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Garth Nix - Keys to the Kingdom 1 - Mister Monday. Home · Garth Nix - Keys to the Garth Nix - Keys to the Kingdom 3 - Drowned Wednesday · Read more. ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi, ZIP. Where can I get online PDF or EPUB versions of books? The Keys to the Kingdom (book series): Who is Arthur Penhaligon?. The Keys to the Kingdom has 28 entries in the series. Mister Monday. The Keys to the Kingdom (Series). Book 1. Garth Nix Author Allan Corduner Narrator.

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Garth Nix Keys To The Kingdom Pdf

A series written by Garth Nix. A book report by Abe Karplus. The covers of the Australian edition of the Keys to the Kingdom series. Religious connections. Justin Bieber The Key Hair Mist VQHBShT. $ Last downloadd about 24 hours. CD Music Album Panic At The Disco Too Wierd To Live # $ Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade This exciting and gripping reading The Keys to the Kingdom #1: Mister Monday - Kindle edition by Garth Nix. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

The Keys[ edit ] The Keys to the Kingdom are seven objects of power given to the Trustees along with command over their demesnes. It is unknown whether, but implied that, control of the Key is that which gives one control over a demesne and its namesake day in the Secondary Realms. The Key will bond to the rightful owner of a Key, and protect him or her from harm, somewhat from pain but not at all from discomfort. A rightful owner of a Key is an Heir, the Trustee to whom it was originally entrusted, or a Steward. Over time, the use of a Key will irreparably turn a mortal into a Denizen, though it is mentioned that after a few centuries, this process may reverse a little.

It gives dominion over the Upper House and Saturday. The Seventh Key takes the form of a small, golden key. Unlike the other Keys, this Key is paramount, retaining its full, sovereign power anywhere in the House or Secondary Realms.

Among its powers seem to be the ability to suppress the powers of other keys, and confer a greater power upon the wielder. It gives dominion over the Incomparable Gardens and Sunday.

Nothing[ edit ] Nothing is the mythical substance used in the series. From it the entire Universe formed through a concentration -based process. It appears as oily black smoke, or a black liquid, and contains the properties of being able to dissolve with the exception of Immaterial objects or create anything. When enough Nothing comes together, it can form a Nithling.

Nithlings are creatures not created by the Architect, but self-made from uncontained or uncontrolled Nothing.

Mister Monday

The Nithlings have this autonomy in common with both the Architect and the Old One, but apparently lack the power and creative impulses demonstrated by those elder beings. Nothing is likely based on Aether. For more information on the various types of Nithling, see below.

Nithlings[ edit ] Nithlings are entities formed from Nothing. They are feared by most of the House due to their ability to kill even an immortal Denizen with a festering bite. Nithlings take a variety of shapes and are incorporated into every book in some form. They appear to lack complex intelligence , although some types can be used as servants notably the Fetchers, sent to retrieve the Key in Book One. Most lower forms of Nithling can be dispatched with silver or salt , though this has little effect on higher or more substantially Made Nithlings.

Nithlings dissolve into Nothing when killed. They are employed by many Denizens and the Morrow Days for menial tasks, especially when someone is needed to venture into the Secondary Realms.

Nithling species usually are named ; this implies that they are usually made in regular forms. The Nithlings seen so far in the books are: Fetchers Mister Monday, Lady Friday — resembling men with the faces of bloodhounds , sent to retrieve objects.

Fetchers cannot cross thresholds uninvited. They can be banished with salt, which causes them to dissolve, and are forbidden to wear wings or carry weapons.

Bibliophages Mister Monday — a snake -like Nithling, expelling a venom that reduces any kind of writing to Nothing. They are attracted to writing, which they then try to destroy. Spirit-Eater Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday — a creature made by sorceries and a seed item belonging to the person whose physical form it assumes, being designed to imitate them.

It requires a year of House Time to grow from Nothing.

It can grow mentally conducive mold on people and can only be destroyed if its seed item is plunged into Nothing. The mold originates from the fictional planet called Avraxyn; its mutant form, present in Spirit-Eaters, is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact between and only between the Spirit-Eater and natural beings, wherein after it communicates knowledge of its model to the former.

Garth Nix - Keys to the Kingdom 1 - Mister Monday

A Spirit-Eater's true form varies and can only be seen through a veil of raindrops on a sunny day. At all other times, it resembles its model. Its technical name is 'Cocigrue', which it shares with a legendary monster called Cocquigrue or Coquecigrue. Scoucher Grim Tuesday — a Nithling originating from small, semi-enclosed spaces. Can take any form, but always has long, sharp, ribbon-like tentacles , with which it causes mortals or Denizens to bleed uncontrollably.

It then obtains strength from their blood.

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Silver, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium and platinum can kill a Scoucher upon contact. Feverfew's Cormorants Drowned Wednesday — heralds that communicate to the pirate Feverfew that his treasures have been breached.

He is eventually killed while fighting Lord Arthur. Gore-Draken Drowned Wednesday — A rare type of Nithling created when certain lost items come into contact with Nothing. Not-Horses are red-eyed equines having a metallic skin, three clawed toes on each foot, discerning intelligence, personalities suited for battle, and the ability to march in step with each other.

They are used as beasts of burden by the Glorious Army of the Architect, particularly by the pseudo- Mongol division thereof known as the Horde.

The Keys to the Kingdom Series

The Piper made them as "new Denizens", incorporating as many mortal traits as he could. New Nithlings are much more docile then regular Nithlings. They possess creative impulses and the ability to adapt; without the Piper's leadership, he has said, they would probably prefer to become farmers.

Nightsweeper Mister Monday — A Nithling taking the form of a tiny horse whose sole purpose is to spend one night gathering any contamination that has emanated from the House into the Secondary Realms, with which it then becomes Nothing.

They reach the tower by crossing the ceiling of the Far Reaches, to find that the tower is surrounded by a giant glass pyramid. A large mass of Nothing which claims to be Grim Tuesday's former eyebrow, called Soot, gives them a diamond to cut through the glass pyramid, in exchange for helping it into the treasure tower. Arthur and Suzy break into the treasure tower, where they meet Tom Shelvocke the Mariner , the second son of the Architect and the Old One , who is currently Tuesday's servant as a result of blackmail.

The Mariner, when requested, provides them with transport to a worldlet inside a bottle, in which the second part of the Will is located. They manage to retrieve the Will, which is in the form of a bear , and return to the treasure tower.

Grim Tuesday arrives and chases them through a weirdway a type of distance-defying portal into another part of the glass pyramid. They are then notified by one of Grim Tuesday's servants that the East Buttress of the Far Reaches is giving out, and that if not attended soon, it shall fall.

Its fall will then lead to the destruction of all of them. Tuesday, whose power over the Far Reaches and his namesake day has been revoked by the Will, demands the Key to solve this problem; the Will, however, declares a contest between Arthur and Tuesday of creating something original with the Second Key, of which the Mariner is judge.

The second key takes the form of two silver gauntlets, which can be used to form objects and creatures out of Nothing. Whoever wins the contest could claim the Second Key and the Far Reaches. Tuesday creates a beautiful tree of precious metals; Arthur, knowing he cannot compare in respect to physical beauty, creates a xylophone and plays a tune he composed. The Mariner, as judge, declares that while the tree is a great work, it was copied from a Secondary Realms sculptor; thus Arthur is the winner for having made something of his own.

Arthur goes to mend the eastern buttress , where he encounters a high-ranking Denizen, presumed to be Superior Saturday 's Dusk.

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