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Leggi PDF Il diario di Bridget Jones Helen Fielding libro online, Mangia troppo, beve troppo, fuma troppo, ha una madre troppo invadente e incontra solo. Téléchargement Gratuit Il Diario Di Bridget Jones livre ou tout simplement lire en ligne Il Diario Di Bridget Jones livre en format pdf et epub. Téléchargement Gratuit Il Diario Di Bridget Jones Libro livre ou tout simplement lire en ligne Il Diario Di Bridget Jones Libro livre en format pdf et epub.

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Il Diario Di Bridget Jones Pdf

bridget jones helen fielding pdf Il diario di Bridget Jones è un romanzo del della scrittrice britannica Helen Adult ebooks, Young Adult Pdf Collection. Diary Of Bridget Jones - [Free] Diary Of Bridget Jones [PDF] [EPUB] Bridget diario di Bridget Jones (film) - Wikipedia Il diario di Bridget Jones. Diary Of Bridget Jones - [PDF] [EPUB] Diary Of Bridget Jones Bridget Jones's Fri, 22 Mar GMT Bridget Jones - Wikipedia Il diario di Bridget.

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Though functional equivalence is achieved, with the image of a wounded puppy, it is difficult to understand why the reference to Princess Diana has been deleted. Staying Home Alone As we can see above, in the original version Bridget compares herself to the princess because of their shared status as single women, while in the translation she describes herself as an outcast una reietta.

Other interesting cases of generalization can be noticed throughout the text whenever Bridget refers to the brand of cigarettes she and her friends smoke, namely Silk Cut. However, they are available, and there is also an Italian Silk Cut Wikipedia page.

Elimination of reference to cigarettes and alteration of original meaning.

Substitution The strategy of substitution in translation involves replacing a culture- specific item or expression in the source text with a target language item that describes a similar concept in the target culture likely to have a similar impact on the target readers.

Cultural and linguistic issues in the translation of chick-lit novels reference may arouse in the target reader. Here follow some examples of the use of substitution in the Italian translation of the novel Table 21 : Source text Target text Back translation p.

Love Boat. Substitution of reference to a TV show. In the examples above to which the title of this essay refers we can note that the translator has replaced the references to EastEnders with The Love Boat. The Love Boat, instead, is an American television series set on a cruise ship. Whereas EastEnders has never aired on Italian TV channels, and consequently is unknown to most Italians, The Love Boat was broadcast in Italy from till , and is familiar to the majority of Italians who lived in that period.

This substitution domesticates the target text, avoiding any estrangement effect in the reader. Interesting cases of substitution can be observed also in case of references to food items which are thought to be unfamiliar to the Italian reader, and consequently are replaced with other items which are better known in Italy.

Throughout the book there are various references to Milk Tray, which we have already noted has been generalised due to the fact that the product is unknown in Italy. There are other cases, however, when the translator has opted for substituting the reference to this specific chocolate product, as well as to others, as can be seen in Table Source text Target text Back translation p.

Quality Street? Substitution of brands of chocolate products. Thus, by replacing an unknown food item with a familiar one, the translator has domesticated the text.

Quality Street has also been used to substitute a reference to the Milky Way chocolate, which is not available in Italy. Diary Box chocolates also not available in Italy , instead, have been substituted by After Eight, a British confectionary product which is distributed in Italy.

Finally, and oddly, references to Twix and Lion bars have been replaced with references to Fiesta and Mars respectively, even though Twix and Lion bars are also very popular in Italy. Examples of substitution used as a strategy of domestication can also be found in the case of fashion shops.

Bridget Jones's Diary PDF eBOOK

Substitution of names of fashion shops. This strategy is also used on a few occasions when Bridget refers to famous people: Source text Target text Back translation p.

Cicciolina appears of the television. TV screen. Substitution of names of people. She would never appear naked in public, which is why Bridget correlates it to an earthquake and a tidal wave. In the target text the reference to Virginia Bottomley has been replaced with a reference to Cicciolina, a porn star and former politician.

Seeing her naked on TV is by no means an extraordinary event. Cultural and linguistic issues in the translation of chick-lit novels been domesticated, as Cicciolina is definitely famous in Italy. However, functional equivalence is not achieved. Another instance of substitution can be observed in Table Source text Target text Back translation p. In the target text both have been replaced with references to British politicians who are very well known to all Italians: Tony Blair and John Major.

An interesting case of substitution can also be observed in Table 26, in which Bridget refers to a TV programme by David Attenborough, who is surprisingly replaced by his older brother, Richard Attenborough. The former is an English broadcaster and naturalist, Richard, instead, was a famous film director e.

The strategy of substitution in this case, however, does not seem to be ascribable to domesticating purposes and the reasons underlying such a translational choice are rather obscure. Substitution of a fictional character with a TV programme.

One more interesting instance of substitution of a reference to a popular person is reported in Table Source text Target text Back translation p. Substitution of a person with a fictional character. Cultural and linguistic issues in the translation of chick-lit novels confirmed the results of previous studies about translational behaviour in both cases. However, it is worth noting that fluency of the text is not the only result of the acts of manipulation that have been observed.

In fact, these translational behaviours have also affected characterization, especially that of Bridget. First of all, Bridget Jones turns out to be less typically British. The original text has a considerable number of references to well-known British people or cultural items, many of which are lost in translation. In fact, out of 69 references to famous British characters, 25 have either been omitted, generalized or substituted, and the same has happened to 36 British culture- specific elements some of which are referred to many times in the source text , whereas only 11 have been maintained.

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Interestingly, not all references have been lost. Secondly, the Italian Bridget Jones appears to be less educated than the original one. Indeed, in the source text Bridget often mentions or refers to politicians, academics, writers, journalists, documentarists, literary characters, novels, and artists.

In the Italian translation many of these references have not been transposed. The general effect is that the Italian Bridget Jones is a more simple and less cultured person than her English counterpart. To conclude, Il diario di Bridget Jones turns out to be a fluent translation, a pleasing, entertaining and amusing book which reads smooth and easily.

It also succeeds in maintaining the confidential, humorous and light-hearted tone of the original. However, it is undeniable that the omission of the very many references to British contemporary popular culture, as well as to literary novels, authors, and politicians has an impact on the characterization of the main character.

She has published the book Italian American Gangsterspeak. Linguistic characerization of Italian American mobsters in American cinema and in Italian dubbing LAP , and various articles in books and journals. Her research interests are mainly related to the translation of geographically and socially connoted varieties, and to issues of censorship and manipulation in translation.

Cultural and linguistic issues in the translation of chick-lit novels References Baker M. Baker M. Sager, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, pp. Baratz-Logsted L. Bushnell C. Delabastita D.

Ferriss S. Fielding H. Harzewski S. Kruger A. Langford R.

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Laviosa S. Mazza C. Postfeminist Fiction, FC2, Tallahassee. Montoro R. Munday J. Nida E.

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