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Mirat Ul Uroos Novel Pdf

Mirat Ul Uroos by Deputy Nazeer Ahmad - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Mirat Ul Uroos by The Sympathizer: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction). This beautiful application has been designed for every one who is fond of Novel ruthenpress.info app contains urdu novel "Mirat Ul Uroos" by Umera Ahmed. Read Book Mirat-ul-Uroos by Deputy Naziir Ahmad on Rekhta Urdu books library . Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous.

Reproduced, unedited but with diacritics lost, from the essay prepared for the Permanent Black edition of Ward's translation. Pritchett A story of two sisters named Great Akbari and Small Asghari --right from the start we're in didactic territory. Don't we already sense that the younger sister will be the heroine? If there were a sister named Middle too, the fairy-tale likeness would be complete. The Bride's Mirror Mirat ul-Arus may or may not have been the first Urdu novel, but it was certainly the first Urdu best-seller. Released in , within twenty years it had appeared in editions totalling over , copies; it had also, its publisher claimed, been translated into Bengali, Braj, Kashmiri, Punjabi, and Gujarati. In an English translation was published in London by G. Ward; it is this translation that is reproduced in the present volume. Ward was such a careful student of the work that he had already, four years earlier, laboriously produced and published an entire roman-script version of the text, with partial annotation and a complete cumulative glossary. Nazir Ahmad came from a family with a distinguished religious ancestry. In , the boy had the opportunity to enroll at Delhi College, and studied there till ; he chose its Urdu section, he later said, because his father had told him 'he would rather see me die than learn English'. Though he passed it off as the usual parentally-arranged marriage, many years later he urged his son in a letter to plan his own marriage, as he himself had done. In he joined the British colonial administration, and his career prospered: in he became a deputy inspector of schools in Kanpur, and at the end of he was appointed to a similar deputy inspectorship in Allahabad. On the advice of a friend, he took six months' leave and spent the time acquiring a working knowledge of English. In he began translating the Income Tax Law into English, and followed it with the Indian Penal Code, a project completed in

In fact, both novels were creation of mutual cooperation with British authorities and education department of that time. Through his script he wanted to make women skillful. His female character provides an exemplary syllabus for women education.

Not wholly, but it is an attempt to disseminate partially the basics of education. This character, through education and training, takes regard of values and maintains good relation.

Mirat ul Uroos By Deputy Nazir Ahmed Urdu Novel Free Download PDF

In eastern culture, the accomplishment of obligation that Nazir tries to educate is not new. Here, Asghari remains in the background and Mehmooda is the prominent character. She is helper to Asghari while teaching household to Husn Ara. In beginning of the story Mehmooda teaches Husn Ara stitching, embroidery, and Home Economics through doll house. Here different chapters covers clothing and home- management portion where different methods of stitches and hems are discussed.

No comparison of this market inferior absurdity with homemade. Husn Ara was arrogantly proud of her expensive readymade double storey wooden doll house. Mehmooda made beautiful spacious house with thatch and sticks. With our skillful hands we can do lot of things that money cannot download for us. Lace with tinkles is not made by you on this light green suit and this shirt definitely cut by the teacher for you.

Seriously, tell me from where did you download this patch work curtains?

Mira-Tul-Aroos By Umera Ahmed

And who gave you this scarf with ganga jamna taray shiny multi colored beads. Oh God! This mica chandlier, paper fan, marble paper carpet, chiques, bamboo poles Furthermore, readers also learn the importance of home decoration and household methods. In other parts of The Daughters of Bier importance of hard working, early rise, benefits of reading and several virtue and social aspects are essential parts of the story.

Whereas rich and the poor, helping others in any form, admitting mistakes, resolving conflicts, budget making, differences in urban rural culture, scientific work, gravitational force, weight, geography, nations of the world and other aspects are part of the novel in dialectical method.

This novel strongly gives feeling that Nazir wanted to teach initial scientific information to young girls and women.

Different cooking methods are also discussed in The Daughters of Bier. Ahmed, , pp. In this part a party is arranged with skills and etiquettes. It is taught what type of dress should be prepared according to type of party and meal is prepared.

His novels in Urdu language have also been www. His complete Urdu literature is significant for students of Home Economics in Pakistan.

Download Free Mirat Ul Uroos Novel By Deputy Nazeer Ahmed

As these novels give information regarding skills applied at homes in eastern culture. And that these novels, irrespective of boundaries should be part of Home Economics education.

References: 1. Ahmed, D.

Binnat un Naash. Sangi Meel Publication. Jawaid, D. Repitions in Urdu Novel. Kabira, F. Urdu Novel mein Aurat Ka tasawar. New Delhi: Maktab i JAmia. Nagi, A.

Mirat Ul Uroos by Deputy Nazeer Ahmad

Deputy Nazir Ahmed ki Novel Nigari. Lahore: Ferozesons. And in future i am going to start new projects. I was reading the novel and as on 81 but when I opened it again it was written thaat the server cant be opened why is this so….?

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