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General Knowledge 2015 Pdf In Telugu Language

General Knowledge GK Awareness Questions and Answers PDF free Download answers on General Knowledge (GK) and General Awareness in English language. This PDF includes questions on various subjects like Current Affairs, Indian and World History, i want a telugu paper urgent plzz. General Knowledge India (Part One) – Free E-Book – Download Pdf. September 14, Try to Telugu language sir. And also. Subject wise imp topic gk sir. Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF (, , & ) for absolutely FREE. Month wise PDFs for last five years.

Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation, giving her life to social work. In , she became the first woman to receive the Bharat Ratna award. Kalpana Chawla: She became the first Indian woman in space. The first time Kalpana Chawla went into space on a space shuttle was in as a mission specialist and a primary robotic arm operator. Moreover, later in , Kiran Bedi also became the first woman who was appointed as the United Nations Civil Police adviser. Justice M. Fathima Beevi: In , Justice M. Fathima Beevi became the first female judge who was appointed to the Supreme Court of India. Later in , Sania Mirza became the first Indian woman to be ranked no. Saina Nehwal: Currently ranking no. Later in , she became the first Indian woman to become no. She was the only Indian woman boxer who qualified for the Olympics and became the first Indian woman boxer to win a gold medal in Asian Games in She became the first woman pilot to fly solo in the Indian Air Force, in Interested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs?

On the hillock which overlooks the coastline are 16 rock-cut cisterns for collecting rainwater. Gopalapatnam, on the Tandava River, is a village surrounded by brick stupas, viharas , pottery and other Buddhist artefacts.

The three major schools of Buddhism Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana flourished here.

General Knowledge (GK) - General Knowledge Questions and Answers

The complex is known for its monolithic stupas , rock-cut caves and brick structures. The primary stupa was initially carved out of rock and covered with bricks. Excavations yielded historic pottery and Satavahana coins from the first century AD.

At Lingalakonda, there are also rock-cut monolithic stupas in rows spread over the hill. The vihara was active for about 1, years. At Ligalametta there are hundreds of rock-cut monolithic stupas in rows, spread across the hill.

Among other Buddhist attractions are a relic casket, three chaitya halls, votive platforms, stupas and Vajrayana sculptures. The Hinayana school of Buddhism was practised at the monastery between the 3rd century B. Bavikonda has remains of an entire Buddhist complex, comprising 26 structures belonging to three phases.

A piece of bone stored in an urn recovered here is believed to belong to the mortal remains of the Buddha. The word Bavikonda in Telugu means "a hill of wells". Fitting its name, Bavikonda is a hill with wells for the collection of rainwater.


Excavation carried out from to revealed a Buddhist establishment including a mahachaitya embedded with relic caskets,[ clarification needed ] a large vihara complex, numerous votive stupas, a stone-pillared congregation and rectangular halls and a refectory.

Artifacts recovered from the site include Roman and Satavahana coins and pottery dating from the third century BC to the second century AD. A significant finding was a piece of bone with a large quantity of ash in an urn, which is believed to be the remains of the Buddha.

The Bavikonda site is considered one of the oldest Buddhist sites in Asia. It is a reminder of the Buddhist civilisation which once existed in southern India, and also reminiscent of Borobudur in Indonesia.

Excavations in to exposed structural remains and artefacts, classified as Religious, Secular and Civil. These structures include the Stupa, Chaityagrihas, pillared congregation halls, bhandagaras, refectory bhojanasala , drainage and stone pathways. The site covers an area of acres 49 hectares , and has been declared a protected area by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Excavations have revealed three kinds of structural remains: religious, secular and civil.

Structures include a mahastupa, sixteen votive stupas , a stone-pillared congregation hall, eleven rock-cut cisterns, well-paved stone pathways, an apsidal chaitya -griha, three round chaitgya-grihas, two votive platforms, ten viharas and a kitchen complex with three halls and a refectory dining hall.

Apart from the structures, Buddhist treasures excavated include nine Satavahana and five Roman silver coins, terracotta tiles, stucco decorative pieces, sculptured panels, miniature stupa models in stone, Buddha padas depicted with ashtamangala symbols i. So, for all the aspirants out there, Day Today GK is a platform where you get umpteenth of Quizzes for practice and knowledge from every corner of the world.

Now, myriads of question must be flooding in your mind. No worries, We are here to answer The more you learn, the more you realize, how little you know.

Download Free PDF on General Knowledge (Part 1) - Day Today GK

Just going through Current Affairs is not enough. One must be willing to attempt the test on daily basis. So, by the end of the day, you can justify and grade yourself on the basis of Question attempted. This is why, the Current affairs Quizzes are so important and reckon us then only you will realize how important it is to attempt Quiz on daily basis. What are the Benefits of Current Affairs Quiz? Well, you can never measure the depth of an Ocean and the Current Affairs are like ocean — The more you dive, the deeper it gets and you find more and more peace day by day because you become aware of the benefits and believe me the benefits are enormous.

Day Today GK is not a mere competition or a general knowledge site. It is a Knowledge hub where we work hard to provide you information from contours of the world.

We make sure that we publish a set on daily basis with a minimum of 10 Questions. Apart from Current Affairs, we make sure that we add all the possible general Question too and provide the visitors with a maximum information.

We believe in providing the quality stuff, extracting it from the globe. We always welcome suggestions as we believe there is always a room for improvement. The link shows the current event only.

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