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Crescendo / Becca Fitzpatrick. — 1st ed. p. cm. Sequel to: Hush, hush. Summary: Sixteen-year-old Nora Grey struggles to face the truth while coping with having. Crescendo por Becca Fitzpatrick. Segunda entrega de la saga: Hush, Hush. Baixar Livro Finale - Hush, Hush Vol 4 - Becca Fitzpatrick em Pdf, mobi. LIBROS GRATIS PDF: Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick. Hush, Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick (Finale Release Date October 23, ) Libro para adolescentes de Becca Fitzpatrick, de temática fantasía y novela romántica juvenil. Saga.

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Livro Crescendo Serie Hush Hush Pdf

Crescendo is the book of the Hush, Hush series. Young adult novel written by Becca Fitzpatrick. Published in this sequel spent ten weeks on the New York. To ask other readers questions about Crescendo, please sign up. City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick City of Glass Se lee muchísimo más rápido que el primer libro. Nee dit is dus geen serie voor mij. oye, es que descargue el de silence, y o voy a pasar de pdf a word y me Amo esta Saga, estoy leyendo Crescendo y amo a Patch, definitivamente. .. Incluyendo la saga Hush Hush plis en serio deseo leerme ese libro.

Es increible q exista este blog es mi favoriito para leer los libros q mas me gustan. Ya los termine pero los vuelvo a leer! La recomiendo es hermosa!!! Gracias por subirla, los links andan excelentes:. Gracias,encerio gracias a ustedes descubri el mundo de hush hush,son unos libros preciosos y muy bien logrados,en ningun momento te aburren,la autora tiene una forma. Hush hus,cresendo y silence en una semana,y finale trate de leerlo lento no puedo aceptar. Gracias por decir lo de patch y nora. Que por cierto escribiste pach!!

Isn't Rixon Irish, and therefore European? That explains it all. We Europeans can't be trusted, you know. We're all soulless and evil. Especially us Brits. My brain hurts. View all 72 comments. Spoilers are coming up, but mostly about the 'relationship' between Nora and Patch. There's also some foaming at the mouth and a very, very strained and scary smile on my face.

Dear Nora, How shall I put this You are a stupid, stupid girl. The guy who loves you spends his time, Spoilers are coming up, but mostly about the 'relationship' between Nora and Patch.

The guy who loves you spends his time, trying to get through to your thick skull and show you what you mean to him. You, my dear, are an idiot. You are incapable of making rational decisions. Not even normal ones are an option with you. The amazing leaps between your conclusions are way beyond my understanding, like in a galaxy, far, far away, even.

When a guy tells you he'd sacrifice himself for you, you don't go around complaining about how he 'ran' when you told him you love him. Then you spend all your time telling Patch to go do something anatomically impossible, while you, Nora , spend the rest of your time trying to be a bad girl puh-lease while wishing he was with you, every time you have an itch you can't patch. You even think he's trying to kill you again, jumping to conclusions, and where the hell did that one come from anyway?

Oh please. All he has to do is stick his tongue in your ear and you're slobbering all over him like a needy puppy. And then there's Vee, the best friend you really don't deserve. She made things interesting and was there to make me laugh every once in a while.

How she can put up with you is a mystery to me. She made it to the top 5 of my 'awesome people' list. She deserves to be declared a saint. One more thing: AT ALL. Last but definitely not least: I can't believe it, the size of the balls on this cliffhanger are huge. View all 56 comments. Dec 09, Carol Chan added it. So I was at Borders the other day, and this book was on the shelf and underneath it read 'Patch is the bad boy Edward wishes he was'.

Of course, the idea of a forbidden-ish love story will always remind us of You-Know-What, but i'm seriously saying that this book is addictive enough for it to be a crime to compare it twilight. And yes I have a fet So I was at Borders the other day, and this book was on the shelf and underneath it read 'Patch is the bad boy Edward wishes he was'.

And yes I have a fetish unsexual of course for angels. Nora Grey is a teenager living in a town somewhere. One day a new transfer student comes and he is He has a very, very mysterious past. And that's the next great thing about the book. I'm guessing it can be categorised as a thriller beecause in some parts of the book, I was so scared in a good way that I had to close my curtains because i thought I'd see a stalker out there. Did you catch that? Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is so good.

It's a great mix of mystery, thriller, adventure, lurve and a sexy, sexy, sexy bad boy or angel? S in the blurb it says "For Nora is in the middle of a centuries-old battle between the immortal and those that have fallen".

The battle wasn't that dramatic so just keep that in mind. It was still really good! Read it!!! View all 42 comments. Jan 19, Holly marie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Actually in love with this book!!! Just read it, in a day. I cannot describe how much i adore it though, i have to say its my favourite one i've ever read.

Got this off site yesterday, and i started reading and was hooked, i had to go out that night, and slept out and all i could think about was the book, it was that capturing. I started reading it this morning and finished this afternoon. A Billion times better than hush hush, the author did an amazing job, can't wait for the next one, what a c Actually in love with this book!!! A Billion times better than hush hush, the author did an amazing job, can't wait for the next one, what a cliff hanger it was left on!

Only problem was i was screaming at nora throughout, i missed patch a hell of a lot. So many secrets and different plots, its an amazing read. I'm starting reading it again as well, i'm that hooked! Mar 31, jessica rated it really liked it. View all 10 comments. Apr 10, It's the one thing I did right. You're the one thing I did right. Whatever happens, promise me you'll remember that. I don't care why you came into my life, only that you did. I don't remember all the things I did wrong. I remember what I did right, I remember you.

You made my life meaningful. You made my life special. The story was intense and I really like some unexpected things: I love Patch view spoiler [his real name is Jev, thank God: P hide spoiler ] view spoiler [ 1 Nora is stupid. Of course Patch was distant because of the Archangels. Come on!!! It seemed from the beginning that something was going on with him.

He is Nephilim: Good one!!!! He made bad decisions but no one is perfect. Okay in the first book she wanted Eliot. He was bad guy. In the second book, she had a relationship with Rixon. He was evil. What's wrong with you? He killed her adoptive father. Her biological father is Hank Miller!!!

Oh my god I hate him. I loved it!! There is no other explanation!! View all 7 comments. May 16, Joyzi rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Add some cliches, one-dimensional hot guy, annoying, whiny, suicidal, boring, petty, clingy, stalkerish, slutty, stupid female heroine Nora Grey aka The New Bella Swan , with a pinch of Anti-Feminism and damn add that gorgeou Note: If you're in the right mind please don't read this crap it's just twilight with fallen angels instead of sparkly vampires, duh.

And seriously do you want to read another book about a Bella Swan character falling for Edward Cullen character for no apparent reason other than the guy is hot?

And Becca Fitzpatrick, Five words honey I now have a copy. Feb 21, Lucy rated it did not like it Shelves: Sometimes, if you're really lucky, a book will teach you a lesson or give you something valuable you can carry with you through your entire life.

Crescendo gave me an unexpected gift although lesson might be too generous a term. It's a sort of 'I've been through this so that can't possibly be as bad. Also, I'll have drugs to get me through it -- which might have been the only thing that would have made Crescendo a pleasant experience.

Often the second book in a YA trilogy will feel like a filler between novel one and novel three. You usually get to see what it's like when the honeymoon is over so that in book three you can get some sort of affirmation that the characters are indeed soul mates because they made it through all of that and then some. For Nora and Patch, the honeymoon is indeed over. Nora tells Patch she loves him. He is less than responsive to her delightful confession.

I'm sorry, but why are things like this seen as confessions? In the last book she'd been willing to sacrifice herself to give him a chance of what he wanted most, a life as a human. Obviously she loves him. We get it. He gave up the chance at humanity because being human wasn't worth anything without her. Obviously he loves her.

I think these confessional moments come from trying to pace what is supposed to be an extraordinary relationship against social norms and rites of passage because the author loses track of the story's pacing. Fitzpatrick is not the only one guilty of this, but it does make Nora look dimmer than a two watt light bulb to fuss over the word love. The inevitable fall out of Patch not telling Nora he loves her back with roses and fanfare you know, more fanfare than him sacrificing what he wanted most for her is that she breaks up with him.

Their break up could have been done without. It was just stupid and confusing. Nora can't decide why they're broken up.

At one point when they're almost back together Patch tells her that he's going to have go on the run and hide from the archangels because they're going to put him in hell for loving her. Nora walks away rather than risking his soul, but for the rest of the book she wibbles back and forth about the reasons why they're over.

Is it because he's keeping secrets from her or because she doesn't want to risk sending him to burn in hell? Later, she wants him to burn in hell, but she doesn't want anyone else's help accomplishing it. Fuck the archangels, she's putting him in hell herself. Also, my what the fuck moment with all of this: Fallen angels routinely mistreat humans and their half-human offspring. They torture and kill people. Patch was going to murder Nora and get a human soul as a reward for all his effort.

That was all okie dokie. The straw that breaks the camels back here -- the freaking thing that will send him to hell is loving her? Imagine a bunch of archangels chilling in a conference room discussing the matter. Should we let them kill people without consequence? But what about falling in love? Look, I get that Angels are not supposed to love humans, that this is the big no-no for this particular supernatural creature, but it seems a little stupid for the archangels to let the fallen angels run rampant and then lose their shit and play the hell card over this.

Other major plot points in no particular order aside from what struck me as totally ridiculous: So Nora's not her father's biological child How does Fitzpatrick fix this gaping plot hole?

She makes her biological father and adoptive father distantly related on the nephilim wave length. That's right. Both men are nephilim. Granted, her biological father is MUCH more nephilim than her adoptive father, but apparently her adoptive father was not human enough to have kept Nora safe from Patch in Hush, Hush because Patch wanted to kill her on the basis of being her adoptive father's child or at least that's how it was explained in the first novel.

It's disgustingly complicated and stupid. It was clearly NOT the intentions with which the first book was written. This entire subplot about who is really Nora's daddy is about extending what should have just been a stand alone into a trilogy.

Milk that money making cow. There's a scene where NoraDrew and Vee are breaking into a character's bedroom to find out all his mysterious secrets and sniff his laundry. Nora always comments on laundry when she's busting into someone's house undercover.

In the scene before it Nora instructs Vee to park behind some shrubs. Vee expresses the concern that the car will not make it over a ditch to get to said shrubs. Nora insists and Vee does it. Her car gets stuck in the ditch.

They move the car back and forth until they flatten one of the tires on a rock. Without a tidy getaway car, Nora still decides to go through with the plan. I assumed the fact that the car was totally disabled would become part of the plot of the scene -- like their hasty escape is thwarted by the car Despite all the time Fitzpatrick spends discussing the position of the car, the moving of the car, and the fact that the car is stuck the entire conclusion was calling Triple A later in a throwaway sentence.

At this point I was rocking myself in a corner trying not to stomp my nook into rubble. Speaking of Vee, all the fat jokes in the novel started to piss me off. We get that Vee is heavy. Vee don't need her to suggest food at every turn to reinforce it. If Nora eats one donut Vee eats twelve and the polishes off Nora's leftover one while Nora is outside being flirted with boy of the moment.

More examples include: Vee insists on stopping for hot dogs before they go on their NoraDrew mission. This scene is there so Nora can complain about the grease and chemicals and Vee can swoon over the courage endorphins she supposedly gets from them.

Again, Nora's food goes uneaten or consumed by someone else. In that same scene Nora demands Vee chase down a car a quarter of a mile. The car arrives at the location, the boy gets upstairs and inside, he has an entire conversation with Nora, Nora goes downstairs, and Vee is still standing by the curb wheezing. For the love of god, we get it. Vee is fat and Nora is slender as a toothpick. Skinny equates good, pretty, worthwhile and every other characteristic you want Nora to have. Whenever Marcie, the book's mean girl, has a negative comment to make about Nora it's usually not actually about Nora.

Marcie routinely calls Vee fat while fighting with Nora as if this somehow negatively reflects upon Nora. If you ask me it only negatively reflects on Marcie. Marcie's first scorching remark is that Nora's father's dead. I don't even know how I can begin to explain that this is not an insult. My father died when I was a teenager and if someone had told me my dad was dead as an insult I'm not sure I even would have comprehended they were trying to insult me. If you want to use a dead father as a joke you should say he had a heart attack while in a cheap motel with an even cheaper hooker.

Nora is too perfect to insult! The only thing repeated through the book is that she studies too much!! I could go on and on about everything that was wrong or crappy about this book, but I'm not going to continue subjecting myself to it. I read this book despite having disliked Hush, Hush because of a blog post the author wrote about negative reviews coming back to haunt the person writing them.

The book was bad and I'm not going to be intimidated out of telling people exactly why. View all 94 comments. Feb 14, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: Someone please pass me that voodoo doll?

I have to hurt Nora. Thank you. I'm feeling better now. My fingernails are bitten down, my eyes are red-rimmed, my hair is all tousled because I kept pulling it Enough with the violence. Nora is a major pain in the ass in this book. God, even though I know I shouldn't, I've totally got the hots for him.

What a ride! Guess I like to torture myself So, if you feel like throwing a fit for hours while reading, I'd recommend you to give Crescendo a shot. Okay okay, so this book kept having plot twists over plot twists, I kinda liked that in the beggining, but at the end I was like: Well, that doesn't mean I don't like surprises, but this was too much to take in. I just read the summary of the third book. She doesn't remember anything.

I think this next book is going to make me want to kill someone. View all 11 comments. Nov 24, Natalie Monroe rated it did not like it Shelves: My brain, guys.

My brain.

Reading this book is the equivalent to listening to Vogon poetry. It may not liquify your brain not yet anyways. Give it another two books , but it will lead to a massive decrease in brain cells. First off, the plot. Hold on a sec. What plot? Crescendo is not so much a story about hostile archangels and the opposing Nephilim than it is about a girl breaking up with her boyfriend and immediately wants him back.

And let's not forget the slutty bitch that he gets toget My brain, guys. And let's not forget the slutty bitch that he gets together with afterwards. Two-thirds of the book is relationship drama. Nora breaks up with Patch near the beginning to protect him because apparently, their love is forbidden and Patch might get his cocky ass sent to hell.

But the archangels are totally okay with Patch and Marcie because hey, it's just lust. It's not like it's one of the seven sins or anything.

After breaking up with the epic love of her life, Nora proceeds to spend every other page whining about how Patch doesn't love her anymore and how he has the audacity to move on with her archenemy, Marcie. Patch would come around a few times, trying to patch things up see what I did there and Nora would send him away because her will is strong. She does not want to shop—I mean, get back together with her ex. Yet she still expects Patch to stick around even after she finds a new boy toy.

Because no means yes, donchaknow? I felt a hard smile cross my face as I realized it didn't matter what I did, or what Scott might do; Patch had to protect me. News flash, Nora, Patch doesn't have to do squat. He's a guardian angel, not a trained dog. Though it'd take a entire militia to protect Nora from herself because the girl is as dumb as a doornail.

There's this secret Nephilim club called The Black Hand and instead using the Internet like a normal person to dig up info on it, she ponders the 5Ws endlessly in her mind: What does this have to do with my dad? Where are the headquarters? When will I get off my ass to do some research like the studious character I'm supposed to be? Screenshot from this video It's called Wikipedia, Nora.

Have you heard of it? When Nora isn't wallowing in self-pity, she does her best to make other people's lives miserable. Namely, her best friend Vee. There is not a single scene in which Vee shows up and is not slapped with the fat card: No way. But you know Vee. Always there to make an uncomfortable situation ten times worse," I muttered under my breath. She could be obnoxious, annoying and lazy, but she never lied to me.

Vee is a fantastic friend if a tad boy-possessed. Nora, on the other hand, ignores her calls in favor of Patch, weight-shames her and drags her into bat-shit crazy missions to stalk her ex. A true friend indeed. And there is no concrete reason for Marcie to hate Nora. Oh sure, we find later that view spoiler [they share the same dad, but Nora's life is worse off so there's no reason for her to be jealous.

Sign seven that you may be living in a YA novel: You have an archnemesis. Marcie exists because every YA novel needs a slutty Plastic to contrast against the holier-than-thou heroine.

Fair warning for those who are planning to read this: My verdict? Me and my brain cells are jumping ship. View all 43 comments. Feb 05, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: The only thing a boyfriend was good for was a shattered heart.

Well, this is a book full of drama: Firstly he behaves like he does not care, then he chases Nora, then he betrays her, then he invades her dreams, then he destroys her dreams, then he gives no explanations, then he The only thing a boyfriend was good for was a shattered heart.

Firstly he behaves like he does not care, then he chases Nora, then he betrays her, then he invades her dreams, then he destroys her dreams, then he gives no explanations, then he tries to explain without making any sence, then he tries to win her back, then he pushes her away, then he tells her how much he cares.

Firstly she says "I love you", then she thinks it is a mistake and she tries to take it back, then she gets angry and feels used, then she tries to understand,then she pushes Patch away, then she forgives but not forgets, then she demands explanations, then she cries, then she tries to get over him, then she is lost in her other problems, then she misses him.

Nora's father Harrison. It is not a coincidence that the book starts with his death. Marcie Millar, her bitchy classmate.

Is there a reason that she is so bitchy with Nora? What on earth Patch does with her? Marcie's father. Mentioned frequently, appeared just once. One time was actually enough. I have a feeling that we will definitely see more of him in book 3. Vee, Nora's friend. She will have boyfriend troubles again. Possibly she is an asshole magnet. And let's leave it there. Scott Parnell, Nora' childhood friend hahaha, yeah right Is he a bad guy? He will surely get Nora into trouble and Patch hates him.

Not that Nora is a fan of him. Rixon, Patch's best friend. He will play a central role in this book.

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Last but not least, Nora's mother. She has a lot of explanations to give. And the big secret of the book: AGAIN and 2. And I am ready for book 3. View all 6 comments. Feb 21, SKB rated it did not like it. I mean, wow. I used to think Hush, Hush was the worst book ever written, and then I was stupid enough to read Fallen and Torment , and I realized there was a whole deeper level of shit an "author" again, term used loosely could achieve.

So I picked up Crescendo thinking, "Well, at least it's not Fallen , right? This has been established. Her writing is But this is like saying I think tuberculosis is mildly better than the ebola virus. Let's try to make sense of the plot here.

I'm writing this not so much for your benefit, but for me to figure out if I really did read all that shit. There's this bitchy girl Marcie who, while briefly mentioned in Twi, Light Hush, Hush as "bitchy," now is like Nora's personal scourge.

Like a guardian angel, except sent to belittle and humiliate her constantly. She seems to hate Nora and not for the reader's reasons like "too fucking stupid to live". Patch is Nora's guardian angel. She tells Patch she loves him, and he freaks out and runs away, looking off toward the woods. Oh noes! Patch has commitment issues! He doesn't love her! He is freaked out because she said she loves him! He eventually tells her that the archangels are watching him, that he can't let his feelings get too strong, or they'll cast him into hell.

Um, what? I have no idea. Oh, and also, did you know angels can't feel physical sensation? Or maybe only when it's all lusty? So when he kisses her, he feels He makes like he wants to bang her, but In addition, Nora finds out Patch went to Marcie's house after Nora's declaration of love.

Nora thinks that there's no way they can possibly work if he's going to be cast into hell for loving her, so she breaks up with him. Instead of saying, "I care too much about you to have that happen" or "I'm not sure what kind of future I can have if loving you only endangers your eternal salvation," Nora focuses on Patch's being at Marcie's house and how he is tight-lipped about it.

Check and check. Then begins Nora's Epic Journey of Stupidity. Scott Parnell, a childhood friend of Nora's, has just moved back to town with his mom. He's secretive and dangerous and comes off like he has serious 'roid rage. Oh, and Scott's a Nephil. He's also an asshole, so naturally, Nora starts hanging out with him--especially since it seems to piss Patch off. Whenever Patch and Nora meet, she has the most annoying inner monologue ever about how much she misses him, how she shouldn't have said whatever, that she loves him and blah blah blah blah, but all she says out loud is stuff to hurt him.

She tells him she doesn't want him as her guardian angel anymore. She keeps questioning his involvement with Marcie, and okay, come on.

To me that would be pretty good proof that a fallen angel loves you, you know, about as much as a fallen angel can. It should also be mentioned that Nora's vapid, boy-crazy friend Vee short for "Vee Dee," I think has been set up by Patch with his good fallen angel buddy Rixon.

Nora hangs out with them, feeling third-wheel-ish. One day she gets an envelope with a note and a ring of a black hand. Randomly, Nora starts seeing her dead father around, and chases him down dark alleys and abandoned homes. Scott's hellbent no pun intended on getting the ring back. She also snoops in Marcie's room and finds Marcie's diary. But she doesn't read it, because I don't know.

Oh yeah, and one day at the beach Rixon tells Nora that "the Black Hand" is an old nickname of Patch's.

Dun dun dun. Somewhere in here, Patch starts visiting Nora in dreams. And then you get the special flashback-within-a-dream-sequence device, and again, I have no fucking clue. Now that Nora knows where Patch lives, she sneaks over there. And then she hears someone come into the apartment and plant sticks of dynamite.

She gets out of the building just before it blows sky high. Somewhere in here she also goes back to Marcie's house, and Marcie sees her holding her stolen diary. She finally reveals why she hates Nora so much: Nora's mom has been having an affair with Marcie's dad, and they might be sisters. It all culminates in a showdown at the Delphic, the shitty amusement park from the first book. I don't know what she's trying to do. Cops are involved. In doing so, Nora discovers that oops, Rixon is the bad guy.

His motive? He's also Marcie's dad. So Nora's biodad is Marcie's dad, who is one of the Nephilim. For some reason he hid Nora away, got his college BFF to marry the babymama and pass the baby off as his own. So it turns out that while Patch was out to kill Nora in the first book because killing the And Marcie Patch saves the day, somehow. I dunno. He says he sent Rixon to hell. He says he suspected Rixon all along, which is why he set Vee up with him, so he could keep a better eye on him.

Uh, WHAT? You use your love's [extremely irritating] BFF as bait to draw out psychopathic fallen angel? That's kind of a dick move. Patch takes Nora to his real house, which is in that shitty Delphic park, since it was, like, made by fallen angels, for fallen angels? Or something? So, uh. I really. I have no idea what's going on. Basically just flip to p. I'm sorry this review makes no sense. I was trying to lay out the plot points, but I kept getting lost.

So instead I'll close with some examples of Becca Fitzpatrick's finest prose. I snatched my discarded tights from the floor. I tightened them between my hands. When the stove timer beeped, I drained the pasta, poured myself a bowl, and stuck the sauce in the microwave. We were out of Parmesan, so I grated cheddar and called it good.

The microwave chimed, and I spooned layers of sauce and cheese on top of the pasta. I smoothed my hair into a low ponytail, offsetting it so it hung over my right shoulder. Having not slept in more than a full day, my eyes were ringed by smoky circles. I brushed on mascara, silver eye shadow, and lip gloss. Oh, oh, and let's not forget: I also leave my tangy fear and panic in a heap on the floor. Will I read the third book?

Revenge of the Sith: View all 18 comments. View 2 comments. Oct 27, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: I was able to guess last year what this book would be about, not hard to figure out. The execution was iffy at best. Its a good book, and I will read the next one, but, well, I think the pictures have made my POV very clear.

View all 4 comments. This book angered me so much! Whilst I could forgive a lack of plot progression, cliched sub-plots, nonsensical plot holes and characters I struggled to relate to, I could not forgive some of the characters behavior! Let's start with guardian angel, Patch.

Patch is a demeaning asshole! I disliked him in the first book and struggled to see what Nora found so attractive about him. He is literally every guy I have ever hat This book angered me so much! He is literally every guy I have ever hated all rolled into one fictional piece of shit. He played with Nora's emotions, led her to believe one thing when he knew one sentence could remedy his behavior and save her from a broken heart, picked and chose when he wanted to see her and often used physical displays as opposed to emotional honesty to rectify himself to her.

All of this made me have reservations about Nora's character, as well. She put up with so much disrespect and heartbreak and just seems to be rolling with it. I want my fiction to feature strong female role-models and she does not deliver on that front!

I initially found her likable enough, but to fall for such an obviously dislikable creature has me questioning her sanity! I am so done with this series! Obama out. Feb 07, Angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: Group review of crescendo on Bewitched Bookworms. At this moment in time, I will write a very simple review numbered of course: I threw this book a few times. I have the photos to prove it. The novel also spent some time in the Time Out corner for misbehaving.

Can you expect anything less from a book with Patch in it? Speaking of Patch: More pl eeeeeeee ase. Chill, alright? I am now DYING to get my hands on book three naughty naughty cliff hangers are full of fail or is it win This was my first ARC. Thusly, Patch broke my ARC cherry. He wasn't gentle I didn't mind.

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View all 14 comments. Sep 25, Lissa added it Shelves: Why Nora, of all names? Nora Grey. I get the Grey thing: Nora Grey — the woman of honour who is neither good white nor bad black. Total traditional dichotomies, I know. Shades of grey abound. But it was kind of crap, because once it was revealed who the person was and why they wanted to kill Nora, the other suspect lost all the motivation for hurting her and suddenly became a good guy.

Much like in Hush, Hush! In fact, this book was incredibly similar to Hush, Hush. So yeah, Patch was hardly in it — yay! This book is almost exactly the same as the first.

Two minor differences being that Nora gets a job that she goes to just once only to be humiliated by Marcie and then never goes to again, and she never once mentions needing her iron pills. Oh, and I used my Post It flags to make a note every time I came across something pointless or stupid or shitty. I re-used the same flags I used in Hush, Hush.

I ran out halfway through Crescendo and gave up using them even though there was plenty of shittiness in the second half of the book as well. Look, my Hush, Hush review took me days to write because I used quotes from the text to rant about how shitty it was.

Nora makes comments about her body and her sexuality in an attempt to slut shame her. Nora chooses her man over her best friend.

Double standards, much? Well, I always knew Nora was an author insertion wish-fulfilment device than an actual character. Nora after all has long legs and curly dark hair, just like her author. Patch accuses Nora of being hysterical, irrational, and crazy. Her responses are nothing of the sort. Not only do we have to deal with rape culture in Hush, Hush, but we are subject to gaslighting as well. Sexy is not walking away from your problems.

Sexy is not avoiding answering questions from an upset girl. As for what gaslighting is — take a look at this awesome post , which details how a lot of women depreciate themselves to be subservient to men, and how men not all, of course emotionally blackmail women.

She gets jealous over him spending time with Marcie and demands to know all kinds of things that is within reason for a girlfriend to know. So irrational? Oh yes. Yet another plot contrivance than makes no sense. Rozmiary plikw. Warunki dostpu Crescendo. Becca Fitzpatrick. Dcouvrez les romans des Editions Harlequin : rsums des nouveaux romans, lecture en ligne, achat en ligne, abonnement aux collections. Ook beschikbaar als:.

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Worldwide bestselling infant. May 18, A beautiful book. Hush, Hush Series. Book 2. Becca Fitzpatrick Author Ao: Categora: Fantstico, Juvenil, Romntico.

Nora Grey's life is still far from perfect. Surviving an attempt on her life wasn't pleasant. Pelo menos. EPUB met digitaal watermerk Publicatiedatum December Bestandsgrootte View and read Crescendo pdf ebook free online before you decide to download by clicking Read and Download button. Guinness Book Of Records Epub. Crescendo has ratings and 20 reviews. Julz said: This was such a great ride!!! Autor "Crescendo" to kontynuacja bestsellerowej powieci Becki Fitzpatrick "Szeptem".

Descargar gratis el libro Crescendo en formato epub o pdf Te atreves a sentir la qumica entre Nora y Patch. Crescendo Becca Fitzpatrick.