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3ds max lighting / by Nicholas Boughen. Discreet and 3ds max are registered trademarks of Autodesk Canada Inc./Autodesk, Inc. in the USA and/or other. lighting was created for the 3D interior scene modeled beforehand. The 3D interior scene 3D-modeling, rendering, photorealism, lighting, V-Ray, 3D Studio Max ruthenpress.info -interior-visualisation/. ruthenpress.info Tutorial modeling and rendering an interior design -3d studio max and mental ray We prepare the lighting of the scene taking advantage of the system that we.

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3d Max Interior Lighting Tutorials Pdf

3ds MAX and VRay Tutorial: Basic daylight interior visualization for beginners Because the light should fall through the window I also imported very simple. Realistically Light and Render Interior Scenes Using 3ds Max and Vray In this tutorial, we'll be using real units, so the first thing would be to. Interior Design/Comp: Publishers' Design and Production Services, Inc. 3D Lighting: History, Concepts, and Techniques. Gallardo The tutorials and principles in this book cover Lightwave or higher, 3D Studio MAX. , and PDF file format so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view the.

Then choose a nice camera position. If you want to make your image brighter then you have two possibilities like you would have with your DSLR-camera as well : You can lower the f-number You can change the shutter speed for the camera Four Most Important Parameters of a Physical Vray Camera Let me explain the four most important parameters of a physical Vray Camera: Shutter speed: Stutter speed can control the brightness of your scene. A lower shutter speed lets more light reach the photo chip of a DSLR. Or the other way around a faster shutter speed give less light pass — the image becomes darker. In real life your image can have blur effects when the shutter speed is too long and your scenery is in motion. But in 3ds MAX it will not have an blur effect because nothing is moving. F-Number: F-number is the parameter of your cameras aperture. White balance: It means to identify the right white color for camera. You can make it neutral in VRay So finally you see that the physical VRay is even more powerfull as a real world DSR camera and does not have some major disadvantages. Render Setup for VRay and Indirect Lightning After this short detailed description I change some parameters in the Render Setup to achieve a fast, but also realistic result. Here we go!

This gives you total control in how the light affects your 3d render, in this case I did not make a lot of changes to the camera, and here you can see what I did: As you can see, I changed the focal lens and increase the f-number to 9 because I wanted to catch less light and avoid overexposed surfaces, for the white balance I am using a blueish tint to compensate the sky color.

I did not change the shutter speed or film speed ISO. Creating the Grass The grass is a important part of making your exterior more realistic, there are plenty of options to create a beautiful and realistic grass.

In this case I am using forest pack for the grass creation, the first thing that you need to make is several grass patch so you can distribute them around your surface.

These are the grass patches that I used in the scene: As you can see, it is a very simple model of a grass with different size, shape and distribution, them I use 3 of them for the grass field. Now you need to select forestpack from the menu, click in your surface and add the different grass patches to it.

After adding the grass patches these are the settings that I used in the forestpack menu: If you see that you need more grass you can decrease the scale so it cover more space or decrease the units, that would add more grass to the field.

12 Useful 3DS Max Lighting Tutorials You Should Learn

As you can see I have all my grass converted into proxies, I did that to avoid losing the settings because sometime forestpack does not visualize the grass, what I do is to save a file with settings and them create another one with the patches converted intro proxies, the only bad things about that is that you can not change any settings when you do that, for that reason I save a backup file. You can do that if you are going to send the file to another person so you do not have any issues with the rendering.

Render Settings for a Realistic Look The renders settings play a big part of getting a realistic render, if you do not make the right changes in your settings it is probably that you will get a wrong result, also it is important to understand how vray works in order to optimize your rendering process.

I prefer Brute Force because it gives you a better result, because it calculate better the GI.

If you want to learn more about render settings, check the vray manual Here is a detailed image of my render settings: Improve your Render with Post Production Post production allows you to make a better version of your raw vray render, so you have more tools to tweak your image and make it more realistic.

In this case I used Photoshop to enhance the render, use tools like Highlight, Black, Contrast, Clarity and Sharpen, I was able to improve the final image. Here is the final image after the post production process with Photoshop I like to create different lighting version of my scenes, for that reason I did a NIGHT VERSION of this 3d scene, check the result: Conclusion Creating beautiful and realistic images required time and effort, and you need to be patience and always try to learn how you can make your render to look better.

This tutorial explains the basics of setting up daylight lighting in V-Ray using VRay Sun and a 3DS Max daylight system for precise control of time of day and location.

This is useful in rendering products or stand-alone close up visualizations of objects. These tutorials showed us how easy it is to come up with stunning visualizations in 3DS MAx as long as we know how to utilize the built-in lighting capabilities bundled with the software.

Artificial Night Lighting Interior Scene + PDF Tutorial

And with a great plug-in like V-Ray, the possibilities are indeed limitless. You can email him directly at mycreativedaddy gmail. Thank you fo such detailed tutorials — they are certainly helpful even for professional designers!

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Making of Living 43 - 3ds Max and V-Ray Tutorial

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