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PMP® Formula Pocket Guide Print it - Fold it - Study wherever you go. Earned Value Mathematical Basics CV = EV - AC Average (Mean) = Sum of all members . PMP Formulas Pocket - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. PMP Formula Pocket Guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. pmp.

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Pmp Formula Pocket Guide Pdf

PMP Formula Pocket Guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. PMP Formula Pocket Guidedownload from 4shared. PMP Formula Pocket Guide - download at 4shared. PMP Formula Pocket Guide is hosted at free file sharing. View PMP Formula Pocket from PROJECT MA at Ball State University. Visit for Exam Resources For disclaimer see PMP.

No Formula. Higher is better. Lesser the better. Opportunity Cost No formula. The guide has been compiled with great care but it has not been independently verified. You should use it as a reference only; it should not replace your primary study material.

There are many ways to calculate ETC depending on the assumptions made.

The PMP Exam Formulas Product Details

The planned budget minus the earned value modified by project performance. Result is a monetary value that will tell us how much more the project would cost.

The formula table, the values to remember and the list of acronyms help you focus your studies on the important facts. There is no wasted time.

Put all of this valuable information to work for yourself and order your copy of The PM Formulas right now These questions not only test if you know the formula, but they also test if you are able apply the formula.

Apply two formulas: In these questions you get a set of values and asked to calculate a result. At first, these look as if you can simply apply one formula. But as you are applying this first formula you suddenly realize that one value is missing. This missing value must then first be calculated via a second formula. Invert a formula: These questions test your ability to take a basic formula and invert it. Find the correct formula: For this type of questions you are given a scenario and various formulas as options.

Your task is to select the formula which best applies to the given scenario. Use a formula based on keywords: There is more than one way to calculate earned value results. Which formula to use depends on the progression or health of your project.

These are scenario based questions that contain certain keywords. You don't need to scavenge for information from various books, websites and other resources. The sample exam is the highlight of this product. The answers are explained very clearly. Helps you reduce your exam preparation time by providing you all the formulas in a single package. It would certainly come handy during the last few days before the exam. Some topics which aren't covered well in the popular exam prep books, are covered well in this guide.

The guide covers the full breadth of formulas for the PMP exam. It will help you get a solid base in numerical based questions and a clear edge in the exam.

As soon as you request to join the group, you will receive an automated mail from LinkedIn. This mail will have the download link. There would be download link in the first automated mail that you would have received from LinkedIna.

PMP Formulas Pocket Guide

You can also visit our blog http: You can start by reading: Important Note: You should ensure that, while posting, you do not violate any copyright laws and do not use language that would seem offensive to other members. Dear Mr. Praveen, I am already a member of that group. Could you please guide? I have requested to join the group.

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Do you know how long it will take to get access to the group in order to get the formulas guide? But you would have received an email containing link to the formula guide as soon as your sent a request to join the group.

Please check. Not sure. I check all folders everywhere in LinkedIn, gmail etc.

I have not received. Is there anyway you can email it to me? Linkedin sends 2 automated mails — first mail goes out when you opt to join the group and second one goes out when the group membership is approved. Both the mails have link to the formula guide. Thank you, I have registered in the facebook group, hopefully, once they accept my membership, i should be receiving the formula handbook.

One of the reasons I have not taken PMP exam even after undergoing two classes of PMP Training, plus 2 trainings provided by our organization,was the formulas and application of formulas. Hopefully, I am going to depend on this formula handbook and going to come out of the formulaphobia and appear in the PMP exam.

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