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Man Utd and England striker Wayne Rooney reveals how it felt to score the Taken from his autobiography My Decade In The Premier League, available now: ruthenpress.info Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Wayne Rooney was born on the 24th of October, He is known all over the world by people who love football. He is, of course, the striker for Manchester. Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far. Wayne Rooney. Pris Bøger: Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far pdf - (KR );. Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far fb2 - (KR ); .

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Wayne Rooney Autobiography Pdf

Wayne Rooney is one of my football icons and to be able to read a book written Wayne Rooney: My Decade in the Premier League free ebook pdf download. Wayne Rooney: My Decade in the Premier League pdf by W. Rooney Jessica ennis stood under my story in particular ok I really recommend this book. wayne rooney autobiography - ruthenpress.info-logic - wayne rooney child my autobiography janis ian pdf ebook - wayne rooney my story pdf.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publishers. FSC is a non-prot international organisation established to promote the responsible management of the worlds forests. Products carrying the FSC label are independently certied to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations, and other controlled sources. Find out more about HarperCollins and the environment at www. Everything goes dead mad, dead quick. Then that feeling kicks in an unbelievable feeling of satisfaction that I get from scoring a goal in the Premier League. Like the sensation I get whenever Ive smashed a golf ball ush off the face of the club and watched it trickle onto the green. Its a high a mad rush of power. Its a wave of emotion but it takes me over like nothing else. This feeling of putting one away for Manchester United is huge, selsh, nuts. I reckon if I could bottle the buzz, Id be able to make the best energy drink ever. A heartbeat later and Im at normal speed again, Im coming round. Theres more and more noise; its so big, its right on top of me. Someones grabbing at my shirt, my hearts banging out of my chest. The crowd are singing my name: Rooney!

So ok, while other reviewers say this is no 'masterpiece' in literature, what did they expect? This is just a simple, yet well written insight into his life. He doesnt go into great depth surrounding his home life, or childhood, but suggesting from the book cover, it wasnt his main intention.

He simply delivers the facts surrounding his football career - how he got to where he is today, the highs, lows etc. I'll admit, this is no-where near as in depth into his life as say, David Beckhams autobigraphy even with tiny lettering its still thick!

While this book is quite thick and is roomy on the bookshelf, the large lettering makes it decieving, and you'll be flying through in time. I think as time goes on, Rooney will soon develop a better style of writing that'll 'hopefully' include more interesting facts about his lifestyle.

But for now, this will do. My nan loves it. One person found this helpful. Although I'm not a Man United supporter, I was really looking forward to this. Hunter Davies is one of the best ghostwriters in the business and the publishers had lavished a reported five million quid advance on this book and four follow-ups over the course of Wayne's life.

Rooney is still, despite the World Cup, considered by many to be the most talented player in the country and he's had his fair share of off-pitch controversy to boot. Well, no. Nothing at all. Save your money.

There are two problems: Hunter's work with Paul Gascoigne is a case in point - painful but fascinating reading. I don't download the fact that young people should never get involved with autobiographies But that's not the main problem really and in the end it's not entirely Rooney's fault - it's out of his hands.

Wayne Rooney: My Decade In The Premier League - Extract

The reason this book is so very bad is that, no doubt pandering to Rooney's totalitarian manager Alex Ferguson and satanic agent Paul Stretford, any attempt to express an opinion, say something fascinating or offer an insight has been totally washed away. Even all that business about being caught in a brothel barely gets a couple of hollow paragraphs, presumaby to spare Colleen further embarrassment.

So there's just nothing of the slightest interest left. There are only two remaining questions aside from the obvious one about why anybody bought this at all: And what on earth are they going to put in the other four?

I sometimes wonder and worry about the amount of worth works like this can actually achieve. Lame in reality, dumb and tedious in effort and execution, it beggars the question why we're not, as a society, a lot more critical?

Is it because, as I suspect, and the people who produce this trash know for sure, no-one gives a monkeys? Of course this stuff will keep right on coming until we can muster up some sort of resistance to it, and at the moment I would say that's highly unlikely.

What we need is some quality control in our own lives and the inclination to back it up. It would be a start if we could curb the exposure of some of the people who are supposed to be steering us clear of this stuff.

Too busy 'appearing' somewhere to be of any use at the business end; too involved to see the damage they're doing and allowing to be done. But far more importantly; as a civilization, we must vent every way we can, our abhorrence and intolerance for the debased, the tawdry and the creatively unclean.

Sneer and scorn the lame ducks and the half-talents. Bring pressure to bear on those who exist only for profit and actively encourage, for lucrative financial gain, the deliberate and VERY real 'dumbing down' of pretty much anything and everything in our culture. This afflicts across the board: And at it's cold black heart - its nadir - is us as people in the land of the dead, sucking it all in without retort, without obloquy, and worst of all Simple but not so pure.

It's important to get this out of the way immediately; this is a really bad book. I only give it two stars because the pictures are nice and it's interesting to read the stuff about David Moyes in the light of Moyes being at United now - in this book Rooney has no time for him at all.

It's an earner for Rooney and his advisors but publishing an autobiography at 20 is all advised for anyone. At the end of his career Rooney may put out a good book; My Story certainly gives him plenty of room for improvement.

My senses are all over the place. Its hard to explain to someone whos never played the game or felt the pressure of performing in front of a big crowd before, but playing football at Old Trafford is like running around in a bubble.

We want footie, not flimflam

Its really intense, claustrophobic. I can smell the grass, I can hear the crowd, but I cant make out whats being sung. Everythings mufed, like when Im underwater in the swimming baths: I can hear the shouting and splashing from everyone around me in the pool, but nothings clear, I cant pick out any one voice.

I cant really hear what people are yelling. Its the same on the pitch.

I can hear certain sounds when the game slows down for a moment or two, like when Im taking a corner or free-kick and theres a strange rumble of 20, spring-loaded seats thwacking back in a section of the ground behind me as I stand over the ball, everyone on. But its never long before the mufed noise comes over again. Then Im back underwater. Back in the bubble. The balls coming my way. The deection has changed the shape of Nanis pass, sending it higher than I thought, which downloads me an extra second to shift into position and re-adjust my balance, to think: Im having a go at this.

My legs are knackered, but I use all the strength I have to spring from the back of my heels, swinging my right leg over my left shoulder in mid-air to bang the cross with an overhead kick, an acrobatic volley.

Its an all or nothing hit that I know will make me look really stupid if I spoon it. But I dont.

I make good contact with the ball and it res into the top corner; I feel it, but I dont see it. As I twist in mid-air, trying to follow the ight of my shot, I cant see where the ball has gone, but the sudden roar of noise tells me Ive scored.

I roll over and see Joe Hart, Citys goalkeeper, rooted to the spot, his arms spread wide in disbelief, the ball bobbling and spinning in the net behind him.

If playing football is like being underwater, then scoring a goal feels like coming up for air. I can see and hear it all, clear as anything.

Faces in the crowd, thousands and thousands of them shouting and smiling, climbing over one another. Grown men jumping up and down like little kids.

Children screaming with proper passion, ags waving. Every image is razor sharp. I see the colour of the stewards bibs in the stands. I can see banners. Its like going from black and white to colour; standard to high-denition telly at a push of the remote. Everyone is going mental in the crowd; they think the game is just about won. From nearly giving the ball away to smashing a winning goal into the top corner: The difference between winning and losing is on a knife edge a lot of the time.

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Thats why its the best game in the world. Everyone gathers round me in the dressing room afterwards, they want to talk about the goal. But Im wrecked, done in, Ive got nothing left; its all out there on the pitch, along with that overhead kick.

The room is buzzing; Rio Ferdinand is buzzing. Wow, he says. Patrice Evra, our full-back, calls it beautiful. Then The Manager comes into the dressing room, his big black coat on; he looks made up, excited. The man who has shouted, screamed and yelled from the Old Trafford touchlines for over a quarter of a century; the man who has managed and inspired some of the greatest players in Premier League history.

The man who signed me for the biggest club in the world. The most successful club boss in the modern game.


He walks round to all of us and shakes our hands like he does after every win. Its been like this since the day I signed for United. Thankfully Ive had a lot of handshakes. He lets on to me. That was magnicent, Wayne, that was great. I nod; Im too tired to speak, but I wouldnt say anything if I could.

Dont get me wrong, theres nothing better than The Manager saying well done but I dont need it. I know when Ive played well and when Ive played badly. I know in my heart whether I have or I havent. Then he makes out that its the best goal hes ever seen at Old Trafford. He should know, hes been around the club long enough and seen plenty of great goalscorers come and go during his time.

The Manager is in charge of everything and he controls the players at Manchester United emotionally and physically. Before the game he reads out the teamsheet and I sometimes get that same weird, nervous feeling I used to get whenever the coach of the school team pinned the starting XI to the noticeboard.

Wayne Rooney | Biography & Facts | ruthenpress.info

His first goal was assisted by Antonio Valencia. Although he missed a penalty, he did create two goals by assisting Paul Scholes for the first goal and Danny Welbeck for the second.

This was also his th game for United in all competitions. On 4 March, Rooney scored the first goal in a 3—1 away win against Tottenham at White Hart Lane and passed Joe Spence in Manchester United's all-time top goalscorers table , moving up to sixth place overall with goals. On 15 March, Rooney scored in the second leg of the Europa League tie against Athletic Bilbao in Bilbao despite United losing 2—1 on the night and 5—3 on aggregate. Their rivals for the Premier League title, Manchester City, were losing 2—1 in their game going into injury time, so Rooney's winner looked like it would seal the title.

He scored his first goal of the season with a free-kick in a 2—0 win against Crystal Palace. I have been very impressed by his professionalism and his attitude to training and to my philosophy.

He is a great inspiration to the younger members of the team and I believe he will put his heart and soul into his captaincy role. In the same match, he was sent off for a foul on Stewart Downing and received a three-game suspension. Replay seemed to have shown that Rooney hadn't come in contact with the goalkeeper. I had to use that. United's total goals of 62 were also their second worst in the Premier League era.

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