Fear Of The Dark is a song by Iron Maiden. Words and music by Steve Harris. As heard on Iron Maiden's recording Fear Of The Dark. Staff and guitar tablature. Transcrição: Kleber Shimafukuro. Autor: Steve Harris Fear of the Dark Cd Fear of the Dark. ruthenpress.info Julho - Guitar Class - Iron Maiden – “Fear of the Dark” Guitar Tab. Guitar Pro · PDF. To download or access the tab, click on your format of choice. GP5 = Guitar Pro 5.

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Fear Of The Dark Tab Pdf

Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden tab. One accurate version. No abusive ads. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Bass-PDF (57 kb). 4. Running Free. PowerTab (25 kb) · PDF (71 kb) · Bass-PDF ( 52 kb). 5. Phantom Of The . FEAR OF THE DARK ' 1. Be Quick Or Be. Free printable and easy tab for song by Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark. Tab ratings, diagrams and lyrics.

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This picking pattern is typical when you have an even number of notes per string. Mastering the fundamental movements and concepts of a technique is the first step to be able to play more advanced stuff as you progress. Full Shred Ahead! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for three-note-per-string runs. Designed for speed those licks will cut through anything without mercy.

As the name implies, you have three notes per string which give you an efficient and easy approach to play through scales and whatnot at mind-blowing speed. Check out this A-minor scale played in a three-note-per-string format: I bet you noticed something weird when playing through the example?! Now when we change strings, we alternate between down-strokes and up-strokes.

The other examples above were played on one string or always used a down-stroke when changing the string. Changing strings will be the biggest hurdle in the alternate picking business.

There are two ways to do it. Yes, Captain Obvious! The string change will be on a down-stroke or an up-stroke. The best concept to master three-note-per-string runs and string changes, is by practicing scale fragments and small patterns. This method is presented by the one and only Mr. As the name scale fragment implies, you will take small bits from a scale or bigger lick and practice them until you got it under your fingers and up to speed before piecing it together.

Here are a few of the most basic shapes or scale fragments that are used for three-note-per-string runs. The above version is called ascending and when changing strings, you will start on an up-stroke. That picking pattern is often called outside picking because the pick will constantly be outside the two strings when changing between them.

Playing the whole thing backward is called descending. You will notice that compared to the ascending version the picking pattern of down- and up-strokes has changed. What was once a down-stroke is now an up-stroke. The pick will now be inside the two strings when changing between them.

Fear Of The Dark Mandolin Tab

That picking pattern is often called inside picking. Please do not worry too much about the terminology right now. I just wanted to show you the differences and what it is called in guitar-nerd language. For now, it is just important that you practice those scale fragments and pay attention when changing strings to get a feel for it. Here is another scale pattern that is just perfect for stamina and speed development: All those scale fragments and variations of them will appear in nearly every three-note-per-string run.

The way the A-minor scale is played at the beginning is, in fact, an extended version of the second scale fragment or pattern you just witnessed. From the lowest to the highest string ascending and descending on the way back. Another alternate picking master is the shredtastic Paul Gilbert.

One prime example of his three-note-per-string style is shown in the next lick. This is just an excerpt of the whole lick. The full tab can be found in the pdf and Guitar Pro tab for this lesson.

Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark Tab

This C-major scale uses the third pattern of the scale fragments shown earlier. The lick demonstrates perfectly how piecing together small patterns can make up terrifying shred runs. Getting good at small patterns and scale fragments will give you a darn good foundation to tackle monster runs as shown above.

Take your time with all the exercises and get comfortable with alternate picking. After all the information it is time to kick back and enjoy the beauty of alternate picking in its natural habitat.

Delight your ears with some of the tastiest alternate picking licks and runs. Racer X — Scarified [] Paul Gilbert gives this riff a nice twist with the tricky timing. That riff makes a great exercise and is damn fun to play. Make sure to check out Racer X, Mr. This dude is nuts! Pantera — Cowboys From Hell [] Playing fast is not about playing the most complicated things. In fact, simple licks like this up to speed will have a tremendous effect.

Dimebag shreds this bluesy lick with incredible precision! The lick can be played starting with a down-stroke or an up-stroke. That's why the tab includes both variations.

The Fear Of The Dark chords & tabs by Iron Maiden @ Tabs

Go with what feels best for you. No matter if with Firewind or solo - Gus is worth checking out for great sounding alternate picking licks.

Zakk Wylde proves that three-note-per-string runs are not the only option to set things on fire. Children of Bodom - Black Widow [] Finnish wild child Alexi Laiho is known for his shred skills on various techniques.

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