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Down Syndrome Ebook

You may copy this ebook to multiple devices or print for personal use only, but support provided to children and adults with Down syndrome makes a real. Living with Down Syndrome - PDF Ebook. $ · An Overview of the Development of Infants with Down Syndrome ( years) - PDF Ebook. $ · Speech. This ebook offers a balanced and person-focused introduction to Down syndrome. It explains the effects of Down syndrome on development, stressing that while.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Down syndrome is a genetic condition which causes varying degrees of learning disability as well as other health problems.

Now we know that Down syndrome is the most common live-compatible human chromosomal abnormality, occurring in 1 in newborns.

Reading and Writing for Individuals with Down Syndrome - An Overview - PDF Ebook

Latest studies have shown that pregnancy termination rates following prenatal diagnoses have decreased the incidence of DS in recent years in some population groups, which may reflect advances in medical interventions for people with Down syndrome and progresses in educational and social support for their families. These advances have also significantly extended the life expectancy for people with Down syndrome.

Therefore, Down syndrome will continue to affect a significant size of our population and thus remain as a major public health challenge in the future. Due to the impacts of presence of an additional copy of the whole chromosome 21, individuals with Down syndrome exhibited a constellation of developmental abnormalities affecting many organ systems.

Human trisomy 21 is the most frequent genetic cause for developmental cognitive disabilities. The landmark discovery of human trisomy 21 as the chromosomal basis for Down syndrome has also positioned this disorder as the most complex human genetic disease compatible with postnatal survival.

As a result, progress in Down syndrome research has been slow until s when development of mouse models of Down syndrome, particularly Ts65Dn, enabled scientists to explore the disorder at the molecular, cellular, physiological and organismal levels.

The convergence of recent advances in mammalian genome sequencing and chromosome engineering technology has opened up an unprecedented opportunity for unraveling the mechanisms underlying abnormal phenotypes in Down syndrome by generating and analyzing new mouse mutants with precise duplications and deletions of human chromosome 21 orthologous regions.

Mohammed Al-Biltagi is welcome news, which will provide the latest information on medically important areas associated with Down syndrome, including the prevalence, genetics, infection in children with Down syndrome, cardiac, skeletal and dental abnormalities, biochemical, respiratory, gastrointestinal and psychological changes, neonatal, neurological, hematological problems, as well as problems with anesthesia. Such a timely update will surely benefit all of us who care so much about Y.

Since the comprehensive description of clinical features of the syndrome in by John Langdon Down; and its genetic basis in , researches are still trying to study various aspects of this syndrome to improve the health and the quality of life of the affected people.

In the first chapter; Dr. Al-Biltagi shed some light on the epidemiology of DS, the factors affecting the risk of Down syndrome, and the prevalence of DS in the different parts of the world. In chapter 2; Dr. Solaf discussed the genetic basis of this syndrome together and the role of different genes in development of various syndrome related diseases.

Down Syndrome Children - An Update

Then in the third chapter; Dr. Al-Biltagi and Dr.

Hagag discussed the various neonatal problems in DS. After that, Dr. Al-Biltagi and Prof.

Number Skills for Individuals with Down Syndrome - An Overview - PDF Ebook

Chapters written by internationally-respected paediatricians with a special interest in Down syndrome cover Down syndrome comorbidities, such as hearing problems, gastrointestinal disorders, congenital heart diseases, as well as the underlying biology and new developments in molecular genetics.

Contributions from the UK Down Syndrome Association and Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group define how doctors can work effectively with other professionals to improve health care provisions for this group.

Each chapter is illustrated with informative case scenarios and answers to FAQs from parents and carers. General practitioners, community paediatricians, paediatric neurologists, neurodevelopmental paediatricians, speech and language therapists, other health and educational professionals, teachers. I will use the book in my work with medical students and young doctors and I will recommend it to the parents of many of my patients. These poignant anecdotes encourage empathy while furthering the understanding of Down syndrome.

From a medical standpoint, the organization of information by systems makes this text a convenient and comprehensive resource.

Living with Down Syndrome - PDF Ebook

It contains the level of detail necessary to create patient specific differential diagnoses, and simultaneously arms providers with the information needed to answer both practical parent and complicated medical questions.

Twanow, Journal of Child Neurology, By raising awareness of the various health complaints that are more common in, but not unique to Down Syndrome, this book assists health professionals in recognising and flagging up comorbidities that should be dealt with by the appropriate specialist team. When doing so this textbook is a helpful one to keep at hand.

It is a comprehensive collection of up-to-date practice written by contributors with expertise in the field.

In addition to being a helpful guide for professionals, it also serves as a reference book for parents and support organizations. It reflects authority and credibility and is indeed a comprehensive guide to the delivery of health care for children and young people with Down syndrome.

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Click on the link below to access your preferred format. Readership General practitioners, community paediatricians, paediatric neurologists, neurodevelopmental paediatricians, speech and language therapists, other health and educational professionals, teachers. Clinics in Developmental Medicine Series.