Redeeming Love book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. California's gold country, A time when men sold their soul. About the Book. California's gold Download the Discussion Guide for Redeeming Love. Foreign edition publishers of Redeeming Love. Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers is a historical romance novel set in the s Gold Rush in California. The story is inspired by the Book of Hosea from the.

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Redeeming Love Book

"The truth that ran through that story [Redeeming Love] absolutely took me to my knees. And I was a changed person when I finished reading that book. ". download a cheap copy of Redeeming Love book by Francine Rivers. In this splendid retelling of the biblical story of Hosea, bestselling author Francine Rivers pens a . Redeeming Love by the reigning Queen of Christian Romance, Francine River, is a retelling of Anyone that enjoys reading romance will benefit from this book.

The book of Hosea happens to be among my favorite books of the bible. The imagery of the Bridegroom's restorative and intimate love and pursuit of His people is weighty and inspiring. Francine Rivers crafts a marvelous work of art which profoundly depicts this "redeeming love". I highly recommend this book for both women and men! If I knew it was a romance novel, I'm sure I would have dismissed it. It is much more - each chapter is a cliffhanger, not allowing you to put the book down. The romance isn't just between the characters of the book, it is about the romance between each man and woman reader, and our heavenly father, the friend we have in Jesus, and how He peruses us, and forgives us, and is not willing to forsake us. It's about undeserved love. Every imperfect person that reads this book will relate to the characters and finish the book a better person. If you could only read one book in your life time, aside from the Holy Bible, I'd recommend it be Redeeming Love.

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Paperback Spanish Book. Trade Paperback Book. Trade Paperback Book - Slightly Imperfect. Sold into prostitution in childhood, Angel is a bitter woman who trusts no man.

But when God tells Michael Hosea to marry her, she learns to loveuntil fear overwhelms her and she returns to her former life. Can she be redeemed? A skillful retelling of the biblical story of Gomer and Hosea. Francine Rivers Format: Paperback Vendor: Multnomah Books Publication Date: Related Products.

Redeeming Love: A Novel - eBook Francine Rivers. She stubbornly rejects his offer. Discouraged, Michael questions God, but still obeys. He pays Angel's fee for three successive nights, talking and reasoning with her until his time and money are up.

Angel keeps her cold, sarcastic front to dissuade him, wanting to escape the pain his words cause her. Meanwhile, she cannot seem to escape thoughts of Michael and her rising hope of life outside the Palace. A few days later, he returns to Pair-A-Dice, unable to ignore God's command any longer. He finds Angel almost dead from a brutal beating given her by Magowan, Duchess' bodyguard.

Willing to use any means to preserve Angel's life, Michael asks her to marry him so he can take her to his cabin. Barely conscious, Angel agrees, mumbling "Why not? Angel remains barely tolerant of the arrangement while it serves her needs. Michael endures Angel's harshness, remaining faithful to his new wife and God's plan. Michael's widower brother-in-law, Paul, returns home from fruitless gold panning in the Sierras.

Paul recognizes Angel immediately as the high-priced prostitute from the Palace. Believing Angel has deceived Michael, Paul treats her badly. Paul tries to tell Michael about Angel's profession, but only angers him. Paul thinks Michael married Angel out of blind lust and without knowing she was a prostitute.

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During his visit Paul thinks there is a rift between him and Michael because of Angel, not knowing that Michael loves Angel in spite of her past and that he is the one causing the rift between them. When she finally heals from her wounds, Angel tries to run away from Michael in hopes of returning to the brothel to get back her money The Duchess had kept from her and insisted it was being spent in the clothing and food Angel received.

When Paul leaves to sell the produce of his land back in Pair-A-Dice, Angel sees this as a way for her to escape. While Michael is out working in the field, she runs after Paul's wagon. He agrees to take her with him if she pays him back with her only means of currency: herself. He's disgusted by her actions even more after they have sex together and hopes that is the last of her he will be seeing ever again.

Upon her return to Pair-A-Dice, she sees that the Palace has burned down killing her dearest companion Lucky, and another prostitute by the name of Mai Ling. With nowhere else to go, she begins working above a bar—once again as a prostitute. Even though she loathes being seen as nothing but a harlot, she has no other skills with which to make a living.

A livid Michael finds her in a room with a client and fights their way out of the bar filled with drunken men waiting for their turn with Angel. They return to the cabin, where Michael relies on God to work through his anger at her unfaithfulness.

Angel begins to develop affectionate feelings towards Michael, which she cannot comprehend because she has never allowed herself to love any man, for "God's truth" said they will take advantage of her or desert her, just like her father.

Despite her continued coldness, Michael loves her unconditionally. Upon showing her a sunrise, he says, "That is what I want to give to you. She feels a deep sense of shame at her "uncleanness". She is softened by Michael's love but cannot see herself as worthy of it.

Though they have slept together regularly, Angel is very disconnected from the experience of sex, but when one night she experiences the same joy and pleasure that Michael does "And she flew, Michael with her, into the heavens She runs away once again, this time to Sacramento ; on the way she is offered a ride by an old man that sells pots.

Upon reaching Sacramento while looking for work she again meets Joseph Hochschild, who has built his new store, and she stays with him, knowing that he is a good friend of Michael's.

She works for him in his store along with his wife and mother.

Redeeming Love

When an order comes in for Michael, she tries to leave but Joseph keeps her busy, making her wait longer. When she finishes her duties and goes to close up the store, Michael is standing at the doorway, having again come back for her.

She admits that she is frightened by the idea of being in love with him, but he reassures her and brings her home. Upon their arrival back in the valley, they meet the Altman family, who have a broken wheel and are stranded on the side of the road.

Michael helps fix their wagon and invites them to stay at their cabin. Angel reveals to Mrs. Altman and the oldest daughter, Miriam, that she met Michael in a brothel, and is amazed to find that they have only compassion for her instead of contempt. They become close, and Angel takes a liking to the oldest daughter, Miriam, who begins to fancy Paul, who is living at the other end of the valley.

When Angel sees Miriam talking with Michael, she assumes that they have feelings for one another and jumps to the conclusion that they would make a much better couple than she and Michael.

Paul wants to see Michael end up with Miriam as well, but has also begun to develop feelings for the year-old Miriam. He denies his feelings only because he wishes to see Michael with Miriam instead of Angel.

Meanwhile, it is revealed in a flashback that during her time as Duke's mistress, Angel got pregnant twice and both times an infuriated Duke had a doctor abort it, taking measures the second time to ensure that she can never get pregnant again.

Angel later reveals this to a devastated Michael. She also reveals that she once had sex with her own father, who came to her brothel, in a bid for revenge because he left her mother. She is swamped with guilt at the callous way she treated him. Knowing that has shocked her husband, and feeling guilty for not being able to give Michael any children of his own, as she knows he longs for, Angel runs away once more, leaving her wedding ring behind, in hopes that Michael will marry Miriam and have children with her.

Michael is crushed, but says he will not go after Angel again if she does not want to be with him. This time Angel goes to San Francisco. When she arrives, she gets a job with a gentle man called Virgil. He takes her in as a cook at his cafe, and takes care of her. But after months of their hard work, the cafe burns down, and in it all of Angel's savings and possessions. Observing the fire in the street, a bereft Angel hears a familiar voice—it is Duke, greeting her.

Fearing that he would hurt Virgil, who seems suspicious of Duke, Angel agrees to go back with him. Once more under Duke's power, Angel is expected to resume her life as a prostitute. However, Duke's sexual preference is for young girls, and he asks Angel to manage his prospective "companions," but only after a week's worth of prostitution. Angel is to be presented to a crowd of men.

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She begins to wrestle in her mind and cries out to God internally. She is prepared to go on stage to entertain the men. When she is finally before them, the voice of God tells her to sing and she starts singing " Rock of Ages " to the awed and confused crowd.