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The Other Side of Midnight. Home · The Other Side of Midnight Invalid or corrupted PDF file. More Information Views 2MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF. The Other Side of Midnight. Home · The Other Side of Midnight Author: Newman Kim The Other Side of Silence. Read more · The Other Side Of Dawn. The books is entitled The Other Side of Midnight which is written by Sidney Sheldon. The Other Side of Midnight is published by Warner Books at New York New York, with a copy right of I choose this book because I have heard that Sidney Sheldon’s novels were very famous, and.

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The Other Side Of Midnight Pdf

In The Other Side of Midnight, Sheldon's characters played the ultimate game of love, lust, and death. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. The Other Side of Midnight is Sidney Sheldon at his best. This page-turner is full of tortured romantic entanglements, reverses of fortune, thrilling suspens. The Other Side of Midnight is Sidney Sheldon at his best. This page-turner is full of tortured romantic entanglements, reverses of fortune, thrilling suspense, and.

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Larry abandons her in a sea cave on their trip, but is forced to return for her when the coast guard notices him exiting alone. Catherine tries to tell the doctor about Larry's plot to kill her, but the doctor thinks she is hallucinating. Catherine wakes up in the middle of the night and overhears Larry and Noelle plotting her death and she escapes during a heavy thunderstorm.

She goes into a boat, but falls overboard, apparently drowning. Catherine's claims against them leads Larry and Noelle to be put on trial for her murder.

Demiris is noticeably absent, but visits Noelle in jail.

He claims to still love her and offers to pay the judge off if she will stay with him forever. Towards the end of the trial, Demiris' lawyer, Napoleon Chotas, informs Larry, Noelle, and Larry's lawyer Starvos that Demiris made a deal with the judge: if they plead guilty, Larry will be banned from Greece and will serve a short sentence in America while Noelle's passport will be taken and she will stay with him forever.

They both agree to the deal. However, after pleading guilty, they realize that there was never a deal made when the judge thanks them for having a conscience and admitting to the murder despite the lack of evidence against them.

Chotas offers Starvos a position in his firm in exchange for his silence. They are sentenced to death, and Demiris, sitting in the courtroom, looks pleased. They are executed months later. He seduces the virginal Catherine with some of the same lines he used with Noelle.

After the war, Larry is employed by various civilian airlines. Noelle hires a detective to keep tabs on him, then sabotages any job Larry is able to find. Larry is in no position to refuse a job offer to come to Greece and be a private pilot, unaware that Noelle is who is hiring him.

Larry initially fails to recognize her. Noelle treats him rudely until Larry is not sure how much more he can take. Bill Fraser, a wealthy and famous man was left behind, he was willing to help Catherine if she would be needing his help.

He would remain a friend to Catherine and Larry as to his thoughts.

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Larry before meeting Catherine has met Noelle in Paris. Helped her to recover from her running away. He found himself living with her, and constantly telling her that he would marry Noelle after his flight and fight in war.

But Larry has forgot everything about Noelle after the war and never came back for her.

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Noelle is born a princess. A very lovely lady. Her mother was seeing a sailor that is likely her before marrying Noelles father. They are not that rich but still the man, who Noelle believed was her father had made her a princess and kept in her mind that she is and someday that she would be leading a fleet.

Noelle is obsessed on the thoughts that she is really a princess, until his father gave her away to a Monseniour after her mother died.

The Other Side of Midnight

She was changed after it, she has been a rough woman, she was told by his father that Monseniour would give her anything she please and that they two would live a nice life. Days has pass and Noelle decided to run away. Parish is her new hometown.

Larry and Noelle plans to erase Catherine and Constantin in their lives. They wanted to be together again and to continue their love in the first chapter of Noelles life before he left her in Paris.

The mere fact that Catherine is refusing to get a divorce, Larry has been obsessed of Noelles and has thought of killing Catherine to get rid of her. Catherine was hurt and was depressed on the tragic accident she had encountered in the cave and has tried to escape what she has heard.

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