50 shades Deeper Ana and Christians third child, Jason, named after their good friend Jason Taylor, is finally going to college, Dartmouth no doubt. The story follows Jason Grey on his journey of discovering not only himself, but his parents and the ever confusing Lillian Heirs. E L James - 04 - Fifty Shades Deeper - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. the christian/anna love story continues years later. She finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with her first novel,. Fifty Shades of Grey. E L. James is currently working on a new romantic thriller with a.

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Download fifty shades freed from reading sanctuary in eBook pdf format. E L James FIFTY SHADES FREED E L James is a former TV executive, wife, and mother of two based in West London. Since early childhood, she dreamed of. Discover ideas about Fifty Shades Freed Pdf. Wonder if 50 Shades Freed is the best of the trilogy? Fifty Shades Freed PdfFifty Shades Series50 Shades.

My father asked me softly, walking into my room with a firm grace that I most certainly did not inherit. I rolled my eyes while his back is turned, a trait I have taken from my mother, but of course, with his strange ability to read minds and see through the back of his head, he knows Ive done it and turns to glare heatedly at me. I try the trick my mom always uses, grinning sheepishly, but to no avail, apparently Im not as appealing as she is when I do it and he just clears his throat at me. Top drawer. I finally say, giving in under his glare, a small amused smile plays at his lips, the same shape as mine. I look just like him, soft copper brown hair that always cooperates with me and grey eyes, tall, broad and strong, but I am in no way like him, everything about me is just like my mother. Was that so hard Jason? He asked, grinning, his straight white teeth gleaming in the early sun that shines through my balcony windows. I roll my eyes again, matching his amused smirk with my own.

Grace tells me as we fly. Will I get a chance to see you during breaks? I ask, hiding the little nagging fear from my voice, I was closest to my sister, she always reassured me. Of course you will, I dont have as many classes this year, so when you have breaks there is a good chance I wont have a class. She assures me. I dont know why youre worrying, were going to be living in the same apartment, so I will see you every night. She laughs, making me roll my eyes at her.

It was true, dad rented out our own two bedroom apartment for us so we didnt have to live in the college dorms, which I am slightly glad about, and knowing our dad, the apartment would not be some cheap, shabby thing. Most of the necessities are already there waiting for us; furniture, food, entertainment, so all we had to do was move in when college starts in three days. When we land in New Hampshire airport there are cars waiting for us which take us to the hotel were staying at.

Its twelve oclock now so we have lunch at the hotel then settle down in our rooms sitting area. Whos coming tomorrow? I ask. Just you and Grace, I have some business here and Ted is coming with me, your mother is going to visit a publishing house to talk to the manager, offer an arrangement of merging their company with the small one in Portland, and Taylor is He trails off, looking up at Taylor. I can accompany Jason and Grace.

He offers. Oh yes, come with us. Grace grins at Taylor. Thats settled then. My dad smiles. What are we doing tonight?

Ted asks. We thought we could all go out to dinner together? Mom says. Sounds great. I reply, we go out as a family for dinner once a week normally, and they are always the best dinners because were back together as a family, no work business, no college, just us five, well, six tonight including Taylor. Later that evening, after our family dinner we head back to the hotel, Grace fell asleep in the car on the way home, but I manage to keep my eyes open, although I am more than tired, travelling, even just a few hours of flying, always makes us tired, mom and dad on the other hand seem like the dont need to sleep at all, all our lives, they would be awake when we go to bed and up before we are the next day.

When we get back to our room, Grace groggily walks with ease into her room, if that were me I would have walked into the coffee table, but she has our dads elegance. I make my way into my room and clamber out of my clothes and sink into the warm hotel mattress. Good night, see you in the morning.

I hear my mom murmur through my door, making me smile before I give in to sleep. Wakey, wakey! I hear Grace Scream, banging into my room and jumping onto my bed. I groan and roll over. How old are you? I tease. Were leaving in half an hour, get showered and dressed freshman!

She says, leaving me alone in my room. I sigh once more and slide out of my bed, into my ensuite bathroom and into the shower. Once Im dressed, to my dads approval, I walk out into the sitting room where everyone is waiting for me.

Youre lucky, you took twenty eight minutes, two more minutes and I would have been in there to drag you out. Grace says in her mock stern voice, matching our dads, which always amuses us. Well Im ready now. I reply, grinning at her. Were going, good luck today and have fun. My mom says, hugging us both, dad hugs us both quickly and smiles down at me, then they with Ted to do their business. Shall we go then?

Taylor asks. We nod then head down to the car park where a rented car is waiting for us, a BMW x6, which makes me laugh, we never have a shitty old car, even when we have to rent one. I will wait for you in the car while you do your tour and get your schedules. Taylor tells us while we drive to the college. We wont be long, an hour at tops, feel free to go grab a coffee, I have your number.

Grace says, smiling warmly at him and Taylor nods. Once we get to the college, my heart is pretty much in my throat and my stomach is full of butterflies, nervous isnt even the word here, but using my dads trick, I mask that with confidence and make my expression passive, this is the only way I will get through the day.

See, wasnt that bad, was it? Grace asks when we leave the college grounds and spot Taylor, waiting for us just like he said. Not really. I grin at her. Did you make any friends? I laugh. Grace, it wasnt even my first day, the only person I spoke to was the lady who gave me these.

I said, waving my schedules in her face. You will when you start classes on Monday. She smiles warmly. What are we doing over the weekend? She informs me. I nod at her as we climb into the back seat of the car, and Taylor takes us back to the Hotel to wait for Mom, Dad and Ted to come back. When they get back to the hotel later that night, bringing dinner with them, I get the same usual questions; how was it? Did you have fun? Meet anyone you like? Grace tells them about it all, while I read through my schedules and teachers names.

Teds voice snaps me out of my bubble and I look up at him. Tomorrow, you and I are going into town, okay, and no excuses. He grins evilly. Great, whenever Ted gets that look, I always end up in some kind of trouble Chapter 2 Ted? I shouted over the club music. He has dragged me out to three different clubs and has decided to stay in this one. I dont even like clubbing, it isnt my scene. Come on, there are some people I want you to meet. Ted says, grabbing my arm and dragging me towards the bar.

Some people shout, greeting my brother, slapping him on the shoulder in their friendly manner. This is my brother, Jay. He introduces me to the three men standing before us.

Nice to meet you. I say, gripping each of their hand when they hold them out to me. So are you in the Grey business as well with Ted? One asks. No, not yet, hes just starting college. Ted answers for me, and my jaw tightens at the not yet bit, he knows I dont want to work for Grey Enterprises. Dartmouth I take it?

Someone else asks. I answer him. I go to Dartmouth, second year, but I work part time with your brother, for your father. He grins at me. My names Eric. He tells me. Perhaps Ill see you around. I smile back. Bet on it! He laughs, taking a gulp of his beer. Want a drink? Ted asks me. Just one. I warn, since I was the designated driver for the both of us.

He wanders off and gets served straight away by the red headed girl at the bar, I roll my eyes, anything for good looks these days. So are you moving down here? Eric asks me. I shake my head. I have an apartment here for college time, but I still live back in Seattle.

I inform him. On your own? No, my sister, shes in her third and last year, is sharing the apartment with me.

He grins. Here you go. Ted says, handing me my drink, a beer, my first one. I take a gulp and shudder at the taste. Beer Virgin? Eric asks, and I grin at him. It grows on you. He informs me. I hope so. I laugh, taking another gulp, and true to his word, it starts to taste nicer as it goes down, the bitter after taste not as potent.

As the night progressed, Ted drunk more and more and let loose, I stayed by the bar with Eric, who is telling me all about Dartmouth. The professors are great, although some of them will try and make you quit. He says. I ask, still holding my empty glass. To suss out the weak ones. He shrugs. I laugh, and someone taps me on the shoulder, I turn to see a short, slim brown haired girl smiling at me.

Are you waiting to get served? I shake my head at her, words failing, which isnt normal for me, Im normally a fine speaker. Do you mind if I squeeze past you, theres no room anywhere else? She grins, showing off perfect white teeth.

Yes, sure, go ahead. I practically stutter. Are you just going to ignore me then? Eric grins at the girl. Who else? Eric laughs. Oh my god I havent seen you in two years! She exclaims, pulling Eric into a tight hug. I know, hows Victoria?

Shes fine, she works for a private beauty Salon now in Portland. The girl tells him. Wow, thats great for her, tell her I said hi when you next see her. She nods and smiles at me, then holds her hand out to me. Eric quickly introduces us. As I go to take her hand, she snatches it back. As in, Grey Enterprises?

She almost glares. Yes, well, my father is the CEO, I dont work there though. Oh, well it was nice seeing you Eric. She smiles at our friend, quickly orders her drink and heads back off into the direction of the dance floor.

Did I do something wrong? I ask Eric, a little bemused at her attitude. She has a grudge against all you Greys, she doesnt like your brother either, dont worry. Eric assures me, but it just heightens my curiosity. A grudge?

What for? I question. Eric shrugs and takes another sip of his beer. Something about her mother or whatever, she doesnt really talk about it, all I know is, she has no intention of befriending Ted, or you it seems.

I nod, and watch her dancing with her friends. How do you know her? I dated her sister, Victoria for a while, we broke up because of distance, but Im still close with the two of them, and Lily lives here, same as me. What time are we leaving? I ask Ted when he comes back over to me and Eric. He promises, I roll my eyes, knowing that his soon can range from two minutes to an hour.

I decide to mingle a bit, joining Eric as he moves across the dance floor, the loud music pounding in my ear. Excuse me. I apologise when I knock into someone. The girl turns to face me and her smile quickly fades into a bored line. I sigh, and stop following Eric to talk to Lillian Heirs. Look, I dont know what your problem is, but Im not-I try to explain but she holds her hand up and cuts me off. You dont need to know what my problem is, Mr Grey, all you need to know is to keep away from me.

She snaps in a sneer. Have I done something wrong? I argue back, feeling the heat rise as she makes me more angry. Ask your father. She replies then turns away from me and disappears into the crowd. What a stuck up, pompous, rude, arrogant- You okay there little brother? Teds laughing voice interrupts my angry outburst.

Come on, were going home! I shout at my brother and head to the door. Once outside in the night air, I take a deep breath and calm down.

Fifty Shades Darker - Wikipedia

Who does she think she is, instantly hating me because of my name? Alright, lets go. Ted saunters out of the club and joins me by the rented car. What were you so pissed at anyway? He asks when we climb in and I start the ignition. Eric introduced me to Lillian Heirs. I said through gritted teeth, I have my fathers anger issues it seems. Ted burst into a fit of laughter. She is something, isnt she? He howled. You can say that again. I mutter as I drive slowly down the town road.

The first time I ever met her, I was invited to a party with Eric, a work thing, and she threw her glass of water in my face because I said I wanted to be like dad.

He grinned fondly at the memory. I dont know why she got so fierce, dad is a good businessman. He defended.

I shrugged and turned the corner, and stalled the car when I had to emergency break as two people fell out in front of my car.

What the fuck? Ted yells. Stay here. I order and unbuckle my seat belt and climb out the car. Get the fuck off of me! I hear a girl shout. Walking round to the front of the car I see a guy pushing a girl down on the ground, trying to get on top of her.

What the fuck do you think youre doing?! I shout and push the guy off her, he falls easily, not seeing me coming. The girl scrambles to her feet and stares at me. Get in the car Lillian! I shout when I recognize her, she doesnt question me or throw insults, she runs and jumps into the back seat of the car. The guy has recovered himself and is walking back over to me, I just glare at him, refusing to move.

What you getting involved for kid? He sneers, getting closer to me so his nose is practically scraping mine. I suggest you back off, Mason. I hear Ted say as he saunters over to stand next to me and gently pushes the guy away from me. Grey, what are you doing here? Mason asks, a little less colour in his face.

Showing my brother around. Ted says simply. Mason gulps quietly, but I hear him. Tell you brother not to get involved in my business. He snaps. Dont go around harassing girls, and he wont. Ted snaps back, proving that he too, is just like our dad. Mason growls then stalks off back towards the club. I could have handled him. I mutter to Ted. I know, Masons a pussy really.

Ted laughs. Come on. I punch his shoulder playfully and get back into the car, almost forgetting Lily in the back until she clears her throat.

Where are you heading? I ask her, looking at her in my rear view mirror. I can walk. She mutters, hugging herself. I reply sarcastically, and she looks down, making me feel bad. Look, just let me give you a ride.

I say, my tone softer than before. The college dorms. They let you stay there during the summer? No, I only moved in two days ago. She replies, her tone less than friendly.

First year? Ted asks, ignoring her. Same as Jay here. Ted says, patting my arm as I drive towards Dartmouth. As were driving, Ted falls asleep, the alcohol and late night kicking in. You okay? I ask, glancing at her in the mirror. She replies, almost angrily. Youre welcome. I say sarcastically, annoyed at her tone. I was fine! She shouts. If being dragged to the floor and attacked is fine, then yes you were! I shout back, glaring at her in the mirror, so I see the tears spring to her eyes.

Fuck, look, I didnt mean it, okay. I try to apologise. She stays silent for a little while. Thank you. She eventually says after a few minutes. We pull into the Dartmouth dorms car park and I get out to open her door for her. Here you are.

I say as she climbs out. Thanks for the lift. She mutters.

No problem. And I cant help but smile at her. She starts to walk towards the building and turns to face me over her shoulder. This doesnt mean I like you Grey. She smirks. You either, Heirs. I laugh, then get back into my car and head back to the hotel, with a softly snoring Ted next to me. I wake Ted up when we get to the hotel and he groggily follows me in, its two am now and the hotel is quiet. Did Lily get home okay? He asks, almost falling into the elevator behind me. I nod. Was she alright?

I think so, who was that Mason guy? I ask, frowning at Ted. Just some Jerk who was dating her two years back, I met him when I first met Lily, hes no good. I nod, taking in the information; crazy jerk ex-boyfriend. When we let ourselves into the hotel I have to throw my hands over my eyes to hide from the horrible sight inside. Mom is sitting on the kitchen counter, dad in between her legs and theyre kissing like teenagers. God, didnt you guys get enough of that when you were younger?!

I cry. They dont even have the decency to pull apart, they just giggle and laugh. Im going to bed. I groan, Ted follows me to his room, laughing softly at our love struck parents. At least they dont argue. He points out, and I just wave my hand at him and close my door. Once Im in bed I close my eyes eagerly, letting sleep was over me, and I dream about an oak tree and a girl laughing. Chapter 3 Grace! I shout when I feel a pillow smack into my face, waking me up with a start. You didnt wake up when I called you.

She shrugged innocently. So you hit me? Oh dont be such a baby, get up, were moving in today. She grins. I thought we were moving in tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Monday, thats when college starts, so it would make more sense to move in today, dont you think? She laughs.

I nod and point at my door, signalling for her to leave, which she does, leaving me alone again, I look over at my alarm clock, Shit, six thirty? I groan, wishing I could go back to sleep, I only had three hours last night. Mom and dad say at the same time when I come out of my room and into the kitchen to get some breakfast, which makes me shudder when I remember last night.

I laugh to myself about it, knowing Ted is right about them not arguing, Im lucky theyre so in love. Whats so funny? My dad asks, and I just shake my head and accept the plate of egg and toast my mom offers me. Are you ready to move in to the apartment? She asks, sitting down beside me with her coffee. Eat something. My dad tells her, which makes her laugh out loud but she gets some toast too. I roll my eyes at them and their inside jokes, I will never understand them.

All I have to take is my luggage I brought here; the rest was taken there by Taylor, right? I ask, eating my food. Yes, its all ready for you two. Dad answers. Are you going home tomorrow? Grace asks. Were going to fly back later tonight when youre both settled, I have a meeting tomorrow morning I cant miss, is that alright?

He replies, looking warily at us as if he didnt want to leave us here alone, which knowing him, he didnt; he is way protective. And we have a surprise for you both. Mom grins sheepishly, which means she isnt too sure about it herself, I bet it was dads Idea. We got you a car each, so you can get around here and dont have to worry about renting one.

Yep, definitely his idea. We both grin at him. Weve learnt over the years that you just have to accept the gifts. Theyre parked in the apartment car park. Great, thanks so much. Grace smiles her daddys girl smile at them both.

Wait, you didnt get us ridiculously expensive ones, did you? I asked, just imagining the looks we would get driving into college in a Audi Spyder. My mom laughs, knowing what I meant. We got you less conspicuous ones. Grace, we got you an Ice blue Mini convertible, you said you liked them. Dad tells her, which she squeals with glee at.

And you have a black bmw m6 convertible. Mom says, wiggling her eyebrows. You could have gone a little more low key, but Im not complaining, thank you. I smile. Hard top? I ask cheekily, and dad nods, knowing Im not keen on soft top convertibles, whereas Grace loves them, especially on minis. Is everything to your liking? Taylor asks, grinning at us as we let ourselves into our new apartment, where he is waiting.

I look around, it is large and spacious, the kitchen joins onto the living room, both having a cream and black colour scheme, the sofas are black leather and the carpet is soft and cream. We thought a plain look would suit the living room and kitchen, but the bathroom is black white and red, and your bedrooms are decorated the way you described.

Taylor informs us. Grace says, and I smile at him. Right, well let you two settle in, we need to get back to the hotel and grab our stuff so we can catch the jet. Mom says, hugging us both closely. Well be back next weekend, okay. Dad says, also hugging us briefly. See you then. I say. Ring us when youre home. Grace adds. Give me a call If you have any trouble. Ted says quietly to me and pats my shoulder. Will do, see you later.

I reply. Thanks again Taylor, will you be back next week too? Of course he will, if he wants. Dad says, inviting him. I will. Taylor grins at us. See you in a week. Mom says, closing the door behind her, and Grace and I are alone. This place is really nice. She grins, I nod in agreement. Lets go check out our rooms.

I suggest. I walk down the right corridor and Grace goes down the left, there was no chance in having a small apartment when it came to dad looking for one, no, we have a large one with bedroom on opposite sides. I open the door to what I think Its my bedroom but is in fact my bathroom, just like the common one, it is black and white, but instead of red dcor it has dark blue.

I turn and open the door opposite and walk into my new room. It was just how I liked it, plain, using black, brown and creams as the colour scheme and one wall is all window which shows the city, and very modern. I smile, liking my new room then close the door and walk round to see Graces. Hers is similar to mine, having cream and black as its main colour theme, she has a wall wardrobe that her bed is tucked into.

She has already started to unpack her things into the wardrobe. Hey, did you see your bathroom? Yes, do you have one? Yes, its ensuite. Very nice. I grin. Do you like this then? I ask, meaning the whole apartment.

Yes, its very modern isnt it. She smiles. Want to cook or order dinner? I really fancy Chinese food. She muses. Take away it is, Ill order it. I laugh, walking out of her room and towards the kitchen. Just as I go to dial in the number from the list of take aways that mom must have put on the fridge, my phone started ringing, showing a number I dont recognize.

I answered anyway. Hey, its Eric, Ted gave me your number, hope you dont mind? Oh, it was Eric. No its fine, whats up? Wondered if you wanted to hang out tonight, college starts tomorrow. He asked. Me and my sister are about to order some Chinese food if you want to join, well probably just watch tv or something.

I shrugged, even though he cant see me. Sounds great, tell you what, Ill pick up the food and you guys just give me your share of the money when I get there. He offered. Yeah, alright, just grab whatever, a bit of everything.

I laughed. See you in a bit, text me your address. He said before hanging up. I quickly tapped in the address and sent it to his number then saved him in my phone. Who was that? Grace asked, coming out in her pyjamas.

My friend Eric, hes coming over with the food. I told her, grabbing myself a can of coke from the fully stocked fridge and settling down on the cold leather couch. You mean that guy who works with Ted and Dad during the holidays and weekends? She asked, looking slightly pink in the face. Yeah- I didnt even get to finish my answer before she ran back into her room, emerging ten minutes later fully dressed again. Making an impression for somebody, Grace? Shut up.

She snaps, but has a shy smile playing at her lips Its fifteen minutes later when someone buzzes our door. I get up and look out the camera to see a black and white image of Eric standing there with two bags of Chinese food. I buzz him in then open the door for him, a minute later he steps out of the elevator and walks in. He greets, setting the bags down on the kitchen island and turning to face me. Thanks for that, heres our money. I say, handing him thirty bucks. He puts the money in his back pocket.

Grace saunters over to us, using the same walk our dad does and smiles brightly.

Fifty Shades Freed

This is Grace, my sister. I introduce them, rolling my eyes. Nice to meet you, Im Eric. Eric says, shaking Graces hand. You too. Alright, lets eat. I say, grabbing three plates and dishing it out. So I heard you gave Lily a ride home Saturday night? Eric asks while eating his food, we put a dvd on for background noise while we all ate, Grace made sure she kept conversing with him. I nodded while I swallowed my mouthful of noodles. Yeah, some guy called mason was giving her trouble.

Are you two friends now? He grinned. I wouldnt say friends. Shes going to feel like she owes you, shes that type of girl. Eric sighs. I shrug. She doesnt owe me anything, I was just being a nice guy.

Always the nice guy. Grace winks. How are you two getting to college tomorrow? Eric asks. We drive what about you? Grace replies. Walking, unfortunately. My cars in for repairs this week. Want a lift? I offer. Sure, thanks. He grins back. Do you live far? No actually, I live just round the corner, I can meet you here in the morning if youd like? He compromises.

I nod and finish my food before taking it into the kitchen to wash it, while Im in there; Grace takes the time to really talk to him, put on the Grace charm. Right, I better head home, see you guys in the morning. He says, waving as he heads out the door. Hes cute. Grace says as soon as the door closes. Geez Grace, you dont need a toy boy. Hes only a year younger than me! She defends. Right, well, Ill leave you to your teenage hormones, Im going to bed.

I laugh, walking towards my room. Night little brother! She calls after me, I roll my eyes and chuckle. Once Im in my room I let out a big sigh of air.

My first day of college tomorrow. Bring it on.

E L James - 04 - Fifty Shades Deeper

Chapter 4 For once I was awake before Grace. College starts at nine and it just turned six oclock. I get ready in half an hour, showering and dressing into casual dark jeans and a grey t-shirt and converses, once Im done, leaving my wet hair to dry naturally I go and knock on Graces door, I wouldnt dare just walk in like she does to me, just in case she is up and getting dressed or something.

I hear her shuffle around then open the door with a sleepy face. Thanks for waking me up, I forgot to set my alarm.

She yawned. No problem, you want breakfast? I ask, turning to walk towards the kitchen. Yes please. She calls after me. I start making us pancakes and by seven oclock theyre done and Grace comes out wide awake and fully dressed.

Eat up; Eric will be here in ten minutes. I tell her, passing her plate to her across the island table. She eats her pancakes quickly then goes to brush her teeth, which I find weird, I always brush my teeth before I eat, otherwise you can feel the food that is still kind of stuck in your teeth wash around, it just makes me feel sick.

I wash up our plates and put them on the rack to dry and the buzzer goes, I know its Eric so I grab my bag of the sofa and go over to the door and press the speaker button. Well be down in a minute. Come on Grace. I call into the apartment so she can hear me; she comes out of her room with her bag and follows me out the door.

I say when we come out of the buildings front door and see Eric sitting on the wall waiting for us. Morning guys. He greets. My cars in the underground car park. I explain, waling round to the door that goes in under the building where all the cars are parked, the driving entrance is on the other side of the building.

Chill, bro. In the film, the ladies keep on referring to Gia's chest as her "plans. And Gia, get a new car! Yet another reminder from the movie that Ana actually works at her job, three hours at a time. Yes, because two sizes makes all the difference when it comes to sales. Every second of the car sex scene. Universal Pictures Ana offers cable ties to her bodyguards after they take down Jack.

Good to know cable ties are also good for non Red Room purposes! Bath time with Christian and Ana in Aspen. Perfectly normal, sexy couple taking a bubble bath together. Dialogue: Do you think your brother is cheating on Kate? Every second of the vanilla ice cream sex scene. Elliot proposes to Kate in a club. Ana hardcore flashing back to her butt plug session while at work. Is that drool on her desk? And see? She doesn't say this in the book, so it's a bit silly of the movie to include this brief Sex lecture.

The flashback montage of all the Fifty Shades movies.

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