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After years producing award-winning sample collections, Sample Magic share the secrets of house music production in this page full-colour book packed. Sample Magic's new book, The Secrets of House Music Production, offers house producers a way to bypass all that, with a guide that unmasks many techniques. Plughugger Review. "When renowned sampling masters Sample Magic takes on the subject of house music production, the expectations are very high. But after.

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Sample Magic The Secrets Of House Music Production Pdf

Sample Magic - The Secrets of House Music Production iPad Edition iPad Edition [iPA] | MB Links update: 08/11/ Published in , Sample. The Secrets of House Music Production: A Reference Manual from Sample Magic [Marc Adamo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After four years producing award-winning sample collections, Sample Magic share the secrets of house music production in this page full-colour book.

Sample Magic Plughugger Review "When renowned sampling masters Sample Magic takes on the subject of house music production, the expectations are very high. But after reading through the near pages, it's clear that Sample Magic have created one of the most relevant texts about modern dance music production. Although the analytical part of my brain automatically enter Skeptical Mode as soon as I hear the words 'the secret of' something - it's still something I find hard to resist. So when sample library masterminds Sample Magic announced a page physical book, with CD about production of house music, I quickly made sure I would get a copy as soon as it was released. Could this really be it? I asked myself.

Every section is also filled with small but relevant tips and tricks. Between the chapters are interviews with artists such as The Young Punx and Jody Wisternoff who tell about their way of working.

There are a fair number of pages dedicated to vocals and how you use vocals in the best possible way. Although the book doesn't teach you how to write lyrics, the advices it hands out are very good, and is more useful than many of the books I've read on the subject.

If you really want to learn how to improve your lyric writing, I do recommend the book 'Writing better lyrics' by Pat Pattison it's a very clever book that teaches you several different approaches and how to move forward when you are stuck. The chapter on vocals naturally discusses the value of the hook, how to cut up vocals to create a great take and how to create some advanced editing stuff with Melodyne.

It's clear that the writers of this book have been recording vocals in real situations. The tips and advices are as with everything else in this book: Apart from the chapters concerning the kick and snare, I quickly moved forward to see what Sample Magic had to say about mixing.

The chapter on mixing takes up no more than 18 pages - but this should be viewed against the fact that most of the production has already been dealt with in the previous chapters. The book even goes so far to present a 32 step guide on how to create a good mix.

Although everybody develops their own methods for creating good balance in the music, this serves as a good round-up of what needs to be done.

8 Tips for Mixing Rap and Hip-Hop

If there is anything I feel Sample Magic missed out, it's the oh-so-boring but oh-so-powerful matter of pan. If you use panning sensibly and with some planning you can create extra space for your instruments. When I'm in nagging mode I might as well bring up the CD. The CD contains loops and samples taken from the libraries of Sample Magic.

While the samples are among the best out there and the fact you're getting them for free with the book which greatly improves the value for the book I sort of hoped for an exclusive Sample Magic release with fresh samples totally designed for the book. That would have been a blast. I know, I am an ungrateful bastard and unfortunately www. I've already checked. Although the book is perfect in its form, I also feel that it would have been nice to see these techniques for real.

Music Tech Review

To visually see the production techniques as video clips would have been absolutely fantastic. Conclusion This book has the destiny of becoming a classic. Not only does the book focus on production that is relevant for makers of electronic music, but it's also executed in the best possible of ways.

You'll learn not just how to do it, but also why - and this with a minimum of blabber.

Compared with the popular tutorials by Computer Music and Future Music - this book takes production, not one step further, but two. It gives you the answers of why and gives you a deeper understanding of how everything ties together.

Everything I've learned in music production have been through hard damn struggle.

Here you have years of wisdom packaged in a glossy, wide format with colorful pages. It's still only january, but I would be surprised if anything can top this one during Don't waste a moment. download it. This is the electronic musicians bible. Sample Magic is the world's leading provider of pro-audio loops and samples to music producers across a range of genres, from house and electro through dubstep to disco to chillout and soundtrack.

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College Name. I agree to sample magic terms. Remember Me. Click to join. Mailing list Email. But where the original book could only offer visual walkthroughs, the iPad edition serves up every step of every walkthrough with interactive audio. No stone has been left unturned to cover the production of house - and the tools needed - in a level of detail never before seen. With every page lovingly rendered to this new format, this is an App that will be dipped into time and again; an essential studio companion.

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Came here today: DMCA Policy. WHAT'S INSIDE Every paragraph from the original book has been ported into one beautiful looking, easy to use App, a scrollable, fully indexed reference manual that covers all aspects of making house music - from creating beats to programming basslines, from arrangement to production, mixing and mastering.

Thank You.

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