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Lectura del seminario 5 de Jacques Lacan / J.A. Miller ; transcripción y tr. por Isabel Durand, Néstor Tomassini. Article with Request Full-text Paper PDF. lacan seminario 5 clase. Lacan Seminario 5 Clase. Page 1. Page 2. lacan seminario 5 clase lacan seminario 5 clase pdf. Page 2. francés Jacques Lacan, sobre todo en el seminario de , 5 En la siguiente cita de Thomas Bernhardt es más que evidente el hilo delgado que.

Hence, we expect a further splitting of the trajectories, corresponding to the different possible projections of the rota- tional axis with respect to the magnetic field di- rection 9. Figure 3 shows the experimental profile we measured when scanning the perpendicular po- sition of the aperture. The aperture was located 1. The profile of the water partial pressure blue circles shows that our setup successfully produces a focused beam of ortho-water, with a narrow 1. The spatial focusing of ortho-water, as op- posed to the diverging trajectories of para-water, necessarily leads to a very low content of para- water in the vicinity of the signal peak intensity: For example, a region 1. The dashed line in Fig. The calculated peak width is in good agreement with the ex- periment, supporting our estimation of the veloc- ity distribution width

Toennies, K. Winkelmann, J.

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Lison, A. Richter, R. Wynands, D. Meschede, Nature , Jardine, P. Fouquet, J. Ellis, W. Allison, Rev. Jardine et al. Townes, A. Reduction of the diameter of the final aperture can be used to increase the ortho-water purity, at the expense of beam intensity. The rotational magnetic moment value was chosen for simplicity as an average of the three different rotational magnetic moments Our calculation does not take into account the absolute intensity of the beam and was normalized to have the same peak intensity as the measurements in order to allow a comparison of the width of the peak.

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El seminario 5: La formación del inconsciente = Substance Abuse

Bulthuis, J. Heinrich, V. Kresin, Phys.

Other books: SLAP BASS BOOK

A 75, Chapovsky, L. Hermans, Annu. Fouquet et al. The authors thank U. Even and A. Jardine for their invaluable advice and assistance in this project. Funding was received from the German Israeli Foundation for scientific research and development.

Supporting Online Material www. S1 References 15 November ; accepted 21 December Charles Deeming,3 Xingsheng Jin,4 Yongqing Liu,1 Qiang Ji1 A sexually mature individual of Darwinopterus preserved together with an egg from the Jurassic of China provides direct evidence of gender in pterosaurs and insights into the reproductive biology of these extinct fliers. This new find and several other examples of Darwinopterus demonstrate that males of this pterosaur had a relatively small pelvis and a large cranial crest, whereas females had a relatively large pelvis and no crest.

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The ratio of egg mass to adult mass is relatively low, as in extant reptiles, and is comparable to values for squamates. A parchment-like eggshell points to burial and significant uptake of water after oviposition. This evidence for low parental investment contradicts the widespread assumption that reproduction in pterosaurs was like that of birds and shows that it was essentially like that of reptiles. Modes of reproduction and growth havea profound impact on anatomy, ecolo-gy, and evolution but are still poorly understood for most extinct taxa, including ptero- saurs, a diverse and important group of flying reptiles that persisted from the late Triassic, million years ago Ma , through to the end of the Cretaceous, 65 Ma 1, 2.

Pterosaurs have a www. Consequently, ideas con- cerning the reproductive biology of these animals have been largely inferred via comparisons with birds, from which it was assumed that pterosaurs were oviparous, undertook contact incubation im- plying rigid-shelled eggs , and hatched altricial young that were cared for by their parents until they could fly 1, 4—6.

LACAN, Escritos 1 (Libro)

These finds have confirmed that pterosaurs were oviparous but, rather surprisingly, hint at a rep- tilian mode of reproduction involving highly pre- cocial hatchlings that required little or no parental care 2 and a parchment-like eggshell, fromwhich it has been inferred that the eggs were buried 8, 16, These conclusions are at odds with the general assumption that pterosaur locomotory abil- ity, physiology, respiration, and ecologyweremore like those of birds and bats than those of reptiles 1, 2, 5, 6, Here we describe a pterosaur pre- served in association with an egg Fig.

This fossil provides direct evidence for the gender of pterosaurs and implies that their repro- duction was essentially reptilian in nature. The adult individual, seen in ventral aspect Fig. S1 , is represented by a nearly complete skeleton, the missing parts of which are probably preserved on the counterslab now apparently lost.

The skeleton is naturally articulated, except for the left forearm, which is broken at its midpoint, and represents a medium-sized pterosaur with a skull length of mm and an estimated wingspan of about 0. A combination of char- acters, including a relatively large skull with a highly elongate confluent nasoantorbital open- ing; slender, well-spaced teeth; a relatively long neck; a long tail; a short metacarpus; and a long fifth toe with a distinctly curved second phalanx permit assignment of this pterosaur to the basal monofenestratan Darwinopterus 20 , already known from more than 10 individuals from the Tiaojishan Formation.

E-mail: lujc The fossil record of growth stages in Darwinopterus and other pterosaurs. Phylogeny is based on Open circle, fossil found or identified during the past decade; solid circle, older record. A Skeleton with fractured forearm arrow and associated egg double-headed arrow.

Scale bar, 5 cm. B Sacrum, pelvis, and the associated egg. Scale bar, 2 cm. Abbreviations are as follows: articular end of sacral rib, as; caudal vertebrae, ca; cervical vertebrae, cv; dorsal vertebrae, dv; femur, f; humerus, h; ilium, il; ischiopubis, ip; impression of egg, ie; mandible, md; pes, ps; prepubis, pp; radius, ra; rib, ri; scapulocoracoid, sc; skull, sk; sacral vertebrae, sv; ulna, u; tail, ta; tibia, t; wing-phalanx 2, wph2.

Such associations, which permit unequivocal assignment of gender, are rare in the vertebrate fossil record. We suppose that this individual experienced a violent accident that fractured the forearm, rendering the ptero- saur incapable of flight and precipitating her into a water body. After this, she drowned, her carcass became waterlogged, sank to the bottom, and, as decay processes began, the egg was expelled from her body.

Individual bony elements are well ossified, the skull bones are co-ossified, and composite structures including the scapulocoracoid, syncar- pals, synsacrum fused sacral vertebrae and sacral ribs , pelvis, tibia and fibula, and tibia and prox- imal tarsals are fully fused, the one exception being the contact between the synsacrum and the pelvic girdles, which appears to have remained unfused.

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This general pattern of co-ossification and fusion indicates that ZMNH M had reached the end of the main growth phase 4, 10, 13, 14 and, as the presence of the egg implies, had al- ready shifted resource utilization from growth to reproduction.

In addition, the pelvic girdles of ZMNH M and YH splayed outward, did not meet along the ventral midline, and were not fused to the synsacrum Fig. Sexual dimorphism in the pelvis of Darwin- opterus is correlated with bimodal variation in the development of the cranial crests of this ptero- saur: Females ZMNH M and YH lack a crest Fig.

The evi- dence fromDarwinopterus supports this hypothesis. The single egg is preserved as a continuous positive impression, immediately posterior to the pelvis Figs. A small portion of the impression that overlays the tail and thus was at a slightly higher level appears to have pulled away with the counterslab.

The impression is distinguished by its yellowish-brown color and the presence of several surface features super- imposed on a smooth background. The outer region bears multiple, subparallel, narrow con- centric folds that pinch out laterally.

Their pe- ripheral location and greater frequency toward the poles are consistent with compression of the egg during early stages of burial. The inner re- gion of the impression has an uneven, crumpled appearance and, at low magnifications, a fine pitting, possibly representing pore-like holes in the surface ornament of the egg. There is no trace of mineralized shell, cracking, or crazing, although bivalves and conchostracans from the Tiaojishan Formation have intact shells 19, 27 , and the external features indicate that the egg had a relatively soft, parchment-like shell as reported for other pterosaurs 7, 8, 16, 17 and, for example, extant squamates The presence of shell membranes that were sufficiently well developed to leave an impres- sion suggests that the egg had reached a late stage of development and was probably close to ovi- position.

The impression has a prolate spheroid shape, is symmetrical about its major and minor axes, andmeasures 28mm in length by 20mm in breadth. The original egg may have been some- what smaller, but in any case its maximum pos- sible breadth, 20 mm, is consistent with our estimate of 20 mm for the width of the pelvic canal Moreover, passage of the soft-shelled egg was probably assisted by its compliance and by flexure of the pelvic girdles.

The absence of evidence for taphonomic distortion of the fossil and the likelihood that the egg was close to its size at oviposition allows its mass at oviposition to be estimated [see 22 ].

This initial egg mass IEM , estimated to be 6. The one other pterosaur for which this value can be estimated, Pterodaustro 9, 14 , shows the same relationship. Extant birds of sim- ilar mass to that of ZMNH M, estimated to lie between and g 22 , typically produce eggs that are nearly twice, and possibly up to almost three times, as large as the estimated mass of the fossil egg This is most likely because these rigid- shelled eggs must contain all the resources needed for the development of the embryo to hatchling stage.

In contrast, evidence for a parchment-like shell points to the burial of ptero- saur eggs in a nest 2, 16, 17 , which would have permitted a substantial increase in mass after oviposition via water uptake during incubation. Assuming that the rate of water uptake was com- parable to that seen in eggs of extant squamates, we estimate that the final egg mass for ZMNH Fig. Scale bar, 10 mm. Abbreviations are as follows: crum- pled region, cr; folds, f; pitting, p.

The relation of IEM to adult mass provides direct evidence of reproductive effort and shows that birds make a significantly greater investment in their young than do reptiles 28, Ptero- saurs are demonstrably reptilian in this respect, a conclusion that is consistent with other evidence regarding their reproductive biology. This includes the possibility that sexual maturity preceded somatic maturity 13, 14 ; parchment-like egg- shells 7,8,16,17 ; the burial of eggs 2,16,17,30 , facilitating the possibility of water uptake after oviposition 16, 17 ; and hatchlings with a post- cranial anatomy that was similar in many of its proportions, but not size, to that of adults, hinting at locomotor precociality, including flight 2, Some aspects of this reproductive strategy, such as burial of the egg, resulting in the development of the embryo at ambient temperatures, are in- congruentwith ideas regarding, for example, ptero- saur physiology 17 , which assumes that they achieved a degree of homeothermic endothermy comparable to that of birds or bats 1, 2, 5, 6, On the other hand, and contrasting sharply with the high resource investment strategy of extant birds 31 and bats 32 , the relatively small in- vestment of resources by pterosaurs in their eggs and the likely absence of any need to care for the eggs, or the young, may have proved highly ad- vantageous to their volant lifestyle and strong selection pressure for mass reduction and energy conservation.

Barrett, R. Butler, N. Edwards, A. Milner, Zitteliana B 28, 61 Bennett, Paleobiology 19, 92 Padian, J. Rayner, Am. Horner, H. Moreover, it is a pure metamatheme, if one may assign this name to formalisms that require a metamathematical standpoint to be understood, with the caveat, of course, that we recognize, since Godel's fateful mathematization of metamathematics, that every metamatheme is also a matheme, that mathematics is not only a first-order theory, but the locus of a dizzying assortment of potentially reflexive morphsisms.

The prototype of Lacanian torsion is surely the Mobius. The question that faces a philosopher, in contemplating the Mobius, is whether the fatal twist that defines its being affects only an empirical manifold, or the very fabric of thought. That is to say, does an event, contrary to the law of transcendental usage, befall the concepts of identity and difference when the Mobius is twisted, to just the extent that a physical force is exerted on a ring of paper?

Contrary to popular usage, it is not a Platonist who is forced to the former deflationary analysis - at least not if the author of the Sophist is a Platonist.

We can understand this, at a first pass, in terms of the ordinary distinction between sense and reference. That is, the object-cause of desire objet petit a is seen The payoff of this first translation is that it, rightly, transposes reference out of the zone of the model theory of first-order logic and into mathematics proper even if mathematics, in the Lacanian text, is limited to topology for the sake of preserving a role for the psychoanalytic supplement.

This definition of a subject would call for two further remarks. Of course, this thesis implies that science, as first order theory, is blind to its own political status, a claim entirely in line with Zizek's fusion of Lacanian topology with Critical Theory.

But also, and perhaps more significantly, this identification implies that it is specifically qua first-order theory that science is ideology. Maintaining this thesis requires only the recognition that 1 the mathematical content of science is effective, and 2 mathematics cannot be cast without remainder as a first-order theory.