54 Arsenal Magazine. Atte prior to the. QPR game. Descending Mount McKinley. 54 Arsenal Magazine. The mountain man looks down on Emirates. The January issue of the official Arsenal Magazine is out now! The Arsenal Magazine is priced at £ and is available from Emirates Stadium on matchdays, all club shops and online. Copyright The Arsenal Football Club plc. Jun 8, Relaunched as an in-house publication in the summer of , the magazine has charted many memorable moments in the club's history.

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Stolen from the Arsenal FC magazine. DECEMBER Picture. Download High Res PDF. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. NOVEMBER. Arsenal the Collector's Edition captures the unprecedented history of Arsenal on ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB LEGENDS POSTER Arsenal HQ Magazine. The magazine the beautiful game deserves. SUBSCRIBE NOW Can Arsenal Be Arsenal Again? By David Hirshey | English Premier League, Issue 14 | No.

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One story I helped deliver had reporters in Latin America, Asia, the United States and Europe in the same file, as if we were standing over the same typewriter composing the piece together.

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Image He has two Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headsets — one is a fully charged backup. Within minutes, I can have a relatively clean transcript of an interview.

If I need to record a telephone interview and have permission to do so , I use a low-tech option: the Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick-up Microphone , which works instantly and reliably on any phone I might have to use, land line or cellular.

Whenever I travel for work, I constantly take photos with my Pixel 2 cellphone that might seem like irrelevant details but that offer fact-checkable color in greater detail than I could ever write down in a notepad.

Also: LastPass helps me securely manage the dozens of websites I have passwords for. LinkedIn is helpful, in finding people and getting biographical information, as is an extension called ContactOut, which helps find emails and other contact info for LinkedIn users. Signal has become an important tool to communicate with certain sources. Twitter is a huge distraction, but is also an essential tool to keep up to date on topics I am tracking, and to help promote the work of The Times.

One of your recent scoops involved uncovering the emails of Scott Pruitt , the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. You must pore through thousands of documents for these investigations.

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Do you use any special tools to stay organized or streamline the process? One of the most challenging parts of my job is the massive number of documents I have to read, most of which are junk, but hidden in there are some real gems. A PDF reader is just not good enough. Lipton likes Google Voice, which allows calls to come to any phone he chooses.

Stadium Naming Rights The Club signed up with Envision and associated consultancies to try to secure a year deal for a naming rights partner to sponsor the whole stadium. Envision is part of the AEG Group the US founded company which owns stadiums and manages music and sports performances in their own and third party owned venues. Envision had wide experience of naming rights development and support.

City of Philadelphia

Focus groups were set up to understand potential responses from fans groups to an Arsenal stadium being named after a commercial group not the sports club itself. In the US naming rights is an important source of revenue for sports franchises as there is a ban on sponsoring sports shirts and other clothing, so companies are keen to develop a long-term association with a stadium.

The construction company would also demolish the old stadium, once the new one was completed and build new apartments on the site under a different contract. And how Arsenal needed that money. It is planning to be one of the top 3 airlines in the world by and is currently the 9th largest.

The airline had been the airline partner for the World Cup in Germany and had also sponsored many cricket events Gazidis, who had been responsible for the sponsorship of the US MSL had already made it known that the Nike and Emirates deals had not bee good for the Club and made it known through sources to a national British newspaper that, like its competitor Chelsea, he may re- negotiate some parts of the financing via brand sponsorship.

Winning the Europa League would be a disaster for Arsenal

There would be an additional 22, spectators at capacity with the final licensed maximum seating of 60, This put Arsenal with the second highest stadium capacity. To help in short-term financing the boxes were sold on long term contracts and many of the premium Club Level seats sold on 4 year contracts. There are substantial, additional catering revenues from the boxes served by 8 kitchens and 75 pantries providing up to 2, full meals each match-day.

The super-premium Diamond Club had a unique entrance, a personal space guaranteed in the underground stadium parking area and the highest quality surroundings.

After opening there was a waiting list for this category of 45 potential members. There are up to casual catering locations in the stadium as a whole, serving hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, sandwiches, wraps, tea, coffee, soft drinks, beers and ciders.

The stadium became no smoking before all public spaces became non-smoking by law in England in July Increased consumption before and after the game in substantially improved facilities is encouraged with flat screen TVs showing game highlights and live matches from other venues.

One estimate for match day revenues for a full season on the arsenal-world.

DNC is a US- owned, global food service and hospitality company. Nineteen full time catering staff transferred to DNC and there was an increase in casual staff for match-days to around 1, people. Non-match day revenues The Emirates Stadium provides substantial opportunities for conferences, receptions and banqueting organised in collaboration with DNC. But unlike its London competitor, Chelsea FC, there were no adjacent or local hotel facilities.

For day-time or twilight conferences there would be delegate packages for between 10 and 1, people in 14 different locations in the stadium and office complexes including the Club Board Room which had been moved intact from the Highbury ground to the new office facilities. Full Stadium Hire — prestige soccer games and music events One reason to have a clear image, positioning and corporate design for the Emirates Stadium is to gain revenue from large scale hire of the whole stadium.

Part of the negotiations for the stadium licensing allows for up to six extra, non-club events each year. At the end of the first year of operation the Stadium was used for a pre-season tournament with two other leading European soccer teams, but additional whole stadium hire would be potentially very lucrative, as it had been to some other, better English stadiums during the period when there was no national soccer stadium at Wembley, London. The Emirates stadium was chosen, at relatively short notice and early in its operational development by Kentaro a new, specialist sports management company, founded by two former senior soccer executives of IMG - the company which created Sports Talent and Sports Event Management as a mature industry.

Kentaro worked with the operational and marketing management at the Club to gain a suitable package for ticketing, TV coverage and perimeter advertising.

The reason for there being a restriction of only 6 non-club events a year and all club events need full licensing in advance with the local borough and the Metropolitan Police Authority, who can ban events for public safety reasons, is that non-club events are more disruptive than club games when most spectators are used to the stadium and to their transport routes.

In the future prestige soccer games for internationals, or neutral ground semi-finals or European finals could be played at the Emirates Stadium to gain extra income, but this would require bidding a long time in advance for the privilege with the appropriate organisers. Stadium Tours To maintain an interest among fans there would be an increase in non-match day tours of the stadium for fans, tourists and for specialist groups like schools.

Some are led, as they had been at Highbury by former players — the Legends Tours. All Tours are guided, paid for and mostly booked in advance and include a visit to the new club Museum, concluding in the Club shops for additional merchandise downloads.

The Armoury retail store has 23 tills, up to 50 staff for match-days and is open 7 days a week. Arsenal was in a serious catch-up position compared to its rivals Manchester United and Chelsea. New merchandise ranges including casual clothing have been added for sale on site and through other channels. The existing club shop at the Finsbury Park underground and overground train station has been refurbished but is still relatively small with a traditional counter service like the old Highbury North Bank shop.

Club Merchandise — External Sales Arsenal branded goods sales at the ground and through other channels had been slow to develop compared to other leading clubs, particularly Manchester United. With the advent of the new stadium there would be substantial growth in on-site sales but also with wider merchandise more sales through other channels including catalogue, phone and internet sales.

General improvements to the customer response management process would further enhance the reputation of the Club and its ability to develop and maintain its fan base and non match-day revenues. Nike and other leading sportswear producers maintain a 12 point compliance checklist that prospective resellers of their products must keep to, in store allocating specialist staff to ensure the correct retailing environment for its products.

The enforcement of such standards means that many retailers and on-line resellers are not able to discount premium products like the Arsenal replica and leisure merchandise. In addition to the stadium rights sponsor which is a key component of the Arsenal financing there are other companies who will pay to be associated in a variety of ways with the Club.

In addition to Nike and Emirates, the Club complements these partners with giving exclusivity to one brand in a range of other product and service categories. A full list of Arsenal FC sponsors is in Exhibit 8. Perimeter Advertising Some of this can be associated with Club sponsors and others will be independent of this relationship.

For EPL games and FA Cup games which are televised there are group arrangements made for the companies being advertised. The new stadium had part of its plan to include the second LED perimeter board system in the UK, after leading competitor Manchester United.

This system on three sides of the ground is sq metres in total size and acts like a large TV screen. A key advantage to advertisers of the LED system compared to fixed sponsor boards is that consumers take in more advertising messages if the full field of view is one brand not a mix of them.

Creatively the messages can be more interesting and arousing on LED perimeter screens with movement and colours designed to reach their audiences more effectively. This provided substantially higher perimeter advertising revenues for the Club.

Arsenal FC Fan Profile and converting them to customers A key part of sports franchise development is to manage the relationship between fans of a club and the progress they can make to become customers of the club. An indication of this is the involvement of consumer groups and sometimes regulators in the issue of first team shirts and the frequency of changing their design and that of away colours and sometimes third choice strip, as well as the price for official shirts and shirts which are unlicensed.

Fans will vary in how they want to participate commercially with the team they follow. Two key parts of the process of converting fans to customers are the additional use of the official website and within this the subscription Arsenal Web TV channel.

In addition to the narrowcast, broadband video-on-demand and iptv service for some games, a broadcast service using the high specification studios at the Emirates Stadium and re-packaged game coverage, was launched on 18 January via Sky and Virgin platforms in the UK, with subscriptions paid via Setanta which shared the UK EPL broadcast rights with Sky Sports.

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