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IBPS Specialist Officer Law Officer Study material How to study for IBPS SO Law Officer Paper Study material required for IBPS Professional. A complete study material for IBPS SO Law officer aspirants. Banking Law Complete study ruthenpress.info (Size: MB / Downloads: 1,). Home» IBPS LAW Officer Syllabus PDF Download Exam Pattern So the syllabus for the Law officer profile is also different from other profiles. help the candidates to gather the study material to prepare for the exam.

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Ibps So Law Officer Study Material Pdf

IBPS SO Books, Study Material, Preparation Tips, Model Papers, Mock Test Here are some Recommended IBPS SO Law Officer Books-. IBPS SO LAW OFFICER Mains schedule and Planner must be followed rigorously and only then your chances for clearing this exam can be categorized as sure. IBPS-LAW-OFFICER Free Mock Test, IBPS-LAW-OFFICER Online IBPS SO LAW OFFICER Study Materials|; IBPS SO LAW OFFICER

Read, Prepare, Perform and Succeed. Before reading the last minute tips, you need to make peace with one thing i. This is because unless you accept something, you cannot cure it. Are you feeling good, now that you have accepted the above fact? Well it has just started. Read the following tips for alleviating your fears and boost your confidence 10 folds. You have already studied enough to clear the exam. Now just revise what you have already studied. For this purpose , make a daily revision plan and stick to it. Revise all the formulas and shortcut tricks. Divide the time equally for all the subjects. Focus on Phase I now. Do not get bogged down with the to do list for Phase II. Remove all the distractions which might harm your punctuality. Ditch that smartphone of yours.

This is the preparation week and all your focus should be only on preparation. Make a daily plan and make sure to execute it. Sleep early wake up early and use the entire duration of the day. It has been proven scientifically that sunlight stimulates our senses to release hormones which make us more active and receptive to learning. If you are a night owl however, stop wasting the time of the day thinking you will anyway study in the night.

IBPS SO Syllabus 2019 | Detailed Syllabus And Important Topics

But remember not to change it now. It will help you control your stress level. For this, wake up daily at that time which you will need to get up on exam day.

Take your normal breakfast. This will make you less drowsy and more active on the D day. Practice mock tests during the time your actual attempt will be conducted. Make sure to note down anything that makes you feel drowsy and avoid them on the actual day.

When you study continuously for long periods, you become lethargic. This in turn affects your productivity. Fit your breaks between your studies and not vice versa. It means get up from your seat, have some water, stretch a bit and get back to study! Put a countdown alarm of 10 and be back once it rings. You are engrossed in revising. You let your health slip, but does it actually benefits you?

IBPS SO 2019 Preparation Books | Study Material

Sleep atleast hours daily. Read a non course related book in dim lights along with some light music before sleeping. This will help you calm your mind down and get a peaceful sleep. The section no. For details, kindly refer the bare Act. Banking means accepting for the purpose of lending or investment of deposits of money from public repayable on demand or otherwise and withdrawable by cheque, drafts order or otherwise.

Banking company means any company which transacts the business of banking. Transact Banking Business in India Demand liabilities are the liabilities which must be met on demand and time liabilities means liabilities which are not demand liabilities. Secured loan or advances means a loan or advance made on the security of asset the market value of which is not at any time less than the amount of such loan or advances and unsecured loan or advances means a loan or advance not secured.

Defines business a banking company may be engaged in like borrowing, lockers, letter of credit, traveller cheques, mortgages etc. States that no company shall engage in any form of business other than those referred in Section.

IBPS SO Previous Papers - Specialist Officer question paper pdf download

For banking companies carrying on banking business in India to use at least one word bank, banking, banking company in its name.

Restrictions on business of certain kinds such as trading of goods etc. Prohibits banks from holding any immovable property howsoever acquired except as acquired for its own use for a period exceeding 7 years from acquisition of the property. RBI may extend this period by five years. Prohibitions on employments like Chairman, Directors etc. Paid up capital, reserves and rules relating to these.

Banks not to pay any commission, brokerage, discount etc.

Prohibits a banking company from creating a charge upon any unpaid capital of the company. Section 14 1 prohibits a banking company from creating a floating charge on the undertaking or any property of the company without the RBI permission.

Prohibits payment of dividend by any bank until all of its capitalised expenses have been completely written off. Permits banks to form subsidiary company for certain purposes. Restrictions on banks to grant loan to person interested in management of the bank.

Power to Reserve Bank to issue directive to banks to determine policy for advances.

Return of unclaimed deposits 10 years and above Every bank has to publish its balance sheet as on March 31st. Balance sheet is to be got audited from qualified auditors 30 i Publish balance sheet and auditors report within 3 months from the end of period to which they refer.

RBI may extend the period by further three month 31 Prevents banks from producing any confidential information to any authority under Indl Disputes Act. Amendment carried in the Act during empowers Central Govt to frame rules specifying the period for which a bank shall preserve its books y , nomination facilities 45ZA to ZF and return a paid instrument to a customer by keeping a true copy 45Z. Certain returns are also required to be sent to RBI by banks such as monthly return of liquid assets and liabilities , quarterly return of assets and liabilities in India 25 , return of unclaimed deposits i.

The Government of India appoints the directors for a four-year term.

The Board consists of a governor, four deputy governors, fifteen directors to represent the regional boards, one from the Ministry of Finance and ten other directors from various fields. Deputy Governor K C Chakrabarty's term has been extended further by 2 years. Subir Gokarn was replaced by Urjit Patel in January The representations are formed by five members, appointed for four years by the central government and serve—beside the advice of the Central Board of Directors—as a forum for regional banks and to deal with delegated tasks from the central board.

It has four members, appointed for two years, and takes measures to strength the role of statutory auditors in the financial sector, external monitoring and internal controlling systems.

Tarapore to "lay the road map" to capital account convertibility.

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