Lobo (Collection) (): Lobo is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The Lobo character was. Lobo is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The Lobo character was created by Roger Slifer and Keith. Comics Lobo PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Comics-lobo-pdf.

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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share. The last of the Czarnians, Lobo is known and feared across the universe as a bounty hunter who never misses his mark. Super-strong, immortal and unkillable, . Read Lobo () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page.

Aurifice and Ferryt Thung, unable to provide a material Christmas, are dreading facing the wrath of their ten kids in the morning. A knock at the door reveals a mysterious book on the doorstep called, The Lobo Xmas Sanction , detailing a story that w. A knock at the door reveals a mysterious book on the doorstep called, The Lobo Xmas Sanction , detailing a story that would adequately scare any demanding children straight during the Christmas season. Hoping it is the answer to their fears, the anxious parents begin reading, "Once upon a time. There was this really cool dude. Thrilled by such a horrifying tale, the Thung's no longer fear being torn apart in the morning but their own irascible offspring, but upon reading the last page - " This book is only good for one read. Gotcha, sucker! Followed by Rudolph pleading: You're Naughty! Much too naughty! Christmas Specials This issue is Christmas themed , celebrating holiday merriment, Santa Claus , and ideally some Eggnog. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Christmas category.

He was also able to scavenge parts from a destroyed time hopper and attach them to his own bike, producing a working time machine. Lobo is fluent in many alien languages according to Lobo, 17, [17] and extremely knowledgeable in the locations and cultures of worlds without external references. Lobo is known for his awkward behavior and love for cigars. He once was known to destroy an entire planet for not finding the cigar of his liking. It is not fully known the extent to which his powers are common for his race or unique to him.

Lobo (Collection) (1990-2015)

In the miniseries The Last Czarnian and elsewhere, it is stated that the cloning and healing abilities are traits possessed by all Czarnians, as is the apparent ability to survive in the vacuum of space. Czarnia no longer exists in the DC Universe. Contrary to the personality of their "last son", Czarnians were a peaceful race. Czarnia was in a golden age and had become a crime-free utopia that rivaled Krypton.

They had many social institutions just like Earth, such as day care, music concerts and mental asylums. Czarnians, the former inhabitants of Czarnia, are described as a very peaceful society, unused to social unrest. They were wiped out after Lobo bio-engineers a small flying scorpion-like creature with a lethal sting and unleashes it on Czarnia. Death from the stings is very slow.

Lobo believes he was the only remaining Czarnian, but in Simon Bisley and Keith Giffen 's miniseries entitled Lobo: The Last Czarnian, he discovers that this was not quite the case. One Czarnian was off-world when he unleashed his plague, and by coincidence it happened to be his fourth grade teacher, Miss Tribb.

Lobo happens to be under contract to deliver Miss Tribb to his employer Vril Dox , a very sensitive situation. Lobo takes his promises very seriously; he keeps his reputation by keeping his word. He keeps her alive, though at one point he removes her legs to keep her from wandering off.

When he fulfills his contract by bringing her to Vril Dox, he then immediately kills her by snapping her neck. The story of Czarnia is very well known across the universe, due to the publication of a Lobo biography.

This book is featured in Lobo 0 October , discussed by several crooks who are being pursued by Lobo himself. The planet later became the site of an assassination attempt on Lobo, which is detailed in the mini-series "Lobo Infanticide". Hundreds of his children, results of his womanizing, form a battalion to ambush him.

Lobo, thinking he is taking parts in war games, patrols through various Czarnian canyons, even encountering his old house, which is still somewhat standing. Most of his children are slain in a battle with the 'Brutish' empire, a race of aliens who had decided to take the empty planet for their own. Lobo kills the invading force, then spends much time battling the last of his kids.

These fights take place in a highly arid region, with little plant life. Eventually he is the sole survivor. The planet suffers much damage in the battles. Other versions[ edit ] In the two-part Lobo vs. His trail leads to Earth, where Lobo encounters the current wearer of an ancient mask. The resulting battle destroys Manhattan and leaves Lobo as nothing but a severed head, waiting for his body to re-grow. Big Head , convincing Lobo he wants the previous mask wearer, agrees to a team-up to hunt the "Ultimate Bastich" down.

Big Head leads Lobo on a chase to nowhere, killing even more and blowing up a solar system in the process. Fed up with Big Head, Lobo uses a special "guilt grenade" to force the wearer to remove the mask so that he can use it himself. Lobo promptly kills an entire intergalactic bar full of aliens, and is sucked into a wormhole on his ride through space. A crayon drawing left on his bike with the words "YOU SMELL" incurs his wrath, and he destroys numerous planets hunting down the one who drew the insulting picture.

Waking up one day, Lobo finds himself back on Earth, and realizes the mask used him. Tossing it away, he leaves only to pass himself arriving on Earth. As it turns out, the wormhole sent him back in time roughly one month. He had been hired to hunt himself, and the alley where he dumped the mask was the same alley where the pickpocket would find it in Part 1.

However, Lobo breaks the time loop, literally turning himself in as he shaves the other Lobo's head and paints him green for the reward money. Meanwhile, Big Head, realizing that Lobo has broken the loop, decides to have fun of its own on Earth.

In a tirade about the laziness of his students, Lobo reveals that, "Back on my planet, when I was a kid, I had to run to school uphill both ways! Uphill in the rain and snow together! Volcanoes were erupting all around us! Dolphins were everywhere!

All we had for fun was exercise! As in the comics, Lobo possesses exceptional strength and durability, as well as his usual over-the-top arsenal of weapons. The healing powers and advanced senses that he possesses in the comics are not shown, although he never sustains injuries as severe as he does in the comics.

Lobo's gutting hook is used only twice in his appearances in Superman: The Animated Series episode "The Main Man", and it is not used for combative purposes, due to Broadcast Standards and Practices as well as difficulty animating the weapon.

In the episode "The Main Man", Lobo is hired by an alien named the "Preserver" to capture Superman and add him to the Preserver's collection of rare and endangered species. Preserver decides to add Lobo to his collection as well, since Lobo was also the last of his own race. Superman and Lobo join forces to escape. In return, Lobo promises to leave Earth alone. Lobo briefly appears in "Warrior Queen" in which Maxima falls in love with Superman.

Believing that Superman has died, Lobo wants to join the Justice League, insisting that only he could take Superman's place.

The League reluctantly allowed Lobo to help them for a short time while they deal with a large number of supervillains running amok in Metropolis. Lobo manages to trap Kalibak under a pile of cars.

When Lobo states that the whole Justice League is together again, Superman tells him to count again, then fired him, stating that he is not Justice League material, and to clear out. Displeased with the thanks he got, Lobo gets on his hovercycle and tells the Justice League that the next time they need help, they shouldn't ask him. As Lobo takes off, Martian Manhunter shouts, "We didn't ask you this time! During the fight, it is discovered that Tseng is secretly a Krolotean , after Lobo rips his disguise in half.

Lobo then leaves with the Krolotean in order to give it to the people who hired him to capture it.

Lobo returns in Season 3. Lobo is indirectly mentioned as a teaser in the Supergirl episode " Truth, Justice and the American Way " where Alex Danvers ask Martian Manhunter if he thinks a certain intergalactic bounty hunter is on Earth. Specifically, the exchange, taking place after their primary target was abducted by an enigmatic figure , had them speculating that the kidnapper was a bounty hunter who came to Earth, and Martian Manhunter ruled Lobo out since "if he were in town, [the Department of Extranormal Operations would] know.

This leads Lobo into a conflict with Superman who flees with Mr. Mind with the help of Space Cabbie. Upon presenting the squished remains to Boss Kack and demanding that he pay up, Boss Kack's robots point their lasers at him as Boss Kack asks Lobo if he is familiar with what happens if any part of a worm gets squished. This is part of a diversion so that Lobo can unlock the power of the Spider Gauntlet. While not the actual character, the name 'Lobo' is referenced in the Legends of Tomorrow episode, Lucha de Apuestas where the magical fugitive, Kaupe , uses it as a wrestling name in Mexico.

Variety described the premise: "Lobo is a seven-foot tall, blue-skinned, indestructible and heavily muscled antihero who drives a pimped out motorcycle, and lands on Earth in search of four fugitives who are bent on wreaking havoc.

Lobo teams with a small town teenage girl to stop the creatures. The future of the movie was then put on hold. Allen as Santa Claus. It premiered at the AFI in May He is first seen under a computer display , listing everyone employed under the corresponding Crime Syndicate of America member.

He is employed under Johnny Quick 's line of command. He is seen being defeated by Martian Manhunter, and, along with Warwolf, is ultimately bested when the ship he is standing on is sunk, and was not to be seen again for the duration of the film. This version of Lobo is seen wearing his custom leather vest, but wears no shirt underneath the jacket. It was a fighting game , featuring many characters from Lobo's comic stories.

At his best, though, Lobo is capable of going toe-to-toe with Superman. And even when he is confronted with a stronger foe, Lobo's Wolverine-like healing factor effectively makes him immortal. Despite his brutish appearance, Lobo is actually a highly intelligent person with a knack for chemistry.

He designed a specialized poison that wiped out his fellow Czarnians, one so deadly it destroyed all life on the planet in the span of a week.

Hyper-violent 'Lobo' to join DC movie universe

Lobo also rides a "space hog," a space-faring motorcycle that can travel faster than light and allows him to breathe in the vacuum of space. However, at the time his appearance and back-story were quite a bit different, and he was generally portrayed as more an overt villain than the anti-hero he would eventually become.

Lobo didn't truly come into his own as a character until he was given his own solo comic in the early '90s. There, Giffen, co-writer Alan Grant and artist Simon Bisley dramatically revamped Lobo, transforming him into a leather-clad parody of other "grim and gritty" superhero characters like Wolverine and the Punisher. In addition to his own series, Lobo became a popular recurring character throughout DC's comic book line in the '90s, butting heads with heroes like Superman, Batman and Green Lantern Guy Gardner.

He even got the opportunity to fight Wolverine in 's DC vs. Marvel crossover series. Unfortunately, due to fan voting he lost that particular battle. DC eventually gave Lobo another huge overhaul as part of their New 52 reboot in The company introduced a completely new version of the character, one who was slimmer and more intelligent than his counterpart but no less deadly. This character claimed to be the real Lobo, killing the other Lobo he dismissed as an impostor.

This new Lobo was given an ongoing series of his own, though it only wound up lasting a year. Many long-time Lobo fans were understandably upset by seeing the Main Man upstaged by this from-out-of-nowhere upstart. Fortunately, DC relented, and the original Lobo was restored to his rightful place thanks to the DC Rebirth relaunch. This Lobo played a major role in the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad crossover and now serves however reluctantly as a member of Batman's Justice League of America team.

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Lobo made his first non-comics appearance in Superman: The Animated Series voiced by Brad Garrett , which portrayed him as a bounty hunter hired to capture Superman. Garrett later reprised the role in the Justice League series. The game was completed more or less , but scathing early reviews convinced Ocean Software to cancel it shortly before release.

Lobo has since appeared as a playable character in Injustice: Beyond Gotham.

The Wolf That Changed America | NATURE Comic Book - "Lobo: King of the Currumpaw" | Nature | PBS

Lobo actually made what is probably his live-action debut back in in the form of an unofficial fan film called "The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special," which was directed by Scott Leberecht and starred Andrew Bryniarski also known for playing Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw remake.

Rumors of an official Lobo movie have swirled since at least , when director Guy Ritchie was attached to the project. But with those recent reports suggesting that Michael Bay is in talks to direct, with Jason Fuchs Wonder Woman currently rewriting the script, it seems the Main Man may finally be on his way to the big screen.

Reportedly, Warners and DC are hoping that Lobo can become their answer to the massively successful Deadpool franchise, suggesting that the film will be taking a comedic, R-rated approach to the source material.