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Read "Battlefield 3: The Russian The Russian" by Andy McNab available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Read "Battlefield 3: The Russian The Russian" by Andy McNab available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. As bullets whiz by, walls crumble, and explosions throw you to the ground, the battlefield feels more alive and interactive than ever before. In Battlefield 3.

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Battlefield 3 The Russian Ebook

Battlefield 3: The Russian eBook: Andy McNab, Peter Grimsdale: Kindle Store. In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines where they will experience heart-pounding .. The Russian - Battlefield 3 is a book tie in with one of the hottest gaming properties on the market. . Shelves: ebook, own. Billed as a pseudo-prequel to the events of BF3, "The Russian" follows Russian special forces soldier Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky and.

Shelves: fiction , videogames , reviewed Something strange has happened Me and my Grandad now have an author in common. I have long been aware of Andy McNab's work but I haven't been inspired to start reading any of his books Until now of course. I picked this up firstly because it's a novel based on a videogame that I enjoyed and secondly because I recognised the author.

But now that the country has gone to the dogs, Dima Mayakovsky - once a revered figure inside the elite Special Forces unit - wants no part of it any more.

But when a dangerous fugitive surfaces in Tehran, Dima is the man Kremlin wants to bring him in. There is no option: As Iran descends into chaos, Dima and Black are forced to question everything they believed in, and to fight to survive, for their comrades, their honour and the lives of millions. They're on their own. And the clock is ticking?

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Read at your own risk! This section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information. While Dima is uneasy about the mission due to weak intel from their handler Paliov , Solomon is completely calm and relishing his first GRU mission, particularly looking forward to seeing how Khalaji reacts when he realizes he's not going to America.

The agents are to meet Khalaji at a bombed-out parking lot a few blocks from his hotel. Waiting at a bar opposite, Dima has several shots of vodka while Solomon silently waits. Finally, Khalaji arrives, but with his entire immediate family, ruining the plan to quickly extract Khalaji to a Russian jet. Solomon insists that they'll have to sedate Khalaji and kill his family to salvage to operation as they approach the car.

Dima almost blows their cover by using the wrong cover name when speaking with Khalaji, but Solomon quickly intervenes and attempts to coax the family out of their vehicle. As Solomon had hidden among the other vehicles in the parking lot when the agents arrived, Dima attempts to engage the Americans but misses and is shot in the hand and downed.

Some of the agents quickly take Khalaji and his family from their car and usher them into their vehicles, while others move to finish off Dima. Solomon then reappears and kills several of the agents, including one about to kill Dima, forcing the remaining agents to drive away.

Solomon then helps Dima to his feet, informing him that Khalaji was taken by the Americans; shooting the man attacking Dima caused him to miss his shot at the Iranian.

Dima thanks Solomon for saving his life, to which Solomon only replies that he had made a mistake. While he supplies real money to make the exchange look authentic, Bulganov is adamant that Dima kills the terrorists, wanting to send a message to the underworld about messing with him. Dima drives Kroll's battered BMW, which Kroll currently lives out of after being kicked out by his wife again, to the trade site: a rundown flat in lower Moscow.

Dima tells Kroll to wait twenty minutes for him and enters the flat with the money, alone and unarmed.

Arriving at the apartment, Dima is brought in at gunpoint by two of the terrorists. They search Dima but are told to stop by the leader of the operation, Vatsanyev , an old Spetsnaz comrade of Dima's. Vatsanyev warmly greets Dima, and the two momentarily reminisce about the old days in service to the Soviet Union. They then return to the present and Vatsanyev brings out Katya. After convincing Vatsanyev to have his goons count the money, Dima pretends to trip over the table in center of the room and grabs the pistol one of the terrorists left on the floor.

He quickly dispatches the two, and shoots Vatsanyev in the shoulder as he was reaching for a machine pistol on table. Katya is no longer where Vatsanyev had left her, leading Dima to believe she had attempted to hide in the other room of the apartment. Suddenly, Vatsenyev's sixteen-year-old daughter Nisha emerges from the room holding a knife to Katya's throat.

Hesitating for a second, Dima shoots and kills Nisha. Firing a last burst of gunfire into the room for good measure, Dima moves and picks up Katya. Kroll enters and stands at the doorway, apologizing that he couldn't warn Dima and asks if he wants him to take the money and Katya back to Bulganov.

At the mention of the two, the SWAT officers begin eyeing the case of money and Katya, and Dima knocks two of them out before they attempt to take either of them. Vatsanyev pleads with Dima to not let the police take him, and, after a moment, Dima nods and shoots him in the head. Waved through security due to the truck, Dima enters and visits Paliov. Secretary of Defense and Security Timofayev then enters, and excitedly welcomes Dima, while Paliov appears exasperated at his superior's entrance.

Timofayev attempts to convince Dima to return to the GRU for one last mission, insisting they need an operative with his experience and patriotism. Dima gives in to none of his offers, telling him that he has entire army of able soldiers to choose from and promptly leaves the office. Paliov then tells Timofayev that Dima will not be swayed by anything they do, but Timofayev insists that no one is immune and that there must be something that could convince him.

He orders Paliov to find it immediately. Later, Dima returns to his home with Kroll, who had passed out over lunch. Dima questions him as to what could be important enough to break into his home, prompting Paliov to ask Dima what he knows of arms dealer Amir Kaffarov.

Kaffarov has been taken hostage by the PLR in Iran after a falling out over an arms deal, and the Kremlin wants him back to save face due to his past connections with the Russian military. Paliov also mentions that Solomon has been sighted in Iran, aggravating Dima even more.

Paliov then produces an envelope and suggests that Dima look at its contents. Relenting, Dima discovers photos of a man in his twenties in Paris, France.

Paliov states that if Dima takes the mission, the GRU will give him the address of the man in the photos. Dima agrees. Cole has lost contact with a squad near Spinza Meat Market, and wants to find them.

En route, Montes again questions why they're in Iraq trying to start a war with Iran. Chaffin angirly replies that they're fighting the PLR, not Iran, and Montes should "stop being a fucking hippie".

Black defuses the argument and the marines disembark at the meat market.

Black notices that the market was highly active a week ago but is now abandoned. Following the trail of the missing squad, avoids a hostile APC and discover a plaza where a group of civilians are cowering.

Suddenly, a sniper fires from a nearby rooftop, wounding Chaffin. Matkovic fires on the sniper through the smoke, killing him. After it clears, find the wreckage of the missing squad's Stryker and the bodies of dead and injured marines, the smoking remains of a VBED nearby. The squad waits as Black goes around to the rear entrance of the building.

Battlefield 3: The Russian

Heading inside, Black finds two dead civilians on the stairs and discovers the ends of the wires leading to a car battery on the second floor. He is then struck from behind; as he falls, he pulls out his knife and stabs his assailant in the thigh before they can reach the battery, piercing a femoral artery.

His attacker turns out to be a young girl, who falls and begins bleeding to death, cursing Blackburn in Arabic.

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