CHEATERS Book 2 Chapter 2: Adjetey Anna, Jackie Appiah, Urmar ruthenpress.infon, Nollywood, inNollywood, Africa Movies, Ghana Cenima, Frank . Frank Raja directs most of his movies in Ghana and lives in Lagos with his family. He is known in Ghana for directing movies mostly produced by Abdul Sallam Mumuni of Venus Films. Although he is a Nigerian, Frank Rajah Araze has given the Ghanaian movie industry a breath of life. I think that CHEATERS Book 2 Chapter 1 are great because they are so attention holding, I mean you know how people describe CHEATERS Book 2 Chapter 1.

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Cheaters Book Part 2

The performances for the most part were beyond dull. If acting was graded on a sliding scale with the positive axis being the great performance. Jackie Appiah Plots to Prove Her Husband's Insincerity in CHEATERS BOOK 2 – Showing on iROKOtv PLUS. Posted on September 27, The story. Cheaters Book 2 starring Adjetey Annan and Jackie Appiah #Movie #Poster.

A frustrated girlfriend launches a complicated undercover surveillance plan to find out whether her suspiciously acting boyfriend is cheating, but unbeknownst to her he has the same game plan in mind. There are useless movies and there are useless movies and then there is this movie. Making it past the first ten minutes alone is a feet that requires an award of some sort. According to the synopsis, the movie is about people in a relationship trying to catch their significant others in a cheating act. However, this saving grace is not near monumental enough that one would willingly suffer this near-two hour tragedy of the movie. If you ever thought Rukky Sanda or Yvonne Nelson movies were simply a fashion parade then I dare you to see this movie. The performances for the most part were beyond dull. There were scenes where you begin to get the idea that the intent was humor but in reality the only emotion it conveys is frustration. Frustration, aggravation and a brief period when I was reconsidering my life are the kind of emotions this movie created for me. The plot is foolish, the characters are vapid, most of the females have the screen presence of wallpaper and even the few actors who try to give it substance — namely Adjetey Anang and Bismark — are foiled by the utter foolishness of the entire storyline. The most annoying thing about the movie for me was the silly story of the undercover characters of Jackie Appiah n her husband. Their make up, voice and supposed roles made me swear countless times.


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