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Boy Toy Book

When Josh was a year-old seventh grader, he was sexually abused by his history teacher, the young, beautiful (and married) Eve, who. Josh Mendel has a secret. Unfortunately, everyone knows what it is. Five years ago, Josh's life changed. Drastically. And everyone in his school, his. Starred Review. When Josh was a year-old seventh grader, he was sexually abused by his history teacher, the young, beautiful (and married) Eve, who.

Sign up for our newsletters! Josh Mendel is still picking up the pieces of what happened to him in junior high school. Under the spell of his attractive, older and married twenty-something history teacher, Mrs. Sherman she prefers he call her Eve , everything changes. Under the guise of having to conduct student research for a graduate school project, Eve convinces Josh and his parents that she needs his help. After several sessions in her apartment, the project work ends and Josh finds himself first playing video games, then having long talks with her, and eventually, involving himself in what becomes a sexual relationship. As a senior, Josh is angry and uncomfortable with a past he never speaks about, not even with his best friend. Sherman is being released from prison. His anger and troubled feelings build, resulting in him lashing out and punching his baseball coach.

She's flat chested, wears jeans and baseball caps, has freckles, spits, curses, plays baseball, and is Josh's intended love interest. Eve is "bad sexy". Well, I don't really need to describe her. She's type-A hot teacher, with added on child molestation.

Booklist Review

Other than that? Well, we have his mother, but she's only in a subplot which I will state later. But other than her? No, we have no other major female character. We just have those three. Good sexy, cute, and bad sexy. They aren't real characters I really don't know anything about them. It's annoying. Barry Lyga's not a woman-hater, but he just doesn't like building up his female characters very much.

Moving on, we have the incident with Rachel. It wasn't his fault, sure.

He shouldn't trash himself so much over it, sure. But he did rip off her underwear, and he did plan on going that far with her like "Eve taught him". It really disgusted me that not only did Rachel say she "would have gone that far if [he'd] gone about it differently", but also that she had been wanting to date him directly afterwards! I don't know about you, [you the reader, yes, but not directly "you"], but I would not be running after a guy after having my underwear ripped off in a closet, when it was only Seven Minutes in heaven.

You do not have sex in that game, you kiss, if I am not mistaken. My point? Josh was out of line, and he should not have been encouraged and even pushed forward to that behavior even if Eve was messing around with him. He needs to know that that is NOT okay. Granted, he did know during the events of the book, but still -- I doubt anybody in Rachel's position would act the way she did, which leads back to the WFMF.

Moving on again , we have the baseball terminology. Now I know it's a book about baseball, but Barry Lyga assumes anyone that picks it up will be a baseball fan.


More than half of everything that came out of that kid's mouth about baseball went right up over my head. I know nothing about baseball. The average person will probably know a little more than me, but certainly not even half as much as what Josh was talking about. I was so confused, I was confused about how much I was confused.

It was pathetic and sad. If you're going to make something like a sport a main focus of your work, you need to explain what you're talking about, I mean at least enough so someone can know something about what's going on.

Boy Toy Book Review

That's just common courtesy. Lastly, the thing that probably pissed me off the most about this whole goshdarned book, Josh's mother's subplot. Josh's mother is an idiot. She does all of this because she wants to keep a job she apparently wants. She is an idiot, I repeat. But still, quote time: "I love her, Mom. It was the biggest, most important thing I'd ever said in my entire life.

And mom laughed. It wasn't an amused laugh.

It wasn't the sort of laugh you'd hear at the movies or in front of the TV or during a family reunion. It was harsh, hard-edged, more a snort than actual laughter. That contempt shocked me -- my mom had been angry at me in the past, but never hateful. You don't know what it means to be in love.


She is saying that he is a child. She is saying that he can't know what it means to be in love, especially considering that he's claiming to love a woman that manipulated him into thinking he was in love with her. But later, guess what we find out? Please upgrade your browser. See next articles.


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