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Be aware, only orders tyranid codex 7th within 24 hours will be combined. When you give 4 stars, it may seem like a great score, for instance a 4 in Shipping Time means "Quickly;" site, however, considers this a sub-par mark. Their standards require sellers to maintain 4. We strive for 5-star service by stating our policies upfront, and keeping shipping superlow or FREE. If you are pleased with this transaction, please respond with all 5 stars!

Tyranid Codex site If you are not pleased, let us know, and we work to make it that way. As in all transactions, communication is the key! If tyranid codex 7th are any problems, please contact me before you post feedback, We've been selling on site since and the tyranid codex 7th have been few and far between, but always been resolved for the best. We enjoy the repeat business Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Lash Whip and Bonesword: Same as above, tyranid codex 7th mixing the two for AP3 attacks plus the Initiative bonus and chance to instant kill on a roll of 6.

Another weapon you can't go wrong with. A fantastic choice IF you can afford them. A 30 strong brood with these things can and will slaughter any other infantry on the map if they are caught in the open in range of the entire brood. Strangleweb: Huh, forgot to include this in the list. Anyway, every ten Gaunts in the unit can take this weapon for- wait, it's 5pts? Oh, its a Template weapon, okay that's fine, and they're S2 Ap- and Pinning? Ugh, maybe it was best to not bother mentioning this crappy web shooter.

Just take Devourers, or stick with your Fleshborers. The Template damage is too weak and Harpy's with Stranglethorn Cannons does a better job Pinning down entrenched units. You only have to cover two MEQs with the template to beat the wound output of a fleshborer, so for 5 pts it might not be a terrible investment.

Mixed Weapons: The big change and lets be honest other than point cost reductions the only important option is that you can now throw a row of othergaunts in front of your Devilgaunts. Good to keep overall. Spinefists: Why would you give up the Devourers for these? Jokes aside, these are decent since they're AP 5. They're more useful on Shrikes since they're faster, but in most cases the Devourer outclasses Spinefists, in terms of range and damage output.

Solid choice if Devourers aren't doing it for you. If a Prime is with them, sure it can be useful. As mentioned above, you should save the points for something else unless the Prime is hanging out with them. In friendly games they're great, but in general don't bother as it makes them more expensive. If they were half the price, then they would be an auto take. Krak Missles that Ignores Cover and don't require line of sight makes these a must have. Short range and AP4 tho, but they're still awesome.

Hive Guard earned the name of premier transport hunter in the game thanks to these guns. Shockcannon: Not as good because they don't Ignore Cover, even shorter at range, and you need line of sight.

Being blast and Haywire makes them good at glancing all vehicles and even penetrate on 6s. If Shockcannons were free to swap And don't require line of sight , then they would be worth considering. As it is, save the points and stick with Impaler Cannons. Pyrovore Flamespurt: Basiclly a Heavy Flamer. No need to go into details since you won't be using them sadly.

Haruspex Grasping Tongue: If you're familier with the Bloodthirster's whip, then this is the Tyranid's version, but with Gulp! If you roll a six to hit, it counts as a presicion shot!

Useful when you roll it, you can pick which TEQ you want to eat! Gargoyle Fleshborers: Not much different here, but since they're jump infantry, they can get closer and get more shots in. Good to put on a couple of Raveners. Devourer: Couple of points more to equip, otherwise same weapon as other units. Deathspitter: What the hell?!

Well they certainly are better than Devourer, but damn it's expensive. If you want a fast moving model that can use a Deathspitter, consider using them on Shrikes since they're both cheaper and generally a better unit because they're Synapse Creatures.

Otherwise it's a decent choice. This is going to increase the Harpy's role in meat-grinding infantry, which is largely it's most important role.

The only time this loadout will fail to disappoint is when your opponent is fully mechanized. Which leads to the next weapon choice. The S9 on this weapon is going to allow you to instant-death T4 units, but first consider how many of those models you're going to hit.

Most multi-wound models are typically on medium bases. Disregarding the twin-linked attribute, when spread out, or even slightly spaced apart you're only going to hit one or two models at best. Cover won't save them this time! If the Harpy misses, then she drops d3 Spore Mines on the place it lands. See the unit for more details. Hive Crone Weapons: Drool Cannon: This mouth watering template will scare the pants off of light infantry, although it lacks Torrent And the ability to shoot from any direction and it doesn't ignore MEQ saves as always.

Still, not bad of a weapon.

Even though, ironically, the Crone can fire any weapon degress because it's a FMC and not a vehicle, and now the Heldrake cannot. Now we have a way to deal with flyers aside our special Vector Stirke. Dark Angel players wished their Blacksword missiles had these rules. The downside? One use only, and you have four, so use them wisely. Ironically, the Seeking rule makes the Hive Crone more accurate against units in the air than units on the ground.

Carnifex Weapons: Bio-Plasma: A somewhat useless weapon upgrade. With a 12" firing range, most units Bio-Plasma is good at taking out are also amazingly good at anal-plowing Carnifexes. Now consider this, taking Bio-Plasma on a dakkafex is going to impair the ability to fire two Brainleech Devourers, something you paid to use.

Taking Bio-Plasma on bare bones Carnifexes is just asking for trouble, as you'd have to deliberately get in range of dangerous units and then only be able to assault them since you shot at them. Avoid taking unless you have a hardon for acid-drooling mouths I do. Twin-linked Deathspitters: Again, this should be considered using if you're low on points, especially if you want to run three in a Brood or use one in low point games. Beyond that, this weapon lacks the awesome power this next weapon holds.

Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech Worms: Geez, there's the long name again! But seriously, if you didn't equip your Carnifexes with these weapons, punch yourself in the face real hard. These are popular for the same reason as why Hive Tyrants use these, except you're still stuck with BS3. With two Brainleech Devourers, this set up only cost pts, so take another Carnifex if you want more Dakka! Much like the Hive Tyrant, accept no substitute. Consider taking if you don't want to put your Carnifexes in range of your opponents short to medium range firepower.

If your looking for a mix of melee and shooting for your Carnifexes, however, taking this and Crushing Claws will cost the same as a Dakkafex. While not as awesome, it's still a good choice. Pinning can also play a role in some situations.

Heavy Venom Cannon: These should typically be avoided on Carnifexes. You're going to spend a lot of points on a unit that is going to be outshined by other units that perform the same role. Biovore Spore Mine Launcher: Excellent cheap pie plates with Barrage on a 3 wound Brood, they excel at killing light infantry behind cover. Drop these on a unit sitting on an objective, and use their blood and body parts to make yourself some salsa when victory is yours.

Trygon Bio-Electric Pulse: These mind bullets are the bane to light infantrys as not only they have strong shots, but the fact the Trygon can Overwatch, which can surprise new players that weren't expecting to recieve return fire for charging in. This puts it on par with two Twin-linked Brainleech Devourers, as AP5 can be an advantage in some cases.

The option to switch from Large Blast or Assault 6 Plasma shots makes this a must have as the versatility of this Plasma Cannon is awesome. Best of all, it lacks the Gets Hot rule, so find a place to sit to get the extra BS point, and start blasting shit!

Warhammer 40k tyranids codex pdf

This one is ment to take away cover from infantry that relies on them, and S6 is terrifying to boot. Fleshborer Hive: Wow, an Assault 20 bolter at 18". While not as impressive as the Acid Spray, it's a five point upgrade and is meant to take on blobs like Boyz and Cultists. But at BS3, about half the shots will hit. It still haves it's uses tho, so it isn't a terrible weapon. Rupture Cannon: Now with Smash getting nerfed, the Rupture Cannon can find some use in taking on tanks.

Don't expect to blow up Land Raiders with this, but it can help take a hull point or two off. Combine this with a Carnifex with Crushing Claws, and you have a way to deal with mech lists.

Thorax Biomorphs: Template weapons that're all 10pts. Only one can be taken per model. Useful on high Toughness units and Daemons.

Electroshock Grubs: Pulse Rifle template plus Haywire. Probably the best against Hordes and Vehicles before charging in. If a walker charges a model with this thing the look on your opponents face will make the 10 points back straight away.

Sherddershard Beetles: S3 with Rending and Shred. This is your TEQ killer right here. These can NOT be fired any longer in addition to other weapons, kinda takes some of their punch. There's more to come. As you might expect from the rest of the Codex, most of these are of situational use at best.

Tyranid codex download 5th edition - Google Документи

Maaaaaw-Claaaaaws of Thyrax : They're Rending Claws with Assimilate, so the model using them gets to say "resistance is futile". Jokes aside it gives the bug Preferred Enemy against an entire Codex the first time it kills a model from that Codex in close combat. So pretty much a not so good Malanthrope It sounds neat and it's fairly cheap; however, it suffers the same issue as the Dimensional Key in Chaos Marines and Porta-Rack in Dark Angels: by the time you unlock Preferred Enemy which isn't exactly super-amazing on a single unit anyway the game will already be mostly over.

Still, if you were planning to take Rending Claws anyway, this is a decent choice. A flying Hive Tyrant makes the best use as he can get to combat very quickly and makes him strike at S7 with Smash.

Also you occasionally get Marines spamming scouts trying to be a wannabe ranger army, but still. You do get Ignores Cover on the Template.

Still, it's 25 points, which is usually better spent elsewhere. Anything that survives can eat the rest of the shooting from the Trygon Prime. Alternatively slap it on a Tyranid Prime, and stick him with Dakkafexes and you have a good ranged unit.

It's only 5 pts more than the Venom Cannon and it's the only one the Prime can equip, so why not? A Second Alternative Take: Put this on a troop tervigon have it sit on a backfield objective with bivores and an exocrine if you like and provide synapse if anything comes to close suddenly their being attacked and shot at by termagants for a round. If you actually take it in an army list, you will automatically be sent a letter to join the Games Workshop Design Studio, because clearly you're bad enough at determining balance that you'll fit right in!

It adds 6" to the user's Synapse range. For 40 points. You know, that same thing that a Warlord Trait and the Primaris power do. Okay, so, sure, you can extend Synapse to a really far range if you combine the three for a synapse range of 30 inches , and you might not have a choice if your army list consists of one Synapse creature and two hundred Gaunts or something.

But, seriously.

Situational at absolute best. Alternative Opinion: While this upgrade is laughable, remember that both the Tyranid and Trygon Prime isn't a Psyker, and the Tervigon can only cast one power.

This is when the Norn Crown comes in. While it's expensive An appropriate word I would give this Artefact , Synapse is very important in this edition. The Primes can definitely find use, either coming in via deep strike and act as a back up Synapses Creature, be able to footslog with a lot of Gaunts and can cast one of the powers from the PotHM, or stay in the backfield babysitting Biovores and Gaunts on an objective.

Again, while expensive, some will still pay for it on those that needs it without wasting their power, or can't use the power, -Dominion. The Ymgarl Factor: So, Ymgarl Genestealers were removed guess they rejoined a hive fleet like they wanted , but they get a cameo of sorts in this Bio-Artefact.

Now, this is pretty nice, but there are some pretty big caveats. First, you can only change it at the beginning of the Assault phase. Second, you must change each turn.


Finally, it's 40 points. For 25 points more than a normal Lash Whip and Bonesword, though only 15 points more than a Lashbone and Toxin Sacs, if you don't mind wounding T8 a little less often. Excepting of course the fact that you can put it on a Trygon Prime.

Model one up with tits and you can run Shiva all over the place eating everything. The basic here is that the Lashbone is only available to a few units and the artifact makes it available to a few more albeit at higher points.

If you want a Tervigon to actually be threatening in close combat, you can add this to it too, making it swing at initiative 5 so it's actually a problem for power sword-wielding Marines.

Also worth mentioning that re-rolling wounds makes getting that 6 for ID even more likely, which could come up if you didn't take toxin sacs or the re-roll from toxin sacs doesn't apply. You will die horribly if you think the Reaper of Obliterax can help you solo a Bloodthirster the Swarmlord can But a Hive Tyrant with an ordinary Lashbone and Toxin Sacs does the exact same thing for less points.

Not against things like wraithlords, where they are tougher. If a wraithknight runs at you, or you try to get a stormsurge, poison means jackshit, so there is that. Biomorphs[ edit ] Acid Blood: For every unsaved wound the bug takes the enemy unit makes an Initiative test and suffers a S5 AP2 hit for every failed one. Can be hilarious when that one surviving terminator who just killed your monster gets melted by his own attack and you still get the kill point.

Except Trygons. One use only. Decent on Gaunts although expensive Spine Banks: Count-as assault grenades, same profile as a thrown frag grenade too except the entire brood can fire them off.

Flesh Hooks: Your other source of pseudo-assault grenades; 6" S user and Assault 2. No longer Rending. Wings: Slap these on a Tyrant and start up your own Flying Circus. Tail Biomorphs none of these benefit from any other biomorphs or blessings.

Does it benefit from unit type rules? Carnifex monstrous creature smash effect to ignore armor in close combat? No, this is specifically ruled against. Also does not benefit from adrenal glands or toxin sacs.

Amusingly you can ignore the Unwieldy part since the only units that can take it are MCs, and it's the unwieldy rule itself that allows MCs to ignore it, and not any property or rule of monstrous creatures themselves.

Prehensile Pincher: S6 AP5. Red Terror is stuck with this. Unit Analysis[ edit ] 7th edition for Tyranids, a couple of points that apply to the changes of the race overall. Psychic Powers: Unfortunately Tyranids at present cannot swap or exchange psychic powers for any powers within the psychic disciplines. No longer as they can now take 2 units that can generate their powers from the Telekenesis tree, Oh the mind games to be had. They may only use Powers of the Hive Mind.

Yes, no more Main Rule Book psychic disciplines. The only real benefit the 7E Psychic rules have is that now all psykers get Dominion for free. Make the best of it. Poison: New rules for poison let you use your strength if it's better, while gaining a reroll on the wound if your S exceeds the T of the defender.

Monstrous creatures can get Toxin Sacs for mere pennies and the upgrade is now highly recommended for them with how they redid Smash. Sure, you lose out on the heavy hits by getting only one Sx2 hit, but you also get all your non-HoW attacks at AP2. New Instinctive Behavior Rules: Each Behavior has one of 3 results- roll a d6 to determine which one, with the first being , the second being , and the third only occurring on a 6. Given that the first and most common one is always the worst, keep your best units in synapse range- nothing could be more humiliating than having two members of a Carnifex brood eat each other because they moved too far away from their synapse creature.

Fearless models ignore Hunt results, instead acting as if they rolled a 4 or 5. A pair of melee biomorphs is now considered to be only 1 CCW, in a bit of initially-awkward streamlining.

The end result of this streamlining: a lower number of attacks all around - for some units that exchange talons for guns. Hive Tyrants, Tyranid Primes, Warriors, Shrikes, Genestealers, and Broodlords have the same number of attacks on their profile as they did in the last codex, but can now take two sets of melee weapons for a net increase in attacks no scything rerolls though.

Still more attacks. Hint: Give your broodlord an extra attack for 4 pts. The Hive Tyrant is often regarded as the "leader" of the Hive because they are gigantic monsters with synapse power. Synapse keeps all the little monsters from running around out of your control, therefore the Hive Tyrant is the boss.

Unfortunately, Hive Tyrants are very expensive in the 7th edition, clocking in at 1. Their upgrades are also pretty expensive, but they sport a good range of versatility that can make or break the Tyrant on the battlefield such as wings or toxin sacs. And it's no longer an AoE upgrade. However, Tyrants can now take multiples of those. Indescribable Horror is okay, but many armies either ignore Fear or have high Ld. If you consider taking one of these without either wings or tyrant guard in a game bigger than , punch yourself in the face - hard.

Winged Tyrants: now count as FMC and can soar above the battlefield raining down death or landing into assaults. A note on the new glancing rules for vehicles; it's quite easy to get to the softer side and rear arcs on most vehicles with the tyrant's newfound mobility, and 12 Twin-Linked Strength 6 shots average 5.

Since Nids lack effective anti-air, Wings are the only real option now that they can no longer use Armored Shell. It bears noting that Flyrants are much cheaper, and with slightly more viable FA FMCs the possibility of saturated flying circus gets scary especially with double chart [not that anyone does that].

They also get two powers translating to a chance of getting Warp lance. Flying Tyrants with the Ymgarl factor are actually a viable choice since they can now ignore air defence batteries for the one turn that they need to destroy them.

Walking Tyrant: If you do choose to footslog and there's a reason it's called foot slogging , there are a few misleading loadouts to recognize. Heavy Venom Cannons are a waste of the Tyrant's potential.

People consider combining the Stranglethorn with the Miasma Cannon for anti-infantry.

Tyranids Codex

Don't do this. It is expensive at 40 points. The Miasma cannon is only a SMALL blast, and if you want to get in range to be using its template mode, then you might as well be using the Devourers with Brainleech Worms. Speaking of Devourers, don't take these. If you're using short ranged guns, you might as well be taking Wings for a few reasons. While you're in combat, you're wasting the points you spent on Devourers while simultaneously inhibiting the Tyrant's full combat potential.

While you're outside of combat, your expensive Tyrant Guard remain only as extra wounds instead of close combat beasts. Equip your Tyrants for what they'll be best at -- close combat. Give him Old Adversary and call it a day. If you're playing against high initiative armies, give him a Lash Whip and Bonesword.

The reason why you should give him a Stranglethorn Cannon is to give him a ranged weapon so he can shoot at the enemy back, plus Pinning helps your swarm a lot. A recommended loadout is to give him, as previously mentioned, the Lash Whip and Bonesword with either the Stranglethorn or the Miasma Cannon. Although it can't do much against vehicles, its versatility makes up for that. The cannon makes him versatile and he has enough attacks to go against other Monstrous Creatures and Walkers.

If you just want to rip and tear infantry and the like, the winged Hive Tyrant is a better choice overall. If you're planning on footslogging the Swarmlord across the board, Tyrant Guard are your means to get them there.

They are stated to be pound for pound the most well armoured tyranids; for fuck's sake, the Hive Mind decided not to give them eyes so the enemy couldn't shoot those and they stole the space marines' fused ribs and black carapace although the black carapace improves neural connectivity with worn armour, rather than durability!

Still, Tyrant Guards can automatically take Look Out, Sir wounds from the Hive Tyrant and Swarmlord without rolling, so you can now place them in the back and troll your opponent with 5th edition wound allocation! It's an interesting use for Tyrant guards, but conditional, especially if you opt for the Tyrannocyte as the Tyrant will fill one up by himself due to the transport capacity. Now, this may sound absolutely insane; after all, wouldn't attaching Flyrants to an infantry unit defeat the point of them having wings?

Hopefully no one you play with would seriously try to enforce this, unless they are a WAAC win at all costs asshole, and completely missed the entire point of Tyrant Guard existing. Exerpt from jy2 on DakkaDakka Tactics: The Hive Tyrant is the heart of the competitive Tyranid army, especially when you give him wings and some guns.

He is a major force-multiplier that helps the Tyranid army in so many categories, including: 1. Reliable anti-tank with Devourers and Electroshock Grubs.

Excellent mobility as a flying monstrous creature. Can threaten enemy targets almost anywhere on the table. Mobile Synapse. Psychic support for the army. He is a major offensive threat in the army and the best shooter in the army. The best anti-air offense in the army. Bullet magnet that can soak up a lot of enemy firepower and still survive.

This helps to make the rest of the army more survivable. He is also mediocre in Assault. He can beat non-dedicated assault units, but you really don't want him getting into combat with any dedicated assault units due to a lack of an Invulnerable save on it.

There are also 2 other Hive Tyrants. The close-combat Tyrant and the walking Tyrant or walkrant. The cc-tyrant isn't really an optimal load-out because, once again, the lack of a Invulnerable save in close combat is a weakness when going up against enemy dedicated assault units. Also, if the cc-tyrant kills the enemy on the wrong turn i.

In a competitive Tyranid army, there is no question that the shooty tyrant outclasses the cc-tyrant. The shooty tyrant can contribute to the Tyranid offense without putting itself at unnecessary risk, whereas the cc-tyrant cannot contribute to the Tyranid offense unless it puts itself at risk.

The walkrant can be used as an anchor to a primarily ground-based Tyranid force. He can be quite survivable if you attach some Tyrant Guards to it. However, this type of tyrant lacks the mobility of the flyrant and, as a result, lacks flexibility as well. It takes him longer to contribute whereas the flyrant can contribute right away and also allows the enemy more time to shoot at it and its army while it slowly marches up towards the enemy.

You could put the walkrant in a Tyrannocyte spore to give him some mobility, but if you do so, then you will be better off putting the Swarmlord or a dakkafex in there instead. From a competitive standpoint, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to take a walkrant over a flyrant. While they are listed as an HQ choice, they should always be taken as troops because there's a reason why no other codex can have ObSec Psyker Monstrous Creatures hint: it's cheesy.

Of course, there's a catch to this -- you need to have 30 Gaunts in your army for each Tervigon you want to field as a Troops choice, and the Gaunts can't move or assault on the turn they spawn.

On top of the 35 point increase for the Tervigon itself, that means that the cost of using a single Tervigon as a Troops choice has gone up by points! Tervigons are really simple to use too, as besides just keeping them on objectives, all you have to worry about is when to spawn and when you know her time is up.

If you care at all about the Tervigon's ability to actually fight in close combat, feel free to throw Maw-claws of Thyrax on it for 10pts. Still, 15pts isn't awful for the considerable anti armour power not that MCs in general need any help against armor in assault. Consider taking the Reaper instead, it pushes the Tervi up to initiative 5. Also, keep in mind that Brood Progenitor no longer gives Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands to entire broods of Termagants, but Counter Attack instead, and the buff is now a 12" bubble.

Counter Attack no longer requires a Leadership test, so now the buff is worth using on your Termagants. That said, any termagants spawned from the Tervigon will be codex gaunts. There's no way to give them other upgrades and the newly spawned gaunts won't be able to move or assault on the turn they're spawned, making them easy targets for anything with access to pie plates. They're still worth fielding as Tervigons still help out the army, but you can't run an army of them anymore as it'll be very expensive.

Can still be your warlord if you have no characters which, seeing as you're playing tyranids is quite likely, so it's best to use them as buffers for your Gaunts and non-synapse units With the Primaris blessing. Alternatively rules as written; you can now spawn after the move on a turn you outflank the mama-bug with the Tyrant's Hive Commander ability. Tyranid Prime: Last edition the Prime was a middleweight boxer fighting in a lightweight division.

Now he clocks in at points. His only upgrade, aside from the Wargear table, is Flesh Hooks.

In addition you can take anything from the Bio-Artifacts, basic bio-weapons, and melee bio-weapons. However, once all is said and done, the only upgrades you want to look at are Boneswords, Lash Whips, and the Norn Crown.

The upgrades are pretty explanatory; ignore everything else because they're either too expensive or ill-suited for the unit. The most important aspect to discuss is its special rules.

These rules constitute for the exaggerated price of the HQ. Putting the Prime in a unit will make it the only implacable Synapse unit in the codex. This allows the Prime for Look Out, Sir exploits too. Place it in front of Gaunts to allocate wounds to the models just behind him. Overall, an expensive support HQ that will earn its points back if you utilize its full potential. It is not a Tyrant. It will not wade into a horde of soldiers and kill anything with impunity.

It will not easily kill any major special characters and most generics that have been kitted out. The Tyranid Prime is not there to lead the horde from the front, but to support it. It's the only Independent Character left in the codex. It's one of the few to have the option to download assault grenades.

It's moderately versatile. It's cheap. Lets be frank. You took this because its cheap. You didn't take it for durability because it has very little in that regard. A single lucky S10 hit is going to take him out.

So, keep that in mind as you kit it because your looking at the only Tyranid HQ with a permanent kick me sign on it's much-more-expensive-this-edition back.

If you are taking this, you had better be going for overkill in your other slots because you will need to pick up the slack. To go into the basic options, you are looking at a Tyranid Warrior with boosted stat line but with some catches. The Tyranid Prime can only bring its stat line to real benefit inside a unit of Warriors who also benefit from several boosted stats. So, to put it bluntly, your paying the price of a Flyrant and then some for 12 wounds at majority toughness 4 with Look out Sir to keep your HQ alive.

This will only make it a much larger target and fair easier to kill. So, why bother? Simple, Bio-artefacts. The Tyranid Prime can pick up the Miasma Cannon which with its stateline, is a fairly good option to get some shots in, and it can function in tandem with a small unit of warriors armed with a barbed strangler to ensure some good output.

Beyond that, if you are feeling bold, the Norn Crown is an expensive but useful option to put on this thing. Just make sure to not go overboard on options, because this thing will have quite a bit gunning for it.

For close combat, a light approach of Maw Claws of Thyrax, Flesh Hooks, and a Lashwhip and Bonesword will carry it through most conflicts fairly comfortably at points with some good benefits if it goes hunting characters. For transportation purposes, it can use a Trygon tunnel or a pod at a cost. The best option is to take a pod with a small retinue of warriors and use them like a tactical squad of terminators. Upon landing, use the boosted ballistic skill to fire into whatever your target it, and prepare for assault in the next turn.

The pod can also make up for the lack of bodies because it also has multiple devourers to help weaken the enemy unit.

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