Download Free Audio Books of great works by Twain, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Orwell, Vonnegut Get FREE AUDIO BOOKS from and also . Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy (English) - Free iTunes - Free MP3. The English American audiobook joins a Nobel laureate, President Obama and Jane Fonda on's Top Twenty list of best author narrated audio. Do you have trouble understanding people with British accents? You can listen to an audiobook read by a British person to practice. Want to understand New.

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American English Audio Book

Discover how listening to audio books can improve your English skills and take a look at our recommended list of classic free audio books for. The Lowdown: Improve Your Speech - American English (Audible Audio Edition): Mark Caven, Creative Content Ltd: Books. has hundreds of great books on audio that will help you learn more about America's great literary tradition. Whether you want to listen to the.

Free Audio Books for English Learners Listening comprehension is often the hardest skill for language learners. While speaking, reading and writing are generally fine, listening can still cause problems. How else do you learn your maternal language if not through listening? Advantages of Audio Books There are a number of advantages of listening to audio books for language learners. They include: Access to native speakers. Hear good articulation and pronunciation.

Once there, he befriends Jay Gatsby, a wealthy but elusive neighbor. Nick also has a tenuous friendship with Tom and Daisy, an unhappily married couple living nearby. The main plot concerns the tangled relationships between the characters, set against the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin was a pivotal anti-slavery novel published in and the second most popular book of the 19th century, after the Bible. The story involves several key characters, including Uncle Tom, a slave who is largely loyal to his various owners. Another slave, Eliza, flees her owner and undergoes a harrowing journey to freedom. Despite its abolitionist motivations, this novel is responsible for spreading a variety of racist stereotypes, making it both controversial and significant to understanding racism in the United States.

The story features several pivotal characters, including members of both the Mohican and Huron tribes. These include the nefarious Magua and Uncas, the titular last of the Mohicans. Other key characters include the Munro sisters, Cora and Alice, and their father, a British colonel actively involved in the war.

American Classics Audio & Video

Fiction isn't the only genre available as free audio books. Wells For science-fiction fans, the Time Machine is a must read. The time traveler tells of his journey through time to , years in the future, where he meets the descendants of man. Of course, when he returns back home no one believes him.

So he goes on another journey, never to be seen again. This romantic story focuses on marriage and class. The lives of the Bennet sisters are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of Mr.

Bingley and his friend Mr. Sparks fly when Mr. Darcy begins to fall in love with a woman beneath his class. This book is an absolute joy, full of comedy and satire. He sets sail on a voyage from the UK against the will of his parents. During the journey his ship is wrecked during a storm, and he has to survive on an island.

American Classics Audio & Video

After recovering, he continues his voyage across the seas, only to encounter more difficulties. Pirates take over his ship and take him captive.

It tells the story of Alice who falls through a rabbit hole and ends up in a strange land with weird creatures. Level: Easy Howards End — E.

How to improve your accent with audio books

Forster Forster tells the story of the half-German Schelgal sisters along with the Wilcoxes and Basts families. They are all living in London during Edwardian times.

It focuses on the difference in social classes and the struggles faced during this time. The book explores aestheticism and focuses on beauty and youth. Dorian, a young innocent man turns superficial and self-obsessed as he discovers the powers of his exceptional beauty. Book Rating.


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