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The Contrarian's Guide to. Leadership by Steven B. Sample. A summary of the original text. If you want ordinary results in your business, you might succeed with . PDF | Paul Manning, () "The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership", Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Vol. 23 Issue: 5. The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership [Steven B. Sample, Warren Bennis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this offbeat approach to.

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The Contrarian Guide To Leadership Pdf

Then you may be a contrarian leader. If so, this summary is for you. In The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership, Steven B. Sample, the presi- dent of the University. In this offbeat approach to leadership, college president Steven B. Sample-the man who turned the University of Southern California into one of the most. In The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership, Steven Sample uses ten themes to The Contrarian Perspective is not about countering all conventional wisdom; it is.

In this issue: No part of this publication may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. To order additional copies of this summary, reference Catalog But if you want truly exceptional results — high employee morale and loyalty, lower costs, and record profits — you need to take a contrarian view. Contrarian leadership is based on the following seven principles: In particular, such leaders are able to maintain their intellectual independence by thinking gray, and they enhance their intellectual creativity by thinking free. Conventional wisdom considers it a valuable skill to be able to make judgments as quickly as possible. But contrarian wisdom argues that, for leaders, judgments about the truth of information or the merits of new ideas should be arrived at as slowly as possible, and in many cases not at all. Instead of leaping to a conclusion, often the smartest thing that you can do is to think gray. Thinking gray is an extraordinarily uncommon characteristic that requires a good deal of effort. The fact is that you don't need to classify everything you hear as true or false.

You should spend a small amount of your time hiring your direct reports, evaluating them, exhorting them, setting their compensation, praising them, kicking their butts and, when necessary, firing them.

When you add all that up, it should come out to about 10 percent of your time. For the remaining 90 percent of your time you should be doing everything you can to help your direct reports succeed. A highly homogeneous organization is as susceptible to disease and infestations as is a large biological monoculture.

Ecosystems that are biologically diverse are much tougher and more resilient in the long run than monocultures, and so it is with organizations that contain a wide variety of people working toward a common goal. As Machiavelli observed, a principe with weak advisers is a weak principe.

The Contrarians Guide to Leadership

Choosing these people, motivating them, supporting them, helping them grow and achieve, inspiring them, evaluating them and firing them are among the most important things a leader does. To be sure, the written word can sometimes be very effective in motivating people.

Experts: Saviors and Charlatans …how can a modern leader use experts to his or her advantage without being used or used up by them? He who reads nothing will still learn the great acts, and the details are all false.

I realized that I along with nearly everyone else in America had become addicted to the popular media, and that in so doing I had given over a big chunk of my intellectual independence to a group of editors and reporters whose core values and interests were not necessarily congruent with my own. How could that be?

I was getting my news orally from people such as my principal advisers whose biases were well known to me and who had my best interests at heart. Decisions, Decisions Probably the most critical decisions made by leaders relate to the hiring, nurturing and firing of lieutenants.

The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership by Steven B. Sample

Never make a decision today that can reasonably be put off to tomorrow. Decisions made by a leader can only influence the future, not the past. Give the Devil His Due Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils.

Hence it is necessary that a prince who is interested in his survival learn to be other than good, making use of this capacity or refraining from it according to the need. Hitler, for example, was an extraordinarily effective leader at least during his rise to power and for the first decade or so of his reign , but few would cal him a good leader; indeed, most of us would say he was a monstrously evil one.

If you as a leader reveal to everyone the areas of moral behavior on which you are absolutely unwilling to compromise under any circumstances, your adversaries will almost surely use this knowledge to ensnare or undermine you. Work for Those Who Work for You The best executive is the one who recruits the most competent men around, tells them what he wants done, and then gets out of their way so they can do it.

Almost everyone who had a private conversation with FDR left feeling the president agreed with him, while in fact Roosevelt might well have been in total disagreement with the person doing the speaking. And the chances are very high that one original idea will be stimulated by something the leader reads or hears from OUTSIDE his established field.

Sample likes to practice what he calls "artful procrastination.

The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership | Notes & Review

And one of mankind's deepest and most abiding concerns for all times, in all places, and for all peoples, is our feeling for an relationship with God. Between two roughly equal candidates, one should always choose the younger.

According to capital Derek Bok, the distinguished former president of Harvard, "because you already know an inside candidate's shortcomings and blemishes, an outside candidate must be at least two notches above the leading insider in order to be a good risk Yet the mere idea that there was one had been enough to get them through.

An important asset for any leader to have as he works to inspire and motivate his followers is a credible creation story or myth for the organization or movement he's leading. This should be an engaging story ,and he should tell it often! According to Warren Bennis, "Leaders are sentenced by their sentences.

The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership

When Gen. Patton was chasing the German army and needed to cross a major river, he wasn't interested in building a new bridge or an attractive bridge. All he wanted was a bridge that was just good enough to allow his tanks and troops to cross the river, and to cross only once. In his conclusion, Sample summarizes the 15 points of the book: 1.

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