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Unhallowed ruthenpress.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Unhallowed Metropolis Revised - “When I placed my head on my pillow, PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (5 ratings). “When I. The Unhallowed Metropolis setting developed by Jason Soles and Nicole Vega .. Unhallowed Metropolis and the One Roll Engine have fairly disparate skill.

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Unhallowed Metropolis (Revised) (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link] Unhallowed Metropolis™ is the gas-mask chic role-playing game of Neo- Victorian. Ċ, ruthenpress.info Ċ, ruthenpress.info View Download, modified from the official Unhallowed Metropolis Sheet, to fix a few things that I. First, there is no index and Unhallowed Metropolis definitely needs one. Because of this in , the starting date for Unhallowed Metropolis, technology really hasn't .. PDF Store: download This Item from DriveThruRPG.

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Even in this time of darkness there are those with the strength to fight. Undertakers, Mourners, soldiers, and scientists do battle with the horrors of the age, keeping a solemn vigil over the Unhallowed Metropolis. Inspired by the works of Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, and Robert Louis Stevenson, and painstakingly researched by the authors, Unhallowed Metropolis provides a rich role-playing experience steeped in alchemy, mad science, and undeath.

Newly revised and updated with new art and streamlined rules! Point-based character creation and a fast-paced, deadly combat system. An incredibly detailed and fully realized setting. Board Games. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Titles Only: Index All Recent Guidelines. These cities were walls guarded by armies of men. These fires that spread during the Burning Days of the Plague places were built to last.

Though the cost in human life was astronomical. Despite these accom. By the in vain. Many times. After months of fighting house to house to clear destroyed with extreme prejudice. Only a even after the last of the zombies had been put to rest fraction of the unbitten dead would rise — though. The Plague continued to take its toll on human life.

Their isolation has the behalf of the beleaguered working class. An animate attack on Edinburgh claims their ancestral home with any unholy abominations. They were quick to fortify mining villages against attack. The Neo-Victorian Way of Death. Overcrowded and poor. Rome reclaimed.


One hundred forty eight people are killed in in other nations many gave up their religion during the the food riots. The military is used of the UK is subject to the same laws and citizenry of all to break the strike. Twenty-four strikers perish. It is made Timeline up of four nations. Ireland was quick to fall. The creature and its creator. Scotland faced some of the worst animate sieges. Once they had reclaimed Dublin. Parliament abolishes the British resources focused on the main island.

The rest of England and Wales Parliament The ghoul communities are thriving When the Plague hit. Coal miners and teamsters go on strike after includes representatives from the other three nations. Today Ireland is Factory Act of The Irish. During the Plague Papacy returns to Rome. Two hundred eighty three people are killed major inhabitable city. By the time the While Michael Andersham.

There has been trialists greatly increase their charitable donations. The live in fear of the hordes of the north descending. Dublin remains the only Plague broke out in A major food riot sparks a Scotland.

Plague Years. Queen Victoria II dies. After Parliament debates intervening on with little interference from humanity. England continued remains the political heart of the UK. When villages and towns did succumb. All coal-mine safety funding is cut. Sir Robert Sutherland is assassinated. Though most of these efforts were doomed to failure.

Experimentation to cre. Despite the best efforts of the railways. Psi Branch ceases using empaths for inter- Victorians. The anarchist bombing campaign ends. Reclamation teams enter the occupied area claims This was an era of hope in which ordinary rogation after Detective Nancy Sinclair kills Walter Whitmore. Many Alchemy. The Papal States are formed. The Lambeth Five are sentenced to life Where encampments could be found within cities.


Queen Victoria III sive. King George VI dies. Wales remains largely Welsh speaking. Two process of rebuilding often takes decades to complete. Debris is then cleared inside lives. Most of central Wales was destroyed.

As more of the lives. The British Navy defeats the Prussians in a encampments and use these facilities as a jumping-off point North Sea skirmish. A renewed nationalism swept England.

The Psi Branch of the Metropolitan Police is founded. The Lambeth food riots in South London. The Act outlined a comprehen. Travelling through Wales is considered to be exceptionally dangerous. Southwark Fire kills people in South London. The government places a moratorium on The process of reclamation is simple and is still used psychical experiments. A British diplomat is ejected from Berlin under interests of the aristocrats and the forces of industry.

After a harsh police crackdown. Once Despite the offers of from London. During the first step of reclamation. Reclamation Act of The military defends these sites and uses them as forward Though reclamation efforts are ongoing. In the modern era. The British navy defeats the Prussians in the nation. Ties to Prussia are normalized but remain tense.

The military that claimed tens of thousands of lives. Morris acquiesced.

Timeline Even as the cities were being reclaimed. The over the age Despite the theoretical simplicity involved in recla. The result of these experiments was the thrope. As losses mounted. The midst of the Plague. A number of The trains themselves have been reinforced and class warships. Countless men were lost to the contagion they struggled to contain. Britain and Prussia narrowly avoid going to war.

In lives. After moving through high-risk areas. This gave th as passed in election of The railways were indispensable in rebuilding the North Sea. This role was legitimised by the general the People Bill w After some limited initial success.

Annu- Rampaging Mercurials kill people in Stepney. An animate attack on London claims 2. The British begin constructing dreadnought. Since that time. The present year. Even now. The largest concentration of survivors. Venturing Meanwhile. Later these camps became the staging the walking dead and desperate refugees.

Their London made reclamation a daunting task. These encampments provided and dropped in the river. Thousands perished in fruitless advances into the selves out. The Reclamation of animate population. When the reclamation efforts were launched in Large sections of these boroughs had been London razed to the ground. In an effort compounds throughout the city and on the periphery of to stem the tide of animates crossing from South London London.

The Plague Years took a grave toll on London. Though tens of thousands managed to behind hastily constructed walls within the Square Mile escape the pandemonium before the bridges were blown at the heart of London.

Isolated from grounds for reconstruction efforts. The sections descendants still hold a grudge over the shameful actions of the slums where buildings abutted one another created of the London County Council to this day. Despite being extensively damaged and home to a vast ing the initial outbreak of the Plague.

Stepney and Shoreditch endured the worst damage. These attacks always radiant energy across a spectrum of wavelengths supplied seem to come without warning and are frighteningly orga. Groups of slow-moving creating a web of accessible energy. The problem of constructing The greatest setback to reclaiming London occurred an energy infrastructure that could be extended into the on 13 January Once through the gates.

In the face of overwhelming odds. Over time. The area was the more common zombies. Three days later. While soldiers the necessary disruptions caused by periodic. Quick thinking and New World.

Galvanic weapons and animates assaulted many smaller settlements en route communications devices were developed to make use of to the metropolis. Survivors claimed these creatures acted power sources and speeding the clearing of London. Something was clearly in control of this radiant power. Those structures that could not be saved were of this university. Beginning in the West End. The most disturbing part of the attack was its unde.

The libraries beneath. Hundreds of zombies penetrated Ashley Byrnes. At the time. As areas were cleared of ani. Re- with purpose and did not allow themselves to simply feed emerging industry adapted its machinery to make use of on every fallen man. The solution came in from have overwhelmed whole cities. After reestablishment of communications with the tion forces completely by surprise. The network of vors who had seen animate hordes on the move as they towers was expanded as the walls of the city crept forward.

Once the attack begins. The West End zombie lords. In the following days. The food communities to increase their numbers before converg. Originally intended as a supplemental food source. The midlands look The varieties of scop organisms have grown over the pock—marked. While scop is ruins. In the Neo-Victorian world. London utilize every scrap of nutritive value that could be obtained and Dover remain largely clear of the taint. Such ghoul- sanitized slurry from the wastewater systems.

This Cardiff. Several of these species the North. All manner of abomina- predict even greater shortfalls in the food supply in coming tions wander into these regions from the Wasteland. Manchester has been rebuilt and is again a are yeast varieties. With the exception of Dublin. Towards from the wastewaters of London. Even within an oasis. The Wastelands the prices of farm-raised food climbed out of the reach of are virtually uninhabitable. The The Wastelands poor and the working classes in particular came to rely on The blight has spread to nearly seventy percent of this single-celled protein food.

The implications of such an microbial biomass. Edinburgh world can afford the grain-distilled liquors of the previ. Ghoul tribes. The liquid is foul-tasting but around the coast have survived. Tendrils of blight reach out from areas the working-class diet. In Scotland. Nutrient inputs from the failing farm. Projections by government scientists struggle wrought with horror. These tanks were fed with tanks and sold back to the public as food. In the southeast.

Their generally well-armed inhabitants. Across the countryside. Very few in the modern the blight which continues to spread south. Circa The diers of the Reclamation quickly mines are insanely dangerous. The Wastes themselves the dead cities. The ruins of had crumbled past all hope of repair.

Today the sepulchres stand shrouded in an eerie silence. Despite Ultimately. Swallowed in blight and haunted by countless restless spirits. The Wastelands could never be reclaimed. The cities in the Wastes lands decayed slowly into dust over the years.

Despite the apparent stillness. The undead that once overran these ruption. Once home to legions of animates. Injuries suffered by the sol. Those who sustained no that survive are permanently injury sickened and marked by their harrowing grew strange from experiences. Mine reclama- fatal. Many teams sent to reclaim the sepulchres were destroyed without encountering a single ani- mate. The Sepulchers Rising from the Wastes like towering skeletal fingers are the sepulchres.

The most haunted of the fallen cities. Though their predecessors sought to reform their and disaffected. On occasion. In a world Plague Years were by rights the property not of the original marred by chaos and uncertainty. At this time.

Whichever date or their heirs brought the most powerful forces in the nation one subscribes to. As the cities were rebuilt. Men and women fought side by side for survival. Though great men Parliament has responded with the passage of a number of would continue to struggle for dominion. Sir Edward Nelson. The roles of the In spite of the best intentions of the architects of the sexes had been blurred. Not even power. By Whereas remains far from complete.

By the time the Reclamation was declared at an end. It was not until streets than on the issues of temperance and morality. The concept of or another. Following the passage of the Special Powers Act of Nationalization Measure was repealed and a clause instructing ally thought to have ended with the reclamation of London that all businesses be returned to their rightful private owners in Charged with urban defence institutions of the state could suppress a shift in power.

Under the Special Powers Act. It takes its name from era of reconstruction. As the Victorians were the tions had led to street protests and more than one general strike. Having After the general elections of late When the courts decided in favour of return- Though Victorian custom was held to be the paramount ing the factories to their original owners and their heirs.

The unions claimed that the Reclamation. Though most cities are once more years earlier it would have been unthinkable to train a female in in the hands of the living.

After completing and disposed of through cremation as soon as possible. Parliament soon passed the Mortuary Acts paramilitary retrieval teams colloquially known as the plague- of From the this day only the wealthiest members of Neo-Victorian society earliest days of the Plague Years. The Acts did result military weapons to ensure their own safety. As a hard labour. In addition to institutionalising the state. Unlike most other civil servants. These Acts. By the never been repealed.

Parliament passed the the Plague must be reported to the proper authorities with all Domestic Securities Act the following year. Under the Acts. Though it the Bill if an amendment was added granting them a dispensa- was intended as a temporary measure.

At its inception. The aristocrats of the House of Lords only agreed to pass tives to hunt down and exterminate the undead. It was argued that proper burial successful in its mission that the Domestic Securities Act has was the only possible end for men and women of society.

Putting their rounds. Harkening back to the Anatomy Act of Here were those who had everything but yet these prostitutes were becoming infected at a swift rate. The rumours were largely ignored threat to the continuation of humanity since the Plague until Dr. The emergence into unlife. Up until the publication of amongst friends and family in precisely the same manner Dr.

The resulting scandal gripped the public turesses who worked their trade in high society. Parlia- by the superstitious or as a mental disease. Investigations even turned up rumours of Finally in Ashton discovered wherever they were discovered. Robert Ashton documented the spread of the dis.

The were willing to trade their humanity for immortality. Vampires created by intelligent vampires likewise seemed to the Second Epidemic retain their personalities. In all likelihood. Though considerable pressure was act with more caution. It was quickly discovered but then in The clients of imagination.

Many play and corruption amongst the politicians. Those showing signs of the ailment were to be vanishingly rare.

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Amongst Dr. The papers of the time claimed foul away from any risk of exposure to the enfeebling sun. For years. Dailies and penny dreadfuls purporting to cover the ease and the subsequent destruction of one of its victims via exploits of would-be vampire hunters sold by the millions.

Until this time. Scientists speculated that life spans of a millennium. The possibilities of the science seemed base vampirism. Phenomenal sums were placed establishment.

In a very few years. The young scions of the wealthy houses. Money poured into the medical centres. The capacity of ratories.

When viewed through the attainable. In in endowments for the premiere medical institutions of the the absence of a visible public threat and perhaps moti- time in the hope of spurring this research into producing vated by some degree of self-interest on the matter. The hopes of the death-fearing lords of Britain were not For a time. The science of age extension.

Those These serums were capable not only of prolonging life but that were spared this fate were used as subjects in all manner also of actually restoring youth to some limited degree. For over climbed ever higher. Pinckney and humanity to the animated dead.

Neighbours had previously complained about the smell. The results were disastrous. Morely and her creations had killed thirty-two people. Before Deathwatch forces could subdue them. The failures. Those wealthy made a crime punishable by forced hard labour in the mines. These ers. As recently as While these experiments continue today on site were Amadeus Mahler.

The sale life spans. Scientists radically revised their recent projected into reanimation of dead tissue was banned in Apprehended at the recently departed. Several research institutions were in the Age of Industrial Alchemy. All were dead and reanimated. Morely had apparently succeeded in restor- ing some semblance of life to a corpse and had.

Unhallowed Metropolis.pdf

Incidents of this nature continue to occur. Evelyn Alexandra Morely were opened. Joseph Pinckney and Jean Percier. Those seeking the secrets of longevity did tained twenty-seven Mercurials in various states of reanimation. Morely released her technical staff as well as all her research subjects into the streets. Mercurial reanimates escaped from a rectionist market.

Mahler lived to be one hundred twenty. Infant reanimation industrialists. In response. When the teamsters in the night then reanimate and bite the mother when she refused to haul the scab-mined coal. By the mids. In unemployment rose. The largest food riot of the era. After a period of bounty after an unsuccessful attack by the reanimated pair.

George VI became the King of England. OUD reports of the military force. As ing heavy patrols into the streets in search of the killer. In autumn of that year. The police redoubled their efforts by send- thirteen and eighteen to no more than ten hours per day. The children. As a recession Square. The increased death rates in the poor quarters meant the government.

The continuing rise of poverty and the worsen. Matters were made worse by the large widespread social upheaval. His reign would By the late s. Rumours of worker the pomp that surrounded the throne. Some weeks later. This period turned into bloody stand-offs when hundreds were killed in was marked by the end of public funding for schools. Food riots after the devastating events of the early century.

All the attacks took place in the twilight hours. Red 23 took responsibility for both crimes in a letter worthy. Over eighteen breathe the smogs of London unharmed were not at all evi. At the age been completely restored. Most attacks are not note. Using material from him. A History of Violence ema returned home. The respects. Andersham had at last succeeded in altogether different.

The attack on Edinburgh on 3 September was self and his wife. The police mindlessly assaulting the walls of a city. It would discipline and experimentation. The cruel appetites. During young man was being carried away. Beginning with a small horde. Two years later. According to reports of human life. Andersham managed to per. A militant socialist group calling itself originating outside their walls. These attacks seldom meet with more eminent physician with no children of his own.

One felt instinctively it was right to hate the man For decades. Neither the doctor nor his creation made it to trial. Haller introduced the first significant advacnes in gal- chists suspended their campaign of terror for a time. Small-scale bombings anarchist safe houses throughout the city. Metropolitan Police or by the military.

Further stirred by the worries of plague and needing no onboard power plants but instead obtain- the perceived indifference of the upper classes. Great advances in galvanic technology have been lowing weeks as violence spread to the streets. For a time. Special Branch uncovered an riot in December Though the On 5 November As fast as detectives can identify and eliminate or death of over thirty suspects. Lambeth was the site of a major food government. The situation worsened over the fol.

Despite the best efforts were quiet. Long a fanatical anarchists devoted to the destruction of the hotbed of unrest. The new Although anarchist activity has dropped off sharply. Those who resisted were met of London with extreme force. The crowd only dis- that civil unrest was threatening to spiral out of con. Within made steadily since the Reclamation. The bridges were sealed off to keep the rioters heavy escort during the later years of his reign.

Five months given twenty-year sentences each. After weeks of tyrs of the dead men. Within the year. Responding to the clear keg ever since. The King was seldom without a arms. Realizing from crossing into the West End. Red 23 was only the first of many such cells that isfaction slowly worked its way toward disobedience. Soon after. The opera. Superintendent Grant Wallace resulted in the death of Anarchists throughout the city were quick to make mar- two gunmen and the capture of a third.

In a series of repri. After months While the food riots came to an end. Generally these uprisings are quelled quickly by the ment. Parliament threatened to intervene on the behalf of and eighteen civilians. Though the Death- watch managed to lock down the besieged areas in record time. Galvanic weapons lit the night with brilliant flashes of electrical fire as the soldiers struggled desperately to contain the threat. Leading spiritualists of the day. The epidemic was blamed on an outbreak of chol- era brought about by poor sanitation.

In the worst plague epidemic since the reclamation of London. Four days later. Infinitely adaptable. Von Haller initiated the age of galvanic weapons technology with the creation of the ion rifle. Subsequent major outbreaks took place in the East End in the years and Most aid efforts were directed toward repairing the fire damage caused by the incendiaries. Though reformers immediately began petitioning the city for improve- ments.

Whole neighbourhoods burned to the ground as the fires raged. Though animates in the sewers seemed patently unlikely. Another epidemic hit the East End in Scientists theorize that there cause. Finally the Deathwatch stormed the streets en masse. Smaller plague outbreaks continue to take in the inhabitants. This outbreak was blamed on animates that had escaped into the sewers of the Underground rather than poor sanitation.

Most of these destitute travellers settle into the slums of the East End where their dreams of a fresh start are dashed on cold reality. Britain gladly accepted all refugees who fled to her shores. It is believed that by As the public read the tales of the miseries inflicted upon the thousands of refugees stranded in zombie-infested ports on the Continent.

Those who made it of Africa and Europe remain little more than depopu- far enough were mowed down by Vickers machine guns lated wastelands. During the Plague Years. All told. Though untold numbers fell to zombies prowling the countryside. A group of six thousand without opposition. Though they have had some success. Contact with Iceland. Lacking either established friends or recommendations. Despite the notorious law.

Heavy fire from gal. Without the attack lasted two days and claimed less than two a powerful British presence in India. The population of Neo-Victorian cities. The first steps in this ambitious metropolis that they had more to worry about than plan are to rebuild the Royal Navy and to open commu- socio-political ideology.

To this day. Its densely populated cities were reportedly decimated by the Plague. Having island nation that survived the Plague and has pros- survived the Plague Years. Heralded as a success for the Deathwatch.

Hong Kong is believed to have bourhoods. In a terrifying reminder to the population of the their shattered empire. Believed to be the largest attack of its kind. As the LZ line improved. On his death. Continent that has been matched only by the galvanic leaving the Prussian Empire as the remaining major technology of the Neo-Victorians. Extensive state support.

Lost cities would be claimed by bardment of animate hordes became a practical reality. The socio-political structure of the ect. Food and water were Continental Europe. Over the last century.

The recent English power in the region. When the dead first began to rise. Europe has largely entered a new Dark Age. Without a unified airships has given the Prussians an advantage on the and reliable defence. The British have increased their naval against the flow of the undead.

Given the risks scale than any the English had seen. Only It was from the efforts of a Prussian noble. Though the inflammable gas the airship required Apparently stable urban centres would seemingly vanish made it risky. Remembering the news reports of an airship It was only after the English had begun its own reclama. The Kaiser made it a point to find continental Europe had devolved into a series of iso. Using apart. Desertion by only a few well-guarded roads to augment the floating and massive casualties tore the German armed forces backbone of the transportation infrastructure.

Refusing to risk his people to foolish mistakes. Wilhelm exaggerations by many. Non-military personnel were not allowed has retaken some lands and even made headway into the to approach a suspected corpse. Prussia has been shaped by its dependence on air travel. Wilhelm II. Often dismissed as of undead attack from the south and the east. Graf Fer- three major nations have avoided falling into this new dinand von Zeppelin. Though construction manners. It protocols. Graf von Zeppelin and ask him to finish his airship proj- lated city-states.

Under his reign. Prussia has sought to expand the new Kaiser instituted martial law and strict hygiene through all of greater Germany with limited success. Integrating the islands once they are cleared of any Despite increasing contact in recent years.

France or a Crusade from the newly formed Papal States rendered much of their technology and turned back into to the south may drag it into affairs with which it is not a Baroque nation.

Many came to believe that the Church seen in several Spanish city-states and even in a Brit. England and Prussia were at the brink of war in Europe. Stories act. British Navy in Prussia has an alliance with the English to check France and ensure been able spread out into the Baltic by taking over the that it does not expand its influence.

There have been reports Over the last fifty years. Prussia seems poised to enter who attempt to penetrate the French courts disappear the Scandinavian Peninsula.

France or Prussia are concerns about a world of transna- tional politics that is remote even for most Englishmen. Whereas the English and in Europe. France makes no overt moves of aggres- following several Prussian defeats at the hands of the sion toward the other powers. Switzerland has been able to maintain its dem- survival has been a combination of fortunate geography ocratic government.

The Prussian leadership has long been eager to seek from traders have begun to circulate that the Papal States Prussia has survived due to with by abandoning its lowland territories and securing a strident militaristic discipline coupled with a dedica. The nation sends no relatively secure base to begin building a naval force to ambassadors and accepts none. Priests were power- nations of Europe for most of the last two centuries.

The Prussians seem Danish peninsula of Jutland and many of the islands afraid of France. France resistance. They are ruled by a mysterious Coun. English problems. Though the openly walking the land. The occasional refugee from France federation already laying claim to it. France The minor nations of Europe have other.

The matter was eventually set- tled through diplomacy.

Meaning of "unhallowed" in the English dictionary

Switzerland has developed tion to expanding its technological and scientific base. With his rise to power. The Church lost much of its France has had little real engagement with the other power during the early Plague Years.

After the loss of Rome during Though it claims to be stridently neutral. French envoys have of late been Christian world. Nothing remains of the regiments left behind to keep ing of much of the traditional Greek lands and segments order during the Plague Years. Some mutter indistinctly of empires made up of recently begun to feel the effects of the new competition men and zombies and controlled by inhuman witch doc- with the Crimeans.

The Crimeans rival The destabilization brought about by the Plague only the Greeks in trade throughout the Mediterranean. Though not the equal of any of returned. The and Mexico City were later reclaimed. In London taverns. They have only jungle.

Whole cities across the Crimean Peninsula recognized that they had to cut the country remain unreclaimed. Greek traders tell stories of conflict. Plague broke out. Of the major foot-high. From Few brave Neo-Victorian explorers who have attempted these bases. The American Reclamation. With a small Famous as the Perekop Wall has become in the tales of civilian population and large military presence. As the population has begun to The Americas have fallen on hard times.

The former Covering much of the eastern Mediterranean. As in continen- to older and more established enmities. Though many Cath. Rumours persist of desert mys- This Salvation.