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It is more likely that the encounters with Beatrice that Dante writes of are the two that fulfill his poetic vision, and Beatrice, like Petrarch's Laura , seem to blur the line between an actual love interest and a means employed by the poet in his creations. Following their first meeting, Dante was so enthralled by Beatrice that he later wrote in La Vita Nuova: Ecce Deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur michi "Behold, a deity stronger than I; who coming, shall rule over me".

Indeed, Dante frequented parts of Florence , his home city, where he thought he might catch even a glimpse of her. As he did so, he made great efforts to ensure his thoughts of Beatrice remained private, even writing poetry for another lady, so as to use her as a "screen for the truth".

Dante's courtly love for Beatrice continued for nine years, before the pair finally met again. This meeting occurred in a street of Florence, which she walked along dressed in white and accompanied by two older women. She turned and greeted him, her salutation filling him with such joy that he retreated to his room to think about her. In doing so, he fell asleep, and had a dream which would become the subject of the first sonnet in La Vita Nuova. Beatrice used to pray at Santa Margherita de' Cerchi where she is interred In this dream, a mighty figure appeared before him, and spoke to him.

Although he could not make out all the figure said, he managed to hear "Ego dominus tuus", which means "I am your Lord". In the figure's arms was Beatrice, sleeping and covered by a crimson cloth. The figure woke Beatrice, and made her eat Dante's burning heart. An English translation of this event, as described in La Vita Nuova, appears below: And betaking me to the loneliness of mine own room, I fell to thinking of this most courteous lady, thinking of whom I was overtaken by a pleasant slumber, wherein a marvelous vision was presented to me: for there appeared to be in my room a mist of the colour of fire, within the which I discerned the figure of a Lord of terrible aspect to such as should gaze upon him, but who seemed there-withal to rejoice inwardly that it was a marvel to see.

Speaking he said many things, among the which I could understand but few; and of these, this: "I am thy Lord". In his arms it seemed to me that a person was sleeping, covered only with a crimson cloth; upon whom looking very attentively, I knew that it was the Lady of the Salutation, who had deigned the day before to salute me.

And he who held her held also in his hand a thing that was burning in flames, and he said to me "Behold thy heart". But when he had remained with me a little while, I thought that he set himself to awaken her that slept; after the which he made her to eat that thing which flamed in his hand; and she ate as one fearing. Tomb of Beatrice in Santa Margherita de' Cerchi. The manner in which Dante chose to express his love for Beatrice often agreed with the Middle Ages concept of courtly love.

Courtly love was very formal; a sometimes secret, often unrequited and highly respectful form of admiration for another person. Yet it is still not entirely clear what caused Dante to fall in love with Beatrice.

Since he knew very little of the real Beatrice, and that he had no great insight to her character, it is perhaps unusual that he did.

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But he did, and there are clues in his works as to why: She has ineffable courtesy, is my beatitude, the destroyer of all vices and the queen of virtue, salvation. It is perhaps this idea of her being a force for good that he fell in love with, a force which he believed made him a better person. This is certainly viable, since he does not seem concerned with her appearance—at least not in his writings. He only once describes her complexion, and her "emerald" eyes.

Beatrice's influence was far from simple inspiration. She first appeared in the autobiographical text, La Vita Nuova, which Dante wrote in about The book was filled with poems and also prose that is autoethnographical in form as it connects the poems to Beatrice to his social and romantic reality.

The writing is almost entirely complimentary to her; she was described as "gentilissima" and "benedetta" meaning "most kind" and "blessed" respectively. Having already referred to Beatrice as his salvation, this idea is further touched upon in Divine Comedy, where she appears as a guide through Heaven who caused his trip through the afterlife so he might see what awaits him. Here she is described as being "maternal, radiant and comforting".

Although they converse in personal terms, very rarely did their relationship extend beyond a casual street ceremony.