very entertaining.

This story of a drama loving teenage girl transplanted from New York city to the suburbs is filled with lively characters. Lola's more reserved friends that she drags along on her madcap schemes are easy to identify with and her family, who she finds very pedestrian are also very real. Sheldon manages to provide a satisfying ending for the story wit A brilliant read.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Book Series:

Sheldon manages to provide a satisfying ending for the story without having her heroines have the typical perfect lives of many novels. The movie of the same name is also entertaining but a lot of the subtlety of the book is lost in the adaption. Although this is Dyan Sheldon's most famous novel, has quite a few books and her writing has gone from strength to strength over time so it's worth checking out more of her work.

Dec 11, Alina K rated it really liked it. Dyan Sheldon 's "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" was enjoyable to read although it was cliche in my opinion. I could almost predict what would happen in the next pages and it didn't make me excited to continue to read. It was interesting to read through and slowly get to know the characters' personalities.

The main character named Lola has an 'enemy' that is definitely a drama queen and I can relate to how the other students would feel around her. She's quite the character. Also it was a j Dyan Sheldon 's "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" was enjoyable to read although it was cliche in my opinion. Also it was a joyride reading the story play out with Lola's heavy lies. I recommend this book to middle school students. More reviews also on my blog Pages Full of Stars. My rating: It was actually a re-read for me but I enjoyed it just as much: Lola is a huge drama queen and prone to lying big time but I couldn't help but admire her imagination and passion for life.

I really enjoyed her adventures with Ella and overall it was a nice and fun 'feel good' kind of read, which still included a lesson for the readers. Mar 20, Khadija rated it it was ok. Lola Cep is the new girl at Dellwood High school, or as she likes to call it Deadwood. Originally from New York, Lola thinks, dresses, and is very different from most of the other studentes in New Jersey. When her favorite band, Sidhartha breaks up, Lola and new friend Ella do everything in their power to make it to their last concert while also proving Dellwoods' resident drama queen; Carla Santini.

Witty, sarcastic, and told from the viewpoint of an adolescent. I'm giving it two stars becaus Lola Cep is the new girl at Dellwood High school, or as she likes to call it Deadwood. I'm giving it two stars because I wasn't satisfied with the ending. Sometimes I am very guilty of this: I download books based on the cover, hahaha!

I am impulsive like that. So I bought this book because of the pretty cover, and the title was really cool-sounding, too. Alas, I was too rash in my decision to download this. I found Lola Cep such a grating, apathetic heroine, and she's as self-absorbed as her rival, Carla Santini.

The book is very predictable, and the ending was flat. This novel has been made into a movie, but no surprise, I won't see it. If you want Sometimes I am very guilty of this: If you want to read something light to take you off a reading slump, skip this book.

Jun 11, Courtney Mower rated it liked it. I loved the movie when I was younger so when I saw this in a second hand bookshop on holiday over Easter I couldn't resist. However this is actually one of the rare occasions I prefer the adapted movie of the book to the book itself.

The writing style was slightly grating, however I suppose it is aimed at a slightly younger age range so that might explain it. I could have forgiven that though had I empathised with Lola, however for not one second of the novel did I care about Lola in the slighte I loved the movie when I was younger so when I saw this in a second hand bookshop on holiday over Easter I couldn't resist.

I could have forgiven that though had I empathised with Lola, however for not one second of the novel did I care about Lola in the slightest. What a winey hideous person. Feb 23, Taylor rated it it was ok. This was my absolute favourite movie as a child and I cannot believe that I didn't know it was a book until this morning.

It's a relatively short book and an easy read so I finished fairly fast in between school and what not. Although the book was amazing, I regret to inform that I enjoyed the movie much, much more. I don't have any concrete comparisons as I haven't seen the movie in quite a while, but I know I liked the movie better which is something I have never said or well typed in my entire l This was my absolute favourite movie as a child and I cannot believe that I didn't know it was a book until this morning.

I don't have any concrete comparisons as I haven't seen the movie in quite a while, but I know I liked the movie better which is something I have never said or well typed in my entire life. In complete honesty, I'd probably just recommend the movie to a friend.

Mar 27, Elena rated it it was amazing. At her new school, Carla Santini the meanest and coolest girl in school hates her. But Lola doesn't care. She stands up for what she believes in and has problems, makes friends and has a big adventure with Ella her best friend in New York.

Lola is weird, nice and exiting. If you like to read books about teenage girls, I advise you to re The book " Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen " is one of the best books I've ever read.

If you like to read books about teenage girls, I advise you to read this one. I know there's a movie version of this book with Lindsay Lohan that I haven't watched so I'm gonna put it on my "must-watch" list.

The book was pleasantly readable. Well done, Dyan Sheldon!

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Series

The ending wasn't my cup of tea because I was rooting for Stu Wolf to come to school and sweep Lola of her feet but sadly, that didn't happen. However, I think I'm gonna read the second and third part and forth if there is one? Feb 18, Briana rated it it was ok Shelves: I was bored and needed something to read, so I took this from my sister's shelf.

I read it, and it was mildly interesting, but overall, it annoyed me. I hate books where the main character is JUST.

And the main character drove me insane. She was just too obsessed with her favorite band to even think straight. I could rant more about this book, but I've already blocked it from memory.

I gave it one extra star just because I liked the best friend. I found this at Salvation Army and bought it because I can't resist a good deal. Still, it just felt like I was re watching an old movie.

Some parts were different, but most of it was the same. Frankly, I preferred the movie just because it glossed over things I wasn't interested in. Plus, watching people perform is much more interesting than reading about people performing. Go rent the movie. I wouldn't bother with this one.

Jan 19, Clearani Luh rated it really liked it. Apr 01, Amanda S. Seriously, Lola or Mary? This book made reevaluate my life. Once I've been a drama-queen and told my friends about non-existent boyfriend—really convincingly if I may add.

Paperback Verified download. I thought that this was a relatively fun, fresh book, but there was some Mary Cep, or as she stubbornly likes to be known as Lola, is a major drama queen. She is positive she will be the next big thing in Hollywood. Some time. When Lola's mother moves her and her two totally gross little sisters out of New York City and into the suburbs, Lola is sure she will be the savior to so many poor souls in Dellwood.

Or as she calls it, Deadwood. It's through Lola's obsessive love for her favorite band, Sidhartha, that Lola gets her and her best friend and "sister of my soul", Ella, alot of I won't give away the rest. Parts of this book was really funny and it was hard not to laugh out loud, whether I was in public or not, but Lola's interpretation of every thing got boring.

Finally when you get to the exciting part, it's Lola's friend, Ella, who is being more of the heroine. I felt that this book ended alot like it began. In "the Big Freeze".

The book is worth reading, but still lacking in many ways. Kindle Edition Verified download. This isn't really my style if book. It was cliche and silly.

Its a pretty basic story. I have trouble liking a book if I can't like the main character, and that's the way it was in this book. I'm a high school senior.

I've had enough experience to witness the ups and downs of drama queens. Sure, there are the true actresses who have been in every theater production since freshmen year, but there are the non-thespians who pull out all the stops to display their inner drama.

This is to be expected in high school, right? Well, if these people seem like "quite-the-characters", you haven't seen nothin' yet. Wait until you are introduced into the life of Lola Cep or Mary Elizabeth if you want to be legal about the whole matter. She is the actress and emotional drama rolled into one hilariously funny character.

There are only the tiniest bits of annoyances in the drama. It's so easy to overlook this when you're constantly ooh-ing and aah-ing the adventures of Lola.

Lola has just moved from New York City the cultural capital of the world! She must start over at a new school and she plans to make her title as the "Drama Queen" known.

While most of the students secretly like her, they are all hindered by the bitchy princess Carla Santini. This character might be a little overdone, but don't be too sure. I'm sure there are some high school girls like this. She is the dominating center of the school. If she doesn't want people to talk to Lola, they don't. Simple as that. When Carla finds out that Lola is expecting to take some of the spotlight, things get especially bad.

Lola and her less outgoing best friend, Ella, are being given the "Big Freeze" silent treatment because of Carla. The rest of the book takes you through the the school play that will be put on and the girls on a quest to see their favorite band at the farewell concert not having tickets isn't a problem, is it?

While there are some bumps along the way, this is one ride that you don't want to miss. You love to root for Lola but will feel involved and hurt when you discover some of her "exaggerated truths".

You'll laugh out loud, gasp, and even cry a little. Though the plot is a typical good vs. You'll enjoy this drama! One person found this helpful. Did you see the movie?

If you have or even if you haven't , you must check out this fun book! Mary Cep wants to be called Lola, so she'll have something imaginative in her life as she dies a cultural death in the New Jersey suburbs after her family moves from New York. Fellow student Ella Gerard then develops into a kindred spirit despite her quiet demeanor, and Lola begins to feel some glimmers of hope. Lola does not sit down for this treatment from Carla, and her antics make this a hilarious book.

After boasting in front of the entire school that she and Ella would indeed be at an important band's party in New York, they have to resort to nothing short of a trip to the police station to make it a reality.

Lola certainly makes her life in New Jersey more exciting than she bargained for, and readers will enjoy the wild ride. Characters have many interesting levels in this book, including Carla. Lots of surprises will also encourage readers to keep following the drama at Dellwood into the sequel. Mary Elizabeth Cep has known practically since birth that her name is far too ordinary for a girl of her nature.

This is why she has renamed herself Lola Elspeth Cep or Sep, she hasn't decided yet. However, her friends and family in The City, who have known her her whole life, fail to comply. So, when her mother announces that they are moving to Dellwood aka Deadwood , New Jersey, Lola after finally resigning herself to the news sees it as a chance to reinvent herself, and the likes of Carla Santini, the most popular girl in school, can't stop her.

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