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This is the Lebanon chapter from Lonely Planet's Middle East guidebook. Damaged by decades of civil war, Lebanon is nonetheless blessed with magnificent. Lebanon is the perfect destination for experiencing a rich variety of sights, sounds, cuisines and cultural edifices within an incredibly compact area. It plays host. 4. WEEKS Among the Kurds. For this Mediterranean sojourn, count on a week to 10 days in Lebanon and two weeks in Turkey. Begin in Beirut, a glamorous me-.

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Lonely Planet's Thorntree Community is waiting for you! PDF. Coverage . The only land crossings are into Syria, as the Israel–Lebanon. Middle East - Lebanon (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet. By Lonely Planet Magazine. 31 May Beirut is like no other city in the Middle East, juxtaposing designer boutiques with grand mosques, bullet-scarred.

Lebanon is a fascinating and con- of the tourism sector in Lebanon. Morpeth and H. Yan It is the only country in the only 50 km and km from north to south Middle East where one can ind a lifestyle, along the coast. Despite the fact that it is nightlife and entertainment facilities that is densely populated, it is ranked th world- the same as the one encountered in Western wide for its population of 4 million inhab- countries and at the same time oriental tradi- itants. Two mountain ranges run parallel to tions well rooted in the society. It is its location which has always given it Looking forward to re-establish Lebanon such key strategic importance through history on the international touristic map when as a part of the Fertile Crescent an arc of land the situation will allow it, tourism govern- rich in water connecting Egypt and Iraq. All ance is trying to develop and promote local across the country are historical and arch- tourism. A signiicant body of critical litera- aeological sites, relecting ancient and modern ture refers to domestic tourism as the sector world history including Canaanite, Phoen- of the tourism industry that can support and ician, Persian, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, boost tourism in general, even in a context Umayyad, Abbasid, Crusader, Mamluk, Ot- of insecurity and geopolitical instability. Lamartine, Ernest Renan and Victor Guerin. Unfortunately, the bulk of the tourism he Lebanon Tourism Service was origin- beneits remain concentrated in the capital ally created in the s, within the Ministry of city, Beirut, and its suburbs, in addition to a National Economy. Major tourism pro- Tourism in Lebanon has traditionally been jects were carried out, and Lebanese attractions urban based i.

An old-fashioned Hamra institution, The Mayflower Hotel was a popular hangout for journalists during the Lebanese civil war, and has spotlessly clean rooms. Its eccentric Duke of Wellington Bar is adorned with deer heads and serves Lebanese wine mayflowerbeirut.

A Beirut mainstay since the s, The Riviera Hotel has comfortable rooms with great sea Sleep views. Its trump card is claiming one of the liveliest beach clubs in Beirut. Accessed through a tunnel under the Corniche, the club has a good fish restaurant and its own marina rivierahotel.

Inside are acres of marble, chandeliers and an ornate colonnaded swimming pool phoeniciabeirut. Getting around The Lebanese Commuting Company lccworld. When to go Beirut has cool, rainy winters until February, and hot, Mediterranean summers from June. How to go Beirut airport is five miles south of the city centre. Buses go into town fares around 50p but are a long walk from the terminal. Travel Menu. The Baalbek and Beqaa Valley and Jabal Amel was ruled intermittently by various Shia feudal families, especially the Al Ali Alsagheer in Jabal Amel that remained in power until when Ottomans took direct ruling of the region.

Middle East - Lebanon (PDF Chapter)

Youssef Bey Karam [34] , a Lebanese nationalist played an influential role in Lebanon's independence during this era. In , following World War I , the area of the Mutasarrifate, plus some surrounding areas which were predominantly Shia and Sunni , became a part of the state of Greater Lebanon under the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon.

Roman baths park on the Serail hill, Beirut. On 1 September , France reestablished Greater Lebanon after the Moutasarrifiya rule removed several regions belonging to the Principality of Lebanon and gave them to Syria.

A constitution was adopted on 25 May establishing a democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government. Independence from France[ edit ] Martyrs' Square in Beirut during celebrations marking the release by the French of Lebanon's government from Rashayya prison on 22 November Lebanon gained a measure of independence while France was occupied by Germany.

The Vichy authorities in allowed Germany to move aircraft and supplies through Syria to Iraq where they were used against British forces. The United Kingdom, fearing that Nazi Germany would gain full control of Lebanon and Syria by pressure on the weak Vichy government, sent its army into Syria and Lebanon.

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Under political pressure from both inside and outside Lebanon, de Gaulle recognized the independence of Lebanon. On 26 November General Georges Catroux announced that Lebanon would become independent under the authority of the Free French government.

Elections were held in and on 8 November the new Lebanese government unilaterally abolished the mandate. The French reacted by imprisoning the new government. In the face of international pressure, the French released the government officials on 22 November The allies occupied the region until the end of World War II.

Following the end of World War II in Europe the French mandate may be said to have been terminated without any formal action on the part of the League of Nations or its successor the United Nations.

The mandate was ended by the declaration of the mandatory power, and of the new states themselves, of their independence, followed by a process of piecemeal unconditional recognition by other powers, culminating in formal admission to the United Nations.

Article 78 of the UN Charter ended the status of tutelage for any member state: "The trusteeship system shall not apply to territories which have become Members of the United Nations, relationship among which shall be based on respect for the principle of sovereign equality. While some irregular forces crossed the border and carried out minor skirmishes against Israel, it was without the support of the Lebanese government, and Lebanese troops did not officially invade.

This was Lebanon's only success in the war. Israel did not permit their return after the cease-fire. By , the number hese have all been badly afected by the war. March , in order to better coordinate the In , a decree transferred the tasks of collection of reliable tourism statistics.

Tourism directly Lebanon experi- , people with one-third of these working enced two unique years, in terms of number in catering businesses.

In the Ministry of of arrivals in and It seemed the Tourism predicted 1. Most of the increase is due diction was on track during the irst half of the to heightened political stability and security. In a year; ii the cancellation of festivals and con- contemporary sense, the Lebanese economy certs; and iii the closing down of restaurants, is cornered between a war in Syria and a hotels, nightclubs and beach resorts.

Rising political and sect- heights. For the irst time since people and Israelis.

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Right after national Monetary Fund in Gulf Arabs cult. In , Lebanon hosted about 2 million traditionally lock to Lebanon every summer, tourists, a record number, passing the pre- swapping the searing heat of the desert for vious record of 1.

Six Gulf countries slapped bans Star, Arrivals fell dramatically in and of restaurants in Beirut has increased, while , with slightly better prospects for , their total seating capacity has declined.

In , the transfer enhancement investments and associated of the tasks of the CNT, including overseas urban infrastructure improvements in se- promotion and execution of tourism projects, lected sites, and provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Tourism will not be per- to strengthen the capacity of the Directorate ceived by the stakeholders in the tourism ield General of Antiquities, Ministry of Tourism, as a good strategy.

All these syndicates have tried to be destination countries in the region.

All stake- involved in tourism governance and plan- holders in the tourism ield complain of the ning for tourism development in Lebanon lack of public budget invested in the promo- but their actions are very limited and handi- tion of Lebanon as a major tourist destination capped by long administrative procedures.

SRI International map.

In the public sector, very few municipal- he branding developed through the SRI pro- ities and Union of Municipalities try to im- ject, including the website a website adopted plement strategies to develop local tourism.

As the report of the CHUD indicated, segments of the civil society through summer a comprehensive vision of this sector should camps for young people, and design of games be deined within a national vision, supported and awareness courses in schools.

Little co- some examples, many led by local authorities ordination has taken place between the dif- or NGOs with international funds, involving ferent ministries that are directly or indirectly stakeholders from the private sector and civil involved such as the Ministry of Tourism, the society.

Some of these projects will contribute Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Trans- greatly to tourism development in Lebanon. It has emerged mercial leisure activities and services in the from the rapid growth to become an industry urban settings of the big cities and especially where people from multiple countries travel in and near Beirut.

In the last decade interest to Lebanon to obtain medical, dental and in developing ecotourism, nature and rural surgical care. Such tourists are ofered avail- tourism beyond Beirut is increasing.

But the ability, accessibility, afordability and good growth of this sector is linked to the need for quality. Lebanon has upgraded its tech- to rectify existing income disparities between nology, absorbed many medical protocols and regions, generating employment opportun- emphasizes low cost and prompt attention. At the heart of Trade in the Lebanese health services is ex- this, ecotourism professionals would like to see panding, becoming more competitive, and the government establish a legal framework creating new dimensions of globalization, all for ecotourism organizations and activities in elegantly packaged and functioning as the order to regulate the sector and promote it new niche of medical tourism.

Countless places of during the winter.

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Ecotouristic projects are also worship scattered over all the Lebanese ter- increasing in number, including Lehfed Country ritory and vocations which have arisen and Club, Parc Arz Ehmej www. Examples of the fervour of countless crowds is impressive. Christian communities were present this association in July organized the from the apostolic period in Lebanon, and irst meeting on religious tourism in Lebanon.

Following this state- Serail in November Religious tourism ment, many civil society initiatives, as well as has the capacity to grow quickly but unfor- the Ministry of Tourism, attempted to place tunately the situation in Lebanon and the Lebanon on the international tourism map of Middle East will currently curb this potential.

Case Study: Promoting Domestic Rural and Nature Tourism as a New Niche for Sustainable Tourism Development in Lebanon This case study explores the assets of domestic tourism in Lebanon and how the actors that operate in hospitality and travel, NGOs and the authorities are working to develop this niche tourism and how they can adopt proper measures for its development.

They have participated in the summer ritual of leaving the city to spend time in a village.