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Read Sonic Universe Comic Online In [PDF] [EPUB] Sonic the Comic, known to its many readers as STC, was a British children's comic. Sonic Universe was an American comic book series published by Archie Comics in association .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Adventures of various characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Collected Editions. Sonic Universe vol. 1 (#); Sonic Universe vol. 2 (#); Sonic.

Excited for the races to begin, AiAi notices that Beat's original vehicle is absent, which the latter explains as freedom of expression. Vyse's description of his world amuses Tails, though this amusement is short-lived as Dr. Eggman suddenly arrives, much to the racers' dissatisfaction. Tails explains that the invitations for the current races had gone out to the same competitors from last time, and that including Eggman was only fair. Eggman delightedly declares that he plans on rewarding himself for winning the races with the conquest of every racer's world, adding that Sonic is absent.

Sonic Universe #1 – 76 (2010-2015)

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Book Appearances 4. Sonic orders the other racers to take on Eggman by racing hard, fast, and together, to which they comply. Shifting to his convertible's flight mode, Tails catches up to Eggman, taunts him and lands on the track, giving Beat enough of a window of opportunity to taint Eggman's paint job by tagging it with his spray. This distracts Eggman long enough for Sonic and the others to speed ahead; though indifferent to this at first, Eggman quickly grows enraged.

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AiAi tries slowing Eggman down by driving in front of him, which causes the doctor to fire another barrage of missiles. Sonic and Vyse divert the missiles elsewhere with their own attacks, inadvertently causing the track to crumble beneath them and the other racers.

Eggman taunts Sonic, but the hedgehog quickly catches up, followed by him and everyone else attacking the doctor's vehicle. A defeated Eggman flies off, and Sonic congratulates the other racers on their performance. However, Tails notices that no one explicitly saw who crossed the finish line first.

Sonic decides the only way of settling that would be to race some more, and the issue ends with all the competitors, including Eggman, racing through Starlight Carnival.

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