Brandon Sanderson – The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1) (epub, MB) Brandon Sanderson – Shadows of Self (Mistborn: The Alloy Era, #2). V.E. Schwab - KB. Mistborn Trilogy Omnibus () - Brandon MB. The Alloy of Law (Mistborn 4) - Brandon Sanderson. The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen - Steven MB. 61 The Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan & Brandon MB.

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Brandon Sanderson Epub

The House at Cobb End (Cassandra Palmer #).epub. 87 KB. Updating Pritkin The Dark Talent (Alcatraz #5) - Brandon MB. 3. Ten years ago, Calamity came. It was a burst in the sky that gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. The awed public started calling them Epics. Brandon Sanderson is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Reckoners series: Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity and the e-original Mitosis; the.

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Ray Starling pinned post 5 Apr at 9: Underlord Cradle Book 6 - Will Wight. When the emperor is assassinated, Sera Fitzempress is the noble most eligible to inherit the empire. Her upcoming marriage to the prince would cement her position. And as a champion for peace, Sera is the only promise of hope for staving off war between the worlds of Kingfountain and Muirwood.

But standing between her and her enemies is just one devastating secret. For this discovery could bring the whole of Kingfountain to ruin. As Cettie struggles to determine her true loyalties and loves, her allies fall to wicked plots, and she becomes increasingly alone on her journey to a destiny she never wanted—one that could ignite an unstoppable war. Raiza H. Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor.

Night of Cake and Puppets - Laini Taylor. Park Mel. Thank you very much! Can I request for another one if it's okay tho? Ray Starling pinned post 18 Feb at 3: Miles Cameron - Dark Forge.

Kimberly Begazo. Do you have an epub copy of Daughter of Smoke and Bone? Ray Starling pinned post 3 Feb at 6: King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. KoS - LB. Min Jacquelyn. Can you email me the link?

Vishwa Desai. I am still unable to get it Can you maybe post the pdf?


Six of Crows 1 - Six of Crows. Six of Crows 2 - Crooked Kingdom. Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo. Ruin and Rising - Leigh Bardugo. Language of Thorns - Leigh Bardugo. Ray Starling pinned post 3 Feb at 2: Lightbringer book by Brent Weeks.

Lightbringer 1 - The Black Prism. Lightbringer 2 - The Blinding Knife.

Lightbringer 3 - The Broken Eye. Lightbringer 4 - The Blood Mirrors. Ray Starling pinned post 3 Feb at 1: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman, long inspired by ancient mythology in creating the fantastical realms of his fiction, presents a bravura rendition of the Norse gods and their world from their origin though their upheaval in Ragnarok.

In Norse Mythology, Gaiman stays true to the myths in envisioning the major Norse pantheon: Gaiman fashions these primeval stories into a novelistic arc that begins with the genesis of the legendary nine worlds and delves into the exploits of deities, dwarfs, and giants. Neil Gaiman - Norse Mythology.

Anu Nair. Can't download. Can you please DM me? No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements.

But behind the scenes, a fierce competition is underway—a duel between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood expressly for this purpose by their mercurial instructors.

Unbeknownst to them, this is a game in which only one can be left standing, and the circus is but the stage for a remarkable battle of imagination and will. Despite themselves, however, Celia and Marco tumble headfirst into love—a deep, magical love that makes the lights flicker and the room grow warm whenever they so much as brush hands. True love or not, the game must play out, and the fates of everyone involved, from the cast of extraordinary circus performers to the patrons, hang in the balance, suspended as precariously as the daring acrobats overhead.

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern. Cixin Liu - The Dark Forest. I just have some friendly reminders for all the other book lovers out there. They've worked very hard for those — not only to be taken for granted by the public. I know it's ironic for me to say all this since I, myself, had been sharing and collecting e-books.

But I've been downloading actual books as long as I can. Please download their works as much as you can, too.

You can still enjoy free stuffs in this community. Let's not get their efforts wasted by having their books easily accessed by the public without earning for it.

I know it's a bit late for me to say all this but please support them. We all love the authors, don't we? Leave a comment Ashish Harsh pinned post 3 May at Anoosha Karen Nov 20, at 1: Karen Chance books: A Family Affair Cassandra Palmer 4.

Shadowland Cassandra Palmer 4. Masks Cassandra Palmer 4. Hunt the Moon Cassandra Palmer 5.

Updating Pritkin Cassandra Palmer 5. Tempt the Stars Cassandra Palmer 6. Tempt the Stars Cassandra Pamer 6.

Steelheart - Sanderson Brandon

Reap the Wind Cassandra Palmer 7. Ashish Harsh pinned post 18 Apr at 9: Fantasy Library Apr 16, at 2: My Commander 1 - Alanea Alder. Ashish Harsh pinned post 10 Apr at 4: Denis Fanton Apr 9, at 4: Cool and very fuNny can U read it?

Ashish Harsh pinned post 22 Mar at 8: Lele Jones Mar 21, at 4: Ashish Harsh pinned post 4 Mar at Ari Gartix Mar 3, at 6: Ashley Tuckey Mar 2, at Ashish Harsh pinned post 27 Jan Iriwka Gordeeva. The Reading Corner Dec 12, at 4: The city is also home to giants, dwarves, vampires, and elementals — Air, Fire, Ice, and Stone.

Expand text… The Books in Order: Ashish Harsh pinned post 26 Jan One of those romantic books which are more than just romantic. This book has some serious concept and it is already used as a plot for an indian movie.

Which was extremely successful.

The Way of Kings

Read this book and tell me which part you guys liked best. And who was your favourite character. Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat. Elena Ivanovich. Ashish Harsh pinned post 25 Jan My three favourite book on Indian mythology. I recommend to read them for a basic understanding of Indian mythological gods and goddess.

They rival to Percy Jackson series. Neha Yadav. Hey, do you have the audiobook of ths Ram Chandra series? Ketan Patel. Do u have it?? Politics, Sociology Paul Chaney, T. Hall, A. Pithouse, "New Governance, New Democracy?: Two Concepts of Liberty? Post Devolution in Wales" pages: In assuming many policy and administrative responsibilities previously held by central government, the Assembly promises innovation in governance and there are high expectations that devolution will bring about significant improvements in Welsh life.

New Governance - New Democracy? Drawing on interviews with many of the people who have influenced the devolution experiment, from politicians to ordinary citizens, this book brings together five research projects based throughout Wales which focus on different aspects of the devolutionary process. This engagement with issues of both immediate and enduring significance for Wales offers interdisciplinary discussion and analysis of issues ranging from electoral turnout, participation and legitimacy to the involvement of marginalized groups in the process of government.

It also examines the developing relationship between the new Welsh legislature and the voluntary sector, the governance of economic development and the regulation and political control of public agencies in Wales.

Things - from your phone to your car, from the heating to the lights in your house - have gathered the ability to sense their environments and create information about what is happening.

Things have become media, able to both generate and communicate information. This has become known as 'the internet of things'. In this accessible introduction, Graham Meikle and Mercedes Bunz observe its promises of convenience and the breaking of new frontiers in communication.