www. ruthenpress.info Spoken English Through Telugu. Menu Hi, my precised book on spoken English was published. It was for 8 th to 9th class. My First English book on Grammar. ruthenpress.info 4ojOaKZm00SHU5Wm05bTg/view?usp=sharing. My second book on spoken English. i want to spoken english in pdf format also. meru asalina upakari If u have any rajiv dixit Telugu ruthenpress.info are books available please call me.

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Upakari Spoken English Book

This book is only a sample of the original book Spoken English Made Easy. Only topics have been covered in this sample book. To get access to all the. Spoken English Lerning. Uploaded by. Kiran Kumar Reddy · Simple Hindi Speak hindi. Uploaded by. StalloneStallone · Upakari's Spoken English Book. You are currently browsing our books with tag name Upakari Spoken English Alternatively You can visit home page and start browsing from there! Or visit our.

This book is only a sample of the original book Spoken English Made Easy. Only topics have been covered in this sample book. To get access to all the tutorials, please download the tutorials Book and Video Tutorials from the website www. Visit the website www. NOUN b. VERB c. It need not be so, if the method of learning has been made simple and the learner has a positive approach to learn the language. English, the language of the great Anglo-Saxon and the British, has become the linking language which unites people all over the world as one as it makes communication much easier. In India, where diversity in languages, culture and tradition, is quite predominant, English language plays a vital role in uniting the people through communication and strengthens the relationship between the people of one state with another.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Rama is a boy He drives a car They play foot ball Main verb b. Auxiliary verb: Auxiliary verb is mainly used in Continuous and Perfect tenses. The teacher is Aux Verb teaching a lesson. Main verb.


Many people were running a marathon for an AIDS awareness programme. I have spoken to my friend regarding the appointment. Transitive Verb: The verb which has an object in a sentence is called a transitive verb. Rama ate the food. Sub verb Object. Intransitive Verb: Mostly intransitive verbs will not have an object.

But they may have a complement.

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The trains are arriving late due to heavy rains Complement. Some of the Intransitive Verbs: Stand 3. Please note: The Intransitive verbs cannot be changed into Passive Voice as they do not have an object.

A list of words with different tense forms, are given to learn by heart. If they are learnt thoroughly, it will improve your vocabulary as well as help you to construct the sentence correctly. It shows the quality of the noun. The Adjective has degrees of comparison. There are three degrees of comparison. Positive 2. Comparative 3. Superlative 1. Positive degree: Rama is a kind boy. Here we are just making a statement about Rama. Comparative degree: Rama is kinder than Ravi. Here we are comparing Rama with Ravi.

Superlative degree: Rama is the kindest boy in the class. Here there is no comparison at all. Rama is the BEST in the class. Please note the definite article the is used in front of the superlative degree kindest. Alexander was a great king. Alexander was greater than Napoleon. Alexander was the greatest king the world had ever seen. Small 2. Thin 3. Wide 4. Short 5. Arrive 6. Fair 7. Initial 8.

Active 9. Popular Thick, fat. Simple sentences. Compound sentences. Complex sentences. Rama drives a car in a race. The teacher teaches a lesson to the students. I see a movie on Sundays Gerund: When a Verb is used as noun by adding ing, it is called a gerund. It is largely used in simple sentences.

Seeing the angry lion, he ran for life. Helping others gives us more pleasure than being selfish. Being a girl, she could not go out in the night. And, but, yet, else, therefore.

He wrote the exams and waited for the results. He is old, but he is healthy. He studied hard, yet he failed in the exams. Learn well else you will fail in the exams. She was sick, therefore she could not go to school. Phrase A string of words which cannot give meaning on its own is known as a phrase. The girl, who lives down the lane, is poor. There are three phrases in the above sentences. A simple sentence which can give meaning on its own is called as clause.

When I was crossing the road, I saw the accident I was crossing the road. I saw the accident. These two simple sentences are connected by a conjunction-when-to form a complex sentence.

The following conjunctions are used in complex sentences: When, where, while, who, which, whose, whom, how, that, if, whether, as, since, because, though, although, eventhough, however, whatever, whichever, whenever, whomever. When we use the conjunctions in Complex sentences, we have to identify whether they are conjunction or question with reference to the context in which they are used.

The students were very attentive, when the teacher was teaching. My friend asked me where I was going. He snores loudly while sleeping. This is the boy who carried my bags at the railway station. The mango tree, which we planted recently in our garden, grows very slowly.

The leaders, whose footsteps are followed by the people, should lead an ethical life. You can choose whichever career you want, if you study well. You can ask me whenever you want money. John did not know how he landed in India. Since , India has developed a lot. Eliza Dolittle to speak English perfectly with correct accent and pronunciation. This line stresses the sound of ain with reference to r, s, m, p. The tongue-twisters are to be read loudly and repeatedly to improve our pronunciation and voice modulation.

Given below are some of the famous tongue-twisters which enable the readers to improve their pronunciation. Betty bought bitter butter So she bought better butter To make the bitter butter better butter. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plains 3.

Hurricane hardly happens 4. Weary Wily washes and wipes wet windows while Walter whistles. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Change the following sentences into other tenses. The first one is done for you. The teacher teaches a lesson. The hen lays eggs. The birds fly in the sky 4. We go to the Church regularly 5. He writes poems E.

The teacher teaches a lesson Present tense The teacher taught a lesson Past tense The teacher will teach a lesson Future tense The teacher is teaching a lesson Present continuous. The teacher was teaching a lesson Past continuous. The teacher will be teaching a lesson Future continuous. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page.

Search inside document. The original book consists of more than practice exercise questions and answers. Rama is a boy Proper Noun Common Noun 2. India is a big country Proper Noun 2. Collective Noun 2. The army is fighting Collective Noun Please note that the following verb of any collective noun should be in singular. Main verb b. Sub verb Object 2.

The students are electing their leader today.

Bathe 9. Kiran Kumar Reddy. Abhijit Raj. Kathy Leen Mendoza Parungao. Ibrahim Ghazal. Sarah JT. Sai Saranya Gotrala. Jesu Dass. Detailed Syllabus of Personality Development Course. Imprint Training Center for Personality development. Naga Pradeep Veerisetty. More From Santanu Kumar Sahu. Santanu Kumar Sahu.

Overview of Statutes Applicable to Construction Industry. Joelson Leal. Cournel Khan. Operational and Occupational Hazards in Construction. Quality and Quatification in Rock Drilling and Grouting 2. Manoj Kumar Mohan. Muhammad Mohtashim. Fire Prevention Inspection Checklist Octform2. Popular in Linguistic Morphology.

Marya Fanta C Lupu. Yeni Suhyani. Mirza Razwan Baig. Muhammad Izzat Syahmi. Fio Feraria.

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Enrique Perez. Silvia Ancuteru. Tabitha Sanders. Seka Dasha. Jacksparrow Epred J.

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Julia Piegas. Euge Gordillo. Malik Naseer Awan. Sandeep S Nair. Jerome Rafael. Imran Jameel. Aissen Auth.

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