CIMA. Paper F2. Advanced Financial Reporting. Study Text CIMA Exams have been prepared by Kaplan Publishing, except in the case of the CIMA November. Syllabus overview. Paper F2 extends the scope of Paper F1 Financial Operations to more advanced topics in financial accounting (preparation of. CIMA Professional Qualification. F2 Advanced Financial Reporting. It covers how to effectively source the long-term finance required to fund the operations of organisations, particularly their capital investments.

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Introduction to the CIMA F2 Paper | Advanced Financial Reporting Sign up for FREE to download the CIMA F2 Course Notes in PDF for the. iii The CIMA Learning System xi Acknowledgements xi How to use the CIMA Learning System xi Guide CIMA: Certificate Paper C2, FUNDAMENTALS OF. CIMA F2, Advanced Financial Reporting Exam, Free CIMA F2 Notes, Free CIMA F2 Lectures, Tests, CIMA F2 Forums, Post your questions to CIMA Tutors.

Management level. F2 builds on the competencies gained from F1. It covers how to effectively source the long-term finance required to fund the operations of organisations, particularly their capital investments. It also deepens the coverage of financial reporting to more complex aspects of group accounting and analyses the rules governing the recognition and measurement of various elements of the financial statements. Finally it shows how to analyse financial statements to provide insights about the financial performance and position of the organisation over time and in comparison with others. A percentage weighting is shown against each syllabus topic and is intended as a guide to the proportion of study time each topic requires. It is essential that all topics in the syllabus are studied, as all topics will be examined. The weightings do not specify the number of marks that will be allocated to topics in the examination. Further information Objective Tests are comprised of a range of items including short multiple choice questions, number entry questions, drag and drop questions and other formats. They test all component learning outcomes across the whole subject. Log in. Start Browsing.

Exchange rates 1st June! Jeff is a US company. The fair value of the net assets of Cahoona was Fr6. Cahoona Inc are based in Burgerland where the functional currency is Francs Fr.

Other information: The financial statements for the year to 30 June are below. The NCI is valued using the proportionate method.

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Average rate! Big made a short term loan to Cahoona on 1 June Show the treatment for the employee benefits over the three years.

Year 1:! Year 2:!

Illustration 2 An entity grants 1 share option to each of its employees on 1 January Year 1. The following actually occurs: Year 1!! Year 2!! Year 3!!

Each grant is conditional upon the employee working for the entity over the next three years. Calculate the Interest Cost for the period. Calculate the expected return on Pension Assets. Show the treatment for the pension scheme in the financial statements of the company. Try this yourself! Calculate the amount recognised in the Financial Statements on initial recognition of the Financial Asset. Show the treatment for the shares at 31 July Illustration 2 i VB acquired The investment was classified as available for sale on initial recognition.

Interest for the year ended 30 November had been received.!

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Explain the accounting treatment under IAS39 of the loan to Bromwich in the financial statements of Ambush for the year ended 30 November At 30 November The effective and stated interest rate for this loan was 8 per cent. The bond consists of interest payments and principle only and the company intends to hold it until it is redeemed.

The financial year end of Ambush is 30 November Show the treatment for the bond over the 3 year period. Outline the requirements of IAS 39 as regards the impairment of financial!

CIMA F2 Advanced Financial Reporting

Interest is payable by Bromwich at the end of each year and the loan is repayable on 30 November Since the swap is a derivative. If the derivative hedging instrument is effective. The company designates and documents the swap as a hedging instrument. Dr Swap Dr Income statement The company enters into an interest rate swap fair value zero to offset the risk of a decline in fair value. The instrument is a hedged item in a fair value hedge.

The instrument is classed as a FVPL financial asset. Show the treatment for the bond in year 1. If the investor did not convert to shares they would have been redeemed at par. No bonds could be converted before that date. Illustration 2 Aron issued one million convertible bonds on 1 June Norman is an international hotel group which reports to management on the basis of region.

The results of the regional segments for the year ended 31 May are as follows: The hotels are located in capital cities in the various regions. Who should recognise the cars on their statement of financial position and when? If Tony sells a car he must pay the manufacturer the next day.

The car manufacturer supplies him with cars on which the download price is set on delivery. If the car is not sold within 4 months then it must be downloadd by Tony.

Tony has to insure and maintain the cars and has no right to return them. An element of finance is included in the download price. How should Pinky show this transaction in their financial statements?

Details were as follows: Proceeds of Sale The sale took place at the beginning of the current accounting period. The year end of the entity is 31st December. There were Illustration 3 ABC Ltd.

Calculate the EPS at 31st December Illustration 2 ABC Ltd. There were 1. It also has in issue The entity also has convertible loan stock that if converted would create Calculate the Inventory. Receivables and Payables days for Inter Ltd. Using the information on the previous page calculate and comment on the following Ratios: Return on Capital Employed II. Return on Equity III. Gross Margin IV. Net Margin V. Operating Margin VI. Revenue Growth VII.

Gearing VIII. Interest Cover IX. Dividend Cover X. Dividend Yield XI. What cash flows will appear in the statement of cash flows for the entity in the year ? Illustration 2 An entity has the following information in their financial statements: PPE Intangible Assets 2.

Intangible assets are made up of qualifying development expenditure on a product currently being sold. No investments were downloadd during the year. Note ii. Investment income consists of: This was followed on 30 April by an issue of shares for cash at par.

Prepare a statement of cash flows for Mocha for the year ended 30 September Note iv The movement in the product warranty provision has been included in cost of sales. The group financial statements for Indigo Ltd. At the date of acquisition the fair value of the following assets and liabilities were determined: Illustration 4 Using the information in illustration 3 show the movements in cash if Express Ltd.

Had already owned the subsidiary and sold it during the period. Show the cash flows arising from the above information to be included in the Group Statement of Cash-flows. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Graham Follow. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

Advanced Financial Reporting

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