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The Extended Online Manual is hosted by the Guild Wars 2 Official Wiki, the Guild Wars 2 resource created and maintained by the players!. Here are you A guide to Guild Wars 2 is an ideal solution for players who begin their journey with the product of ArenaNet. It contains crucial information.

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Guild Wars 2 Strategy Guide Pdf

We've got a guide for you as well! /r/GuildWars2 strives to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in. le fichier (PDF). (PDF, Mo) Game Mechanics: How to Play Guild Wars 60 4. challenges to a strategy guide. Original filename: Guild Wars 2 There are a total of 11 Conditions in Guild Wars 2, each causing a guides to sPvP in GW2.

A guide to Guild Wars 2 is an ideal solution for players who begin their journey with the product of ArenaNet. It contains crucial information about how to begin the game, game's mechanic and rivalry with other players. In this guide you may also find detailed maps with all important objects and heroes in the game's world. For generations, war and chaos raged across the land of Tyria. Five great races competed and warred against each other, struggling to tip the balance of power in their favor. Then the dragons woke. The all-powerful beasts stirred from their millennial sleep under earth and sea. With their magical breath the dragons spread destruction and created legions of twisted slaves.

Outfits are full-body costumes that hide currently equipped armor and can be applied without any additional cost. Dyes can be applied to armor and outfits to customize their color. Guild Wars 2 uses a Wardrobe system, where once a skin is unlocked on any character, it may be used account-wide with the use of a transmutation charge. Armor, weapons, and other items are shown on the Hero Panel and stored in your inventory.

Guild Wars 2 Game Guide

Pressing the I key brings up your backpack with an initial capacity of In addition to the backpack, there are bag slots for equipping bags for additional capacity. Both the backpack and bags can be upgraded. If there are items that you may not use frequently or your inventory is full, you can store items at the account vault , an account-wide storage system. Currencies There are eight main currencies in the game: The normal currency is coins copper , silver , and gold , which are rewarded throughout the game and used to download items from merchants and the Trading Post.

Karma is a reward for completing your story and events, and is used to trade for a variety of weapons, armor, materials and more from karma vendors.

Badges of Honor are earned by participating in World versus World. They are used to download a large variety of items related to World vs World. Laurels are earned from login rewards and certain achievements.

They can be used at a Laurel Merchant to download various items. Guild Commendations are earned by completing guild missions. They can be used at a Guild commendation trader to download various items, most notably, ascended trinkets. Favor is the currency for guilds.

Guild members earn favor for their guild and can then download guild-wide upgrades such as guild storage. Gems are bought with real-world money and are used to download services, convenience and decorative items from the Black Lion Trading Company. You can also use the currency exchange to trade for gems using coins you've earned in-game, or exchange your gems for coins.

Spirit Shards are earned by completing daily achievements and as random drops for level 80 characters. They are also obtained every time a level 80 character "levels-up" again. They are used to download special ingredients for the Mystic Forge. For a full list of currencies please see the page on Currency. The core currencies for an individual including the dungeon currencies, and Transmutation Charges are stored inside of the account Wallet.

Tokens can at times be used as a currency however they are not stored inside of the account wallet and must be in your inventory to trade for items. Playing with other players Groups of players can form together into a party to benefit the play of members. Party members are marked on the map, can see basic information about the members level, profession, health , have a separate chat channel for communication, and can join other members in instances and overflows.

Parties are limited to 5 and are present in all game modes. For groups too large for a standard party, squads are available. Squads are essentially a larger group of players following the instructions of one person.

Players can join squads by either being invited or selecting the squad icon above characters already in the squad. See the Squads page for more information. Guilds are more formal groups of players that are together for additional benefits. In addition being able to play together more efficiently and getting a separate chat channel, being a member of a guild allows you to earn Favor for the guild Favor is gained by participating in guild missions and can be spent to download upgrades for the guild.

Your account may be linked to 5 guilds at once, though you can only "represent" one guild at a time. See guild invitations and guild information in the Guild Panel G Instanced areas Most of the game takes place in the open world, but there are a few exceptions. When you enter an instanced area, you will be alone and other players will not be able to join you unless they are in your party.

Home instance : A home instance exists in each racial city.

Your home instance will change as you play through the game to reflect your achievements. If you are in a party, party members will be invited to join you upon your entering your home instance.

Guild Wars Strategy Guide PrimaGames

You can enter another race's home instance even if you are not of that race. Personal story instances : Individual sections of your personal story often take place in instances.

The location of your next story instance will be marked on your map with a green star. If you are in a party, party members will be invited to join you upon your entering your story instance.

If a party member has this instance as their current story step as well, upon finishing the instance they will be given the option to accept your choices if any and receive credit for completing this step. Otherwise, they will simply receive karma for helping complete the step. Dungeons : Beginning at level 30 with the Ascalonian Catacombs , dungeons are instanced areas designed for parties of 5.

The first time you complete a dungeon you will play in story mode, which is a mode intended for casual players and tells the story of Destiny's Edge. If you're looking for a challenge, once you've beaten story mode you can play a dungeon in explorable mode, which requires stronger team play to complete.

Extended Online Manual

Explorable mode has different lore with more branches and a few random events, ensuring you get a somewhat varied experience every time you play the dungeon.

When you reach the appropriate level, you will receive an in-game mail directing you to the dungeon. Fractals of the Mists : Fractals are traditionally level 80 content, though it will "upscale" your character to 80 upon entering. Your equipment stats will still be your core level, so this is not recommended.

Dynamic events will scale in difficulty as more players participate, to keep the events challenging. Structured is 5 on 5 matches in arenas. You get points for capturing areas and holding them, kills, etc. There are also tournaments that offer prizes like gold and glory, a currency used to download PvP armor and weapon skins and other things. WvW is a giant battlefield where your server is up against two others in a two week long battle. As your home server holds more points for longer times, you get bonuses like more magic items or gold found in the world.

There are siege weapons , and truly massive battles in WvW. Grouping [ edit ] ArenaNet is emphasizing cooperation and deemphasizing the idea that other players are competition for your kills. Crafting nodes aren't fought over either. It's missions take place in Instanced areas apart from other players. There are eight crafting disciplines available to players: Jeweler , Cook , Tailor , Leatherworker , Artificer , Armorsmith , Huntsman and Weaponsmith.

While there are crafting trainers and Recipes to be found in the world, crafting in Guild Wars 2 rewards experimentation.

Introducing the Guild Wars 2 Official Strategy Guide |

Magic, technology, and cold steel will determine the ultimate fate of the world. Guild Wars 2 combat is visceral, dynamic, and visually impressive. Maneuver around an opponent to strike for maximum damage or send them flying through the air.

Create giant crushing stone hands, turn into a massive tornado, or summon a flock of vicious birds of prey to swarm your enemies. Turn the tide of battle with improvised tactics.

Combine attacks from different professions for extra damage, like shooting arrows through a flaming wall to create a barrage of flaming projectiles, or sending pets through a cloud of poison so they spread the toxin among the enemy. Search your surroundings for powerful environmental weapons.

In the hands of a skilled elementalist, a simple boulder can be turned into a meteor storm. Save the day by taking control of a siege weapon on the battlefield! The skill system is easy to learn and rewarding to master. In Guild Wars 2, you start with a strong base set of skills, but the game allows for deep player customization.

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