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It's so easy: (and other lies) / Duff McKagan. I've met Morty a few times at other events around town; I often end up feeling like the middle-aged dork at hipster. Editorial Reviews. Review. A hell of a story RECORD COLLECTOR Duff McKagan has walked It's So Easy: and other lies - Kindle edition by Duff McKagan. It's So Easy: and other lies Paperback – March 20, This item:It's So Easy: and other lies by Duff McKagan Paperback $ Duff McKagan played bass for Guns N’ Roses for twelve years and co-wrote many of their most iconic songs.

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Its So Easy And Other Lies Pdf

Its So Easy And Other Lies By Duff Mckagan Read Download PDF/Audiobook. File Name: Its So Easy And Other Lies By Duff Mckagan Total Downloads: Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A founding member of Its so easy: (and other lies) / Duff McKagan. p. cm. A Touchstone. It's So Easy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A founding member of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver shares the sto.

We called her that because she had a face like a moose. But Tommy, even though he could get any girl he wanted on the Sunset Strip, would not break up with her. He loved her and wanted to marry her, he kept telling us, because she could spray her cum across the room. In just four sentences, Strauss has pretty much assured that you will read the rest of The Dirt. Wanna hear some gossip? No wonder this thing was such a high seller. The anemic last rays of a late- afternoon California sun stream over the adobe roof tiles of the single-story house I share with my wife, Susan, and our two girls, Grace and Mae.

Far fewer people know that Slash is also a world-class Russian crouch-down-and-kick-your-legs-out dancer.

Its So Easy And Other Lies by Duff McKagan. EPUB (Perseu)

And me, well. Grace yells. I stop in the middle of a move and turn to look at her. People are going to start arriving any minute! Shes mortified. Yes, yes, yes, I can deal with this. Shes just growing up. As Graces friends start to show up, Grace again makes it clear that she has forbidden us from coming out to the backyard during the party. Apparently parents are an embarrassment at this age. Peeking out the back door as the party gets into gear, I see little packs of boys and girls hanging out, smiling, and laughing shyly.

Some of these kids are starting to look like adultsone of the boys is almost my height. An hour or so later Im thinking I should really take a glass of water to the guy running the photo booth and see how things are going for the henna tattoo artist and make sure everyone is behaving.

Im responsible for these kids, after all. Hell, the DJ is a friend of mine, so I have to visit a little bit with him. And, well, the food looks really good, too, and I should probably get a plate for Susan. And while Im at it, might as well get one for myself. Im not snooping, I tell myself as I push open the back door and step out. By no means. I am just being a responsible dad. Should I go for ice cream now, or come back for it later?

As I round a blind corner of the house I stop cold, stunned: Oh shit. It's So Easy: and other lies eBook: Duff McKagan: Kindle Store

I freeze, not sure what to say or do. I wasnt expecting this. My mind rushes through a checklist I didnt even realize I had in my head. Its a checklist of things I was doing at this same ageand it doubles as a checklist of things that as a parent I do not want a group of kids in my charge doing in my backyard. Are they boozing? Smoking pot? Dropping acid? I started smoking pot at a really young age: I took my first drink in the fifth grade and tasted LSD for the first time in sixth grade when I was offered blotter acid by an eighth grader on my way to Eckstein Middle School in Seattle.

In the Northwest, mushrooms grew everywhereon parking strips and in peoples backyards and just about everywhere elseand I soon learned which ones got you high. By the seventh grade, I was an expert at distinguishing liberty-cap mushrooms from all the ones that didnt get you high. I first snorted coke in seventh grade, too. I also tried codeine, quaaludes, and Valium in middle school.

There wasnt a huge stigma attached to child drug use in the s, and there werent warnings blaring everywhere about the dangers. Then I got into music. The early punk-rock movement in Seattle was pretty minuscule, so we all knew one another and played in one anothers bands. I was only fourteen when I started playing drums, bass, and guitar in various bands, and I went on tour with the Fastbacks at a time when other kids in my class were eating cotton candy and dreaming of the day theyd be old enough to get their drivers licenses.

I continued to drink a ton of beer and to experiment with LSD, mushrooms, and coke. Are these kids taking mushrooms? Then, sometime in , as the music scene became bigger and a recession hit Seattle, we all noticed a huge influx of heroin and pills. Addiction suddenly skyrocketed within my circle of friends, and death by overdose became almost commonplace.

I witnessed my first overdose when I was eighteen. I saw the first love of my life wither away because of smack and one of my bands implode because of it. By the time I was twenty-three, two of my best friends had died from heroin overdoses.

Thank God. These kids arent doing drugs or drinking. No telltale scents or dilated pupils out here. My mind races on to other activities I had gotten into by Graces age. My best friends and I started hot-wiring cars in middle school. Car theft led to breaking and entering. I remember breaking into a church one night in hopes of getting some microphones for my band.

My liquid courage at that age had no conscience. When I couldnt find any microphones, I swiped the Communion chalices to use as pimp cups for my cocktails. That crime made the papers.

It's So Easy and Other Lies

Any of these kids stealing cars? I saw all these kids arrive. Their parents dropped them off. None of them arrived on their own. Oh, God, what about. I was introduced to sex in ninth grade. The girl was olderI was playing music among an older set of people.

The thing about that first time, though, is that I got the clap. Of course, I couldnt just stroll up to my mom at thirteen and announce that I had something wrong with my penis. Luckily for me, somebody in this older group of friends steered me to a free clinic run by Catholic nuns.

The experience was not cool at all. It scared the hell out of me.

Still, after a three-day dose of lowgrade antibiotics, I was gonorrhea-free. But these kids are not having sex. In fact, these kids hands arent even wandering. No, these kids are just kissing.

This reveriethe run through my mental checklisttakes less than five seconds, but the boy and girl have stopped kissing and are now standing there frozen, their shoulders pulled awkwardly up toward their necks as if to withstand the bluster they expect to come their way.

I take a deep breath. Sorry, I say. I nod and quickly retreat back into the house. Ive known a lot of junkies. Many of these addicts have either died or continue to live a pitiful existence to this day. With many of these same people, I personally witnessed a wonderful lust for life as we played music together as kids and looked toward the future.

Of course, no one sets out to be a junkie or an alcoholic. Some people can experiment in their youth and move on. Others cannot. When Guns N Roses began to break into the public consciousness, I was known as a big drinker. Soon after this, a production company working on a new animated series called me to ask if they could use the name Duff for a brand of beer in the show.

I laughed and said of course, no problem. The whole thing sounded like a low-rent art project or somethingI mean, who made cartoons for adults? Little did I know that the show would become The Simpsons and that within a few years I would start to see Duff beer glasses and gear everywhere we toured. Still, given what Id seen, a reputation for drinking didnt seem like a big deal.

But by the time Guns N Roses spent twenty-eight months from to touring the Use Your Illusion albums, my intake had reached epic proportions. For the round-the-world Illusion tour, Guns leased a private plane. It wasnt an executive jet; it was a full-on we leased from MGM casino, with lounges and individual bedroom suites for the. Slash and I christened the plane on our maiden journey by smoking crack together. Before the wheels had left the ground. Not something I recommend, incidentallythe smell gets into everything.

I dont even remember playing Czechoslovakia; we played a stadium show in one of the most beautiful cities in East Europe not long after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the only way I knew Id even been in the country was because of the stamp I found in my passport.

It wasnt clear anymore whether or not I would be one of those who could experiment in his youth and move on. Every day I made sure I had a vodka bottle sitting next to my bed when I woke up. I tried to quit drinking in , but started again with a vengeance after only a few weeks. I just could not stop. I was too far gone. My hair began falling out in clumps and my kidneys ached when I pissed. My body couldnt take the full assault of the alcohol without bitching back at me.

My septum had burned through from coke and my nose ran continuously like a leaky faucet in a neglected mens room urinal. The skin on my hands and feet cracked, and I had boils on my face and neck.

I had to wear bandages under my gloves in order to be able to play my bass. There are many different ways to come out of a funk like that. Some people go straight to rehab, some go to church. Others go to AA, and many more end up in a pine box, which is where I felt headed.

By early , my cocaine use had gotten so bad that friendssome of whom did blow or smoked crack with meactually started tentatively talking to me about it and trying their best to keep my dealers out of my life when I arrived back home for a break between legs of the tour.

Ah, but I had my ways to circumvent all the do-gooders. There was always a way in L.

One of the lies that I told myself was that I wasnt really a cocaine addict. After all, I didnt go to coke parties and never did cocaine by itself. As a matter of fact, I hated the idea that I was doing coke. My use was strictly utilitarian: I used its stimulant effects to stave off drunkenness and to allow me to drink for much longeroften days on end. Actually, mostly days on end. Because I was adamant about not becoming the stereotypical coke. I would just get my package, open it, break a rock into a few smaller pieces in a half-assed way, and shove one of the pieces up my nose.

Of course I could tell that my primitive process was taking a toll. The inside of my nose was always on fire; sometimes it flared so badly that I would double over in pain. Then the wife of my main coke dealer, Josh, got pregnant. I started to worry that she had not given up her own coke habit.

One thing that never seeped from my otherwise porous ethical system: I was not going to participate in any situation where an innocent third party was being harmed. This was not just basic human decency. I came from a huge family, and by this point in my life I had something like twenty-three nephews and nieces, all of whom I had known since they were infants. No, I was going to put my foot down here with Josh and his wife, Yvette, and insist that she quit.

I didnt yet have the capacity to lead by example, but I did offer to pay for her to go to rehab. Both Josh and Yvette swore to me that, Geez, of course she had stopped and that there was absolutely no fucking way she would do that while the baby was in utero.

I was suspicious. One weekend they came to stay with me and some other friends at a cabin I had bought on Lake Arrowhead, up in the mountains east of L. Josh had of course brought drugs, and I had given him and Yvette one of the downstairs bedrooms.

I could tell Yvette was high. To check on my suspicions, I quietly entered their downstairs bedroom and found her bent over, snorting a line of coke.

Seeing this for myself made me realize that I had sunk to an all-time low in my life. I lost it.

I kicked them out of my house and told them that I never wanted to see them again. I was seethingat them, and at myself. I quit coke that day and drank myself through two brutal weeks of serious depression. Even though the effects of my drinking were more noticeable without the coke, drinking proved harder to rein in, much less kick. The clinical definition of delirium tremens is a severe psychotic condition occurring in some persons with chronic alcoholism, characterized by uncontrollable trembling, vivid hallucinations, severe anxiety, sweating, and sudden feelings of terror.

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It’s So Easy: and other lies

All rights Reserved. Even in Slash's book I still have no idea why Axl, called Slash a cancer and supposedly wrote a song Sorry about Slash, hates him so much. I know Duff said this is about me and my journey but giving the reader more insight between Slash and Axl might have been interesting. The feud between Axl and Nirvana? There was never any mention of this as I recall.

Since Duff is a Seattle guy and wishes he could have done more for Kurt Cobain I would have thought this would have been a perfect thing to talk about. What were Duff's thoughts on the over the top videos? Did he like them? Hate them?

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